2011 college football picks week 3

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there are several good reasons why i always tell you to leave your wallet in your pocket. last weekend’s results are one of the primary reasons. a dreadfully annoying 2 for 10 fiasco leaving me at 6 for 20 over all so far this year. not good. but then you already knew that. however, am i going to let that stop me from plodding on? of course not.

sadly, i had a hard time finding 10 games to pick this week due to a good number of the schools are still playing the sisters of the poor fighting road kill. okay, so what’s worse, 3 weeks of crappy games against teams no one has ever heard of or 16 team super conferences? that my friends, in a nut shell, is the rub. it’s a toss up in my opinion. the sad state of college football affairs. but i digress and get ahead of myself as i veer into my usual end of season bowl rant.

once again. leave your wallet alone and nobody gets hurt. this is for fun only and using what you read here for gambling purposes would be insane. though i’m sure there are wags out there who’ll tell you just do the opposite of what i pick. yeah, sure. funny stuff but there will be a couple of weekends this year when you’ll be very very sorry if you do that. just when that will be is anyones guess though. maybe even this week. at any rate, the point spreads here are what i use to determine my wins and losses for the week. they may change before game time. i could care less as i have a semi sort of life and i have desire to update stuff 24-7.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/15 lsu @ mississippi st. lsu favored by 3.5 points. lsu keeps surprising and miss st was a disappointment last week. i suppose miss st is lucky this is a home game. which is exactly why i’m taking mississippi st to cover the spread or even win.

9/17 michigan st @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 5 points. the golden domers looked very good last week up until the last couple of minutes then the wheels fell off. state has been on the sisters of the poor curcuit the first two weeks of the season. i’m taking michigan st to win or cover the spread. yeah, i know.

9/17 texas @ ucla. texas favored by 3.5 points. i hate these half point spreads. why can’t they just say 4 or whatever? unless things go better than expected for slick rick this will be his last season at the helm of the bruins. psst, mike leach is still available. pirate regalia included. this might be an interesting game. take texas to win or cover.

9/17 navy @ s. carolina. s. carolina favored by 18 points. why spurrier let garcia back on the team. again. is beyond me. be that as it may, take s. carolina to win and cover.

9/17 oklahoma @ florida st. oklahoma favored by 3 points. take the sooners to win and cover.

9/17 ohio st @ miami. no line. no line? interesting. guess everyone is lined up at the tattoo parlor or waiting in line for the vip room at the strip club. sad thing is, i have to pick someone here. home field advantage and 5 more of the miscreants are back on the team. take miami.

9/17 arizona st @ illinois. pick em. no points. almost as interesting as, no line. see above. okay, so the sun devils get to leave their blast furnace for a few days. i’m sure they are all thrilled with that. they might even get a shot at seeing some rain while away from home. an oddity for them for sure. statement year for arizona st. take them to win.

9/17 utah @ byu. byu favored by 5. did utah play well last week against the trojans or did the trojans mail it in again at the end of the game? dispute the spread this one could go either way. state of utah bragging rights on the line here kids. sorry utah st. take byu to win and cover the points.

9/17 oklahoma st @ tulsa. oklahoma st favored by 14 points. take the cowboys to win and cover.

9/17 stanford @ arizona. stanford favored by 10 points. the trees continue on their roll for the pac whatever championship. yes, it will be very hot in tucson and maybe even some monsoonal moisture thrown in for good measure as well. regardless, take stanford to win and cover the spread.

enjoy the games, your weekend, and what’s left of the warm weather. toss some protein on the barbie while sipping a few cool ones and try your best to get into what’s left of college football as we once knew it.



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