2011 college football picks week 6

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to be perfectly honest with you, due to life rearing it’s head i wasn’t able to watch any of the games this past weekend. sometimes semi unexpected stuff happens in our realm as well as out on the field. at any rate, i went 5 for 10 with my picks. incrementally better but still nothing to get really excited about. over all i’m now 20 for 50. i guess you could say i’m inching towards respectability. or something. once again a few teams didn’t cover the spread but still won. most notably were boise st and usc. over the past five years you would have made some considerable coin by picking boise st to cover the spread each week. recently they have failed to cover two weeks in a row. hopefully, this isn’t the new trend for them. if so things could get even more interesting. usc has also failed to cover while winning pretty much every week this year. a lame excuse to be sure but it’s all i’ve got at the moment.

as always, these picks are for fun only. nothing more. using my insanity to make yourself some extra folding stuff would be asinine at best. leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. the point spreads used here are what i go by to determine my win/loss record for the week. they may be different come game day but it matters not.

thankfully, everyone seems to have ended their exhibition season of playing the fighting road kill schools. given that i still had a bit of a problem picking my ten games for this week. we’re now into conference play and sadly most conferences have more than their share of fighting road kill type schools. mind you, that is not an endorsment for super conferences by any stretch of the imagination. it is just what it is. nothing more. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/6 california @ oregon. oregon favored by 24 points. after week 1 my beloved ducks have rolled up some points. visor head kelly has had two weeks to get ready for this home game against the mediocre bears. autzen stadium home game insanity. thursday night national TV. the kids get an early start on weekend binge drinking and by sunday afternoon the’ll begin to mirror ray milland in ‘the lost weekend’. take the ducks to win and cover the spread. QUACK QUACK!!!

10/7 boise st @ fresno st. boise st favored by 21 points. saying this is not fresno st’s year would be putting it mildly. even though this is a road game for boise and they’ve missed covering two weeks in a row, take boise st to win and cover the points.

10/8 oklahoma @ texas. oklahoma favored by 9.5 points. big time big 12 rivalry game. it’s the sooners year to shine. take oklahoma to win and cover.

10/8 georgia tech @ maryland. georgia tech favored by 14 points. georgia tech has put some points on the board this year against some of the fighting road kill schools. someone was impressed enough to work all that into a top 25 ranking for tech. maryland on the other hand lost to several of the fighting road kill schools. though they did beat miami. none the less, take georgia tech to win and cover the spread.

10/8 illinois @ indiana. illinois favored by 14.5 points. both teams spent the first weeks of the year sharpening their skills against the fighting road kill. illinois has some how parlayed all that into a top 25 ranking. yes, they did beat arizona st somehow. is it me or has the world turned upside down? i should scratch this game and pick another. but i’m lazy. take illinois to win and cover. hopefully.

10/8 iowa @ penn st. penn st favored by 4 points. another example of a not so stellar conference match up. this one could go either way as witnessed by the points. take the home team, penn st, to win and or cover the spread.

10/8 arizona st @ utah. arizona st favored by 4 points. small spread to be sure. probably because it’s another one that might go either way or sideways in a hurry for one of the schools. take arizona st to win and cover the spread and find some sort of redemption on the shores of the great salt lake.

10/8 florida @ lsu. no line. the game of the week and it’s even up. though as of this writing, i did find one betting spot that did have lsu favored by 5.5 points. however, i’m going with the consensus and no line. take lsu to win.

10/8 air force @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 16.5 points. tell you what kids. i’m going to make this one an upset special. take air force to win or at least get inside the points in the land of the golden domers.

10/8 auburn @ arkansas. arkansas favored by 10 points. possibly one of the better weekend match ups. a semi rivalry game aspect going for it. though i just don’t see auburn taking it to arkansas on their home field. not this year. take arkansas to win and cover the spread.

enjoy the weekend and the games. be safe and semi sane. red meat on the barbie and red wine in a glass is always a safe bet.



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