2010 college football predictions week 8

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ok, i’m back at it after my road trip up into northern california and northern nevada.  a nice respite if that’s what you want to call it.  however, way too much alcohol and basque food were consumed while on the journey into the heart of darkness.  be that as it may, it’s time to get back in the college football saddle and rip into this weeks picks.

my week 6 picks were worse than dismal.  the word horrific comes to mind as i was 2 for 10.  ouch.  so, over all i now stand at 28 for 60 having missed week 7.  sitting just under .500 is not a good thing and i’ll see what i can do about that this week. 

just remember this is for fun.  and obviously if you are using what i dish out and taking it to some sort of book you’re losing your shirt.  though even with my sad percentage i’m still picking at least one good upset a week.  yes, i know.  just don’t get stupid and dump food and rent money down the drain.       

the first BCS poll came out this past sunday.  it was trotted out like some gelding with a decent lineage who has a shot at the triple crown.  all i’m going to say about the BCS poll is, it’s very early and it ain’t over till the fat lady limps off stage with another stunning upset and bosie st finally plays some real teams other than cheap juco joints with glorified high school athletes.  so sue me.

also, i pick the games that interest me.  they may not interest you.  i don’t care.  do your own picks.  the spreads used here are what i go by, if they change over the week, too bad.  my wins and losses are figured by what i have here.   

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/21  ucla at oregon.  my beloved ducks favored by 21.5 points.  probably the best game of the week.  and it’s on a thursday night in eugene with a national TV audience.  pretty sweet.  the ducks will ramp stuff up or at least they had better as slick rick and norm roll into autzen stadium and the pure pandemonium.  barring anything untoward the ducks should win and cover.  the bruins might surprise and get close but no cigar.  thankfully, the ducks aren’t on top of the BCS poll or more to the point, the one that matters.  take the ducks.  QUACK QUACK!!

10/23  notre dame at navy.  the golden domers favored by 6.5 points.  navy didn’t look very good last week.  the irish looked good beating one of those juco schools that boise is famous for running over.  i don’t see the spread.  navy holds it’s head up and either wins outright or covers the points.  take the goats.

10/23  michigan st at northwestern.  michigan st favored by 6.5 points.  the spartans aren’t getting much love this week as well.  fine, the farmers don’t need it(thanks, cross).  take state to win and cover.       

10/23  oklahoma at missouri.  the sooners favored by 3 points.  pretty much a tossup here, kids.  does the number 1 team fall again this week?  or has the bad juju gone the way of the dodo?  probably not.  take missouri to cover or win.

10/23  wisconsin at iowa.  iowa favored by 5 points.  no love for the badgers as well.  this one comes down to coaching on their part.  take wisconsin to step up and win or cover.

10/23  lsu at auburn.  the other bama favored by 6 points.  this one should go the way of the bama tigers.  take the home team six and run with it. auburn wins and covers.

10/23  nebraska at oklahoma st.  the cornhuskers favored by 6.  nebraska should take care of biz this week though the cowboys are ready to rumble.  never the less, take nebraska to win and cover.

10/23  alabama at tennessee.  the crimson tide favored by 16.5.  bama received their wake-up call while i was in elko slurping up excess absolut, vino, picon punch, and various forms of lamb.  hopefully, that call was taken and the snooze button ignored.  take bama to win and cover.  ROLL TIDE!!

10/23  air force at tcu.  tcu favored by 19.5.  tell you what, pilgrim, time for the falcons to prove a point and make a statement.  they may not win but air force will cover the spread.  take air force.

10/23  washington at arizona.  arizona favored by 7 points.  pac 10 predominance and post season pride at stake in the desert southwest.  a good game and a fine way to end my saturday of football.  arizona is good but the huskies are on a roll and jake locker will be the deciding factor. take the huskies to win and or cover. 

enjoy the games and leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt.  one more thing before i leave.  shame on Fox Sports for their shake down of the Dish network here in so cal.  a pox on both of your houses.  Fox for being greedy and Dish for not showing games on prime ticket and FSN.  i missed the trojan game because of you tools last weekend.  lord knows who we’ll miss this week.  work it out, ass holes.   



4 thoughts on “2010 college football predictions week 8

    Crosseyed MOFO Incognito said:
    October 19, 2010 at 10:54 am

    I could gloat here but I’m gonna take the win and STFU. Go NAVY!

    johnhauge responded:
    October 19, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    hahaha. yeah, GO NAVY!

    Newamba said:
    October 21, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    i’d like to see the ducks lose, just to see what the dang BCS would do. a boise/tcu title match would make my day, but i can’t imagine it happening, even if they’re both undefeated.

    johnhauge responded:
    October 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    interesting idea but i doubt the ducks will lose, newie. actually, i’m sorta tired of seeing tcu and boise st play each other every year in a bowl game. bosie always wins! lol.

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