box cars and snake eyes V

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bloody hell, he thought.  the VA hospital and their ICU no less.  what was going on?  he was about to ask the nurse goddess but she was gone.  the nose picker had nodded off, not that he would be much help any  way. think you dumb ass old dago.  think.

he knew he’d been cold cocked with an AK and had heard one bullet before he had either died or passed out.  there had been at least several more bullets involved as well.  no doubt, considering all the wrappings he could touch and all that searing pain.  but why the VA?  he had health insurance and his own doctor.  it just didn’t make sense.  blindsided and shot for sure. then there was the fact he had shared a joint with keith richards and drank from the same bottle of bourbon as he had.  things were getting weird.
drifting off to sleep he thought he smelled someone smoking a joint.  nose picker?  nah. he slept a dreamless sleep for an hour or so and woke up to find the vision of loveliness at his bedside once again.  he tried to speak but his lips and mouth were bone dry.  all he could manage was a croak. the nurse gave him some water through a straw.  it felt good.  soothing not only his mouth but his trunk as well as it filtered down to his stomach.  he knew then he hadn’t been gut shot.  a damn good lucky thing.  croaking again he tried to speak.
‘i know what you’re thinking.  the whys, hows, and all the other things. everything isn’t making much sense.  right?’
he nodded his head and let her continue.
‘you’ll find out soon enough.  just remember that you’re in good hands and you’ll be out of here soon and feeling much better.’
smiling he thought.  ok.  as long as you’re along for the ride, beautiful.  i guess i’ll just let you take care of everything.
the nurse touched his hand and he dozed off once again.
the smell of good marijuana filled his dreamless sleep.  he knew he was sleeping but he also knew he wasn’t dreaming.  there was some damn good pot being smoked by someone very close and it wasn’t him.  he willed himself awake and looked about the room.  no nurse.  nose picker asleep. and nothing else.  though the smell of the pot still hung in the air. he found his voice.
‘hey, nose picker, wake the fuck up.  start talking to me.  come on, man. wake up!!’
‘what?  oh, shit.  can’t you let a guy get some sleep?  what the hell you yelling about?’
‘you don’t smell it?’
‘what i shit my bed?  you shit the bed?  what?’
‘maryjane, pot, cannabis, whatthefuckever.  can’t you smell it?’
‘dude.  look, i know you’re in bad shape but i don’t smell anything remotely like pot in the air.  hell, i don’t smell anything but the stinky clean hospital smell.  and further more…’
he cut the man off with a look and turned his head away.  she was back. the living goddess as nurse.  her hand went to the IV but he stopped her with a question.
‘do you smell it?’
the man in the next bed spoke.  ‘ i told you i didn’t.  why do you keep asking?’
‘man, i ain’t talking to you.  i’m asking the nurse.’
‘what nurse?  there’s no one in here but you and me, soldier.’
the nurse smiled at him and said.  ‘he can’t see me.  only you can.  he can’t hear me either.  only you can.  i’m not a vision or a dream.  i’m an angel and you were saved for a reason and a purpose.  sleep now and soon you will know why.’
he was stunned unable to speak.  not only did she look like an angel.  she was an angel.  things had indeed gotten weird.  he was about to speak when her hand moved to the IV and turned it up a notch.  he drifted away to germany and backstage at the stones concert.
look to the ether for the even parts of the story.
i apologize for the format.  wordpress doesn’t seem to want me to have proper paragraphs.

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