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2013 college football picks and predictions week 14

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a rather dismal week 13 in more ways than one. my lone stand out prediction being oklahoma st beating baylor. once again i’ll take what little i can. the worst week of the season for me. i went 4 for 10 making my over all 81 for 130 after last weeks games. still nothing stellar but actually better than i usually am at this point in the year. hey, it’s another week and time to get back on track.

thanksgiving week used to be THE college football rivalry week. i suppose it still is to a certain extent but no where near like it used to be. though there are still enough of the old rivalries around to keep us old timers at least somewhat interested in the games being played this week. back in the days of my youth, and many lifetimes ago, thanksgiving day meant the men and boys in our family went to a juco football game that pitted the two local jc’s playing on turkey day. it was always a late morning game but it meant the family dinner was put off until much later in the day. it went on for a number of years but nona and the moms eventually won out. it also meant no more football games in person on turkey day. history. yawn.

this is for entertainment purposes only. using what’s presented here as legal or illegal wagering advise would be supremely stupid on your part. do not do it. if you really want to blow your paycheck send it to me and i’ll process it into my bank account free of charge. no vigorish either. such a deal. wire paladin, san francisco. i digress.

the points used here may or may not change over the course of the week. it makes no difference as i use what’s here to determine my wins and losses for this week. at the time of this being published there were 3 games with no lines.

rivalry week games. anything can happen which makes it my favorite week of the season. though the last couple of weeks are giving this week plenty of competition.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11-28 ole miss @ mississippi st. no line. there’s no reason for picking this game other than it happens to be on thanksgiving day. ole miss should win but the last few weeks have shown us what should happen and what actually does happen are at times two different things. take ole miss for the win.

11-28 texas tech @ texas. texas favored by 4 points. if the red raiders were having a better season this could be an interesting shoot out. sadly, they aren’t. both schools have had 2 weeks to get ready. the longhorns seem to have turned things around. at least for now. take texas to win and cover.

11-29 oregon st @ oregon. no line. the civil war game. if the beaves were having a better season this would be more interesting. where have we heard that before? as for my beloved ducks we’ll have to wait and see if the they can climb out of their hole and take care of business against state. the once high hopes, well for me, for both oregon teams (especially the ducks) dashed against a rocky sea wall this year. coaching? i wonder. or the wear and tear of the season? speed but no bulk in the lines? at any rate, all things considered anything can happen in this game. i have no other choice for this game. take the ducks for the win. QUACK!!! QUACK!!!

11-30 alabama @ auburn. the iron bowl. alabama favored by 10.5 points. plenty on the line here. bama took last week off by playing road kill state. something i just don’t get. auburn actually had the week off. two weeks to get ready for this home game. it’s nice when you can work the schedule for it to happen. auburn is doing well but i think the tide has to much going for it to drop this game. take alabama to cover and win. ROLL TIDE!!!

11-30 ohio st @ michigan. ohio st favored by 13.5 points. had big blue won last week this game would have had a bit more flavor going for it. still, probably a good game. out on a limb here and probably a crazy idea but i’m taking michigan to get inside the points. take big blue.

11-30 notre dame @ stanford. stanford favored by 14 points. the trees are back in the PAC (8)(10)12 driver seat. look at this game as a tune-up for the PAC championship game. and the domers are a good team to tune-up with. this game could go sideways but i’m taking the trees to win and cover.

11-30 florida st @ florida. no line. this is the noles game to lose. simple as that. take florida st to win.

11-30 ucla @ usc. usc favored by 3.5 points. crosstown rivals. cajun ed has the trojans fired up and they’re playing well and on a roll. ex coach lane thinks coach o should get the job. maybe. the bruins have backed themselves out of the PAC south title picture. will they show up this week ready to play? yeah, more than likely. after all it is lotus land bragging rights for the next year. a vague to slim chance of showers beginning turkey day and right up through saturday game time. it might make a difference if they do show up. not many points. call it a toss up. take the trojans to win and cover. FIGHT ON!!!

11-30 clemson @ s. carolina. s. carolina favored by 5 points. both schools took last week off and played sandlot flag football games against their younger and smaller cousins. a must win situation for clemson. which would be right where the old ball coach wants them on his home turf. another tide spread.
i’m taking the gamecocks to win and cover.

11-30 texas a&m @ missouri. missouri favored by 4.5 points. the tigers need to win. simple as that. johnny boy has probably played his way out of another heisman with a poor showing and a loss last week. another one of those, can they bounce back things. i’m of the mind now that johnny probably doesn’t win it again he’s got his mind and sights set on the NFL for next year. just sayin’. a slim margin for the tigers but take mizz to win and cover at home.

happy turkey day and week, my friends. mine will be rather subdued. an early morning ride out to visit the still recovering brown eyed girl in the hills of beverly then back here for whatever i can throw together resembling something vaguely turkey dayish and some TV football. dago red to be sure as well. be safe and be semi sane. especially out on the road over the holiday. “so, if you’re out tonight, don’t forget, if you’re riding your bike, wear white.”~~ jagger/richards


2013 college football picks and predictions week 12

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the brown eyed girl and love of my life continues to improve. however, it will be at least a couple of months before things are anywhere near normal around these parts. your good thoughts and or prayers on her behalf are still most welcome. about the only thing normal around here is i’m back to using the points/odds/spreads again this week along with publishing this insanity early monday morning again. yes, i’m repeating myself.

things didn’t start off very well last week and my picks didn’t improve much over the weekend. i went 5 for 10 bringing my season overall to 71 for 110. nothing stellar but i’ll take it.

as always this is for entertainment purposes only. never use anything here for legal or illegal wagering. do not do it. stupid is as stupid does. you’ve been warned. one more, as always…the odds/points used here may change over the week. i use what’s presented here to determine my wins and losses for the week.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11-14 georgia tech @ clemson. clemson favored by 10.5 points. the yellow jackets have won 3, lost 3, and won 3. a semi sort of nice symmetry to their season. from where i’m sitting it looks like they’ll begin another streak this week with a loss to clemson. take clemson to win and cover the point spread.

11-15 washington @ ucla. ucla favored by 2.5 points. the huskies thumped colorado this past week but then who hasn’t this year? the bruins almost gave the game away in the fourth quarter to the sun devils. this should be an interesting game and a good way to spend an early saturday evening. well, at least it will be early out here. tight point spread. not even the home court 3 for the bruins. so cal homer says take the bruins to win and cover.

11-16 iowa st @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 24.5 points. the sooners were pretty much blown out by baylor last week. a fluke? in some quarters it would seem so. sad to say, the cyclones on the other hand are having one of their most forgettable seasons with only one win. over the years you could usually count on them for at least one upset win during the season. that probably isn’t going to happen this year. certainly not this week. that is until i saw the points. call me crazy but i’m taking iowa st to get inside the points. win? probably not.

