The USC Trojans, A 2010 Season Preview

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yes, it’s still early and basketball plods on and on and on. baseball doesn’t appear on anyone’s radar till after the all-star break. well, women’s college softball is on mine but what can i say? other than it’s been that way for a good six years or so. i could go on but that isn’t why i’m here. college football, or more to the point, the usc football 2010 season and my take on it. the schedule is out so why not?

coach pete hit the road after last year’s sort of a bust season. plus the fact the ncaa is more than likely going to sanction the trojans for the reggie bush ‘problem’. we keep hearing that but as of this writing nothing has happened. but stuff is going to hit the fan soon. it probably won’t be pretty but i doubt it will be the SMU death sentence. anyone with half a brain knows this is going to happen or it ought to happen.

lane kiffin is the new coach. you, of course, already know that. i wasn’t really very excited when he was hired. one year at tennessee with a lot of running his mouth off and inserting his foot in said mouth. not what i would classify as sterling credentials. a few years with the god awful raiders and then dumped by al ‘am i wearing anything with color?’ davis. that probably isn’t a bad thing. nobody gets along with old al.

though when you dig a bit deeper and discover that lane was the guy coach pete went to after norm chow jumped ship. coach kiffin actually improved on norm’s scoring and other over all offensive stats. a good thing to be sure, as norm is a god among college offensive coordinators. coach kiffin also brought along a number of coaches from tennessee, one of which is his father-in-law. fine, i guess if that helps on the home front at times. plus, ed orgeron is a damn fine defensive coordinator. usc’s defense should be the star of the show again this year.

all in all, coach kiffin and staff seem to be doing a good job since coming on board this past winter. and mike garrett seems to have made a reasonable choice in coach kiffin, who at this point, has keep his lame comments and statements to himself and the family pets. however, the season hasn’t started. things could change. going sideways in a heartbeat or maybe even hitting some fine high notes. time tells. but they are in the top 25 in pre-season polls, at any rate, let’s get to the point here.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/2 at hawaii. a thursday night game probably on espn. a kick off special indeed in more ways than one. since june jones left hawaii they are back to playing crappy football. this season should be no different. and even with all the distractions of hawaii; sun, surf, and hot babes, the trojans should win this hands down. usc wins.

9/11 virginia at home. this one could go either way depending on how well virginia plays. or how hungover the trojans still are after the hawaii game. none the less, usc wins.

9/18 at minnesota. a tough road game if the golden gophers play like they did the first half of the season last year. usc wins.

9/25 at washington st. mike reilly is a great coach. but it’s tough to recruit there at state. usc wins.

10/2 washington at home. sark is back at the coliseum. locker didn’t go pro. push come to shove time for kiffin. on paper it doesn’t look good. usc gets their first loss.

10/9 at stanford. another of those on paper thingys that doesn’t look good. second loss for usc.

10/16 california at home. by this time the bears will be ready for their usual season el foldo. lucky for usc. usc wins.

10/30 oregon at home. at least they have a week or two off before this one hits the turf. too bad it didn’t come earlier in the season for the ducks. or maybe not. at any rate, usc wins.

11/6 arizona st at home. no problem. usc wins.

11/13 at arizona. tough times again. another usc loss.

11/20 at oregon st. in the past four weeks usc will have played 3 or maybe 4 very tough games. this is the beavers year in the pac 10. forget about it. another loss for usc.

11/27 notre dame at home. good thing this one is a home game. they should be able to keep the november home wining streak in tact. usc wins.

12/4 at ucla. the bruins are probably more than likely at least another year away from being back in the pac. usc should win this one. usc wins.

13 games for the trojans, a long season. however, their 9 and 4 record won’t get them to the rose bowl, more than likely the holiday bowl or something. but not too shabby for first year coach lane. usc’s defense will be stellar once again. maybe.

several points to remember. depending any number of things i might change my mind on any of the games this season. it really isn’t to far off course for the trojans to maybe even run the table. doubtful but if they can beat a team or two that i have them losing to anything could happen. on the other hand, if sanctions hit them hard and the new crew can’t motivate the players through them, things could get really ugly in a hurry. for now, it is what it is. and i can’t wait for it to get rolling. is it september yet?



4 thoughts on “The USC Trojans, A 2010 Season Preview

    ozark mossman said:
    June 1, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    Being an ASU grad, SunDevil Supporter, I have to go with ASU for the upset. But then, I am also a Kansas City Chiefs fan – the “State” of pro ball…I am use to the 300lb., concrete, blood red “L” around my neck with a 200lb. chain. But, hey…it’s the law. $5 on the Devils.

    johnhauge responded:
    June 1, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    that’s funny. ok, so if i take your bet it just might mean the trojans will or maybe win. at this point i can’t do it. though i do reserve the right to change my mind later.

    ozark mossman said:
    June 1, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Fair enough.

    johnhauge responded:
    June 1, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    well, yeah.

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