2012 college football picks & predictions week 11

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a much better weekend than the last but things still need to swing my way a bit more. an average 5 for 10 for the week making my over all, 48 for 100. semi tepid to be sure. perhaps this week will turn things around. one thing for certain, boise st played themselves out of any shot at some sort of big dance type bowl game. better luck next year broncos. as for some of the other teams more on them later in my picks & predictions.

this mess is for entertainment purposes only. using anything dished out here and taking it to your local bookie and/or casino, legal or otherwise, and placing some sort of a wager would be supremely stupid if not insane on your part. leave your wallet where it belongs, in your pocket, and no one gets hurt. taking care of your family comes first.

the point spreads listed here are what i base my win loss record for the week. if the points change before game time, oh well. they are what they are. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/10 notre dame @ boston college. notre dame favored by 18.5 points. if there is a sloppier 9-0 team than the golden domers i need someone to point them out to me. ok. usc at times. both head coaches seem to be a deer in the headlights at all the wrong times. given the fact the irish should have waltzed all over pitt last week at home and didn’t says volumes about this weeks trip into boston and their annual big game with the other big time catholic school. i’m assuming the city of boston will have it together after sandy blew thru the east coast. the lady was a tramp. at any rate, if the domers play like they did last week they will be in for it. the question being, can the touchdown jesus coaching staff get it together against the eagles? granted, boston college is embarrassing this season but then so is/was pitt. make no mistake, this is boston colleges biggest game of the year. they will come to play and half the time the domers don’t play well on the road. even when they win. enough points here for the eagles to get inside of if they are playing well. i think they will be ready. take boston college to get inside the spread.

11/10 kansas st @ tcu. no line. probably a pretty good game. tcu has been all over the map this year and this game is their shot at some sort of respectability for the season. with respect to kansas st and starting qb klein’s injury, which sounds to me like a concussion and others as well, make this decision a difficult one. no line pretty much represents that quandary. tcu home field advantage and a kansas st heisman candidate that at this point early in the week may not play. even if klein plays another solid hit could put him back on the bench. that’s something the tcu defense is very capable of doing. all things considered take tcu to win.

11/10 texas a&m @ alabama. alabama favored by 13.5. the aggies beat up on mississippi st last week. the tide barely held on for their win against lsu. alabama is probably also lucky this is a home game for them. i would love it if the aggies beat up on the tide this saturday. someone needs to. please. if the game were in texas i’d take the aggies. it isn’t. take bama to win and cover.

11/10 mississippi st @ lsu. lsu favored by 14 points. sadly, miss st seems to be able to beat only non ranked teams or FCS schools this year. traveling to tiger country this week probably won’t change things either. take lsu to win and cover.

11/10 oregon @ california. oregon favored by 27.5. the cal bears actually beat ucla earlier this year. they also beat washington st and an FCS utah school as well. yawn. this week? no chance at beating my beloved ducks. the bears go 3 and 8 after this game with coach tedford one step closer to his exit interview. cold and rainy. perfect duck weather. take the ducks to win and cover the points. QUACK QUACK!!

11/10 arizona st @ usc. usc favored by 9.5 points. in losing the trojans showed some game against the ducks. plenty of points on the board in that losing effort at home. plus, coach lane seems to have gotten a handle on the penalty thing, at least for last week. arizona st on the other hand is not playing well at all this season. though they almost beat the bruins. the trojans need to win this one and all their remaining games to get a chance to play the ducks again on november 30 in the pac 12 championship game. a cold possibly rainy day here this saturday, well for a late fall socal saturday anyway. things could get interesting. take the trojans to win and cover the points. FIGHT ON!!

11/10 oregon st @ stanford. stanford favored by 5 points. the trees are unbeaten at home. which means this will be a very good game and one the beavs need very badly to remain in the pac 12 north hunt for number one. more cold and rain. take oregon st to at the very least get inside the spread.

11/10 w. virginia @ oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 7.5 points. w. virginia has lost their last 3 games. i don’t really see them turning things around this week on the road against the cowboys. both schools with identical records at 5-3. home court advantage the cowboys. take oklahoma st to win and cover.

11/10 ucla @ washington st. ucla favored by 15 points. the only 2 games the cougars have won this year were against teams worse than they are. though better things were expected with new coach mike ‘the pirate’ leach. maybe next year. if the bruins keep their head in the game and don’t look ahead to next weeks rivalry game against the trojans they should steamroll the cougars. rainy and cold. take the bruins to win and cover.

11/10 fresno st @ nevada. fresno favored by 2.5 point. let’s call this one a toss up. very interesting game here kids. one you probably shouldn’t over look with respect to how each school played san diego st. lots of points in both games and both of them very close. that being said, this one should be a shoot out. or at least that’s the hope. maybe some snow for the game. take nevada to get inside the meager points or win.

just a few waning weeks of the season left. enjoy your saturdays while you can. a bit of a change up, menu wise, for this saturday in honor of our first cold weather and hopefully some rain. beef bourguinon and red wine pair well with college football and seasonal weather. enjoy the games. be safe. be semi sane.



2 thoughts on “2012 college football picks & predictions week 11

    Cherokee Parks said:
    November 5, 2012 at 7:23 am

    This may be your best week yet. After all, you can only go up from here, right? HAH! The Aggies may be your biggest downfall this week, as they are “inspired” right now.

    john hauge responded:
    November 5, 2012 at 7:55 am

    yep, there’s only one way and it’s up! lol. you may be right, compadre, about the aggies but they aren’t at home. time tells.

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