11-16 georgia @ auburn. auburn favored by 3.5 points. probably a pretty good game. but one where the bulldogs don’t have much of a chance at winning especially on auburn’s home court. although stranger things have happened. yes, another meager spread. no matter. take auburn to win and cover the spread.

11-16 alabama @ mississippi st. alabama favored by 24.5 points. mississippi st played fairly well in losing to the aggies. the tide however is an all together different story. along with this isn’t going to be the week the tide takes a loss. mucho pointoes for sure. take the tide to win and cover the spread. ROLL TIDE!!!

11-16 texas tech @ baylor. baylor favored by 26.5 points. the red raiders bring their 3 game losing streak into dallas for a neutral field thumping by the bears. or do they? yeah, more than likely. however, the red raiders need some sort of redemption for tossing the season overboard. so, ipso facto, texas tech may not win but they will beat the spread. take them.

11-16 stanford @ usc. stanford favored by 3 points. the trojans rolled over lowly cal while the trees pulled off another win over the ducks. i don’t see the trojans scoring anywhere near what they put on the board last week. yeah, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. ok. i’m supposing you’re as shocked as i am with the points for this one. i don’t get it. maybe cajun ed has some sort of hoodoo voodoo spell up his sleeve and the odds mavens found out. i don’t know. sad to say, i’ve got to go with the trees here winning and covering.

11-16 utah @ oregon. no line. it’s utah’s unfortunate luck to travel to oregon after the ducks sad loss to the trees last week. even with the ducks mariota semi banged up the utes will have their hands full and their hats more than likely handed to them by a hopefully pissed off duck squad. the rabid duck fan base should be out for blood as well. have your earplugs handy while watching this one from your couch. autzen just might levitate like the pentagon never did. ah, you had to be thereā€¦or at least watching on TV. no line makes this one easy. take the ducks to win. QUACK!!! QUACK!!!

11-16 oregon st @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 13.5 points. the beaves have had two weeks to get ready for this. my guess is mike riley has put that time to good use. the beaves may not win but i’m taking them to get inside the spread.

11-16 wyoming @ boise st. boise st favored by 22 points. the cowboys round out my picks this week with a trip into the fading blue smurf turf of boise st. where the broncos have had two weeks of preparation. the cowboys are in for a wild ride. or that’s my guess. boise needs to win out for another shot at fresno st. good luck with that. plenty of points but the broncos are antsy. and the cowboys can’t break them. take boise st to win and cover.

the season dwindles to only a few remaining weeks. enjoy what’s left of college football 2013. be safe. be semi sane.

on this veterans day say thanks to any vet you know for the sacrifice they made. to all my fellow nam vets, welcome home.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 9

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we all knew this was coming. it had to at some point or another. i was even feeling it as i was writing last weeks picks. week 8 my worst week of the year so far. ouch. a sub par 4 for 10. making my overall a 49 for 80 for the season. still above water but taking some in for sure. most of my picks won but didn’t or couldn’t cover the spread. something the casino’s and betting mavens count on. though i did have a couple of nice underdog wins.

yes, my picks are early for week 9. they will also be just straight up picks with no points due to our having to do an overnighter in jed clampett’s old stomping grounds in order for us to be somewhere early monday morning in said general area. the thought of sitting two to three hours in lala land’s monday morning bumper to bumper traffic is not my idea of fun along with the fact i don’t want to rely on hotel wifi that may or may not work very well. so, just straight up picks for this weeks games. win or lose. no points or spread to deal with. hopefully, things get back to normal for week 10.

the most important thing to remember is that these picks and predictions are for entertainment purposes only. using any of the insanity presented here as gambling advice would be pretty bloody stupid on your part on about a bazillion levels. do not do it. find another outlet for you to throw your cash away.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10-25 boise st @ byu. boise st had a little trouble getting started last week. byu had a little trouble stopping houston from scoring. even with all that this should be a good game with plenty of offense to liven up any fall friday night. i just don’t see boise pulling this one off on the road. i’m taking byu to win.

10-26 texas tech @ oklahoma. another barn burner or that’s the hope. probably another case of who has the ball last wins. this should be a close one regardless. i’m taking the red raiders to win because of their passing game.

10-26 utah @ usc. both teams are all over the map this year. one week surprise surprise and the next WTF? the trojans were disappointing in their lose to the golden domers on the road. a semi sort of sleep walk to no where. the utes pound the trees then make a poor showing against a PAC also ran the next week. cajun ed needs to turn things around yet again this week for the trojans. i like the guy and the kids seem to like him as well as do the ‘daily trojan’ sports writers. he needs to keep winning and garner some sort of crappy bowl game in order to have a real shot at staying where he is next year. the trojans at home get things together for the win. FIGHT ON!!!

10-26 ucla @ oregon. the bruins semi imploded last week in palo alto. way too many penalties along with a deer in the headlights sort of look that never went away. they can’t afford either this week against my beloved ducks. i suppose they never really had a chance at winning this one on the ducks insane home turf. though with a better showing against the trees hope might have sprung eternal. the bruins have a ton of work to do this week if they want to make this a close game. none the less, regardless, take the ducks to win. QUACK QUACK!!!

10-26 s. carolina @ missouri. the gamecocks third week in a row on the road along a tough loss against the volunteers last week. missouri continues to roll and one of my upset winners from last week as well. this is the tigers game to lose. the SEC’s team from out of the blue. take mizz to win.

10-26 penn st @ ohio st. it’s beginning to look like the buckeyes will run the table then head somewhere in late december or early january. penn st is doing ok but unless the wheels fall of the buckeyes wagon they don’t have much of a chance here. take ohio st to win.

10-26 texas @ tcu. if you look at the horned frogs record you’ll see a pattern. one that will more than likely be broken this week as the longhorns have had 2 weeks to get ready for this game. tcu has lost only once at home this year. this game will be their second home court loss along with the pattern ending. take texas to win.

10-26 stanford @ oregon st. the trees try to stay in the race for the roses or more on the road against the beaves. the state of oregon gets to host the two best PAC(8)(10)(12) games of the week. oregon st begins their toughest part of their schedule with this game. ending with the ‘civil war’ game the day after turkey day. but that’s for then. they should make a game of it against the trees this saturday. if i were going by the point spread here i’d take oregon st. however, i’m not so take stanford to win.

10-26 tennessee @ alabama. tennessee surprised at home last week. they do have a fairly good running game but the tide at home won’t be their next victim. too much of everything for the volunteers to handle. the tide rolls again. alabama wins. ROLL TIDE!!!

