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2013-14 college football bowl game picks & predictions

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at long last we finally see the BCS BS drift out to sea with the tide on a flaming funeral pyre worthy of king odin himself. adieu, sweet BCS. we come not mourn it but to bury it. ah well, cheap prose aside, the brinks trucks will still be backing up to off load their small, used, and completely laundered cash to all the deans, AD’s, conference commissioners, TV executives, and all the other assorted college football hangers-on across this once great land. however, one of the great axioms of life, be careful what you wish for, looms around the corner. though that corner won’t be around till next year at this time.

bowl season. the extracurricular college football season meant to line the pockets of everyone far and wide in the land of the halls of ivy. of course, if you haven’t played your cards right you’re left out in the bowl cold. no golden cash cow for you, pilgrim. perhaps next year. or the year after. the carrot is dangled. hope springs eternal in the gloomy halls of the have nots and wannabes. next year, kids. next year.

i used to love bowl games. not anymore. yeah, there’s a handful i’ll tune into every year but the list grows shorter with the passing of time. plus i have a new wrinkle, this year DISH has added HBO on demand to their menu. woo hoo. ‘the sopranos’ in their six seasons of glory all there for the viewing. i have something else to watch now instead of my meager few bowl games. works for me. pass the dago red. i only have until december 31st or that’s what they say before tony and crew vanish. sure, i’ve got the whole thing in a boxed DVD set. but who knows how to run a DVD player anymore? ours just sits there like some brick-a-brack collecting dust so the cleaning lady can make the occasional feeble stab at dusting it.

yes, i know. you aren’t here for that. you want a bowl line-up run down. fine with me. you’ll get one. not all of them but a few i may or may not actually tune into while waiting for the next episode of ‘the sopranos’ to download. another sad fact of life is most of the bowl games are junk junkets at best. crack whores dressed as sexily clad sirens luring hicks and hucksters alike to warmer climes. come. spend your cash. watch your team play some other 6 and 6 team. either team may or may not be into said bowl or even playing football this time of year. but who cares? not us. bring your money on down. be drunken sailors on leave for a few days or better yet, a week. so what if you end up with a DUI or herpes or a six inch gash on the back of your head from that full can of PBR lobbed in your general direction during half time while you stood in line for 25 minutes so you could pee in a trough urinal with 10 or 15 of your new best friends. sweet. it doesn’t get any better than that. right? boy howdy, i’ll wager not.

it’s all about the money, kids. with some other stuff thrown in for good measure. football is on the list. somewhere. you may have to do some digging and if you’re very lucky you may even find it. off the top of my head i’m thinking you’ll probably find jimmy hoffa before you’ll find any football.

i don’t waste my time with points or spreads or whatever with the bowl games. just straight up picks. for those that are still reading and maybe even care a tad my overall percentage for my picks this season ended up at 61.3%. a good 10 points above my usual mediocrity.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12-21 las vegas bowl. fresno st vs usc. i may watch this game. or some of it. to bad cajun ed isn’t still around. the sark hire by the trojans is a head scratcher for sure. take the trojans. FIGHT ON!!!

12-30 alamo bowl. oregon vs texas. the ducks need to win this game in order to quell the ‘it’s a coaching problem’ talk. QUACK!!! QUACK!!!

12-31 sun bowl. virginia tech vs ucla. coach mora got a wagon load of money to stay at ucla. if he hadn’t he would have replaced sark in seattle. take ucla.

12-31 chick-fil-a bowl. miami vs texas a&m. one i’ll probably watch. it’s either johnny boys last college game or he begins his heisman campaign anew. hopefully, the month lay off hasn’t raised more issues with his off field behavior. take the aggies.

1-1 capital one bowl. s. carolina vs wisconsin. i’m hoping the capital one guys will be trotting out some new commercials as they’re generally good for a few laughs. the game? take the badgers.

1-1 the rose bowl. michigan st vs stanford. the grand pappy of em all. one i usually watch or at least some of it anyway. though no matter how snooty the bib and tucker crowd in pasadena tries to make the day it’s just another lackluster stab at debauchery and the dry heaves while running for some faded roses who’s smell was bred out of them years ago. there’s a kentucky derby simile in there some place. le gran pooh bah. the stale old vichy french could do no better. as the day drags on i suppose a game lurks about somewhere. the PAC(8)(10)12 vs the BIG 10(12)(?). the storied rivalry of your great grandparents played on the first day of the new born year. the san gabriel mountains glisten in the winter sun as a backdrop. they actually do turn purple as the sun sinks into the pacific. every year i pray for a deluge of biblical proportions if only to stem the tide of snowbirds fed up with their snow and cold. sadly,rain hasn’t happened in decades on jan 1. besides it’s already to late. that train left the tracks back in the early 60’s. however, it won’t stop me from my yearly ritual. the game? screw it. at this point who cares? not i, pilgrim. not i. however, if you do take stanford for the win.

