2011 college football picks week 12

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it was the best of times. it was the worst of times. or approaching something like it. it all pretty much describes my record for the past week. i went 5 for 10 again. putting my overall standings for the year at, 58 for 110. stuck on mediocre. at least i’m not tanking. also at least the game of the week rolled up some points and proved to be much more exciting than the previous week’s saturday night big game of the week. my ducks surprised me by winning and in doing that they take some of the sting out of the loss on the books. boise st fails to cover one more time then loses any shot at the big dance by dumping the game with a missed field goal. deja vu all over again. they seem to find stellar receivers and quarterbacks but can’t recruit any kickers. i guess they figure they really don’t need one. well, sometimes you do. the past two weekends has born that out for several other schools too not just boise. a huge shout out to the wyoming cowboys for making one of my picks look very good. nice job beating air force. hats off to norm chow as well. sticking it to slick rick must have felt pretty good. though utah’s defense won the game.

the information or insanity dished out here is for fun and entertainment purposes only. taking any of the insanity to a gaming establishment, legal or otherwise, would be supremely stupid. don’t do it. leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. taking care of your family is more important than losing rent and food money by chasing the pot of gold at the end of the sports betting rainbow.

the point spreads here are what i use to determine my win loss record for the week. some of them may change by game time. it doesn’t matter. what’s here is what i use.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/18 oklahoma st @ iowa st. oklahoma st favored by 26.5 points. friday night lights college style. iowa st can play some football. they’ve also played four ranked teams so far this year. more than some of the ranked teams play all season. oklahoma st will be their fifth ranked opponent, a very heady one to be sure. 26.5 is a bunch of points and yes the cowboys were impressive in almost blowing up the scoreboard last week. however, iowa st home crowd and one game away from a possible bowl game make the cyclones dangerous and probably in a spoiling mood. oklahoma st wins but iowa st gets inside the spread. take the cyclones.

11/19 nebraska @ michigan. michigan favored by 3.5 points. possibly a good game and a tough pick. an emotional week 11 for the cornhuskers along with a squeaker win. their second hostile road game in a row as well. take michigan to win and cover.

11/19 wisconsin @ illinois. wisconsin favored by 14 points. illinois began the year on a roll then hit the wall week 7. they haven’t recovered. wisconsin on the other hand has rolled over their tepid competition. illinois needs another win for a possible bowl shot. wisconsin wins but illinois surprises and gets inside the points. take illinois.

11/19 smu @ houston. houston favored by 19.5 points. houston the lone non-automatic bowl kid left standing. undefeated as well. undefeated in conference usa with NO wins against a ranked team. conference usa and the mac, the rodney dangerfields of college ball. smu beat tcu. if coach june jones gets smu worked up enough they’ll at least get inside the points. take smu.

11/19 lsu @ mississippi st. lsu favored by 28.5 points. home game and mississippi st’s bowl game with one chance at being a big time spoiler. a nice scenario for the rebels. lsu will more than likely win but take miss st to beat the spread and make it, say a 2 touchdown win for lsu. take miss st.

11/19 boise st @ san diego st. boise st favored by 18 points. a decent year for the aztecs. another win would pretty much assure some sort of bowl bid. making this game a close one would probably work just as well for them. take san diego st to get inside the spread.

11/19 oklahoma @ baylor. oklahoma favored by 15.5 points. the sooners should roll though baylor might surprise. take oklahoma to win and cover.

11/19 kansas st @ texas. texas favored by 9.5 points. probably a good game and one that state would have a better shot at if it were a home game. take the longhorns to win and cover.

11/19 usc @ oregon. oregon favored by 15.5 points. another bowl game for the trojans. along with another stab at playing spoiler again. if usc gets on top early and the defense catches the plane to portland the ducks will have their hands full. a good game kids and one with the potential for high scoring and high drama. oregon rarely loses at home. the autzen crowd is one of the loudest and most rabid in the land of college ball. along with the kansas/texas game this is another tough pick. my toughest, as i love my ducks and trojans. the ducks should win but there are a lot of ‘ifs’ in regards to usc. a wet, loud, and cold playing field for one. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK QUACK!! my wife and i make a trip to usc medical center this coming friday. i guess i’ll be wearing one of my duck t-shirts. yeah, i’m crazy. but you knew that already.

11/19 california @ stanford. stanford favored by 19 points. the battle by the bay or emerald city. take your pick. the trees try to make a comeback on their home turf after the ducks embarrassed them there. or at least that’s the trees hope. amazingly enough the bears are bowl eligible. another wet and cold playing field. take the trees to win, cover, and redeem themselves.

the season dwindles down to the final weeks. it’s the weekend before thanksgiving and some of the better rivalries still to come along with all the championship games. enjoy what’s left of the shortest and sweetest season. as always, the safest bet, red meat and red wine. be safe. be semi sane.



2 thoughts on “2011 college football picks week 12

    Miss Demure Restraint said:
    November 17, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    I know this is not going to be a very intelligent comment and I’m probably breaking one of my own rules, but I’m not a big football fan. But to maintain peace in my domestic life I have learned . . .

    Roll Tide Roll.

    The universe is not safe if ‘Bama doesn’t win or at least the piece of the universe I live in.

    johnhauge responded:
    November 17, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    haha. bama. the third team in my college football trilogy. the ducks, trojans, and the tide. thanks for the comment, miss d, and come back after college ball when i start doing my creative fiction again. or find some of the older stuff now in the archives. most appreciated.

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