box cars and snake eyes lll

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she was an angel.  a pure vision of light and love rolled into that perfect package.  sighing he almost relaxed.  even with the pain and the morphine he was sorta glad she wasn’t emma.  emma wasn’t really his anymore.  he knew that now.  finally.  like a man struggling to swim in a heavy sea and knowing all hope is lost he kept trying to keep his head above water.  the angel was still intent on the IV taped to his wrist.  satisfied she turned her attentions to the man.  as she wiped his forehead with a damp cloth he tried to speak.  shhh or something was what he heard.  the pain made it hard to tell.  yeah, sister morphine as well.  he sure as hell knew that.
as the angel continued swabbing his face the pain grew and at one point he didn’t even feel it anymore.  shaken by the flat line on the monitor and the now limp body on the bed the angel yelled code blue and hit the alarm.  soon the room was filled with nurses and doctors.  a fresh stream of morphine and the pounding on his chest brought the man back as he floated above the bed.  needles jammed into his heart as he looked down.  the new rush of morphine sent him crashing back onto the bed.  the pain eased and he slipped away on the wings of morpheus.
something woke him.  voices.  loud over a rushing noise.  a tarmac.  he turned and saw the plane.  a C-130 with the back ramp down.  burly men were busy loading things into the belly of the plane.  the men noticed him and smiled.  they gestured for him to walk up the ramp and onto the plane.  wondering just what was going on he walked up the ramp.  inside the plane were amps. guitar amps.  marshall’s and fender’s.  standing there amid the semi chaos he realized he was in the way.  though the men didn’t seem to mind.  he moved to the side of the plane and climbed up on top of one of the larger marshall amps and continued watching.  soon the ramp was closed and the plane took off for parts unknown.  though he seemed to think he heard something about germany.  the man slept as the wheels left the ground.  
music woke him.  something he knew.  the rolling stones, ‘start me up’, was ending and ‘love in vain’ was beginning.  keith richards grinned and handed him a joint and gestured toward the bottle of jack daniels on the floor.  the man was confused but hit on the joint and jumped off the amp and drank deep from the bottle of bourbon.  he felt a bit better.  as he turned to speak to keith he saw the angel.
all he heard was, ‘welcome back.’  then he slept.
part ll of this is out there in the ether you need to look for it if you want to read it.  as well as the inspiration for the first part.

2 thoughts on “box cars and snake eyes lll

    ozarkmossman said:
    March 30, 2010 at 8:10 am

    …too cool. And…somewhat, eerily, de-ja-vu-istic.

    johnhauge responded:
    March 30, 2010 at 8:18 am

    thanks. glad you approve, amigo. for some reason i couldn’t get wordpress to let me add a space between the last few lines. damn frustrating.

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