box cars and snake eyes XIII

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he had visions of maxwell smart standing there saying his classic, ‘would you believe…’ line. it was all very hard to believe. dead several times in the past two weeks? holy crap. this was some outfit and or hospital. or some strange ass dream within a dream movie madness.

when his reverie ended. keith had wandered off and he was left alone with the nurse angel alice. if that was really her name. at this point it didn’t matter.

‘i’m sure you remember back in the 70’s all of the stories about keith and blood transfusions along with experimental sheep blood transfusions and all the related other stories about him and the swiss health industry.’

‘yeah, i guess i do. everyone thought it was all bull and no one paid much attention to any of the stories.’

‘well. luv, they were all true. we got our start in switzerland because of their history of letting most things and folks do their own thing and the government not getting in the way. keith was a perfect specimen to work on. his use of drugs and alcohol were prodigious at best. and he was very very wealthy. plus he has the constitution of a mule. along with the love of a good adventure. all those things rolled up into an amazing package making for an amazing musician who loves his side job as a government agent and world class drug dealer. who will do what we tell him because he thinks it’s all a lark and he’s bored to tears most of the time.’

‘good lord.’

‘trust me, the lord has nothing to do with it. we do.’

gene autry was still playing softly in the background. the man’s mind was racing. if all of this were true, it was right out of some science fiction movie or novel. arthur c. clarke meets meets a rock ‘n’ roll james bond come some sort of native american shaman. it was just mind boggling. and he really had no way of knowing if any of it was really true or not. not at this point anyway.

‘ok. fuck. ah…so this is all a living breathing government, for the lack of a better word…game?’

‘i assure you it’s no game. we are for real and we do what no one else seems to want to do.’

‘run tons of drugs into mexico? yeah, that does make sense in some sort of weird way. who wants to do that?’

‘that’s only a part of it. and let’s just say we like to cause instabilities where ever we can. it suits our purpose.’

‘what if it doesn’t suit mine?’

‘then, sadly, you’ll never wake up again. at least not in this world. all of this will be gone and you’ll be alone, totally. alone with let’s say, a nice child rape rap hanging over your head before you end up dead by the hands of your fellow inmates up at pelican bay. a very sick and cruel way to go. we can make it happen. we can make anything we want happen to you. it’s your choice. yes, it’s blackmail of a sort but we got over that issue long ago. so should you, soldier. after all, you did babysit lt. calley for a time and we know you and he got along very well. this is just a different time and place. your choice.’

he just sat there and stared at the ground. his head in his hands. the sun warm on his back. wine fountains softly murmuring. a gentle breeze carried the sweet smell of roses and gene autry singing, once again, of his san antonio rose. he raised his head and saw keith across the courtyard smoking a joint with a stunning asian lady. a slight grin flashed on his face then he broke into cackling laughter. the man knew he was already alone.

look to the ether for the even chapters of this story. they ain’t that hard to find.



One thought on “box cars and snake eyes XIII

    ozarkmossman said:
    April 16, 2010 at 3:19 am

    Weird…I clicked your roll from my page and got part XI. Had to clcik XIII from here to get to it…weird. Just wanted one last look XIII & XIV before you post the closer. Got some first draft ideas for The Man With The Metal Face, but will post them to you at your email residence.

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