my car’s current CD play list

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first of all try not to confuse this with the desert island list that has run here a few times over the years. this is something entirely different. like the title says this is what’s currently out in my car and on my CD rotation in the car. nine CD’s of varying styles and types of music. why nine? because the cubby hole in the dash has limited space and only 9 CD’s fit in it. simple as that. i change the 9 out periodically and thought it would be a good time to share just what’s on my current play list. though there are times when one CD will will get constant play time and time again for months. what can i say? then there’s the fact i haven’t written anything here in awhile due to life’s floating knuckle curveballs dancing seemingly everywhere. ok. so without further or do here’s the list in no particular order.

from 2006 van morrison’s, ‘pay the devil’. this the CD that’s currently sitting inside the CD player. van the man giving his all in an homage to country music classics. the music he grew up listening to when his dad held record player sway. good stuff and some very fine solid musical accompaniment. stellar country classics such as ‘there stands the glass’ and ‘your cheatin’ heart’. something completely different from one of the all time greats and worth a listen for sure.

from 1973 gram parsons & the fallen angels live. gram and emmylou gettin’ country down. the CD is one of gram’s usual set lists from the time. the LP was recorded live and broadcast from WLIR in new york city in march of 73. ‘drug store truck drivin’ man’, ‘the streets of baltimore’, and ‘california cottenfields’ just to name a few of his classics tunes done live on the CD. take the time and listen if you haven’t heard this one before.

gram parsons anthology a two CD set. this CD rarely if ever leaves my car’s CD rotation. as a matter of fact, it was the only thing i listened to last summer. yes, over and over again. the beach boys, ‘smile’ finally took it out of the CD player for a few weeks. at any rate, gram parsons, the man who keith richards says changed the face of country music single handedly. and that without gram there probably wouldn’t have been a waylon jennings and the so called outlaw movement. heady praise to be sure from one of the all time rock ‘n’ roll greats. i love this CD set. music i just can’t get enough of. grams varied short lived career from the middle 60’s to his death in 1973 produced a legacy of music. from the international submarine band. the byrds’ ‘sweetheart of the rodeo’, probably one of the finest LP’s ever. the flying burrito bros. the fallen angels. and his solo work with emmylou harris, whom he discovered. it doesn’t get any better than gram parsons and his cosmic country music. plug it in. turn it up. and sing along. gram may be gone but thankfully his music isn’t.

from 1967 peter green’s fleetwood mac, ‘live at the marquee’. the original front man for fleetwood mac kicks out the blues jams. not the greatest sound quality but when the band rips into ‘shake your moneymaker’ it really doesn’t matter. this CD is what the 60’s and 60’s era blues bands were all about. a good CD for ruining your hearing or your car’s factory speakers.

the best of bob wills, ‘the millennium collection’. western swing played by bob wills and his texas playboys from the 40’s to the mid 50’s. stellar stuff to be sure. gimme that old time country music anytime. ah ha.

from 1969 savoy brown, ‘blue matter’. another 60’s british blues band that was one of the best. though this is another CD with poor sound remastering from the original vinyl. stuff like that matters to some folks. me? nah. crank it up and let ‘train to nowhere’ or ‘louisiana blues’ wash your troubles away.

from 2009 van morrison, ‘astral weeks – live at the hollywood bowl’. one of the true all time greats revisits one of his best LP’s done up very nicely live with more than amazing results. try this CD on for size if you’ve never experienced van morrison because you’re missing something.

from 1970 dave mason, ‘alone together’. an often over looked masterpiece from that era by one of the members of the band, traffic. not the longest LP ever made as it’s fairly short but within the space of the 8 tracks you’ll understand why this LP was and still is an all time great. ‘sad and deep as you’ along with ‘look at you look at me’ being my 2 favorites. it was one of my go to LP’s when i was in vietnam and it’s still a go to CD.

willie nelson, ‘super hits’. i found this one at target one day. $4.99. i thought it had to be some lame cover deal or something by toby keith or some other crappy country singer. nope. it’s the real deal willie doing all of his biggest hits with merle haggard thrown in on ‘pancho and lefty’. enough said.

generally speaking my car is where i listen to music. less distractions and no one telling me to turn down the music. plus, i can sing along when the need arises. always a good thing to be sure.



2 thoughts on “my car’s current CD play list

    Cherokee Parks said:
    April 21, 2012 at 6:21 am

    Quite an eclectic collection you have there. I hope you’re driving style doesn’t change with each selection!! HAH!

    john hauge responded:
    April 21, 2012 at 7:07 am

    my driving style depends on others sharing the road. the middle finger of either hand usually gets a pretty good work out. hahaha!

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