2010 college football predictions week 11

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so much for my early season prediction that the oregon st beavers would win the pac 10 championship this year.  after losing to the semi hapless bruins on saturday they have pretty much sealed their fate to also ran status in the pac 10.  the future pac 10 team, utah, may want to check their mail early today because the invitation to join that other league might have been rescinded due to their poor showing against tcu.  though in their defense, it’s something no one saw coming.  probably not even tcu.

all that being said, i held my head above water yet again.  5 for 10 with a couple of good upset picks.  my over all stats for the year are now at 45 for 90, having missed week 7.  .500, if i was playing baseball i’d be a hall of famer.

as always these picks are for fun only.  using anything i dish out here and taking it to someone who would accept your rent and food money as a bet would be insanity at best.  leave you money in your wallet and nobody gets hurt.  the point spreads here are what i go by to determine my wins and losses.  if the numbers change during the week, no matter.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/13  wisconsin at indiana.  wisconsin favored by 21 points.  the badgers need to roll over the hoosiers big time for any chance at an invite to a decent big dance game.  take wisconsin to win and cover.

11/13  iowa at northwestern.  iowa favored by 12 points.  the same thing can be said of the hawkeyes or see above.  take iowa to win and cover.

11/13  utah at notre dame.  utah favored by 5.5 points.  a not very good year for the domers is turning into one of those nightmare deals on any number of levels.  the utes on the other hand need to bounce back from the humiliating drubbing that tcu handed them last weekend.  time to show some character utah.  take utah to win and cover.

11/13  penn st at ohio st.  ohio st favored by 17 points.  despite the fact joe pa got number 400 last week after his boys turned it around in the second half for the win, take ohio st to win and cover.

11/13  san diego st at tcu.  tcu favored by 27 points.  under normal circumstances i’d stay away from this game.  however, these aren’t normal circumstances for san diego st these days.  they are finally playing like they used to play in the old wac days.  i think the conquistadors will have a decent and maybe even a surprising showing against tcu.  or that’s the hope.  take san diego st and the points (it’s a bunch) as they will cover the spread and maybe even win.

11/13  texas a&m at baylor.  texas a&m favored by 3 points.  a semi sorta sleeper game here.  both schools playing some good and surprising ball this year.  a game i hope i get a chance to watch.  take the aggies of texas to win and cover.

11/13  stanford at arizona st.  stanford favored by 6.5 points.  the trees roll onward and leland is one happy dead camper.  take stanford to win and cover.

11/13  oregon at california.  oregon favored by 20 points.  it took the ducks a quarter or two to get rolling last week.  something they probably can’t afford doing with a schizoid cal team that’s 4-0 at home.  a big game for the bears and the ducks need to be ready.  take the ducks to win and cover.  QUACK QUACK!!!!

11/13  usc at arizona.  arizona favored by 5.5 points.  time for the trojans to drop a nail in the big dance coffin of the wildcats.  come on lane, show us faithful you’re actually a really good coach.  take the trojans to at least cover and maybe even win.  FIGHT ON!!!!

11/13  nevada at fresno st.  nevada favored by 9.5 points.  a tune-up game for the wolfpack against a once again decent fresno st team.  a tune-up for the upcoming boise/nevada game.  this could be a fun game to watch.  take nevada to win and cover.

astute readers will have already noticed that i’ve picked all but one of the visiting teams to win this week.  i wonder what’s up with that?  poor joe pa.  have some fun this weekend and enjoy the games.  the season is almost over and we’re getting to the nut cutting as the saying goes.  also, on the bcs bowl horizon, strange things are going to happen if things remain the same.  and you aren’t going to like them if they do actually go down.  count on it.  enjoy your weekend.   



2 thoughts on “2010 college football predictions week 11

    Crosseyed MOFO Incognito said:
    November 9, 2010 at 10:38 am

    No arguments from me, but I’m pulling for papa joe.

    johnhauge responded:
    November 9, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    i’m sure you are. it’s what any michigander would do in this case.

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