2010 college football predictions week 13

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on any number of levels this week is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  first off, it usually marks the end of the southern california endless summer, if only for a few months.  secondly, hey, it’s thanksgiving week and probably my all time favorite holiday.  thirdly, and just maybe the most important reason of them all, this week begins college football rivalry time.  yes indeed, even to the casual college ball fan rivalry games get more than just a semi sort of vague glance.  after all, what could be better than than a steaming bowl of leftover turkey dressing smothered in a sea of turkey gravy, a glass of dago red, and college football rivalry games?  not much i’m sure.

after last weekend’s games i now stand at .509 having gone 6 for 10 and 56 for 110 over all.  i missed week 7.  nothing stellar but hopefully the tide has turned and i can end the season on the far side of 50%.  just remember what is dealt out here is for fun only.  taking anything i write here to heart or say to vegas or any other sports book would be foolhardy at best.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.

the point spreads used here are how i determine my wins and losses.  they may change during the week but no matter.  onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/25  texas a&m at texas.  texas a&m favored by 3.5 points.  a good way to spend some time in front of the TV on thanksgiving day.  that is if you can get away with it or swing it.  the aggies are on a roll this year.  the longhorns are floundering at best.  yeah, it’s college station and thanksgiving but take a&m to win and cover.

11/26  auburn at alabama.  bama favored by 4 points.  the iron bowl and maybe auburn’s waterloo.  one of the all time interstate football rivalries.  i find it interesting bama is favored.  so far cam newtongate hasn’t affected his play or his team’s play.  or maybe somebody knows something.  at any rate, probably a squeaker here kids.  a ton of points or a dearth, either way take bama to win and or cover.  it’s all or nothing for alabama.  ROLL TIDE!!

11/26  arizona at oregon.  oregon favored by 17 points.  only a couple of games left for someone to spoil the ducks perfect season.  a season, quite frankly, i didn’t see coming.  well, be that as it may, it isn’t here just yet.  arizona has a shot at winning.  trouble is the game is at auzten stadium and on duck home turf.  loud and crazed can hardly describe the atmosphere.  the ducks have had two weeks to prepare for this one.  and if coach kelly is on his game as well as the rest of the team, the ducks roll on.  take the ducks to win and cover.  QUACK QUACK!!!

11/26  boise st at nevada.  boise st favored by 14.5 points.  i’ve been waiting weeks for this game.  one of the few schools on boise’s cupcake schedule that has a chance at beating the broncos.  the other schools that had a shot couldn’t manage it.  however, boise isn’t at home this week and the wolf pack are playing some solid ball.  not as many points as boise is usually favored, a good thing.  nevada might not win, i hope they do, but i think they will cover the spread.  take nevada to cover and hopefully win.

11/27  michigan st at penn st.  michigan st favored by 1.5 points.  another head scratcher here kids.  a toss up?  ok, so the game is a homer for joe pa and the boys.  and it should be one of the most watchable games of the weekend.  however, i just don’t see 1.5 points.  take michigan st to win and cover.  cover, with this spread, is an oxymoron.  regardless, take the spartans.

11/27  northwestern at wisconsin.  wisconsin favored by 23.5 points.  take the badgers to win and or cover.

11/27  lsu at arkansas.  arkansas favored by 4 points.  arkansas wins and covers.

11/27  mississippi st at mississippi.  mississippi st favored by 2.5 points.  another toss up and a stellar rivalry as well.  home game for ole miss and the only reason i’m taking ole miss to win, even though st is having a much better year.  take mississippi to cover and or win.

11/27  notre dame at usc.  at this point there is no point spread.  i searched high and low to find anyone who even ventured a point spread on this game.  and since i could only find one person who had a spread, im going with the majority and the no point spread deal.  i guess no one cares other than myself and regis philbin, which i find interesting as it’s one of the oldest college football rivalries going.  sure touchdown jesus isn’t doing well and the trojans are on probation.  so what?  anyway, after usc’s usual dismal performance against oregon st last week the trojans need to wake-up and thump the golden domers for old time sake.  on a side note,  the trojans don’t have to play oregon st again for at least several years due to next year’s addition of utah and colorado to the pac 10.  so maybe the bad juju will disappear before their next oregon st meeting.  yeah, i guess the pundits are right as i’m spending more time talking about the beavers than the irish.  take the trojans to win.  FIGHT ON!!

11/27  oklahoma at oklahoma st.  oklahoma st favored by 2.5 points.  just another rivalry toss-up.  should be a good game.  take the cowboys to win and cover the point spread.

there you go.  week one of the rivalry games.  more to come next week.  i hope everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving.  enjoy the games and don’t get too crazy.



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