10-26 clemson @ maryland. clemson got schooled last week by the noles in a pretty much one sided contest. maryland clunks along, at best, against a yawner of a schedule. clemson makes up for the embarrassment of last week with a win on the terps home field.

there they are week 9’s gifts. ok. yeah, sure. at any rate, enjoy the waning few weeks of the college football season. eat and drink well. be safe. be semi sane.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 7

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it took a bit longer than it usually does. a point here. a point there. way too many penalties. perhaps the wrong cleats on a worn out synthetic turf. stuff like that. the list could go on and on. a rather doleful mediocre week 6 is over. one could even say finally over. my worst week of the season so far. yes, it was coming. that was for certain. possibly even worse down the road. count on it. bottom line week 6 saw me going 5 for 10. if i were a baseball player and did that consistently at bat i’d be a hall of famer. and everyone’s top of the charts player. unfortunately i’m not. i’m also pretty sure you aren’t either. so, my over all for the year now stands at 37 for 60. head still above water but on the other hand i’m not looking for an architect or contractor to begin work on my dream home somewhere over looking the blue pacific and the red ferrari is on hold.

the important thing to remember is that this is for entertainment purposes only. using anything here for wagering purposes would be asinine. last weeks picks and predictions pointed that out all too clearly. do not wager on college football games legal or otherwise. do not do it. spend your hard earned cash elsewhere. hell, wasting your hard earned cash elsewhere is an even better idea.

this week is a road warrior road trip week for me. a very much needed solo road trip and i may not have the time or desire to properly deal with the point spreads. so, i’m just doing straight up picks. win or lose. no points. no spread. none the less, don’t use what’s here for some sort of dumb ass purpose.

UPDATE: that was then is now. i’m already down the road and in my room and/or location for the duration of the trip. yeah, i may venture out of the room occasionally. so, the points are back on board for the week. OK? i thought so. :UPDATE

rock ‘n’ roll.

10-10 arizona @ usc. usc favored by 5.5 points. usc’s interim coach ed orgeron is seemingly a breath of fresh coaching air compared to the late and pretty much not lamented ex coach lane kiffin. who in reality had to deal with coach petey and what he had wrought. but lane didn’t deal with it very well. it’s also nice to see ed getting some sort of respect from the odds mavens as well. practices are once again open to the media and ed actually speaks nicely to them and has some fun with them too. he’s having some fun with his players as well, which the kids seem to be enjoying. fresh air is generally a very nice thing. we’ll see how well ed fares in the coming weeks. this week the men of troy face their first opponent after after the shake-up. thankfully, that opponent is the arizona wildcats. along with the game being on the home court the trojans just might turn things around. i’m thinking maybe they will with the high of new coaching blood streaming through the program. especially against the wildcats. or maybe not. at any rate, a nice week night diversion from whatever ails you. possibly a very close game though either team could blow the other out of the park. with usc’s new coach and all the other related incidentals at usc i’m taking them to win and cover the points. why not? FIGHT ON!!!

10-12 alabama @ kentucky. alabama favored by 27.5 points. a bunch of points but the tide continues to roll. nothing really impressive last week but the job got done. and in the end that is pretty much what it’s all about on any given week. kentucky is about ready to go down for the the fourth time with no lifeguards in sight or anywhere near the water. hence, take the tide to win and cover the spread. ROLL TIDE!!!

10-12 florida @ lsu. lsu favored by 8 points. probably a good game if both teams show up to play. lsu was very impressive on the road last week. they should be even more impressive this week at home. take lsu to win and cover the spread.

10-12 texas a&m @ ole miss. texas a&m favored by 7 points. ole miss is coming off of two losses in a row and looming sensitivity and diversity training due to some pretty stupid actions on the part of about half the team. they look like they’re digging themselves a hole. probably a deep hole. a&m has had a couple of weeks to work on this game. plus, johnny boy has been more than likely nose to the grindstone and for sure out of the lame kid limelight. unlike the kids at ole miss. take a&m to win and cover the points.

10-12 stanford @ utah. stanford favored by 8.5 points. last week the trees held off the huskies to stay undefeated. ucla finally squeaked past the utes to stay undefeated as well. utah isn’t burning up the field this season with anything dazzling. but they are keeping things close even when they lose. which they more than likely will do again this week. take the trees to win and cover.

10-12 cal @ ucla. ucla favored by 24.5 points. so far the bruins are for real. cal’s only win this season was against road kill state. i expect them to be hunkered down in the road kill position this week against the bruins at home. take ucla to win and cover the spread.

10-12 oregon @ washington. oregon favored by 14 points. despite a slow start against colorado last week my beloved ducks continue to light up the scoreboard. this is my game of the week for sure. hopefully, the huskies are ready for this match up. the ducks may not blow up the scoreboard for the first time this year but they should win. take oregon to win and cover the points on the road in hostile huskie territory. QUACK QUACK!!!

10-12 oregon st @ washington st. washington st favored by 1 point. a toss up. for my money another good game with two of my other favorite coaches and PAC(8)(10)12 schools going head to head. both teams can score some points. look for a shoot out. defense be damned. the last team with the ball wins. the question being who will that be? i’m taking oregon st to win or at the least get inside the meager points.

10-12 northwestern @ wisconsin. wisconsin favored by 10.5 points. both schools held their own in losing to ohio st. the badgers have had two weeks to get ready for the best BIG (10)12 game of the week. i’m taking wisconsin to win at home and cover the points.

10-12 boise st @ utah st. boise st favored by 7 points. a short road trip sees boise st return after an off week and looking to improve upon their 3-2 record against a pretty good utah st team. just how wisely did coach petersen use that time? we’re all going to find out soon enough. if the broncos fall to 3-3 coach petersen’s stock will more than likely take a nose dive too. no matter how the bronco faithful and apologists spin it or paint it. this game is a toss up. odds mavens or not make this a tough call. flip a coin? i’m taking boise st to win and cover the spread.

each week sees the season along with the days growing shorter. so, put your feet up, sit back, and enjoy the shortest sweetest sporting season in the realm because it will be over before you know it. yeah, i know, like most stuff for us old timer traditionalists stuff ain’t that easy to take anymore. i digress. at any rate, enjoy the games, some good company, food, and vino. be safe. be semi sane.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 3

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what can you say about statistics? probably any number of things. some good some bad. i guess the big thing being they are usually fairly accurate. right? after going 6 for 10 my first week and winning 4 of my first 5 games on saturday i tanked and lost my last 5. in doing so i finished saturday with a 4 for 10 record. bringing my early season total to 10 for 20. just a tad under my past statistical average for the entire year. see what i mean? eh, probably not.

