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this wednesday dad and i are going to the local cultural center here in cuca.  well, ok, rancho cucamonga for the johnny come lately purists.  the center and library are doing oral histories about cuca in the old days.  dad and i fit their bill. dad especially considering he started working at a local winery back in 1946 or so.  hopefully, he remembers the date better than i do.  it’s too bad mom isn’t around anymore because she was around here beginning in 1929.

the folks doing the oral history told me we can bring some old photos if we wanted to.  they’ll scan them and use them in the short video dad and i will be doing.  we will get around 5 or 10 minutes each to tell our story.  though i’m thinking they may end up giving dad more time if he’s on his game and keeps the old cuca/guasti memories coming.
at any rate, i’m bringing some photos along for the ride.  old stuff of mom’s family.  old stuff like the one you see here. as near as i can figure, the photo was taken probably in the summer of 1946 or 1947, at my grandparents house here in cuca.  the house i’ve written about in the past.  the house just several hundred yards west of the old padre winery.  the place where my grandfather worked for many a year and where i worked for a spell myself in the mid 70’s.
it’s obvious the photo was taken in the summer due to all the beer bottles in said picture. beer never had much of a family presence unless it was summer.
of the nineteen folks in the photo only four are still alive.  and possibly only three.  a sad fact. but a fact of life.  i can’t really tell who is hidden in row 1 and a half.  plus there are two or more people in the family who i know, had to be there and they aren’t in the photo.  ah, i’m rambling.
so, for posterity from left to right starting in the back row we have: mary dotta, my mom’s sister and her husband, morris.  my mom, dora and the guy with the beer bottle on his head, my dad, ollie.  my mom’s sister, emma morrison. my grandfather, luigi ferrero, i love the way he’s holding the beer bottle.  my grandmother, louisa ferrero.  the lady next too my nona is a pia and also mixed in with family friends, vegina. next is a cousin-in-laws, lydia pia.  my mom’s oldest brother, peter ferrero. lydia’s husband and mom’s cousin, ernie pia.
front row left to right, charles pia,  ernie and lydia’s son.  an aunt, edna ferrero and my mom’s brother pete ferrero.  my cousin and brother from another mother, dennis ferrero.  ernie and lydia’s daughter, shirley.  sonny ferrero, peter’s son.  the lady behind sonny is more than likely my mom’s sister josephine zolin.  finally, my cousin and peter’s daughter, joyce.
i have no idea who took the photo. too long ago for either my dad or mom to remember, even a few years go.  like i said there are a couple of folks not in the picture who probably were there, joe zolin, josephine’s husband and dee ferrero, peter’s wife.
there may have been several others wandering about in the heat drinking beer or playing bocci ball who didn’t hear the call for the photo or didn’t care at the time.  just a guess but it’s probably true.
i miss all of them in the photo who have passed.  i have many fond memories of them all. very special memories from my youth and all the wonderful dinners and bbq’s held at that little house my grandparents used to live in.  to all those that have passed on, i’ll see you again one day.  fire up the barbie and find me a cold one.

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