1-6 BCS championship game. florida st vs auburn. the last one of it’s kind. ever. or that’s the thinking. though i guess there’s a possibility of it returning if the next deal doesn’t pan out. get real, that is a possibility. lots of stuff returns. kinda like the ‘touristas’ if you aren’t careful. hmmm. i don’t much care for this game and haven’t watched it in years. neither should you. why? it happens way too long after the season is over. plus, i’ll be busy getting ready for elvis’ birthday on the 8th. come on over. there’ll be drinks. way way to much fattening food. bowl upon bowl of all manner of pills. maybe even some demerol. that by the way is all a joke. i digress. the game itself is one long TV commercial with a few moments of football tossed in every once in a while. you could DVR it and watch it later but why? meh. let’s see. the rose bowl committee, escorts, and strippers from all over the world get another shot at fleecing the poor folk who come into town for the game. yeah, it off loads plenty of cash into the local economy. but you have to ask yourself, is it all worth it? probably not. yes, the chambers of commerce scalawags would argue otherwise. that’s their prerogative. and job. mine is to avoid them and their ilk whenever possible. i won’t be watching but i’d take florida st to win.

thanks for reading this and all my other football insanity this year. some of you get it. others, well, you know. i hope all of you have a joyous and merry christmas season. i hope santa brings you everything you want. sure why not? right? i also hope you have a healthy and prosperous new year. be safe. be semi sane. i’ll see you in nine months or so.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 10

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week 9 was rather bitter sweet in seeing me go 9 for 10. yes, my best week of the year so far went into making my over all for the year a very nice 58 for 90. all and all stellar stuff. the bitter part being the brown eyed girl and love of my life is seriously ill. so, instead of doing a happy dance all night things have been kinda subdued around these parts.

due to the fact we may have to dash off to the bowels of the hills of beverly in the land of the lotus very soon for a date with her hopefully surgeon savior i’m afraid i’ll be just doing straight up picks again this week. even if that doesn’t happen today or tomorrow or soon my priorities are somewhere else. as is my head. no time, once again, to deal with the odds and points thing. just win or lose. plain and simple. i’d really rather being doing this with the points but i think you understand. however, the show must go on in some form or another and demons must also be soothed. regardless.

you may also want to understand that this weekly journey into college football picking is for entertainment purposes only. the information presented here is not intended to be used as betting advice. legal or otherwise. do not do it. find other ways and outlets to blow your cash and for you to be totally insane and stupid.

i suppose it also bears repeating that the games that appear here are games i have some sort of interest in. either in watching or in the outcome. yes, there might be games of more importance or interest to you. oh well. look elsewhere, pilgrim. early picks again this week.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10-31 arizona st @ washington st. thursday night trick or treat fun. the sun devils did well against the huskies last week at home in the desert southwest. pirate mike has had two weeks to get ready for this home court shoot out. shoot out? it just might be if his passing game is on and the cougars can run some in between. this is the sun devils game to lose. simple as that. i doubt they will with the points they can put on the board even with pirate mike’s two weeks. take arizona st to win.

11-1 usc @ oregon st. friday night sugar high hangover fun. the men of troy had another one of their lack luster performances against utah last saturday. thankfully, they did manage to win in a semi sort of ugly and inefficient way. mike riley’s beaves made a brave showing against the powerhouse trees in losing. cajun ed has his hands full against the beaves on the road this week. is the trojan barrel heading for the falls? we’ll see. an interesting game if both teams show up ready to play. i’m taking oregon st to win.

11-2 tennessee @ missouri. the volunteers beat the ole’ ball coach and s. carolina. the tigers somehow or another lost steam and lost to the same team for their first loss of the year. a sad thing to be sure. the tigers bounce back. take missouri for the win.

11-2 auburn @ arkansas. the razorbacks are on a losing streak not seen since the stones sang about one back in ’65. ok. so that may be a stretch. or is it? a semi sort of rivalry game that may make some sort of difference. or will it? arkansas has fallen upon hard times. take auburn to win.

11-2 ohio st @ purdue. the boilermakers are riding that losing streak as well. the buckeyes are on the 180 degree circuit and running hard for the tattoo/dumb ass redemption deal. another one of those divine intervention things in order for purdue to pull off a win here. although depending on the points there might be some room to work it. i’m taking ohio st to win.

11-2 michigan @ michigan st. the state of michigan bragging rights on the line. along with it being one of the best college games of the year regardless of records going into the showdown. both schools are winning though i guess you could make some sort of point that big blue has had a tougher schedule so far. the pollsters seem to think so. one of them beat the domers and one didn’t. call me ishmael or crazy though you could make a case for either, i’m taking michigan st for the win.

11-2 oklahoma st @ texas tech. sad to say the red raiders were my only loss last week. oklahoma st seems to have shaken off the SI report of NCAA foul play and has come back strong after losing to west virginia earlier. a good game here, kids. and hopefully an old west shoot em up with plenty of offense. the red raiders ease the loss against the other oklahoma with a win at home. take texas tech to win.

11-2 miami(fl) @ florida st. another good game. two top ten schools head to head in a florida rivalry game. miami held off wake forest last week for a sloppy win. probably after too much celebrating after skating by with the ever worthless NCAA suit and tie douche bags and any sort of meaningful penalties for their sins. i could go on but why at this point???? the noles home court. the noles hold the better stats. the noles hold all the cards. take florida st to win.

11-2 utep @ texas a&m. yes, the miners are abysmal this year. yes, johnny boy is back at full speed. why this game? it is a rivalry of sorts and maybe one of note if both schools are playing well. i guess i just miss FX’s ‘the bridge’. sue me. johnny and the aggies roll. take a&m to win.

