are you ready for some college football? or the big ten expands(?)

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i sure am. the never ending basketball season plods on and on. why anyone watches it is beyond me. way beyond me. i have no use for it. but my regular readers know this. so on to the point. or that’s the hope. the epistle meanders about as i’m sometimes want to do. however, i think you’ll get the points.

college football fans been following the presumed big 10 expansion with great interest since we first heard of it after the regular season last year. the big 10 is looking for maybe 2 or even 4 teams to cash in on their league. or more to the point the big ten to cash in on more teams and perhaps to help recruitment and generate more tv money for the schools.

there have been many rumors just as to which schools might get the invitation to join them. schools such as: notre dame, rutgers, syracuse, nebraska and missouri. however, last week there was a flurry of eamils from the big 10 and said schools that there really wasn’t anything to anything anyone was saying about anything and which schools were being considered. smoke and mirrors from everyone in high places.

all that being said, for my money, the only schools that make any sense if the big ten is to keep any sort of geographical sense to it’s name would be make nebraska and missouri an offer they couldn’t refuse. sure notre dame is in indiana but the irish are enjoying their independence and independent stature. plus their own tv network, nbc. rutgers on the other hand is a new york/new jersey school. it is just an attempt by the big ten to score some tv viewers from the big apple area. only trouble is they really don’t care much for college football there. and rutgers and syracuse come and go as football powers. if powers is even the right word.

well, this whole thing is about money. more big money. the current sad state of college football. i could go on about that but perhaps another time. the next question being: what happens to the big 12 if nebraska and missouri get the call to come on down and join the big 10 and wallow in the greenbacks?

in my mind there are only three possibilities if geography means anything anymore to the big 12. byu, utah, and boise st. and the way boise st has been playing ball the past few years they are the obvious number one choice. the only problem being is their academics. would the big 12 want to sully it’s rep with a third tier school? even if that school is playing lights out football? i’m thinking probably so with a few twists and turns from all the deans involved. things could be worked out. byu and utah don’t have the academic issues. the only real issue there is byu is a religious school. so is notre dame, pilgrim.

it’s all very interesting. it gives us college football fans something to think and write about while we sit and wait for the season to roll out in september. it also gives the pac 10 something to think about as well. expansion. though even with the new commissioner the pac 10 still can’t get a decent tv package. us pac 10 homers have to scramble on most saturdays in order to find and watch pac 10 games that matter. if the pac can’t get a decent tv deal how are they ever going to try to expand? ah, maybe they shouldn’t. though, sadly, at some point they are going to be forced into it.

where do they go to find teams? colorado is the primary place. and utah. once again, byu and utah. boise st isn’t even on the pac 10 radar due to the previously mentioned problem. byu gets discounted again because of the religious deal but i’m thinking that’s just a red herring. at any rate, it’s very interesting that utah is on everyone’s wish list. it just goes to show what an excellent academic and research institution will do for you when big time college football money comes knocking at your door.

what happens if all this stuff comes to pass? schools abandoning one conference for another. long time allegiances thrown under the bus for the almighty dollar. yes, indeed. panties all wadded up into places that make for total discomfort. whining the likes we’ve never heard before. the freaking feds sticking their nose into places they shouldn’t but think they should and can. and they will. sadly.

gliding somewhat under the radar, like a stealth drone, in all of this we need more money madness—the super conferences. the death knell of college football as we old timers know it. the final nail in the coffin of the sport. college football is all i have left. and they just keep pecking at it like a bunch of turkey vultures trying to glean one more mouthful from the rotting corpse. perhaps the analogy is a bit strong. or maybe not. only time will tell.



4 thoughts on “are you ready for some college football? or the big ten expands(?)

    ozarkmossman said:
    May 17, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Probably right on that political crap, old son, but if it’s the money, Missouri will suck up the chance like a Hoover, if offered. Cornhusker country stretches from Omaha to Scottsbluff, not just local Lincoln, and it is a pilgrimage every Saturday morning across the state by monster mid-west fans that have no pro teams…at all, and ain’t letting the boys in Red go nowhere, even if offered. Tigers have a long history of selling out to the highest bidder…anything, to the highest bidder. Utah would be second choice, though you’re right, BoSt IS a better team of late.

    johnhauge responded:
    May 18, 2010 at 11:25 am

    i think nebraska would bolt to the big ten if offered. they would still be playing football so i doubt the fans would really care. it’s all about the BTN, the big ten network, on cable and a chance to have every game on tv and all that money. i understand the cornhusker nation thing. there’s plenty of them out here as well. and they have tv with cable or a dish. i think they will sign up for the BTN in a heartbeat if they could watch big red play every week.

    the big 12 doesn’t have that tv deal. neither does the pac 10. or the acc. or the big east. the sec does have cbs but you can’t watch every sec teams games during the season.

    it’s all a little scary and might lead to the super conferences but i think the big ten is going to include nebraska soon.

    ozarkmossman said:
    May 19, 2010 at 5:48 am

    Probably right there, too. But RedBall has some tact, class..I just don’t think they would be as likely to pounce for the money as Mizzou. MU seems to have a long legacy of cockroach-like behavior. Now, the TV deal…that might sway cornheads more, but Tigers just want some of the spilled grease on the stovetop when the lights go out-their over-all visibility less important.

    johnhauge responded:
    May 19, 2010 at 7:13 am

    in the cornhusker case i don’t think it is so much the money, though it would mean a ton of it. it means the fans would be able to watch EVERY nebraska football game on their home tv. a very heady prospect.

    the big ten network is apparently a huge deal. notre dame has $15 million dollar deal with nbc. if they decide to go big ten their payday would be over $20 million with the big ten network.

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