2010 college football predictions week 14

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college football rivalry week(s) continue(s). plus a few division championship games are on tap. i remember when all the rivalry games were taken care of in just one week. however, with more schools scheduling games with ‘the sisters of the poor’ during the season, rivalry week takes weeks. at any rate, sadly, this is college football’s last week of the regular season. a bitter sweet weekend for college ball fans. next comes the long wait for the bowl season to begin. more on that next week.

some interesting games this past weekend. i went 6 for 10 and now stand 62 for 120 over all. .517 as my average. still nothing stellar but i did manage two nice upsets with arkansas and nevada both winning. if i had only won one or more of my last three games. particularly that dropped pass in the rain at the coliseum sigh.

just remember this is for fun only and taking what i toss out here to any sports book and laying your rent and food money on the line would be total insanity on any number of levels. leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt. spreads sited here are by what i go by to determine my wins and losses.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/2 arizona st at arizona. arizona favored by 6 points. ‘the duel in the desert’. i’m sure most arizona fans aren’t happy about this made for TV event in the middle of the week. but it does get some national exposure for both football programs. that being said, most fans would rather be stuck on the road game day weekend between whatever city is hosting the game that year. tradition is tradition after all. take the wildcats of arizona to win and cover.

12/3 illinois at fresno st. illinois favored by by 6 points. under normal circumstances i’d probably go with the bulldogs. not this week. take illinois to win and cover.

12/4 connecticut at s. florida. s. florida favored by 2 points. pretty much a toss up. and a game i’d stay away from during the year. just like the last one. slim pickings this last regular season week. alright, connecticut is on some sort of roll. take connecticut to win or cover.

12/4 utah st at boise st. boise st favored by 39.5 points. yeah, probably. it will be interesting to see if boise st can comeback from the end of their dream season loss last week. and it’s boise’s last game in ‘the sisters of the poor conference’. next year they move to ‘the big sisters of the poor conference’. not much of an improvement. any the ways, utah st is hapless. sure it’s a fistful of points but take boise st to win and cover.

12/4 oregon at oregon st. oregon favored by 15 points. ‘the civil war’ game. the ducks got bounced from number one in the BCS poll for beating arizona last week and covering the spread. what’s up with that? yes, after all it is the ‘Bull Crap System’. the beavers were stanford’s door mat last weekend. a regular thumping to be sure. is there anything left in their tank? however, this is a rivalry game. anything can happen. but with any luck at all it won’t. so much for the beavers stellar season. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK QUACK!!

12/4 auburn at s. carolina. auburn favored by 5 points. the sec championship game. i’m hoping the old ball coach has a few tricks left. i’m tired of the camnewtongate deal and would just as soon see them fade away. so sue me. take s. carolina to cover and maybe even win.

12/4 washington at washington st. washington favored by 7 points. ‘the apple bowl’. and another game where anything can happen. state needs this one badly. the huskies need it too. take washington to win and cover.

12/4 florida st at virginia tech. virginia tech favored by 4 points. the acc championship game. take virginia tech if only for what florida st did to paula deen er, coach bowden. convoluted reasoning at best. take tech to win and cover.

12/4 nebraska at oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 5.5 points. the big 12 championship game. take nebraska to cover and or win.

12/4 usc at ucla. usc favored by 7 points. bragging rights for the city of lost angels. crosstown rivalry and good reason to stay away from pasadena if you’re out and about saturday night. crosstown traffic. it should be dry on saturday so maybe the trojans can hang onto the game winner this week. norm chow got his contract extension approved by ucla but slick rick ain’t saying if he even wants norm round next year. like it’s norm’s fault all the bruin’s qb’s got hurt this season. as the college ball worm turns. if you live here in socal this is THE game of the year. no doubt. these kids run into each other all year long on a regular basis. bragging rights mean something. take the trojans to win and cover. FIGHT ON!!

savor you last weekend of the regular college football season. it’s gone for nine long ass months. we suffer through the never ending nba season and major league baseball month after month. nothing but endless yammering about the dumb ass nba on sports talk shows from now to the end of june. god, the horror. buck up kids. the best sport in the land will be back next september. as always, is it september yet?


for those that care i went 6 for 10 this week. making me 68 for 130 overall, having missed week 7. .523 is nothing to brag about but i’ll take it. my overall win percentage for the last three years is, .530. beating the spread isn’t that easy. bowl picks this coming week. thanks for reading.



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