box cars and snake eyes VII

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mexico?  he was awake and sweating in the cold hospital room.  he was just about to land a C-130 loaded up with tons of cambodian red with his buddy, keith richards.  he was also on the verge of screaming insanity.  on a good note, he was also aware that for some reason most of the pain was gone and most of the bandages were much smaller.  holy crap!!

nose picker was looking at him with wide eyes.  “where in god’s name have you been?’

“i’m not sure and you wouldn’t believe me if i told you.’ 

with that he fumbled around for the nurse call button.  before he could find it the nurse goddess appeared at the door.  she smiled as she entered.  a radiant vision of loveliness.  damn, she could calm a volcano, the man thought.  but then course she could.  she was an angel.

‘you’ll be out of here soon.’

‘very nice.  i was in mexico just a few minutes ago.  maybe i’ll go back.’

‘that’s just the drugs.  sometimes they do strange things.  plus, the added extras to help your body heal.  the VA has been working on a few of them for years now.  you were in such bad shape when you got here they figured you were good for a trial run of their new battlefield drugs.  they seem to be working just fine.’   

‘ah, yeah.  now i’m a lab rat.  great.  so where do you fit in this puzzle?  you’re the only nurse or angel or what the fuck ever i’ve seen around here.  i didn’t know angels worked for the VA.  all of this is crazy.  i’m going crazy.  as for mexico i was there.  i know i was landing on plane.  then i wake up here.  again.  shit this is weird.’

‘man, you are crazy.  bat shit crazy.  angels?  mexico?  i’m not staying in this room any longer.  i need to get out of here.’

with that nose picker pushed his call button and a nurse arrived soon after.  he told her what was going on while she just looked at the man.  she mumbled something and a few minutes later orderlies appeared to take nose picker to another room.

‘see you bat shit.  get some help.’

now the angel and the man were alone.  neither had said a word while the transfer had taken place.  from a bag the nurse angel removed a wand like looking device.

‘this is also something the VA has been working on.  a tool that speeds healing.  it looks like a magic wand and perhaps it is because it works wonders on healing bodies.  even angels need help sometimes.’

she moved the device over the man’s body.  he felt nothing other than a slight tingle and an odd sense that his strength was returning.  crazy ass science fiction for sure. 

‘are you going to answer my question or just play star wars?’

‘play star wars for a bit and answer.  you’re here because you were in such bad shape.  your military record made you a perfect candidate for these trial drugs and procedures.  i’m here to help.  i just follow orders.  plus once you’re healed we need you to do something for us.’

‘we?  doing something?’

‘yes, a sort of cosmic karma repayment for services rendered.  we have a job for you.  it involves helping us and the government.’

‘wonderful.  look, i had lots of jobs in the military.  most i didn’t care for.  but it was a long time ago.  i’d rather not.  why would i want to help the government?  i don’t even vote most of the time.  and god hasn’t done much for me for that matter.’

‘he sent me here.  and he thinks it would be a good thing to repay his kindness with helping the government out on this matter.’

‘what matter?  why doesn’t he just do it himself?’

‘he doesn’t work that way anymore.  not in years.  or centuries.  you just rest now.  i’ll be back later and we’ll talk some more.’

her hand reached for the IV and kicked it up a notch.

in another room the nose picker and two other men watched them on a video camera.  nose picker spoke.  ‘she’s good.  damn good.  he’ll do it.  if only for her’.

look to the ether for the even parts.



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