11-2 nevada @ fresno st. the bulldogs are this year’s boise st. the big time small school BCS buster team. stuff needs to happen in order for fresno to hit the big time for other than being raisin famous. one of said ‘stuffs’ is the fact they need to win out. that shouldn’t be too much of a problem at home against nevada. the other stuff is up to other teams and out of their control. they should control this game. take fresno st to win.

enjoy your weekend and the start of turkey season. be safe. be semi sane. any and all good thoughts, prayers, and sundry other things to the deity of your choice regarding the brown eyed girl would be most welcome on our part. thank you.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 5

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after week 4 the train remains on the tracks and seems to be steaming right along with another 6 for 10 week. my over all now sits at a respectable 23 for 40. thankfully, i haven’t had a week of total misery as yet. though i’m sure at least one or two of those are lurking about somewhere. let’s hope this week doesn’t prove to be one of them. had the golden domers, usc, and big blue bothered to score some more points last week would have been one for the record books. sadly, that wasn’t the case. perhaps this week if the train keeps a rollin’. all that being said, just remember this is for entertainment purposes only.

as usual the odds/points used here are what i use to figure my wins and losses for the week. the points may change over the course of the week, up or down. it doesn’t matter. what’s here is here. also, what’s here isn’t meant for you to wander off into the land of the stupid to use for wagering purposes. that would be totally lame and insane on your part. do not do it.

i’m keeping my editorial comments to the picks and predictions section this week, which were somewhat easier to come up with than week 4. unlike week 4 this weeks games are, in my mind, a pretty good slate of games. maybe not for you but, hey, who’s writing this stuff?

rock ‘n’ roll.

9-28 stanford @ washington st. stanford favored by 11 points. pirate mike leach, the cougars head coach, has seemingly turned state around and all of the mindless or not so mindless chatter has gone away for the time being. maybe even allowing him to keep his current position. well, unless he unexpectedly runs into the idaho coach while he’s out and about. a digression. as of now he deserves a big: atta boy mike. get some. the trees continue their PAC 12 co-supremacy with another win last week. i’m thinking coach harbaugh is already wishing the trees off week had come later in the season. but that’s for a few weeks down the road. take stanford to win and cover.

9-28 usc @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 7 points. once again the trojan’s offense was in the game for a bit then left to ogle the cheer leaders and grab a hot dog. or score some crack or crank or some damn thing or another and they never really got back into the game. despite the fact of utah states total implosion and new found industry of making dumb ass penalties appear out of thin air the men of troy labored for the win. then could not find a way to cover the points. yet again. sigh. trojan faithful cringe inwardly and outwardly. lack of a full stadium saturday is testimony to that. the sun devils on the other hand, didn’t live up to their under the radar PAC 12 south hype in their loss to the trees. it wasn’t even close. TV talking heads are still blathering on about how pat haden is behind his coach, lane ‘has the train left the station?’ kiffin. a good game here kids. even with all the associated baggage. and the fact marqise lee is probably sorry he didn’t turn pro when he had the chance. he’s pretty much the only offense the trojan’s have. i’m taking arizona st to win and cover. yeah, sad ain’t it?

9-28 oklahoma st @ w. virginia. oklahoma st favored by 20.5 points. my first look at the cowboys for the year who seem to be oblivious to the huge scandal that’s taken hold in stillwater over the years. still water may run deep but so does impropriety. yeah, pretty much all of them do it but the cowboys are this year’s poster child for the dumb ass alumni/booster society stupidity award. however, fear not, the NCAA loons will more than likely either overlook the infractions because hey, wink wink, they ALL do it. which seems like the ever insipid NCAA already have since the SI article claims the morons in oklahoma have been at it for some time. or they’ll impose a johnny football type penalty. that is of course unless you happen to be usc then everything matters. and you end up with lane kiffin as your punishment. we live in strange times to say the least. i digress. the cowboys have been playing lights out ball. the mountaineers so so ball. so far w. virginia’s highlight of the year is being only a 9 point loss to the sooners. take the cowboys to win and cover.

9-28 lsu @ georgia. georgia favored by 3 points. a good, let’s watch this game. this is the tigers game to lose. it’s as simple as that. georgia has a good team but a top 10 team? please. with only the home court 3 for the bulldogs i’m taking lsu to win or cover.

9-28 oklahoma @ notre dame. oklahoma favored by 3.5 points. the domers have their hands full this saturday. lucky for them it’s another home court advantage in the shadow of the golden dome. although they aren’t seeing much points wise. yes, touchdown jesus faithful the sooners are only 3 point faves. your point? mine would be, take the sooners to win and cover the meager spread.

9-28 ole miss @ alabama. alabama favored by 16.5 points. another one to watch. ole miss may surprise. but more than likely not enough. take the tide to win and cover. ROLL TIDE!!

9-28 texas a&m @ arkansas. texas a&m favored by 3 points. the razorbacks are playing ok. johnny boy football is doing ok as well. hyper heisman hype hangs heavy. and it is, after all, football season and he’s not being left to his own devices and or whims for the most part. a good thing to be sure in johnny’s case. the aggies are only favored by 3? i’m thinking it’s a trojan horse being dealt out by the odds mavens. i’m not falling for it. you shouldn’t either. take a&m to win and cover.

9-28 wisconsin @ ohio st. ohio st favored by 7.5 points. leaders division supremacy on the line here. leaders division? what’s he talking about anyway? uh, the Big (10) 12 or something. i thought they were going to ‘fix’ the divisional nomenclature thingy problem. apparently not. the badgers get a shot at tripping up the buckeyes at home. not an easy thing. the buckeyes do have a bit of a depth problem so, ipso facto, i’m taking the badgers to at least cover or maybe even win.

