2012 college football picks & predictions week 2

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i think hurricane isaac may have slopped through here last week along with the middle part of the country. i won my first three games then took a header and ended up underwater. ah well, the joys of week one college ball. although if the trojans had managed to score just one more point i would have evened out. as it were i went 4 for 10. not very good but all things considered i did pick more winning teams than losers. however, most of the winners i did pick couldn’t manage to cover the points. a sad thing to be sure. as always, remember the main point of this mess is for entertainment purposes only. plus, the fact i’m liable to say something most other places won’t or can’t due to whatever reason(s). at any rate, it’s early in the season and if the past is any barometer to the future you can count on me hitting an 8 for 10 or 7 for 10 a couple of times this season. or doing worse than last week. capisco? think irreverent, or as some may, irrelevant entertainment.

with any luck and or mojo at all i should be hovering around 51-52% at the end of the season. maybe better. time tells. that being said, i read last week some betting line point spread maven touting they had the best percentage against the spread last year and they were at around 62%. for an old burnt out wreck i guess i do ok. yeah, sure, watch as the jinx is now set, off, and running.

as for week 2, it was just as difficult to pick the ten games as it was for week 1. due to the fact way too many FBS schools use the first two weeks of the season as fall training. a sorry practice if there ever was one. though on occasion the heidi klum junior college and parking lot attendants academy does throw an FBS school a floating knuckle curve ball. ask penn st about that one. or navy for that matter. yeah, ok, the domers aren’t in that category as yet. i digress.

digressing even further, once again, this is for entertainment purposes only and being such means using anything you glean here shouldn’t be taken to any sort of sports book legal or otherwise. it would be dumb on numerous levels. don’t do it. keep your money where it belongs in your wallet and no one gets hurt. i use the odds posted here to determine my wins and losses for the week. i don’t care if they change during the week.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/7 utah @ utah st. utah favored by 7 points. week 2 kicks off with one of the better rivalries which used to be left to the end of the season. ah, the brave new world of college ball. hang on kids it will only get worse down the road. at least utah st scheduled one of the better FCS programs for week one. ok. a good match-up here and one worth watching. i think this one will be closer than it looks. take utah st to cover the points and maybe win.

9/8 iowa st @ iowa. iowa favored by 3.5 points. another traditional rivalry funneled into the beginning of the season. i don’t get it. iowa st had a better week than iowa last week and it was against a better team than iowa played. toss up here. take the cyclones to beat the spread or even win.

9/8 air force @ michigan. michigan favored by 21.5 points. granted the airedales (for the uninitiated airedales was a term used during the vietnam war by the other services when speaking unofficially about the air force. sorta like ‘squid’ or ‘jarhead’. a term of endearment.) didn’t play bama last week but they did win. michigan should do somewhat better this week agains the falcons. or that’s the hope and i’m sure that thought is being bandied about in the coaches locker room in ann arbor. michigan rights the ship this saturday. take wolverines to win and cover.

9/8 usc @ syracuse. usc favored by 26.5 points. syracuse had no trouble losing to northwestern last week. usc had trouble finding me one more lousy point. usc may also be heading toward another date with ncaa trouble. sadly, probably due to a couple of exes (petey and his boss, the ever stupid, mike g) and kids who are dumber than the two of them. or maybe think they won’t get caught. regardless. it’s some of that trouble down the road stuff. good luck pat haden. thankfully less points to cover than last weeks game. take the trojans to win and cover the points. FIGHT ON!!!

9/8 wisconsin @ oregon st. wisconsin favored by 7.5 points. the beavers first game and they just might have a chance here as wisconsin barely survived against northern iowa in week 1. gone are the heady days of the brothers rodgers for oregon st. in their stead it’s trouble in beaver town. or maybe not with only this meager spread. take the beavers to get inside the points and or even win.

9/8 fresno st @ oregon. oregon favored by 34 points. good luck bulldogs. you are gonna need all you can scrounge up. my beloved ducks need to cover the spread or this will be another possibly nasty weekend for myself. the ducks take care of business this saturday. take oregon to win and cover the spread even as large as it is. QUACK QUACK!!!

9/8 washington @ lsu. lsu favored by 23.5 points. i guess the question for me would be, who’s more annoying? les miles or nick saban? probably to close to call. at any rate, the huskies have a quality qb and receiver in price and williams. it’s another one of these, can the underdog line do the job both ways deals? tough call for me here. the pac 12 homer in me says go for it but reality stares back. screw it. take the huskies to beat the spread.

9/8 nebraska @ ucla. nebraska favored by 4.5 points. weather geeks are predicting 100 degree temps for this weekend here in the valleys. not that the huskers aren’t used to high heat. at least it’s a late afternoon game. things may or may not have cooled down by then. i hope the huskers enjoy their trip to the rose bowl. it’s the only time this year (including the time around new year’s day) they’ll be playing in pasadena. pretty much a toss up. the bruins find a way to cover the points and possibly win.

9/8 new mexico @ texas. texas favored by 37.5 points. after last weeks win for the lobos and new head coach bob davie i had to pick this one. on the other side of the coin if i had gone with wyoming i’d have had another winner. would’ve. could’ve. should’ve. i’m thinking this might be a good game and one i hope is on TV someplace other than the longhorn network. i think this game will tell us if coach davie has the lobos up and ready to play football after several years in the doldrums and as cellar dwellers. more kool-aid drinking here. glug glug. take new mexico to somehow manage to get inside the spread.

9/8 oklahoma st @ arizona. oklahoma st favored by 13.5 points. if it’s going to be 100 here then it will likely be 150 southeast of here over in tucson. at least game time is 7:30, just after sunset, temps should be in the high 80’s or low 90’s. sweet. the wildcats aren’t savannah that’s for sure and hopefully they give the cowboys a run for their money. all that being said take oklahoma st to win and cover.

week 2’s picks are in the books. try and enjoy your week. i think i’ll spend mine out at the barbie again roasting up some more hatch, new mexico, green chiles. as always, red meat and red wine work well together on game days. play it smart. take it easy. enjoy this weeks games.



4 thoughts on “2012 college football picks & predictions week 2

    Cherokee Parks said:
    September 4, 2012 at 6:33 am

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say you’ll end up 6-4 this weekend, and maybe, with a stroke of luck, 7-3. Could be one of your better weeks this year in the “they might as well play flag football” ranks.

    john hauge responded:
    September 4, 2012 at 6:54 am

    your lips to the football prognosticators heaven, amigo. we’ll just have to wait and see what saturday night brings home. thanks, my friend.

    Michael Kamradt said:
    September 5, 2012 at 3:47 am

    Since Navy got their quarterdicks handed to them on a rusty food tray, I’m going to keep my mouth shut this time. Only hope here is Michigan gets their butts overflown by the Bus Drivers 😉

    john hauge responded:
    September 5, 2012 at 4:21 am

    there you are. i’ve been wondering where you’ve been, my friend. i guess you noticed i stayed away from the state game this week. lol. thanks, mike.

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