there were some pretty interesting outcomes. the two most notable being byu putting the hurt on the longhorns and washington st beating the trojans. those 2 i didn’t expect. the rest of my losses were point spread blunders by favorite teams that shouldn’t have happened. which proves my point that you shouldn’t use anything here for legal or illegal college football wagering. do not do it. this is for entertainment purposes only.

ok. i suppose it’s time for the lets all get on the fire lane kiffin bandwagon once again. the boos of saturday night are still echoing across downtown lotus land and are spreading throughout the suburbs far and wide like a plague of locusts intent on feeding on the hearts of the trojan faithful. all said and done, i’m a bit surprised it’s happening this early in the season. you can find at least one web site dedicated to the firing, on of all places the web. though visiting any of the sites isn’t for the faint of heart or those lacking the odd/weird humor gene. i’m just wondering if pat haden isn’t one of the posters. my money is on he’s posting as, ‘the brain zipper’. hmmm. that’s a joke, kids. don’t get any bright ideas.

this week the brown eyed girl and i are ensconced at our favorite hotel on the las vegas strip. we’ve been here since yesterday. so, i’m not using point spreads to pick my winners. just straight up win/loss picks for this week. yeah kind of odd, no pun intended, not using the points when you’re actually in sin city but we’re here for fun. not me sitting around dealing with the odds deal for this nonsense. things should be back to normal next week. one point to make here is that i picked these games over a week ago. this vegas trip was more or less a spur of the moment deal made on last thursday. the games were not picked with the lack of future point spreads in mind. for better or worse, they are my usual games i have some sort of interest in watching or the outcome.

to recap. no points, just win or lose this week. the most important thing being, this is for entertainment purposes only. anyone who uses this insanity for betting or wagering will get what they deserve. do not do it. ok sure. later this morning i suppose i’ll be checking out what the casino is offering downstairs point wise for the college weekend. um, that would be for gathering information and educational purposes only. capice? in truth, we’re here for the 5 star dining that vegas has to offer. trust me, it’s stellar. my wife thinks it’s funny that i’ll drive to vegas to eat but won’t drive into L.A. for the same thing. for me, it’s all about driving home after eating and drinking too much and the totally crappy 24/7 L.A. traffic. cab fares to and from the L.A. central hinterlands and our berg would be thru the roof. plus, the scenery driving out here is pretty cool if you enjoy the desert. along with it being pretty much a straight shot drive.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9-12 tcu @ texas tech. close game here. maybe really close. i’m going to take tcu for the win.

9-13 air force @ boise st. boise st comes back into the fray at home on the smurf turf. hopefully, the tinkering of the offense that’s worked for a number of years has hit the ash heap of foolish follies. if not the falcons have a shot at winning. however, take boise to win.

9-14 ucla @ nebraska. the bruins take off to omaha with an extra week of practice under their collective belts. you can be sure coach mora used the time wisely. or that’s the hope. PAC(8)(10)(12) homer says take the bruins to win. this might be their year, well until they play the ducks on october 26th up in oregon. then things may change. the bruins win this week.

9-14 alabama @ texas a&m. the game most of us have been waiting for and the game of the year so far. the tide vs johnny football. i imagine this one will be the ratings winner for the weekend. for sure the aggies toughest game of the season. as for the crimson tide, probably not so much. it will very interesting to see how they handle johnny “i’ll sign for a dime” football. bama wins on the aggies home turf. take em. ROLL TIDE!!

9-14 tennessee @ oregon. the ducks at home are even more amazing than on the road. to semi sort of paraphrase an old 60’s-70’s wheeze, speed kills. speed kills just about any sort of defense you’ve got going. take the ducks to win. QUACK QUACK!!!

9-14 iowa @ iowa st. all in all generally a good game every year with either team capable of winning regardless how good or bad they are. this year is no different. i’m taking iowa st at home for the eye-oh-way state bragging rights rivalry win.

9-14 ohio st @ california. the buckeyes haven’t been out here to the left coast during the regular season for many moons. for some reason in my minds eye i can see woody hayes prowling the sidelines this saturday. or maybe up on strawberry hill with binoculars and a tub of colonel sanders. at any rate, cal is pretty dismal already this year. their semi poor showing against portland st last week being the point. if the buckeyes don’t get too cocky and woody stays off the field while keeping his hands to himself ohio st should win. take them.

9-14 utep @ new mexico st. this game was picked with a nod to the FX TV show ‘the bridge’, and the el paso – juarez thing. a very good show with at least one episode left for the year. check it out this week. good stuff. as for the game, a major paragon time shift of epic proportions involving little green men holding seed money from the bahamas would be in order for new mexico st to win this one. yes, of course, stranger things have happened. none the less, i’m taking utep to win.

9-14 oregon st @ utah. the beaves are having a bit of trouble so far. perhaps a rebuilding year?? they should have taken better care of hawaii but then usc couldn’t either. so, i’m taking utah at home for the win.

9-14 wisconsin @ arizona st. a good match-up to cap off the weekend. two good squads heating up the already steamy desert southwest. both teams have thumped walk-over state teams. wisconsin has done it twice. the sun devils have had the extra week to get ready for the home court sweltering and possibly monsoon like late summer weather. the sun devils will also give the bruins a run for the PAC south title. i’m taking arizona st for the win.

there ya go kids. have a great weekend. get creative food wise. have a few cold ones. try to stay upright and more importantly semi sane.and while doing so, enjoy week 3 of college football because the season is so short it’s gone in the wink of an eye.


2011-12 college bowl games picks & predictions

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with the regular season over the only thing we fans have left are the season ending bowl games. a little bit of pre holiday and post holiday magic. games gift wrapped up by the ever increasingly omniscient BCS. the big brother of the college football world that can never seem to get things right. this year even more so. we sit and argue the last few weeks of the season knowing full well who should be playing where and against whom only to be trumped and dumped on by the BCS klan and TV money.

make no mistake, it’s all about the money. as you are reading this insanity dump trucks the size of rhode island and belly dumpers twice the size of oahu are being loaded up with tons and tons of cash. used bills with nothing larger than a twenty are being shoveled into the trucks then sent on their way to the deans and regents of pretty much ever school of higher learning in the land. yeah, small used bills with non sequential serial numbers and none of them wrapped with those pesky bands either. for you see, the deans and regents like to wallow buck ass naked in and amongst the used cash. TV folks on the other hand prefer bills no smaller than a cee note. the newer and crisper the better. of course, all properly counted and banded for them. it makes it easier to wire transfer stuff that way. banded currency flows down the wires and out to those off shore accounts much quicker. it also makes it easier to disappear that way. penn and teller are jealous of the speed and greed of the self serving TV crowd.