9-28 s. mississippi @ boise st. boise st favored by 26.5 points. boise st has fallen on hard times. well, at least for them. what happened to all of the boise can reload talk after k. moore moves on with no problem? exactly. one good thing to come out of it all is the fact they are at least doing OK with the point spread thing. something that even in the old moore days they couldn’t do. southern miss is not doing well. a semi long road trip up to the smurf turf for them. hats off to the broncos for making some sort of attempt at scheduling what appeared to be a good out of conference call at the time. unless things go terribly wrong on the worn out smurf turf the broncos win and cover. take boise st.

9-29 cal @ oregon. oregon favored by 36.5 points. the ever hapless bears travel to the autzen stadium zoo to get their whipping of the week. yes, of course, on any given saturday. but, hey come on, we’re talking cal here. and we’re also talking the ducks at home. get the picture? take oregon to win and cover the points. QUACK QUACK!!!

just about half way through the season. amazing. time has never waited for anyone and this time of year only brings that into a rather stark shatteringly clear focus. enjoy the games. eat well. last weekend we took a breather and went out for some mexican. guac, tequila, and cerveza respectively. ole!! try to stay sane and semi upright. see you week 6.


2011 college football picks week 10

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i was semi mediocre in going 5 for 10 again for week 9. my over all now stands at 47 for 90. all of my wins for the week coming in by early saturday. by late saturday afternoon the wheels started to come off. at least the brakes held up and it wasn’t a total crash and burn. the mojo is still there but that’s about it. it’s just there. hopefully, it will wake up again for this weekends games. some good games last time around that brought about some BCS poll changes this week with perhaps more coming down the pike again next week. time tells.

hats off to coach lane and his crew for getting the trojans up enough to hang and almost take out stanford. a stellar game regardless of the outcome. though the 3rd overtime rule and stanford’s forced two point conversion sealed my fate for the week. then there’s lane’s after game dumb ass rant. you did a fine job but you lost, coach. don’t blame the officials. you had plenty of time earlier in the game to score some more points. the ducks held on and beat washington st but didn’t cover the spread. not a good sign for coach visor head and oregon. if they couldn’t manhandle a dismal team like the cougars what are they going to do about stanford? but that’s getting ahead of ourselves by a week.

as always, these picks are for fun and entertainment purposes only. taking what’s written here and heading off to your local gaming establishment or shady character on some street corner would be a pretty good definition of insanity. don’t do it. leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. the point spreads used here are what i use to determine my record for the week. things might change by game time but it matters not. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/5 texas tech @ texas. texas favored by 14 points. just another rivalry saturday in the state of texas. the longhorns only losses this season were courtesy of the state of oklahoma. tech got hammered by the cowboys last weekend. what’s going on here? what does it all mean? probably a pretty good game. take texas to win and cover the spread.

11/5 texas a&m @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 14 points. another good game kids. texas a&m hasn’t beaten a ranked team yet this year. it’s not going to happen this week either. take oklahoma to win and cover the spread.

11/5 kansas st @ oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 21 points. it’s the state of oklahoma’s year to shine or so it would seem. the cowboys are on a roll and are heading towards dec 3 and the other undefeated oklahoma. another good game. the TV remote will be getting a nice workout this saturday. take the cowboys to win and cover the points.

11/5 stanford @ oregon st. stanford favored by 21 points. it’s amazing what a year can do to a football program. the beavers have fallen on hard times this year. the other oregon for stanford after a scare in socal. a fumble recovery away from a big time loss and a little bit of luck. i suppose that’s all it takes. if there isn’t a let down and they don’t take state lightly they’ll cover the spread and win. take stanford.

11/5 houston @ uab. houston favored by 27.5 points. houston the number 14 BCS team? that’s what it says. after years of muttering under my breath about boise st there is another team with no schedule sitting in the middle of the BCS pack. it’s a strange world indeed. good old conference usa. a collection of fighting road kill schools hell bent on respectability with even ucla tossed into their win list. i dumped another game so i could add this one in some sort of, well, some sort of something. diversity? insanity? regardless, i suppose houston stays undefeated and further sullies up the BCS mess. take houston to win and cover the points.

11/5 s. carolina @ arkansas. arkansas favored by 4.5 points. two one loss schools in another good game. a game that might and can go either way. home field and the razorbacks. along with the old ball coach wishing he’d dumped garcia for good last year. take arkansas to win and cover the spread.

11/5 arizona st @ ucla. arizona st favored by 9.5 points. i’m surprised it’s only 9.5 points but then slick rick is fighting for his job and he’s doing a good job doing it. the sun devils need this one to stay on track for the pac 12 southern section lead. there’s an odd sentence and one straight from the brave new world of college ball. as sad as it might be. the bruins do have shot in this one coming off a win against cal. though their MO for the season is win one blow the next one. slick rick was yammering about that on the news the other night. the bruins stay the course. take arizona st to win and cover the spread.

11/5 lsu @ alabama. alabama favored by 4.5 points. the game of the day among a number of good ones. number one vs number two in the BCS poll. home field advantage bama. it should be enough. take the tide to roll on and win covering the points. ROLL TIDE!!!

11/5 oregon @ washington. oregon favored by 15 points. the ducks are coming off a lackluster win against the other washington. along with another failure to cover the spread. at least my beloved ducks don’t have a bazillion points to cover this weekend for a change. one week before the showdown with stanford. i should probably take washington to cover but i drank the duck kool-aid way back in 1958. it’s too late to stop now. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK QUACK!!!

