the rolling stones ~~ 50 years and counting

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the brown eyed girl informed me this morning that since today is the 50th anniversary of the rolling stones first live show or some damn thing or another, and that folks were trotting out their top 10 stone’s song lists in honor of that sacred event.  so, she asked me if i was going to do a ‘list’.  i said no but have since decided why not in that this spring and early summer there hasn’t been much in the way of new stuff coming from this end of the space time continuum writing wise. 
i’m old but i wasn’t there to see the first rolling stones live show.  i didn’t get to see them live until november of 1969.  the infamous 3am performance at the forum here in southern california.   just a few weeks ahead of the even more infamous altamont show up by the city by the bay. a show i thankfully missed due to getting drafted into the army a few days before the whip came down up north.  at any rate, i’ve been a stones fan since i first heard them on the radio.  ‘love is love and not fade away’.  things don’t get much better than that.  ok.  so here’s my list.  the caveat being it’s today’s list.  this moment’s list.  this evening after a nice home cooked meal composed of a wedge salad, bbqed hanger steak, roasted corn and lord knows how many glasses of dago red things might be different.  tomorrow morning as well.  or a week from next thursday.  get the picture?  i think you do.  the songs bottom to top are…
10.  sweet virginia.  yeah, scrape the shit right off your shoes.  reminds me of my long ago forgotten youth.  a back in the day type thing.
09.  i’m a king bee.  a youth and testosterone memory filled song.  although a re-make, one of their first great tunes.
08.  memo from turner.  yeah, we all work for you mick/keith.
07.  rip this joint.  more youth and testosterone.  alabam don’t give a damn.  little rock don’t give a fuck.  uh huh.    
06.  wild horses.  the song written for gram parsons.  
05.  the spider and the fly.   she’s common flirty she looks about thirty.  there’s a theme going on here.   
04.  let it bleed.  i was dreaming of a steel guitar engagement.  
03.  jigsaw puzzle.  love the song and the sentiment.  
02.  under assistant west coast promo man.  memories of huntington beach, ca many many moons ago along with a certain home in de onta.
01.  gimme shelter.  this is one thing that doesn’t change.  regardless of the mood.  number of glasses of vino.  or pretty much anything else.  their best song.  ever. 
i’m sure you have your favorites as well.  raise a glass and toast the original bad boys of rock and roll.  happy 50th anniversary lads!!

2 thoughts on “the rolling stones ~~ 50 years and counting

    tcohen1267 said:
    August 10, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Love this post. Lists are great because they demand thought, from both the writer and reader(s). There is always room for debate, particularly in a good, well-reasoned list, but generally the conversation is lively and worthwhile. And that is why we’re here, right? Tapping on the keys like Thelonius Monk in the wee hours of the morning, eyes bloodshot, head pounding, but thoughts racing…ahh. And the Stones are incredibly list-worthy. Exile on Main Street could be its own list. So could Let It Bleed. My number one would be Can You Hear Me Knockin’? The jam toward the end of that track is so incredible it has moved me to tears on numerous occasions. Everything was clicking there, and there are hints and influences of numerous other great musicians intertwined in the rich, melofluous orgy of musical delights. Number 2: Waiting On A Friend. So great. Number 3: Sympathy. Perfection in marrying incredible lyrics to even better music. Number: You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Can’t help but think of the Big Chill opening here, but the message is clear and pure, and the melody is perfection personified. Number 5: Gimme Shelter. Thank you Marty Scorsese, for recognizing the genius in the Stones an in this tune, and for marrying to your own particular genius. Number 6: Shine A Light. Wow. Just Wow. Maybe this one should be higher on the list, but it needs to be there. Such a powerful message. Number 7: Loving Cup. See commentary for Shine a Light. Number 8: As Tears Go By. Number 9: Sweet Virginia. Number 10: Miss You/Emotional Rescue…so hard to pick. So much gold to sift through. Maybe this is my list today…tomorrow it would probably be different. But all is good. Just listen and smile.

    john hauge responded:
    August 10, 2012 at 9:40 am

    thanks. good list as well. like i said, mine changes with the day or whatever may be going down at the time. the stones are still the best.

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