2011 college football picks week 11

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i had another satisfying ok week by going 6 for 10 last time around. my over all now stands at, 53 for 100. respectability one week at a time. had the game of the decade gone differently or at least not been a defensive donnybrook with a slew of missed field goals and sundry other opportunities tossed under team buses things might have been different. having never been a fan of games where the defense puts on the show i thought it was a yawner and i actually fell asleep mid first quarter. well before it became even more apparent that no one was scoring anything near or resembling a touchdown for the evening. yeah, well, so sue me. i’m not a fan of leather helmet football. at any rate, it just goes to show you how important your field goal kicker(s) can be. see the ucla arizona st game as well. i should have also listened to myself and not taken boise st to cover the spread. something they have regularly failed at this year though they still remain undefeated. so far. but will it get them a shot at the big dance if they keep it up? i don’t know but i do know i don’t want to see lsu alabama play again any time soon.

as always this is for fun only. using anything you read here for any sort of gaming purpose would be incredibly insane and you would deserve whatever bad things come your way if you do. don’t be stupid, leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. paying the rent and putting some decent food and vino on the table is much more important than helping to build bigger casinos somewhere.

the point spreads used here may change by game times. i don’t care. what is here is what i use to determine my wins and losses. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/10 virginia tech @ georgia tech. virginia tech favored by 1 point. let’s keep it simple for the thursday night game. take georgia tech to win.

11/12 auburn @ georgia. georgia favored by 13.5 points. i’m not sure where the 13.5 points are coming from. the game should be a close one. or that’s my thinking. take auburn to possibly win but they will get inside the 13.5 point spread.

11/12 w. virginia @ cincinnati. cincinnati favored by 3.5 points. neither school plays a tough schedule. though both play some pretty good football at times. take cincy and the home field 3 to win and cover.

11/12 michigan st @ iowa. michigan st favored by 2.5 points. the spartans haven’t done well on the road this year. iowa isn’t having one of their better years either. probably a close game. michigan st turns their road record around. take michigan st to win and cover the spread.

11/12 tcu @ boise st. boise st favored by 15 points. smurf turf home game where the boise squad doesn’t normally miss the spread. i’m sure tcu will really be up for this one. boise starts out slow but gains momentum. probably not like any of their recent bowl games but, take boise st to win and cover the points.

11/12 wyoming @ air force. air force favored by 14.5 points. wyoming air force? sure, why not? the cowboys are playing fairly well again after a number of years in the doldrums. when wyoming is winning or at least .500, i’m a fan for some reason. air force is always good for putting some points on the board and giving folks fits even if the falcons don’t win. in my opinion this will be a good one and a game i hope i’ll be able to watch. if the falcons play like they did against army they will be in trouble. i don’t think they will. however, this is an early bowl game for the cowboys. wyoming may not win but they’ll get inside the spread. take them.

11/12 nebraska @ penn st. nebraska favored by 3 points. plenty of off the field drama at penn st. take the cornhuskers to win and cover the points.

11/12 washington @ usc. usc favored by 12.5 points. the trojans come off a rout of colorado with matt throwing for a record 6 td’s. washington has surprised the trojans a few times the last couple of years. hopefully, lane has that figured out by now and there’s no letdown following last weeks game. if the trojans get some early points on the board they should roll. take usc to win and cover the spread. FIGHT ON!!!

11/12 ucla @ utah. utah favored by 7 points. it looks as if slick rick will keep his job. or at least for now. the bruins are still on top of the pac south with others. as odd as all that seems. plus, two wins in a row for ucla. heady territory for the ucla squad which will go bowling with another win. probably not the rose bowl but someplace. at any rate, the winning streak ends this week. norm chow will be looking to make a statement, count on it. take utah to win and cover the points.

11/12 oregon @ stanford. stanford favored by 3.5 points. unlike the ‘big game’ of last weekend this game should, at the very least, have a few touchdowns each by the end of the first quarter. if we’re lucky it will be a total shoot out or one or the other team will dominate on the field and on the scoreboard. the adage: ‘the best defense is a good offense’, applies here. the ducks are at a disadvantage playing away from autzen stadium and their rabidly wasted student fan base. stanford on the other hand may well be down their two best receivers for the game. maybe things will even out. none the less, i’m looking forward to this one, kids. rose bowl implications along with big dance implications. stanford hasn’t been in this position since the days of ty willingham. which brings to mind an email i sent off to a stanford web associate editor dealing with the new, at the time, stanford logo/nickname. i think i’ll share it with you. sure, why not? exactly. i figure if i leave out the young lady’s name it will be ok. no sense dragging her into this mess unannounced. yeah, i saved the exchange from 10 years ago.

hi guys,

hey, this may seem to be rather frivolus in these trying times, but well what can i say? i have been an off and on stanford football rooter for much of my 53 years. i really liked the indian nickname but i guess it proved to be too politically incorrect for some folks. not me i can assure you. we now have the new nickname, the cardinal, with a tree for a logo. a sequioa to be sure. a very noble tree and one of my favorites. however, it just doesn’t have the bite the indians had. particularly in a year like this one when you guys have a decent football team. my proposal would be to change the nickname yet again. this time to, the lelands. in honor of the founder of stanford, a former governor of california, and railroad big wig, leland stanford. what a perfect nickname! just imagine, you could use gold and silver railroad spikes in the logo. or a nice top hat. or both. wow! also, the once vaunted stanford marching band would have lots of stuff to play with making halftimes a fun time once again for us tv viewers. thanks for your time.


john hauge

stanford’s response:


Thanks for your thoughts. I have forwarded your message on to the Athletics department for their consideration.


(signed by the editor in question who will remain anonymous)

ok. so what does this all mean? the athletic department apparently ignored my novel, if not insane, suggestion. sadly. the game this week? no, i haven’t forgotten. the ducks are on the south side of the spread and if i’m not mistaken that’s a first for the year. possibly a sloppy playing field. if the stanford defense slows the ducks down early they may have some trouble. can the duck defense handle the thumping the trees running game will give them? this game is also andrew luck’s heisman trophy game. it’s the trees year. i love my ducks but take stanford to win and cover.

another great weekend of college ball with the safe bet as always being, red meat and red wine. hopefully, the predicted rain for these parts will let up enough for some protein on the barbie. enjoy your weekend and the games. be safe. be semi sane.



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