11/5 boise st @ unlv. boise st favored by 42 points. boise st has had a hard time with the spread this year. they can’t seem to cover it some weeks. a new thing for them. they need to kick it up a notch this weekend against unlv who’ll be playing this one like a bowl game they actually want to be in. plus, for what it’s worth, it’s downtown vegas, baby. i’ll probably be kicking myself come saturday night but take boise st to win and cover the points.

ok. it’s ‘TV remote workout weekend’ not to be confused with upset weekend or another moniker weekend you want to hang on it. just remember you heard it here first. make sure you have new batteries in the sucker so you can fully enjoy all of the games by flying back and forth between channels until your head explodes. the safe bet as always, red meat and red wine. be safe. be semi sane.


2011 college football picks week 9

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not a stellar week but a pretty good one in that i went 6 for 10. making my overall standings for the season 42 for 80. respectability continues to inch forward. had it not been for two out right losses and two teams winning but not covering the spread things would have been even better. boise st failed to cover the spread for the third time this year. yes, they won and kellen moore had another stand out day at the helm. however, i see trouble in paradise for boise st. the game announcers yammered on about boise st not seeing the option, as run by air force, more the once or twice every few years in some sort of effort to make the falcons look better than they were or are this year. fact of the matter is, boise should have done much more on defense. the having hardly ever seeing the option logic would mean every team that runs the option would more than likely be undefeated. at any rate, that game should raise a flag or two as it says more about boise st than it does the air force. the boise st kool-aid i drink earlier in the year is beginning to leave a sour taste in my mouth. yes, they won and are still in the top 10 in all the polls. i’m not impressed.

then of course, there was oklahoma getting beat down at home. no one saw that coming. well, except for whoever was in charge of the weather saturday night in norman. hints were being handed out for almost two hours as the teams sat in their locker rooms waiting for the lightning storm to pass. then there’s notre dame, you have to wonder who was in charge of playing a very loud snippet of an old black sabbath tune every chance they got in touchdown jesus land. all of this within ear shot of the golden dome. not particularly bright. is it any wonder the domers fumbled the game away? you can’t have it both ways domers.

just remember, this is for fun only. the insanity dealt out here is not meant to be used by any sane person or used for any gaming purposes. legal or otherwise. leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. paying the mortgage, sending the kids to college, and putting a nice marinara sauce or some bbqed kobe burgers on the table is much more important. don’t be stupid.

the point spreads used here are what i use to determine my win loss recored for the week. the points may change before game time but what is here is what i use. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/28 byu @ tcu. tcu favored by 13 points. after a slow start buy has started to win again. not the hottest schedule on the planet but they are winning and putting some points on the board. tcu isn’t all that this year as well. take buy to get inside the spread but tcu should win.

10/29 michigan st @ nebraska. nebraska favored by 4 points. nebraska gets the home field 3 plus 1. a close game but i’m thinking nebraska wins and covers at home.

10/29 washington st @ oregon. oregon favored by 36 points. another autzen madhouse. if my beloved ducks don’t take the cougars too lightly they should be able to cover the large bunch of points. take the ducks to win and cover the spread. QUACK QUACK!!

10/29 illinois @ penn st. illinois favored by 5 points. interesting big 10 or 12 match-up. penn st and joe pa rain on the illini’s parade. they may not win but they’ll get inside the spread. take penn st.

10/29 baylor @ oklahoma st. oklahoma favored st by 13.5 points. baylor has had a decent year so far in beating some good schools. if this were a home game for them things might be different. take the cowboys to win and cover the points.

10/29 oklahoma @ kansas st. oklahoma favored by 13.5 points. kansas st is one of the surprises this year. however, this is about pride and saving a sinking ship for the sooners. good game. the the sooners to win and cover the spread.

10/29 clemson @ georgia tech. clemson favored by 4 points. keeping it simple. this isn’t clemson’s first loss of the year. take them to win and cover the points.

10/29 stanford @ usc. stanford favored by 7.5 points. both trojan squads showed for the game last week and another bowl game for the trojans. if the defense can hold on and the offense can score this could be a big surprise for stanford. home town crowd for the men of troy makes a difference as well. if lane keeps them up and there’s no let down they’ll at minimum cover the points. take usc to cover. FIGHT ON!!

10/29 wisconsin @ ohio st. wisconsin favored by 7 points. another one for pride. the badgers need this one. not desperately but they need it none the less. take wisconsin to win and cover the points.

10/29 iowa st @ texas tech. texas tech favored by 15 points. i had another game picked but decided to go with this one instead. i may have been right about the other game. time will tell. iowa st has been a bit sloppy so far this year. the red raiders are on a high after last weeks game. another interesting match-up. iowa st may surprise here. or maybe not. take texas tech to win and cover the spread.

it’s getting good out there on saturday’s, kids. enjoy the games. as always the safe bet red food and red wine. marinara and red vino. be safe. be semi sane.