i’ve been saying this for a few years now. you want playoffs? the BCS doesn’t. no matter what they say. the deans, regents, and comissioners? hell no they don’t. TV? surely you jest. the coaches? another slippery bunch as well. they actually like the current system despite anything they say to the contrary concerning playoffs. why? everybody going to one of the antiquated bowls gets another 21 days more or less of practice. 21 more days of practice the left out bunch doesn’t get. 21 days of sanctioned NCAA one ups man-ship over the also rans. see? no one really wants a playoff system.

too much money slopping around. plenty of lip service and out right balderdash from the deans and regents. who along with the TV folks and antiquated bowls want nothing more than the lip service and loads of balderdash. there are way too many hot needy strippers who need the money doled out by this bunch of crazed fools bent on out drinking a flotilla of sailors on shore leave. they’re all a sad bunch indeed. we on the other hand sit on our hands and enable all those dumb asses. you want playoffs? it’s very simple, kids. and i’m going to keep at it until everyone out there gets it. stop the madness. stop buying tickets to these bowl games. if no one shows up for the games they’ll go away. eventually. perhaps even more important stop watching them on TV. you folks do that they’ll for sure go away and bingo here come the playoffs. it’s not brain surgery people. it’s simple math with a playoff system at the end of the rainbow. suck it up and just do it.

the feds aren’t going to help because they’re just as greedy and corrupt as all of the deans, regents, commissioners, and TV dimwits combined. get over that idea. they can’t even manage the stuff they ought to be doing. let alone ‘fixing college football’. yeah, they’ll fix it alright. fix it right out of existence. then tell us that’s what we really wanted in the first place because football is violent and promotes winning. two very evil things to be sure.

yeah, ok. you came here to read about ‘your’ team and what someone thinks about their chances of wining one of these useless turkeys. fine i’ll pander to some of you. why not? you won’t be getting all of the games because 90% of them are unwatchable at best. no one cares other than you. just remember this is for fun and entertainment purposes only. no spreads or points or any of that stuff here. just straight up win or lose.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/17 new mexico bowl. temple @ wyoming. interesting because wyoming is playing some good football. also interesting because only a few years ago temple was the worst college team in the country. i’ll take wyoming.

12/17 new orleans bowl. san diego st @ la lafayette. i’m a so calif homer. too bad the aztecs are stuck in this mess of a game. enjoy bourbon st kids but don’t forget there’s a game to play. take san diego st.

12/22 maaco bowl. arizona st @ boise st. might be a decent match up. kellen moore will have already been hosed by the heisman voters so he has nothing to lose. take out the bowl insurance policy and keep him in the whole game for a change coach petersen. take boise st.

12/24 hawaii bowl. nevada @ s. mississippi. only interesting in the fact it will be possibly fun to see if s. miss can get up for another game. take the golden eagles.

12/29 alamo bowl. washington @ baylor. baylor gets a shot at walking all over the huskies. come on sark make it a game, please. take baylor.

12/30 pinstripe bowl. iowa st @ rutgers. big apple thugs are looking forward to the iowa hayseeds flocking to the big city for this one. rutgers gets the nod in order to get the ‘home’ crowd out and in the seats. iowa st thumps rutgers handily.

12/31 fight hunger bowl. illinois @ ucla. the bruins back into another game. this one sans slick rick. they get a gimme from the BCS clowns and the PAC 12 gets a bit more cash in their christmas stocking. amazing. take illinois just because.

1/2 ticket city bowl. houston @ penn st. houston gets a shot at redemption. just remember you must actually play the game in order to receive it, houston. oh alright, take houston.

1/2 rose bowl. wisconsin @ oregon. the granddaddy of them all. i fell in love with the ducks back in 1958 when they lost to ohio st or maybe it was wisconsin in the rose bowl. doesn’t matter really. i still love them. memo to visor head kelly, erase both loses in the ducks other recent bowl games with a win here. you’ll also have to get the team to play much better than they did against the bruins. can you please make a PAC 12 homer proud? thanks in advance. QUACK QUACK!!!!

1/2 fiesta bowl. stanford @ oklahoma st. probably a good game. or maybe the best of the lot. the cowboys hosed by the BCS chumps should be fighting mad. good luck trees. take the cowboys. andrew, take out the insurance. you just might need it.

1/9 BCS championship. alabama @ lsu. the game only the SEC wants to see. the rest of the country be damned. talking heads and the BCS get it all wrong one more bloody time. i love the tide but they played some backwater school in week 13 then sat out week 14. none the less ipso presto facto they end up here in a rematch with lsu. yawn. one i won’t be watching. if you want playoffs you shouldn’t watch this either. time to send a message to all involved in this sordid mess of a system. DON’T WATCH THIS GAME. PERIOD. it’s not even interesting to begin with as it’s a repeat. re-run. re-tread. screw em.

there ya go. merry christmas and happy new year. these are the only bowl games that i have some sort of vague interest in watching. though i probably won’t even watch many of them. the rest of the bowls? no interest what so ever. i don’t care and neither should you. shame on you for sitting around watching this crap foisted upon us by all the greed heads involved. take a stand and turn off your TV and don’t buy tickets to any of the games. it’s the only way the point will ever get across to the numb nuts involved.


2011 college football picks week 13

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it was a dark and stormy night and the curse of the higher ranked BCS teams reeled madly about. ok. so i borrowed from charles dickens last week and this week i’m borrowing from an even greater writer, snoopy, of ‘peanuts’ fame. well, sorta. it wasn’t quite stormy here but it may as well have been. dismal would be more like it. a very sorry 4 for 10 on the week. bringing my over all down a bit to 62 for 120. my head is still above water but i’m getting tired of just treading water with the coast guard no where in sight.

the one big bright spot for the weekend and myself was the fact iowa st handed oklahoma st their hat. along with illinois hanging in there with wisconsin and michigan battering the cornhuskers. once again boise st failed to cover the spread and i’ll be happy to take that slim san diego st victory. with the graduation of kellen moore boise st could very well be in worse straights next year. also an epic battle between my ducks and trojans. coach lane, to be sure, sticking one to visor head kelly. a bitter sweet game if there ever was one for yours truly.

week 13 is all about rivalry weekend. pre and post turkey day madness. there is the ever present possibility that this weeks games could make last weeks upsets look mild in comparison. along with the related BCS implications and bowl berth slots here one day and gone the next. or maybe not. this weekend, my friends, is what college football is all about. rivalries. winning one for the gipper and taking an old rival out of some bowl or title game. though any number of the schools seem to be willing to throw rivalries and other related sundry stuff under the bus in order to pander to the almighty AQ berth(s) and the TV cash cow. more on that in a couple of weeks. at any rate, other than the first week of the season this is my favorite week of college football.

what is presented here is for fun and entertainment purposes only. it is not meant to used by the reader to take to his or her betting guru or sports book in order to bet the farm away. leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. taking care of your family and yourself is more important. trust me.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/24 texas @ texas a&m. texas a&m favored by 9 points. turkey day college ball. probably a good game with some lone star state bragging rights. the longhorns haven’t scored many points the last two games. the aggies beat iowa st and baylor. take texas A&m to win and cover.

