2012 college football picks & predictions week 7

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another semi satisfying week again last weekend with a 6 for 10 outing. making my overall now a somewhat better 28 for 60. respectability one week at a time. just like the last two weeks this one proves to be a busy one with a day trip into downtown lotus land this morning and another run on tuesday down to the temecula wine country. so, with all this running around i won’t have time to deal with the points thing. yes, even with the out of control gas prices here in the great state of chaos and confusion stuff still needs to be taken care of. regardless. with that being said, i won’t be using point spreads again this week. seeing as how well i’ve done the past two weeks without them i may abandon the points altogether for the rest of the season. though i haven’t decided that as yet. time tells.

this insanity is for entertainment purposes only and using anything you read here for legal or otherwise gambling purposes would be folly at best. keep your wallet where it belongs, in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/13 louisville @ pittsburgh. louisville is undefeated. ah yes, the reality of the big east. a decent program i suppose and a team i haven’t visited here this year. even though pitt beat one of the virginia’s a week or two ago take louisville to continue to go undefeated.

10/13 texas @ oklahoma. oklahoma surprised me last week. good for them. i’m going to go out on a limb and hope the sooners surprise again this week.
take oklahoma to win.

10/13 kansas st @ iowa st. this should prove to be one of the better games of the weekend. in the best of times and the worst of times of mice and men if things go as planned the cyclones rain on state’s parade. take iowa st.

10/13 alabama @ missouri. the crimson tide rolls on. take bama to win. ROLL TIDE!!

10/13 w. virginia @ texas tech. make no mistake, w. virginia can stick some points on the board. the problem being, can their defense stop you from doing the same? not this week. take the red raiders to make a comeback after last weeks miss.

10/13 oregon st @ byu. coach riley and the beaves still flying in heady territory. byu has been all over the place so far this season. take oregon st to win.

10/13 stanford @ notre dame. possibly another good game. domers playing well along with the trees. if the game were in stanford i’d pick the trees. it isn’t. take the golden domers to win.

10/13 fresno st @ boise st. team smurf turf is hard to beat at home. even though new mexico gave boise a scare a few weeks ago and fresno is a better team i’m taking boise st to win.

10/13 usc @ washington. the trojans occasionally have trouble with the huskies on their home turf. i doubt they’ll let that happen this year. no heisman for matt. it’s all about the pac 12 title now. take usc to win. FIGHT ON!!

10/13 s. carolina @ lsu. i’m not impressed with lsu. but apparently others are. s. carolina is playing better football. a tight game but not a defensive snooze fest. take the old ball coach and the gamecocks to win.

another one in the books. as always, seared red meat and red wine always pair well for game days. be safe. be semi sane.



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