2011 college football picks week 8

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i’m coming off another stellar week of picks by going 8 for 10 again. that makes it two weeks in a row, kids. pretty sweet if you ask me. i was doing really well up until the last two games when i was sitting on 8 for 8. oklahoma and oregon both won but neither team managed to cover the spread. close but no brass ring and no going 10 for 10 last week. which just goes to show you how difficult it is to have a perfect weekend of picks against the spread. at any rate, i’m now 36 for 70 overall with my mojo seemingly on cruise control and hopefully still working for this week’s picks. i’m inching towards an even more respectable record.

the first BCS poll of the year is out which i’m sure has everyone upset along with something to say about it and/or be pissed off about it. or for most folks probably both at the same time. the bottom line is, with the bane of college football’s existence, the BCS poll, out this past sunday teams can no longer afford the luxury of losing any more games. that is if they want any shot at a decent bowl berth and a big money pay off come late december and early january. though regular readers know how i feel about the whole bowl game system.

as always, remember this is for fun only and the insanity expressed here is not meant to be taken to your local bookmaker, or out of state, or off shore, or off to some native american gaming spot where it could be used as advice for any gaming pursuits. only an insane person would do that. a really insane person. leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. it’s as simple as that. paying the mortgage and putting food on the table is more important. don’t be stupid.

the point spreads used here are what i go by to determine my win/loss record for the week. the spreads may change by game time but for my purposes it matters not. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/20 ucla @ arizona. arizona favored by 3 points. neither school is playing very well. ok. sure. the other stoops is already gone and slick rick is hanging by a slender winning record semi sort of making him the king of pac 12 south. yes, of course it makes no sense. but it’s the brave new world order of college ball. odd thing is the wildcats are favored. even if it’s just the home field three. anyway, it’s a prime time thursday night game. more than likely a yawner but you never know. if the arizona kids aren’t totally demoralized they should win this one. if only for the gipper…er…the other stoops AND the guy who recruited them. giving them a chance to play college ball and get a pretty much free college education along the way. take arizona to win and cover the points.

10/22 oklahoma st @ missouri. oklahoma st favored by 7 points. a nice way to start off your saturday morning and all day saturday watching football day with probably a good game. an odd run on type sentence but who cares. also probably lots of points. missouri could win this one by a touchdown but i’m taking the cowboys to win and cover the spread. you should too.

10/22 auburn @ lsu. lsu favored by 22.5 points. a bunch of points. the good thing being it’s a home game for the tigers. so far auburn has been surprising at times this year. lsu is just too much for them though. take lsu to win and cover the points.

10/22 oregon @ colorado. oregon favored by 32 points. my beloved ducks didn’t cover the spread last week and it was half of what it is this week. the phrase, ‘a bunch of points’, comes to mind. i guess the main point being, colorado doesn’t have it this year. if oregon doesn’t get sloppy and they find someone else to step up and fill some more shoes they shouldn’t have any problem winning and covering the large spread. take the ducks. QUACK QUACK!!!

10/22 air force @ boise st. boise st favored by 31 points. smurf turf home game for boise and they rarely if ever get beat or miss the spread at home. air force is treading water this year. sorta like the jet fighter that had to ditch in the ocean then sits waiting for air sea rescue to show up. both schools rumored to have invites to join the big east. two semi west coast schools in the big east? makes sense to me. at any rate, boise st should walk all over the falcons this saturday. take boise st to win and cover the large spread.

10/22 tennessee @ alabama. alabama favored by 29 points. the volunteers did okay against the fighting road kill earlier in the season. although lsu handed them their helmets last week. the tide will do the same this week. take alabama to win and cover the spread. ROLL TIDE!!!

10/22 usc @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 9 points. one of the older college football rivalries. rabid domers still rant about the reggie bush push from the last decade. yeah, perceived slights are hard to let go of in the land of the golden dome. the trojan defense showed up for last week’s game and then played both sides of the ball for the trojan. or seemingly so. a very nice gesture as they’ve missed most of the season so far. this is usc’s bowl game for the year. or at least one of them. um, the pretend ones, since they can’t go to a real one this year. at any rate, if lane has half a brain he should be selling this game as just that, a bowl game. also the defense has to show up again this week and the offense has to run the ball more than a couple of yards at a time. then punt. the golden domers will win but take usc to cover the spread. FIGHT ON!!!

10/22 texas tech @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 28.5 points. plenty of points. the red raiders have done well against the fighting road kill. though when faced with a better opponent they’ve stumbled. they will again this week. stumble. oklahoma rolls on. take the sooners to win and cover the spread. if you get the chance or are a nam vet visit this texas tech site. you’ll be glad you did. http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/

10/22 washington @ stanford. stanford favored by 20 points. if washington had a better defense this might be a closer game. deal is they don’t. note the colorado final score. andrew luck shreds them this week. take the cardinal to win and cover the spread.

10/22 wisconsin @ michigan st. wisconsin favored by 9 points. yes, the spartans thumped old blue last week. trouble is the badgers can roll up some points. they will again this week against a tough state defense. take wisconsin to win and cover the points.

first BCS poll week and points must be made. there are some happy campers and pissed off rained on parades as well. the safe bet? red meat and red wine. be safe and semi sane. enjoy the games.


2010 college football predictions week 8

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ok, i’m back at it after my road trip up into northern california and northern nevada.  a nice respite if that’s what you want to call it.  however, way too much alcohol and basque food were consumed while on the journey into the heart of darkness.  be that as it may, it’s time to get back in the college football saddle and rip into this weeks picks.

my week 6 picks were worse than dismal.  the word horrific comes to mind as i was 2 for 10.  ouch.  so, over all i now stand at 28 for 60 having missed week 7.  sitting just under .500 is not a good thing and i’ll see what i can do about that this week. 

just remember this is for fun.  and obviously if you are using what i dish out and taking it to some sort of book you’re losing your shirt.  though even with my sad percentage i’m still picking at least one good upset a week.  yes, i know.  just don’t get stupid and dump food and rent money down the drain.       

the first BCS poll came out this past sunday.  it was trotted out like some gelding with a decent lineage who has a shot at the triple crown.  all i’m going to say about the BCS poll is, it’s very early and it ain’t over till the fat lady limps off stage with another stunning upset and bosie st finally plays some real teams other than cheap juco joints with glorified high school athletes.  so sue me.

also, i pick the games that interest me.  they may not interest you.  i don’t care.  do your own picks.  the spreads used here are what i go by, if they change over the week, too bad.  my wins and losses are figured by what i have here.   

