2010 college football predictions week 12

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after doing this for 10 weeks i remain at .500.  i’m certain i can do better but when things go wrong out on the field there isn’t anything i can do about it.  well, except yell at the TV.  take for example utah’s plight.  an 8 and 0 start then veered off the road and into the abyss with 2 straight losses or more to the point thumpings.  poor coaching and a lack of senior leadership being the probable causes.  you can only stand by and watch as a good team goes sour.  another example would be oregon st.  beat by washington st?  please.

so, 5 for 10 and 50 for 100 over all, having missed week 7.  it’s late in the season and some teams just can’t seem to grasp winning and beating the spread at the same time.  what’s a poor boy to do?  exactly.  this is only for fun.  do not use what i dish out here and take it someplace where you can put your rent and food money on the line.  doing so would be foolish and insane at best.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.   

the point spreads cited here are what i use to determine my wins and losses.  they may be different come game day.  no matter.  time to get the point and why we’re here.

rock ‘n’ roll.   

11/19  fresno st at boise st.  boise st favored by 30 points.  sadly, this game is on the blue smurf turf of boise.  sad because boise st never loses at home.  i desperately need boise st to lose a game this year if only to get them out of the big dance picture.  fresno st is doing so so this season, they aren’t going to win but take the bulldogs to hopefully cover the spread.

11/20  purdue at michigan st.  michigan st favored by 20 points.  the spartans are on a roll and have a shot at winning the big ten and playing new years day in the rose bowl.  a bit convoluted as just how that could happen.  it’s all a bunch of ifs and other stuff which i’m not going to get into here.  purdue might surprise saturday but not win.  take purdue to cover the spread.

11/20  wisconsin at michigan.  wisconsin favored by 5.5 points.  the badgers scored at will last week.  even the third string was racking up points.  they are also in the same boat as the spartans.  hopefully, that same badger offense shows up for this game.  take wisconsin to win and cover the spread.

11/20  virginia tech at miami(fl).  virginia tech favored by 2 points.  pretty much a toss up.  take miami to win and or cover.

11/20  stanford at california.  stanford favored by 7.5 points.  the cal bears are tough at home.  just ask the ducks.  at any rate, this is northern californians version of a crosstown rivalry.  stanford needs the win to keep any hope alive for some sort of big dance game.  i just don’t see the bears putting back to back big games together.  it seems like years since they have.  take stanford to win and cover.

11/20  ohio st at iowa.  ohio st favored by 3 points.  ohio st is another one in the big ten big game hunt.  iowa used to be in that hunt as well.  take ohio st to win and cover.

11/20  illinois at northwestern.  illinois favored by 7 points.  the only reason this game is here is because it’s being played in the friendly confines of wrigley field.  the first football game there in many a year. a gimmick for sure but whatever.  i hope it’s on TV.  yes, there’s alos a game this week at yankee stadium.  never did like the yankees.  at any rate, take illinois to win and cover.

11/20  usc at oregon st.  usc favored by 3.5 points.  it seems as though the beavers have given up.  getting beat by washington st, the pac 10 doormat, last week would be a good sign that they have.  the trojans on the other hand are having some fun probation or not.  take the trojans to win and cover.  FIGHT ON!!!

11/20  nebraska at texas a&m.  nebraska favored by 3 points.  the texas aggies are on a mission.  take the aggies to win and or cover. 

11/20  utah at san diego st.  utah favored by 3 points.  last week i mis-identified san diego st as the conquistadors.  wrong san diego team.  san diego st are the aztecs.  and like their namesake they are going to rip the heart out of the utes and play with it.  just like in the old aztec days. i’m surprised utah is even favored if only by 3.  their last two games were embarrassing.  they will be embarrassed again this week.  take san diego st to win and or cover.

the doppler weather geeks promise some wet winter weather here for the weekend.  fine by me.  football weather.  time to toss something in the oven.  then pour a glass of dago red and enjoy the games and the weather. don’t get too crazed.  see you next week.



2 thoughts on “2010 college football predictions week 12

    Crosseyed MOFO Incognito said:
    November 17, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    Michigan State on a roll! UofM falling on their ass. Praise Allah

    johnhauge responded:
    November 18, 2010 at 6:21 am

    I want to see state out here on jan 1st.

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