2012 college football picks & predictions week 13

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could there have been a crazier saturday in college football? maybe. maybe not. the only good thing being i went 7 for 10 with my picks and predictions. my over all now stands at 60 for 120 with just a few weeks left in the season. at one point early saturday evening i was thinking i might go 9 for 10 for the week. that’s what thinking will get you sometimes. TV talking heads and the get paid for what they write sports types will mull last week for awhile and probably never come up with any real answers as to what happened other than two or three teams lost that probably shouldn’t have. that was then. this is now. thanksgiving week. my favorite week of the year. plenty of college football paired with over eating and drinking. what could be better? not much i’m sure. other than the fact we’re spending the week here in las vegas. and given the fact vegas hotel room internet access can be sketchy, hopefully, i can get this out in a timely manner. or while i can.

just remember this is for entertainment purposes only. taking anything you learn from here and say go downstairs to the sports book and use it to place any money on any of the games would be stupid and insane at best. do not do it. leave your money where it belongs, in your wallet, and nobody gets hurt. simple as that. taking care of your family comes first.

the point spreads used here are what i base my wins and losses on for the week. the spreads may change by game times but it matters not. they are what they are. i thought about just making picks with no points this week but so far the odds makers are making that moot in a number of cases. anyway, i’ll be using the points if they have any by the time i post this.

it’s thanksgiving and rivalry weekend. or it used to be rivalry weekend. these days any number of schools play their old rivalry nemeses at any point earlier in the season. though in the old days this was the week for those games. there are still a few of those games left for this week and after last weeks shake ups some of the games this week are very important to the BCS picture. in other words, some of these rivalry games have big time significance.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/22 tcu @ texas. texas favored by 8.5 points. a nice match up and a good way to start off my thanksgiving week picks. the game on turkey day itself. let’s see here, tcu beat baylor rather handily on the road. then they lost to kansas st at home, not embarrassingly so but still a loss. the longhorns are very quietly on a four game winning streak. i’m taking texas to win and cover the points. you should too.

11/24 georgia tech @ georgia. georgia favored by 13 points. if things go sideways again this week this game could have major BCS implications for the bulldogs who, would of course, need to win this one. tech needs a win here in this old rivalry to secure a spot in the ACC playoff against whomever. ACC SEC. home game and crowd for the dawgs. take georgia to win and cover the spread.

11/24 michigan @ ohio st. ohio st favored by 5 points. it’s too bad ohio st is on not so secret double probation and can’t do anything with their so far undefeated season. big blue on the other hand has lost to alabama, notre dame, and nebraska. that tidbit alone plus the fact it’s a homer crowd for the buckeyes make this one an easy pick. take ohio st to win and cover the points.

11/24 oklahoma st @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 8.5 points. okie bragging rights here, kids. always a big game regardless of what’s happened so far in the year. the sooners have already lost to kansas st and notre dame at home this year. plus, the cowboys haven’t played well on the road. ipso facto, take the cowboys to at minimum get inside the points. convoluted thinking for sure, however, take oklahoma st.

11/24 oregon @ oregon st. oregon favored by 10.5 points. civil war time in corvallis. what can you say about last weeks duck loss to the trees? the ducks would eventually lose at home? field goal kickers are people too? neither offense came to play? the defenses did? the beavs took care of a hapless cal team very easily. adios, coach tedford. the pac 12 north title is up for grabs. oregon st needs this one along with some help from the bruins in order to make their way into the pac’s championship game next week. i should say i think that needs to happen. i’ll leave it to stewart mandel or roy firestone to figure that one out. the ducks will more than likely win but i think the beavs will keep things close. take oregon st get inside the spread and perhaps even win.

11/24 stanford @ ucla. ucla favored by 1.5 points. if the trees pull this one off the pac 12 north will be a mess and you’ll probably need a degree in physics or something to straighten things out. though even if the bruins lose they’ll still be in the championship game. or that’s the thought. i guess the question for this one is, who’s squad got beat up more last week. or which team suffers more from the winners hangover. stanford, over the past few years, has been in this situation before. numerous times. the bruins? not in many a year. coach mora seems to have things well under control though. another crazed 90,000 strong bruin home crowd. i have to stay local for this game. take the bruins in a very close game.

11/24 florida @ florida st. no lines. say what you want about the SEC but florida st has, in my opinion played a tougher schedule this year given the fact florida played an FCS school and a sunbelt team the last two weeks. yes, of course, the BCS doesn’t like the ACC. so what? i don’t either most of the time. take florida st to win.

11/24 boise st. @ nevada. no lines. this game was supposed to be boise’s big game of the year. they were supposed to be undefeated at this point. the best of plans often go awry. nevada was supposed to be much better than they’ve turned out to be as well. they’re doing ok and even going bowling. or have a shot at it anyway. nevada might surprise but they haven’t done well against better teams. take boise st to win. yeah, take boise st to win. sadly, that game is next week. oops. confusion reigns. ok. i’m replacing it with miss st @ miss. ole miss favored by 1.5 points. take miss st to win and or cover the short spread. edited 11/21/12 6:22 AM

11/24 s. carolina @ clemson. clemson favored by 4 points. clemson is suffering from a semi lack of respect this year. the old ball coach and the gamecocks haven’t faired well on the road so far, a meager two for four. though they did beat wofford last week. say what? yeah. clemson is undefeated at home for the season and their only loss was against florida st. on the road. unless florida st goes down clemson will become an also ran for the the year. old ball coach or not, clemson takes the game and the win.

11/24 notre dame @ usc. no lines. the domers are touchdown jesus perfect for the season. one last game to win or lose a shot to go to the big BCS dance game. the trojans are floundering. hints of past brilliance only to be tossed out by throwing into coverage that most high school kids would recognize as being a very low percentage throw. or some dumb ass penalty to stop whatever momentum they had. coach lane is on the ropes. or should be. he needs this game to keep his job in any sane man’s world. though the trojans should just part ways with him regardless. just saying. the trojan irish game is one of the oldest rivalries in college football. a fine game to cap off rivalry saturday. just like last weeks ucla/usc game the past doesn’t really matter. it’s all about what you bring to the field on any given saturday that matters. this saturday in particular. the men of troy find themselves in a spoiler position. the question being, can lane kiffin and company get it together one more time this year? good question. however, the last four games they haven’t had it together save for the game against arizona st. plus, matt barkley will be sitting on the trojan bench with a shoulder injury. i hate to do this but, take the irish to win.

have a very happy thanksgiving everyone. be safe. be semi sane. enjoy rivalry week or what’s left of it.



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