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/21  ucla at oregon.  my beloved ducks favored by 21.5 points.  probably the best game of the week.  and it’s on a thursday night in eugene with a national TV audience.  pretty sweet.  the ducks will ramp stuff up or at least they had better as slick rick and norm roll into autzen stadium and the pure pandemonium.  barring anything untoward the ducks should win and cover.  the bruins might surprise and get close but no cigar.  thankfully, the ducks aren’t on top of the BCS poll or more to the point, the one that matters.  take the ducks.  QUACK QUACK!!

10/23  notre dame at navy.  the golden domers favored by 6.5 points.  navy didn’t look very good last week.  the irish looked good beating one of those juco schools that boise is famous for running over.  i don’t see the spread.  navy holds it’s head up and either wins outright or covers the points.  take the goats.

10/23  michigan st at northwestern.  michigan st favored by 6.5 points.  the spartans aren’t getting much love this week as well.  fine, the farmers don’t need it(thanks, cross).  take state to win and cover.       

10/23  oklahoma at missouri.  the sooners favored by 3 points.  pretty much a tossup here, kids.  does the number 1 team fall again this week?  or has the bad juju gone the way of the dodo?  probably not.  take missouri to cover or win.

10/23  wisconsin at iowa.  iowa favored by 5 points.  no love for the badgers as well.  this one comes down to coaching on their part.  take wisconsin to step up and win or cover.

10/23  lsu at auburn.  the other bama favored by 6 points.  this one should go the way of the bama tigers.  take the home team six and run with it. auburn wins and covers.

10/23  nebraska at oklahoma st.  the cornhuskers favored by 6.  nebraska should take care of biz this week though the cowboys are ready to rumble.  never the less, take nebraska to win and cover.

10/23  alabama at tennessee.  the crimson tide favored by 16.5.  bama received their wake-up call while i was in elko slurping up excess absolut, vino, picon punch, and various forms of lamb.  hopefully, that call was taken and the snooze button ignored.  take bama to win and cover.  ROLL TIDE!!

10/23  air force at tcu.  tcu favored by 19.5.  tell you what, pilgrim, time for the falcons to prove a point and make a statement.  they may not win but air force will cover the spread.  take air force.

10/23  washington at arizona.  arizona favored by 7 points.  pac 10 predominance and post season pride at stake in the desert southwest.  a good game and a fine way to end my saturday of football.  arizona is good but the huskies are on a roll and jake locker will be the deciding factor. take the huskies to win and or cover. 

enjoy the games and leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt.  one more thing before i leave.  shame on Fox Sports for their shake down of the Dish network here in so cal.  a pox on both of your houses.  Fox for being greedy and Dish for not showing games on prime ticket and FSN.  i missed the trojan game because of you tools last weekend.  lord knows who we’ll miss this week.  work it out, ass holes.   


2009 college bowl wrap-up

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yes, there are still a few games left in this bowl season.  however, i’m done.  hence, the wrap-up.  the sad state of the pac-10’s play in the bowl games has nothing to do with it.  i have been promoting non-watching these bowl games any the ways.  shame on you for watching.  shame on me for watching a couple of them as well. 

the most shame coming from yesterdays rose bowl lose by my beloved ducks.  they had a chance to sorta make a statement for the pac-10 and came up short.  well, so did the cal bears, the stanford trees, and the oregon st beavers for that matter.  what happened?

no player motivation and no motivational coaching are probably the answers.  plus these games come too long after the regular season.  players have other things on their minds.  things like, free suvs, crack pipes, armed robbery, no show jobs, rape, free rent for mom and dad, and assorted other felonies and misdemeanors.  plus the coaches that keep a blind eye on such behavior.  and then wonder why they can’t motivate the team.

yes, of course i’m a bit over the top on that stuff.  but am i really that much over the top?  i don’t think so.  anyways, that’s not why i’m here. 

i’m here, once again, to remind you not to watch the rest of the bowl games.  yeah, ok.  i confess.  i may watch a bit of the tcu boise game.  and yes, i love bama.  i have since i was a kid.  just like the ducks.  but i’m not watching that game.  and neither should you.

the point being we need playoffs.  and a very strange thing has happened in that regard.  i’m not sure why just yet, though i may figure it out eventually.  there are some in the media who have long been advocates of a playoff system.  now some of those same folks are against a playoff system.  say what?  maybe they got their hands on some of that money being tossed around this time of year.  i don’t know.

at any rate, they are now saying no to playoffs because as it stands now every game counts.  if there is a playoff the regular season won’t matter.  we the fans won’t watch regular season games anymore.  they will become meaningless.  those guys now sound like politicians.  they think we are stupid.  just like the pols think we are stupid.

media types site college basketball as an example.  no one watches the games until march madness and the big dance.  the same thing would happen with college football.  we can’t weaken the regular season.  tell you what.  nobody watches college basketball until march because the damn season is six months long!  it starts sometime in october and goes till the end of february.  the only folks watching the whole deal on a regular basis are mom and dad and degenerate gamblers.  and the gamblers are only watching the last three minutes of the game!  