11/25 houston @ tulsa. houston favored by 3 points. basically a toss up. tulsa has played 3 ranked teams and lost. houston hasn’t played a ranked team this year. i’m guessing houston will stay undefeated for the regular season. take houston to win and cover.

11/25 arkansas @ lsu. lsu favored by 12 points. if the game were being played in arkansas i think it would be closer. the sad death of the young arkansas tight end might inspire the razorbacks to make this a closer game as well. number one lsu’s home crowd makes the difference here. take lsu to win and cover the points.

11/26 georgia @ georgia tech. georgia favored by 6 points. georgia tech started losing late in the season. the bulldogs on the other hand lost early. they lost their first two games and have rolled ever since. in a game that could go either way georgia has the momentum. take georgia to win and cover the spread.

11/26 wyoming @ boise st. boise st favored by 32.5 points. once again a bunch of points for boise st. to cover. covering the spread hasn’t been one of their strong points this season. for what it’s worth, kellen moore has one more home game after this one to further impress the heisman gang. the cowboys are one of my upset teams for the year. wyoming may not win but they are playing well and they will get inside the points. take the wyoming cowboys.

11/26 oregon st @ oregon. oregon favored by 28 points. civil war time in oregon. along with another bunch of points. this is always a game that can go either way in any year. oregon st hasn’t played well this season. though they did beat washington last week. while the ducks lost to the trojans. another crazed autzen stadium home crowd probably still reeling a bit from the loss to usc. the ducks need to bounce back and visor head kelly will hopefully help make that happen. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK QUACK!!!

11/26 alabama @ auburn. alabama favored by 21 points. both schools played a fighting road kill last weekend. sort of an oddity this late in the season and something i don’t really get. i love the tide but 3 fighting road kill wins for the number two BCS team? it makes you wonder at times. any the ways, bragging rights for the state of alabama and another game that could go either way. a bunch of points and bama’s offense had better show up this week or they won’t be covering the spread. let alone looking for a re-match with lsu. plus, most folks don’t care much for defensive struggles. we tend to nod off or channel surf. be that as it may, take the tide to win and cover the points. ROLL TIDE!!!

11/26 clemson @ s. carolina. s. carolina favored by 4 points. i guess it’s the home court 3 plus one here. i’m not seeing it either. take clemson to win or at the very least get inside the meager spread.

11/26 notre dame @ stanford. stanford favored by 6.5 points. another long flight for the domers. their last trip out here to the left coast was for a loss against the trojans. this trip should be no different. touchdown jesus barely survived a boston college team that resembles oregon st. this year. at one point this was stanford’s year. that train has left the station. stanford needs this one in order to have any chance at all for a shot at the rose bowl. and it’s a long shot. hopefully, they will be up for the challenge. if they aren’t the irish could take it. this is probably luck’s last chance at impressing the heisman folks. he needs to shine. i think he will. take the trees to win and cover.

11/26 ucla @ usc. usc favored by 14.5 points. the city of lost angels bragging rights are on the line. these kids see each other all over town all year long. some have been playing each other since high school. make no mistake, this is the biggest game of the year in lotus land. records mean nothing. slick rick needs this puppy to keep his job and he knows it. yes, he’s done pretty well for the year. much better than expected and the bruins have a shot at the pac 12 south due to the trojan’s problem. thanks once again, coach petey. another bowl game for the trojans. one of many this year for them. though this one is their biggest. coach lane has done a very good job in keeping the trojans focused. he’s instilled enough pride to get the job done most weeks. count on both squads to show up for this game. it might be close early but the trojans roll. take usc to win and cover. FIGHT ON!!!

only one more weekend to go and then it’s gone only to be replaced by the bowl games and winter’s grip. college football. because if you’re reading this you’re like me and college football is your favorite sport. enjoy the games, your holiday, and your families. for this week only, replace the red meat with turkey, chicken, or duck and pour some pinot noir. be safe. be semi sane. have a happy thanksgiving! cheers!


2011 college football picks week 10

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i was semi mediocre in going 5 for 10 again for week 9. my over all now stands at 47 for 90. all of my wins for the week coming in by early saturday. by late saturday afternoon the wheels started to come off. at least the brakes held up and it wasn’t a total crash and burn. the mojo is still there but that’s about it. it’s just there. hopefully, it will wake up again for this weekends games. some good games last time around that brought about some BCS poll changes this week with perhaps more coming down the pike again next week. time tells.

hats off to coach lane and his crew for getting the trojans up enough to hang and almost take out stanford. a stellar game regardless of the outcome. though the 3rd overtime rule and stanford’s forced two point conversion sealed my fate for the week. then there’s lane’s after game dumb ass rant. you did a fine job but you lost, coach. don’t blame the officials. you had plenty of time earlier in the game to score some more points. the ducks held on and beat washington st but didn’t cover the spread. not a good sign for coach visor head and oregon. if they couldn’t manhandle a dismal team like the cougars what are they going to do about stanford? but that’s getting ahead of ourselves by a week.

as always, these picks are for fun and entertainment purposes only. taking what’s written here and heading off to your local gaming establishment or shady character on some street corner would be a pretty good definition of insanity. don’t do it. leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. the point spreads used here are what i use to determine my record for the week. things might change by game time but it matters not. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/5 texas tech @ texas. texas favored by 14 points. just another rivalry saturday in the state of texas. the longhorns only losses this season were courtesy of the state of oklahoma. tech got hammered by the cowboys last weekend. what’s going on here? what does it all mean? probably a pretty good game. take texas to win and cover the spread.

11/5 texas a&m @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 14 points. another good game kids. texas a&m hasn’t beaten a ranked team yet this year. it’s not going to happen this week either. take oklahoma to win and cover the spread.

11/5 kansas st @ oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 21 points. it’s the state of oklahoma’s year to shine or so it would seem. the cowboys are on a roll and are heading towards dec 3 and the other undefeated oklahoma. another good game. the TV remote will be getting a nice workout this saturday. take the cowboys to win and cover the points.

