2011 college football picks week 4

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finding the 10 games for my picks this week was even harder than last week. what is up with schools still playing the sisters of the poor fighting road kill four weeks into the season? i don’t get it. who is watching those games? (i was gonna use a helen keller joke here but decided against it for politically correct reasons. yeah, as odd as that might seem.) i guess it must be the fact the fighting road kill has a huge fan base willing to travel anywhere, anytime, to watch their favorite team get further flattened by pretty much everybody they play. and of course, there’s the big money involved. sigh. thankfully, there are still a few schools who haven’t totally succumbed to this odd insanity of scheduling patsies and women’s field hockey teams early in the year. this current trend makes it particularly hard to find ten games worth watching let alone making ten worth while picks against the spread this week. speaking of which, just picking winners is vaguely easy. picking winners using the spread or points is another matter entirely.

this past week’s picks turned out somewhat better than the first two weeks. i went 5 for 10. still a bit mediocre but i’ll take it as it’s much better than 2 for 10. after the first three weeks i’m now 11 for 30 overall. not a pretty sight to be sure, however, it is what it is and i plod onward towards the goal of being at least on the other side of 50% by the time the season ends.

once again, remember these picks are for fun only and no sane person would take the insanity dished out here and use it in any sort of gambling or betting pursuits. doing that would be just plain stupid or even perhaps suicidal. kids, leave your wallets in your pockets where they belong and nobody gets hurt. the point spreads listed here are what i use to determine my win/loss stats for the week. ‘the boys’ may change the points by the time the games roll around but it doesn’t make any difference to me as i have a semi sort of life and i also have no desire to update this blather when ‘they’ decide to change things. and the blooming super conferences blow the whole college game to smithereens.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/24 san diego st @ michigan. michigan favored by 10 points. san diego st made a nice comeback last year after a number of years in the doldrums. a good program with a history of playing some good football. it looks like they’re still on a roll this year. which is fine by me. i haven’t seen them play this well since the days of marshall faulk. it’s also very nice to see them take on a big 10 or 12 or whatever the hell it is team. albeit one that got clobbered by the irish last weekend. and one that will probably be looking to right the ship against the aztecs. a big game and one that will make a huge statement for san diego st. take san diego st to win and or cover the points.

9/24 arkansas @ alabama. alabama favored by 12 points. the first big game of the year for arkansas having played the fighting road kill several times already. bama went to visit joe pa and came home a winner. it’s a bit early in the year but make no mistake, this is a rivalry game and 12 points just might be too many. if the tide rolls it won’t matter. take alabama to win and cover. ROLL TIDE!!

9/24 california @ washington. washington favored by 3 points. a fairly decent pac whatever match up. washington lost last week at nebraska but did manage to put some points on the board. cal fooled around with one of those women’s field hockey teams and won big. yawn. take washington and the home field 3 to win and cover.

9/24 lsu @ w. virginia. lsu favored by 6.5 points. w. virginia has looked good so far. the trouble being maryland has been their toughest opponent of the year. lsu got a scare from miss st last week but lsu’s defense won the game. the same thing will happen again this week. take lsu to win and cover the points.

9/24 ucla @ oregon st. oregon st favored by 3.5 points. yeah, what else was i supposed to pick? possibly a very ugly game. and a game slick rick needs to win. rick is a very personable guy and should probably consider a spot with espn. be that as it may. another bruin loss. take oregon st to win and cover.

9/24 oklahoma st @ texas a&m. texas a&m favored by 3.5 points. in all likely hood probably a good game. and a close one. take texas and the home field 3 to win and cover.

9/24 missouri @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 22 points. surprisingly missouri did well in losing to arizona st. oklahoma has been very impressive so far. unless missouri steps up this one will be a rout. and they probably won’t. take oklahoma to win and cover the points.

9/24 tulsa @ boise st. boise st favored by 32.5 points. this one started out with no line. as of today only one company has any points out for the game. interesting. the surf turf teams first home game of the year. blue turf or not they are pretty much unbeatable on the blue stuff. i’ve finally succumbed to the koolaid and i will agree that boise st can play some ball against pretty much anybody on a one game basis. what still remains to be seen is if they can play ball every week against higher caliber programs. and win. there lies the rub. though give them credit for getting out of a doormat league and climbing into one a step further up the ladder. kellen moore is an outstanding quarterback. he should walk all over tulsa. take boise st to win.

9/24 usc @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 3 points. one of the best games of the weekend. the trojans finally showed up and played an entire game against a decent syracuse team last week. plus, they are one of the few teams that didn’t go the fighting road kill route this year. good for them. arizona st couldn’t beat illinois last week. the sun devils need this one if they want a shot at the pac whatever title. usc on the other hand is playing for pride and hopefully they’ve come to embrace that pride. as it’s the only thing they’ll have to play for this year. perhaps marcus allen should make more motivational after practice locker room speeches like he did the week before the syracuse game. desert heat and a night game. the heat shouldn’t be a problem for the trojans. if they play all four quarters they should win. take the trojans to win or at least get inside the 3 points. FIGHT ON!!

9/24 oregon @ arizona. oregon favored by 14.5 points. the desert southwest gets plenty of football action this weekend to match the early fall blast furnace heat. oregon travels way south and down the road from phoenix. and if they can handle the heat for a few hours they’ll cover the spread against a mediocre arizona team that has already lost to oklahoma st and stanford. the ducks continue their quest for the pac whatever title. take oregon to win and cover the spread. QUACK QUACK!!

enjoy the games and your weekend. be safe and be semi sane if at all possible. cheers.



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