college football is only three short months.  one game a week for everybody.  not several like basketball.  the media anointed think we the fans won’t watch those 12 games if a playoff system is put into place.  i say, we the fans will watch the regular season because we love college football and we are salivating for a playoff system.  the media don’t know what they are talking about.  i say screw em.  we don’t need them when they come up with some good playoff ideas then do an about face and say, no to playoffs.  i don’t get it.

what i do get is we need playoffs and we need to stop watching these bowl games or playoffs will never happen.  and we need to stop listening to the anointed media hypers who tell us they know more than we do.  tell us one thing then tell us another.  just like the tools in washington.  screw em both.


the strange case of the bcs

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i’ve been messing with this one for a few days now.  i’m angry.  not at what i’ve written, even though it might be hard to follow.  but then what else is new as far as my stuff goes?  no, i’m angry at college football, tv networks, congress and just about everyone else as well.    

the years first bcs computerized nonsense poll came out last weekend after the games.  we get another one after the games this week and after every other one until the season is over.  those of you that follow and love college football have many reasons to dislike the bcs poll on numerous levels.  me too.  especially after seeing boise st and cincinnati crouching just under the radar for a shot at the national championship game.  a shot i’m not real happy about.  but then i’m old and old school.

however, with my frazzled synapses and mis-firing neurons i’d forgotten all about what went down after last season or maybe even earlier.  i haven’t a clue as to an exact date.  a very sad state of affairs in both cases.  several schools, most notably utah and boise st, got the hairballs in washington dc to hold hearings on the seemingly unfair deal that is the bcs and their big money games at the end of the year.  sen orrin hatch, was the most visible and he yammered about fairness and other such dumbness.

dumbness, like giving a third tier school, such as boise st, a shot at the national title game if they went 12 and oh.  our wonderful government has nothing better to do than stick it’s collective nose into places it has no business.  college football being one of those premiere areas.  though our esteemed leader has said he’d like to see a playoff in college football.  hopefully, he will keep his and congresses nose out of the deal.  the bcs is bad enough right now without further meddling by those lame bozos.

their meddling, so far, has turned the best sport in the nation into a coed t-ball league for cry baby 5 year olds.  a league where even if you play the likes of say, u c davis or southeastern st university of chicken pluckers, and beat them.  why, by golly, you can play in the national championship game.  you went 12 and oh with your patsy schedule of third and fourth tier cupcake schools.  well done.  oofa.  

i’m sorry.  i don’t want to see it.  at all.  you can have your t-ball for whinny third tier school athletic directors and their ilk.  i don’t want to see watered down college football games.  games where everybody must play.  games where nobody really wins.  games where there are no winners. just losers like us.  

you say, ‘but, john, that isn’t happening and won’t happen.’  yeah, right.  just give them a little more time.  a little more whining.  then just wait and see.  because you can soon count on some women’s college field hockey team playing boise st, in the beloved rose bowl, for the national championship of college football.

ridiculous you say?  why he’s been at the absolut trough again.  no kids, not yet, any the ways.  i just don’t appreciate diluted college football games.  diluted to the point of political correct parity.  diluted so even, the university of middle state teachers and boys choir affiliates, gets a shot at a bowl game at the end of the college football money rainbow.  god, the horror.

sadly, i’m beginning to lose interest in college football.  oh, i’ll stick around for awhile.  but in the not so distant future i see myself voting with my feet and walking away from the game.  politicians making changes they have no business making.  there’s just too much excess money out there.  and that money along with dumb ass politicians and stupid college officials is ruining the game i used to love so very much.  it’s a part of brave new world?  no thanks.  you can have it.

so just what have the hairballs in dc done?  they got just who the hell ever of the bcs hairballs to adjust their computers to look favorably upon third tier schools ala boise st.  in all fairness, cincinnati is probably a second tier school as they have a very good medical school on the campus.  they just ain’t harvard or yale and just as well as those guys can’t compete either.

the point being, boise st, a third tier school has diddly for academics and can recruit kids that can play but then said kids are morons who could never get into an sec, big 10 or pac 10 school.  which doesn’t matter much in the academic sense.  not that the kids from michigan or usc go to class all that much.  it’s a fine line to be sure.  a line that for the sake of decent college football games that shouldn’t be crossed.  at least not while i’m still alive.  thank you.  point?  computers tweaked to nullify strength of schedule.

so just why are boise st and the bear cats sitting above usc in the bcs poll?  the sad reply from the masses is: usc lost a game and the other two haven’t.  they are undefeated.  fine.  ok, pilgrim, riddle me this: if usc were to play boise st this saturday, at boise, who would be the vegas favorite?  vegas cares only about the money.  their money.  the simple answer would be, usc.  probably by at least 14 points.  trust me, i’m sure that would be the case.  so why then is boise st and cincinnati ranked higher than usc?

yeah, i’m a usc homer and a pac 10 honk.  doesn’t matter in this regard.  he political correct crowd bought off by somebody or another to water down the game into a 5 year old coed t-ball league.  jesus.

this has been like all over the place and i suppose, maybe and hopefully, you can see my passion here.  and my point.  we are destroying a game, the only game left, that used to have some sort of meaning and purpose.  a meaning and purpose that is being watered down into nothingness.

count on this as well, a playoff mandated or brokered by the hairballs in washington, dc would be just as bad.  you would have to be certifiably insane to think otherwise.