should college football players get paid to play?

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this little tidbit is getting some play.  it started last week with the big 10 or 12 or whatever commissioner saying he figures football players should get a stipend.  earlier this week the old ball coach, steve spurrier, jumped on the bandwagon saying he thinks college football players should be paid as well.  $300 a game to be exact.  this idea is getting even more play.  no pun intended. 

before i wade into this drama let me remind everyone that i love college football.  it is my favorite sit in front of the tube and watch deal.  it’s been that way for as long as i can remember.  i love the game.

i have trouble with these ideas.  yeah, i’m just a crack pot.  these kids are getting an almost free ride education.  yes, there are exceptions but it’s something most kids don’t get.  and yes some of them, mostly in the sec, might end up on the wrong end of a scholarship for various reasons.  like coaches and schools handing them out like candy at halloween then saying oops we really can’t use you.  sorry, we want it back.  but that is a drift.

these kids playing college football are supposed to be in school to earn a degree or am i missing something here?  let’s just forget about the fact you start paying these guys a rather large can of very nasty stinky worms will be opened.  not unlike pandora’s little box a long time ago.  but with probably pretty much the same consequences, a world turned upside down.

the larger of the elephants in the room would be, title 1X.  i also love women’s college softball.  and i’m quite sure the old ball coach and the comish aren’t thinking about paying them anything at all for anything.  regardless.  then there’s the fact most men’s college baseball scholarships barely cover anything at all.  ok.  so i’m drifting here.  in any case, it’s all relevant.         

why should we pay these guys money to play?  point being we shouldn’t.  the old ball coach says the players should get some cash so they can take their girlfriends out for dinner.  or maybe pay for their parents to fly to a game or something.  yeah, we would all love that.  what about the regular schlumps going to school sans any scholarship?  they’d like to be able to do the same thing.  most end up with a nice little 40 grand or so in student loan debt.  yeah, let’s feel sorry for the poor college football player who had to sell ohio st athletic stuff so they could score some nifty tats all over themselves.  please.

the college game has eroded just like society has in recent years.  they’ve gone hand in hand down the road to madness.  paying kids to play college ball is stupid.  there are so many of them in some sort of trouble every day it makes your head swim.  instead of paying them perhaps the schools should use the money to investigate the little darlings a bit more before they hand them the keys to the university.  they seem to end up pilfering fellow students laptops at some sort of maddening pace or committing even worse crimes against humanity and fellow students.

‘well, gee, i had to steal the laptop and rape those girls because i was drunk and i didn’t have any money left after i bought all that booze.  but i deserve another chance.  i’m a football player.  hoo rah.’  there ya go, pilgrims, that pretty much sums it up right there. 

it’s getting to the point where, and i’ve said this a few times the past few years, us old guys are probably going to abandon the sport we love if the insanity of the kids, coaches, commissioners, and college deans doesn’t get back on track.  they aren’t ozzy osborne and off on some crazy train they are, college football.  it’s become a very sad thing indeed. 

thankfully, it seems i’m not the only crack pot out here. is running a poll today about this same thing.  should college football players be paid for playing?  at the time of this writing with 47,899 votes in, 62% of those voting are saying, NO.  cool.  let’s just hope somebody is listening and maybe even paying attention.


4 thoughts on “should college football players get paid to play?

    mike kamradt said:
    June 3, 2011 at 11:01 am

    My guess is they’re going to play close attention to these polls and then do it again in 5 years. I’m betting on humanity with this one but it’s only at even money.

    johnhauge responded:
    June 3, 2011 at 11:22 am

    i would concur with your thoughts, mike. even money at best down that slippery slope. thanks, my friend.

    Angry Jon said:
    June 3, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    I’m gonna go the other way on this one. Sure, they get a free education out of the deal, but believe me when I say that the university gets a way better deal out of that arraingment. Football and basketball pregrams bring in oodles of cash. Obscene amounts. You want to avoid temptation? Take the temptation out of it. Feel bad for the guy that pays his own way? Learn to throw a tight spiral, son. Schools have no problem selling jerseys with players names on it, and other associated merch, but can’t kick down a few bucks? Hmmm. And all the background checks in the world aren’t gonna reveal how a kid, in a moment of weakness, will do the right thing. The reality of it is, if you only pick kids that one deems “temptation proof”, then get ready from some straight up inferior college sports. Ever watch Yale play Princeton in football? No, because it sucks. No one wants to watch 22 white kids running it out of the Wing T. Bor-ring. College sports is big business, and it’s time to be treated as such. So put a little dough in these kids pockets, and tighten up how they can be recruited, or penalties on coaches that do wrong (I’m looking at you, Pete Carroll), or screw with the eligibility of the kids when transgressions are made for future earnings. Stadiums aren’t built to watch Chow Dun Fook break down math theorems, they’re built to watch 20 year old phenoms throw a football 70 yards in the air off one knee. So Go Blue, and lets see that money!

    johnhauge responded:
    June 3, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Atta boy, mr. jonny. valid points all. what about podunk st paying footballers? they probably can’t. should michigan pay podunk st kids? i think not. cause we all know what that is. redistribution of wealth. pure and simple. all in all a crappy idea. plus, i have no problem watching princeton and yale or harvard play. bring it. i don’t want to see thugs and gangsters who can play get paid. go to class and stop being a stupid dumb ass. i know college ball is big business it has been since the bsc took over. perhaps even earlier. trouble is i’m almost gone as it is. pay the dumb asses and i will be for sure. it will just mean more money for crack and dui’s. and yeah, i agree coach petey damn well knew. the men of troy are out of it for years to come. this coming year an exception. say adios to ohio st as well. blue has been lucky or they just cover up stuff better.

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