11/5 stanford @ oregon st. stanford favored by 21 points. it’s amazing what a year can do to a football program. the beavers have fallen on hard times this year. the other oregon for stanford after a scare in socal. a fumble recovery away from a big time loss and a little bit of luck. i suppose that’s all it takes. if there isn’t a let down and they don’t take state lightly they’ll cover the spread and win. take stanford.

11/5 houston @ uab. houston favored by 27.5 points. houston the number 14 BCS team? that’s what it says. after years of muttering under my breath about boise st there is another team with no schedule sitting in the middle of the BCS pack. it’s a strange world indeed. good old conference usa. a collection of fighting road kill schools hell bent on respectability with even ucla tossed into their win list. i dumped another game so i could add this one in some sort of, well, some sort of something. diversity? insanity? regardless, i suppose houston stays undefeated and further sullies up the BCS mess. take houston to win and cover the points.

11/5 s. carolina @ arkansas. arkansas favored by 4.5 points. two one loss schools in another good game. a game that might and can go either way. home field and the razorbacks. along with the old ball coach wishing he’d dumped garcia for good last year. take arkansas to win and cover the spread.

11/5 arizona st @ ucla. arizona st favored by 9.5 points. i’m surprised it’s only 9.5 points but then slick rick is fighting for his job and he’s doing a good job doing it. the sun devils need this one to stay on track for the pac 12 southern section lead. there’s an odd sentence and one straight from the brave new world of college ball. as sad as it might be. the bruins do have shot in this one coming off a win against cal. though their MO for the season is win one blow the next one. slick rick was yammering about that on the news the other night. the bruins stay the course. take arizona st to win and cover the spread.

11/5 lsu @ alabama. alabama favored by 4.5 points. the game of the day among a number of good ones. number one vs number two in the BCS poll. home field advantage bama. it should be enough. take the tide to roll on and win covering the points. ROLL TIDE!!!

11/5 oregon @ washington. oregon favored by 15 points. the ducks are coming off a lackluster win against the other washington. along with another failure to cover the spread. at least my beloved ducks don’t have a bazillion points to cover this weekend for a change. one week before the showdown with stanford. i should probably take washington to cover but i drank the duck kool-aid way back in 1958. it’s too late to stop now. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK QUACK!!!

11/5 boise st @ unlv. boise st favored by 42 points. boise st has had a hard time with the spread this year. they can’t seem to cover it some weeks. a new thing for them. they need to kick it up a notch this weekend against unlv who’ll be playing this one like a bowl game they actually want to be in. plus, for what it’s worth, it’s downtown vegas, baby. i’ll probably be kicking myself come saturday night but take boise st to win and cover the points.

ok. it’s ‘TV remote workout weekend’ not to be confused with upset weekend or another moniker weekend you want to hang on it. just remember you heard it here first. make sure you have new batteries in the sucker so you can fully enjoy all of the games by flying back and forth between channels until your head explodes. the safe bet as always, red meat and red wine. be safe. be semi sane.


2011 college football picks week 8

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i’m coming off another stellar week of picks by going 8 for 10 again. that makes it two weeks in a row, kids. pretty sweet if you ask me. i was doing really well up until the last two games when i was sitting on 8 for 8. oklahoma and oregon both won but neither team managed to cover the spread. close but no brass ring and no going 10 for 10 last week. which just goes to show you how difficult it is to have a perfect weekend of picks against the spread. at any rate, i’m now 36 for 70 overall with my mojo seemingly on cruise control and hopefully still working for this week’s picks. i’m inching towards an even more respectable record.

the first BCS poll of the year is out which i’m sure has everyone upset along with something to say about it and/or be pissed off about it. or for most folks probably both at the same time. the bottom line is, with the bane of college football’s existence, the BCS poll, out this past sunday teams can no longer afford the luxury of losing any more games. that is if they want any shot at a decent bowl berth and a big money pay off come late december and early january. though regular readers know how i feel about the whole bowl game system.

as always, remember this is for fun only and the insanity expressed here is not meant to be taken to your local bookmaker, or out of state, or off shore, or off to some native american gaming spot where it could be used as advice for any gaming pursuits. only an insane person would do that. a really insane person. leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. it’s as simple as that. paying the mortgage and putting food on the table is more important. don’t be stupid.

the point spreads used here are what i go by to determine my win/loss record for the week. the spreads may change by game time but for my purposes it matters not. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/20 ucla @ arizona. arizona favored by 3 points. neither school is playing very well. ok. sure. the other stoops is already gone and slick rick is hanging by a slender winning record semi sort of making him the king of pac 12 south. yes, of course it makes no sense. but it’s the brave new world order of college ball. odd thing is the wildcats are favored. even if it’s just the home field three. anyway, it’s a prime time thursday night game. more than likely a yawner but you never know. if the arizona kids aren’t totally demoralized they should win this one. if only for the gipper…er…the other stoops AND the guy who recruited them. giving them a chance to play college ball and get a pretty much free college education along the way. take arizona to win and cover the points.

10/22 oklahoma st @ missouri. oklahoma st favored by 7 points. a nice way to start off your saturday morning and all day saturday watching football day with probably a good game. an odd run on type sentence but who cares. also probably lots of points. missouri could win this one by a touchdown but i’m taking the cowboys to win and cover the spread. you should too.

10/22 auburn @ lsu. lsu favored by 22.5 points. a bunch of points. the good thing being it’s a home game for the tigers. so far auburn has been surprising at times this year. lsu is just too much for them though. take lsu to win and cover the points.

10/22 oregon @ colorado. oregon favored by 32 points. my beloved ducks didn’t cover the spread last week and it was half of what it is this week. the phrase, ‘a bunch of points’, comes to mind. i guess the main point being, colorado doesn’t have it this year. if oregon doesn’t get sloppy and they find someone else to step up and fill some more shoes they shouldn’t have any problem winning and covering the large spread. take the ducks. QUACK QUACK!!!

10/22 air force @ boise st. boise st favored by 31 points. smurf turf home game for boise and they rarely if ever get beat or miss the spread at home. air force is treading water this year. sorta like the jet fighter that had to ditch in the ocean then sits waiting for air sea rescue to show up. both schools rumored to have invites to join the big east. two semi west coast schools in the big east? makes sense to me. at any rate, boise st should walk all over the falcons this saturday. take boise st to win and cover the large spread.

10/22 tennessee @ alabama. alabama favored by 29 points. the volunteers did okay against the fighting road kill earlier in the season. although lsu handed them their helmets last week. the tide will do the same this week. take alabama to win and cover the spread. ROLL TIDE!!!

