2012 college football picks & predictions week 12

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the games last week made for an interesting weekend of college football, to say the least. the weather here didn’t pan out as hoped but clear and vaguely cold still worked for the beef bourguinon and mashed potatoes at dinner on saturday. as for my picks, i was tepid once again just winning all of my middle of the pack games. if i had stayed with my original first two picks i would have ended up on a high note. as it was i went 5 for 10 again. making my over all standings for the season, 53 for 110. i guess if i wasn’t chomping at the bit to get back to las vegas this coming sunday for thanksgiving week i’d be doing better.

speaking of doing better, usc fought off the early doldrums to beat arizona st. thus perhaps staving off lane kiffen’s head ending up on a platter. well, at least for another week. also, the tide’s undefeated run came to a screeching halt at home. one i almost called. at any rate, this insanity is for entertainment purposes only. it’s meant for fun. taking anything from here and using it to place any sort of bet would be totally stupid on your part. leave your wallet where in belongs, in your pocket, and no one gets hurt. taking care of your family comes first.

the point spreads used here are what i use to determine my wins and losses for the week. they may change by game time. it matters not. this is what i go by.

happy veterans day to all of my brothers and sisters in arms, living and dead, thanks for doing what you did or are doing right now. those who never served don’t have a clue as to our many sacrifices. all gave some. some gave all.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/17 rutgers @ cincinnati. rutgers favored by 6.5 points. neither school has played the best schedule. although that’s generally the case with the lower tiered FBS schools. however, rutgers is once again playing some good football. and if only for the memory of one of our most underrated comedic minds, ozzie nelson, a rutgers alum, i picked this game. it might be a good one. take rutgers to win and cover the points.

11/17 northwestern @ michigan st. michigan st favored by 6.5 points. a good game and probably too bad northwestern lost to big blue last week or this game would be of more importance. just another indication of last weekends roller coaster ride. i’m actually sort of surprised the spartans are favored here as their home record isn’t very good. so, i’m taking northwestern to get inside the spread and maybe win.

11/17 alabama @ western carolina. no line. of course there’s no line because this is ridiculous. this game is a travesty. the former number one team in the land playing FCS powerhouse michelin tire changing arts and taxidermy state the week before thanksgiving. if they hadn’t fallen from grace after their loss to the aggies last week they should be run from the rankings this week for playing these guys this time of year. i don’t get it, but thankfully bama is out of the BCS picture at least for the time being. hold your nose if you dare to watch this one, kids. if the tide doesn’t throttle the jack handles it will be the biggest upset in the history of college football. hence, it’s my lock of the week. take bama to win.

11/17 stanford @ oregon. oregon favored by 21.5 points. a bunch of points. for those who don’t know why i call oregon ‘my beloved ducks’, i guess i should re-tell the tale. the ducks played ohio st in the rose bowl in 1958. ohio st was the heavy favorite but the buckeyes only won by 3 points, 10-7. i was 9 and a half years old at the time. for some reason while watching the game on TV they became ‘my’ team that new years day long ago and they have been ever since through thick and thin. shortly there after the trojans were also added to that very short list. so, there you have it. say what you want but the two biggest college games this week are pac 12 games. this one and usc/ucla. the trees play better at home which bears witness to the trees beating the beavs last week. thankfully, however, they didn’t cover the spread. my beloved ducks are seemingly on a roll toward the big dance game this year. the last time they lost to the trees was back in 09. stanford probably got lucky against the beavs last week. the ducks are a much better team. ergo, take the ducks to win and cover the spread at home in autzen. QUACK QUACK!!

11/17 california @ oregon st. oregon st favored by 21.5 points. the cal bears are more than likely in for it again this week as they are one of the crappier teams in the pac 12 this year. as an also ran team playing on the road against a very good team playing at home you can, hopefully, count on a lopsided win by the beavs in a tune-up game before the civil war game next week. take oregon st to win and cover the hefty spread.

11/17 usc @ ucla. usc favored by 4 points. crosstown rivalry weekend here in lotus land. this game means a lot as most of the kids at both schools more than likely grew up playing one another from pee wee days up thru high school. it’s all about bragging rights for the coming year in the city of lost angels. this one is the other one to watch for the week. with the bruins playing well again this year and the trojans up and down deflating hopes or dashing them you can’t really predict a winner here. lane kiffin needs to win this one if he wants to keep his job. this game and the next against the domers. this past week there’s been a few press pieces here and there about good old lane and his seemingly under handed tactics this year. the last one being the case of the under inflated balls against the ducks. lane was hired by mike ‘pendejo’ garrett the former athletic director and heisman winner. i’m sure the new guy, pat haden, might like to get rid of good old lane in order to put an end to the bad old days along with the new bad old days. just saying. he’ll have a case if the trojans drop this game and the next against the domers. that along with lane’s seemingly untoward actions this year will make it easy for pat. a close game but eventually the trojans pull it out. take usc to win and cover. FIGHT ON!!!

11/17 wake forest @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 24 points. within sight of the golden dome touchdown jesus is pretty much unstoppable. even if they are playing like the trojans on any given week. wake forest has been thumped on by every decent FBS team they’ve played this year. they get thumped on again this week as the irish tune up for the trojans on the 24th. take the irish to win and cover the points.

11/17 minnesota @ nebraska. nebraska favored by 18.5 points. the golden gophers started off the year like gangbusters. then they hit their big 10 league schedule. oops. the cornhuskers need this game for bowling purposes. perhaps the rose bowl or better if they win out the rest of the way. unbeaten at home the cornhuskers should remain that way after this game. take nebraska to win and cover.

11/17 texas tech @ oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 11 points. another good football game. oklahoma st would like nothing more than to spoil the red raiders season. they get a shot at it this week. home field. home crowd. take the cowboys to win and cover the points.

11/17 kansas st @ baylor. kansas st favored by 11 points. this game is here only because the wildcats are still undefeated. they should still be this coming sunday morning. this game, if you ask me, will be all about style points and staying the course to an undefeated season. then it will be up to the BCS computers, harry potter, swami vishnu, and drunken sports writers everywhere. take kansas st to win and cover the spread. .

happy veterans day. enjoy your week. as always, seared red meat and red wine pair well with college football saturdays. next week is thanksgiving and rivalry weekend. one of the better weeks of the year. plus, the wife and i will be in las vegas for five nights so next week this will be coming to you from somewhere high atop the strip. sweet. be safe. be semi sane.


2 thoughts on “2012 college football picks & predictions week 12

    Cherokee Parks said:
    November 13, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Strange year in football, my friend. I knew the Aggies were really fired up, and most likely would totally dominate the Tide, but the rest of the games, as usual, are kind of a mystery. Also as usual, I spent most of yesterday in quiet, reverent solitude, allowing the memories to flood through my heart and mind, once again saying goodbye to those whose time was too short.

    john hauge responded:
    November 13, 2012 at 5:44 am

    strange indeed, amigo. i almost picked them and notre dame but changed my mind for whatever reason(s). i know in your case the memories of long ago have a more poignant turn to them. i hope one day we can share a beverage and a meal while we speak of them and other things. thanks, my friend.

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