10/22 usc @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 9 points. one of the older college football rivalries. rabid domers still rant about the reggie bush push from the last decade. yeah, perceived slights are hard to let go of in the land of the golden dome. the trojan defense showed up for last week’s game and then played both sides of the ball for the trojan. or seemingly so. a very nice gesture as they’ve missed most of the season so far. this is usc’s bowl game for the year. or at least one of them. um, the pretend ones, since they can’t go to a real one this year. at any rate, if lane has half a brain he should be selling this game as just that, a bowl game. also the defense has to show up again this week and the offense has to run the ball more than a couple of yards at a time. then punt. the golden domers will win but take usc to cover the spread. FIGHT ON!!!

10/22 texas tech @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 28.5 points. plenty of points. the red raiders have done well against the fighting road kill. though when faced with a better opponent they’ve stumbled. they will again this week. stumble. oklahoma rolls on. take the sooners to win and cover the spread. if you get the chance or are a nam vet visit this texas tech site. you’ll be glad you did.

10/22 washington @ stanford. stanford favored by 20 points. if washington had a better defense this might be a closer game. deal is they don’t. note the colorado final score. andrew luck shreds them this week. take the cardinal to win and cover the spread.

10/22 wisconsin @ michigan st. wisconsin favored by 9 points. yes, the spartans thumped old blue last week. trouble is the badgers can roll up some points. they will again this week against a tough state defense. take wisconsin to win and cover the points.

first BCS poll week and points must be made. there are some happy campers and pissed off rained on parades as well. the safe bet? red meat and red wine. be safe and semi sane. enjoy the games.


2011 college football picks week 7

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with some mojo finally kicking in i went 8 for 10 this past week. what could be better? giving me an almost respectable 28 for 60 over all. pretty sweet. had georgia tech bothered to cover the spread things would have been even rosier. yes, of course, there was also my misguided ‘upset special’ with air force against notre dame. one of those glitches where there really isn’t any explanation other than, what the hell was i thinking. i was probably thinking it was a year or two ago when air force actually fielded a pretty good team. at any rate, that was last week. time for this week.

i almost had as much trouble finding 10 games for this week’s picks as i did last week. the sad fact is most of the games hold no interest for me. it seems as if a vast number of the games have all become a blur of fighting road kill and the flying tinkerbells up against goliath. a bunch of yawners to be sure. no one really cares except for the alumni, the team, and an over the edge drunken student body. even with the coming apocalypse of the super conferences i really don’t see much change down the road for the current scenario. other than the muddying of old rivalry waters and fatter paychecks for all the deans, commissioners, and athletic directors. goliath will still schedule the fighting road kills and flying tinkerbells of the college football world in some sort of vain attempt at, ‘look at us, we’re an equal opportunity speeding bullet with your name on it flying tinkerbells!’ yeah, those games will always be fun to watch. NOT! Okay, yes, there is a wake forest out there waiting to happen. one or two a season. it isn’t enough and it justifies nothing. those games will continue to look like the harlem globetrotters vs the washington generals. the only difference being the flying tinkerbells are for real.

you’re probably tired of hearing this but i persist. information dealt out here is for fun only. get it? my insanity should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. or more to the point a full saltshaker of salt. it should never be taken across state lines or to some seedy part of your town to be used as fodder for the sport betting types. leave your money in your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. it’s as simple as that. don’t be stupid. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/13 usc @ california. usc favored by 3 points. well, finally a point spread that maybe the trojans can cover. a road game up into bear country. a road game where maybe just maybe the usc defense will bloody well show up for the first time this season. if the defense doesn’t show up the men of troy don’t have a prayer in covering the meager spread. in fact they may even take a loss. thankfully, they’ve had almost two weeks to get ready for this one. i hope coach lane has used this time well. and coach, you and dad had better make damn sure the defense makes the bus to the airport and gets on the plane. then on game day catches the bus to the stadium. ok. thursday night national tv. here we go again. take usc to win and cover the spread. such as it is. FIGHT ON!! i found the following web link while reading the ‘daily trojan’ last week. if you’re easily offended this site isn’t for you. you’ve been warned.

10/15 michigan @ michigan st. michigan st favored by 3 points. bragging rights for the state surrounded by fresh water on three sides. should be a good game and a fun one to watch and one that can and probably will go sideways for one of the teams. hopefully, not the spartans. take michigan st to win and cover the home field 3.

10/15 baylor @ texas a&m. texas a&m favored by 9 points. an interesting game. both schools with quality wins and then losses that maybe shouldn’t have happened. just based on the fact baylor beat tcu and iowa st, baylor looks pretty good here to beat the spread. yes, well, i don’t think so. take a&m to win and cover the spread.

10/15 oklahoma st @ texas. oklahoma st favored by 7.5 points. the cowboys can put some points on the board. texas drubbed by the other oklahoma last week at home. another home game and another oklahoma team takes the longhorns down. it’s an oklahoma year for texas, kids. take the cowboys to win and cover.

10/15 alabama @ mississippi. alabama favored by 25 points. a bunch of points but the tide keeps on rolling towards the big dance with oklahoma. take alabama to win and cover the spread. ROLL TIDE!!

10/15 boise st @ colorado st. boise st favored by 32 points. boise got back on track last week and covered the points after a two week lull. colorado st has scored some points and has looked fairly decent against fairly decent opponents so far. boise st is just too much for them. or that’s the hope. take boise st to win and cover the points.

10/15 florida @ auburn. auburn favored by 2 points. a virtual toss up. florida’s defense has stayed on the bus the last two games. though they did well early playing the flying tinkerbells. auburn has been up and down and doesn’t even get the home field three here. florida’s problems continue. take auburn to win.

10/15 stanford @ washington st. stanford favored by 20.5 points. andrew luck takes the show on the road this week. worth a look just to watch him operate. the cougars aren’t as bad as expected. though they aren’t that good either. a bunch of points but luck should be a lady come saturday night. yes, it’s a horrible pun but a great old blue eyes song. take the trees to win and cover the spread.

10/15 oklahoma @ kansas. oklahoma favored by 35 points. the jayhawks only wins this season were against the fighting road kill and flying tinkerbells respectively. 35 is a whole bunch of points to be sure. however, the sooners are on a mission this year and they may blow up the scoreboard this weekend. take oklahoma to win and cover the spread.

10/15 arizona st @ oregon. oregon favored by 16 points. another autzen stadium madhouse where bedlam reigns supreme. my beloved ducks will more than likely be without the services of lemichael james this week and maybe for a few more weeks due to his injury against cal. however, the ducks do have freshman de’anthony thomas to fill his shoes. the freshman had a great game last week and hopefully will again this week. oregon puts and end to arizona st’s run for the roses. take the ducks to win and cover the spread. QUACK QUACK!!!

with any luck at all i’ll still have some carry over mojo for this weekend. red meat and red wine. be safe. be semi sane.