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2013-14 college football bowl game picks & predictions

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at long last we finally see the BCS BS drift out to sea with the tide on a flaming funeral pyre worthy of king odin himself. adieu, sweet BCS. we come not mourn it but to bury it. ah well, cheap prose aside, the brinks trucks will still be backing up to off load their small, used, and completely laundered cash to all the deans, AD’s, conference commissioners, TV executives, and all the other assorted college football hangers-on across this once great land. however, one of the great axioms of life, be careful what you wish for, looms around the corner. though that corner won’t be around till next year at this time.

bowl season. the extracurricular college football season meant to line the pockets of everyone far and wide in the land of the halls of ivy. of course, if you haven’t played your cards right you’re left out in the bowl cold. no golden cash cow for you, pilgrim. perhaps next year. or the year after. the carrot is dangled. hope springs eternal in the gloomy halls of the have nots and wannabes. next year, kids. next year.

i used to love bowl games. not anymore. yeah, there’s a handful i’ll tune into every year but the list grows shorter with the passing of time. plus i have a new wrinkle, this year DISH has added HBO on demand to their menu. woo hoo. ‘the sopranos’ in their six seasons of glory all there for the viewing. i have something else to watch now instead of my meager few bowl games. works for me. pass the dago red. i only have until december 31st or that’s what they say before tony and crew vanish. sure, i’ve got the whole thing in a boxed DVD set. but who knows how to run a DVD player anymore? ours just sits there like some brick-a-brack collecting dust so the cleaning lady can make the occasional feeble stab at dusting it.

yes, i know. you aren’t here for that. you want a bowl line-up run down. fine with me. you’ll get one. not all of them but a few i may or may not actually tune into while waiting for the next episode of ‘the sopranos’ to download. another sad fact of life is most of the bowl games are junk junkets at best. crack whores dressed as sexily clad sirens luring hicks and hucksters alike to warmer climes. come. spend your cash. watch your team play some other 6 and 6 team. either team may or may not be into said bowl or even playing football this time of year. but who cares? not us. bring your money on down. be drunken sailors on leave for a few days or better yet, a week. so what if you end up with a DUI or herpes or a six inch gash on the back of your head from that full can of PBR lobbed in your general direction during half time while you stood in line for 25 minutes so you could pee in a trough urinal with 10 or 15 of your new best friends. sweet. it doesn’t get any better than that. right? boy howdy, i’ll wager not.

it’s all about the money, kids. with some other stuff thrown in for good measure. football is on the list. somewhere. you may have to do some digging and if you’re very lucky you may even find it. off the top of my head i’m thinking you’ll probably find jimmy hoffa before you’ll find any football.

i don’t waste my time with points or spreads or whatever with the bowl games. just straight up picks. for those that are still reading and maybe even care a tad my overall percentage for my picks this season ended up at 61.3%. a good 10 points above my usual mediocrity.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12-21 las vegas bowl. fresno st vs usc. i may watch this game. or some of it. to bad cajun ed isn’t still around. the sark hire by the trojans is a head scratcher for sure. take the trojans. FIGHT ON!!!

12-30 alamo bowl. oregon vs texas. the ducks need to win this game in order to quell the ‘it’s a coaching problem’ talk. QUACK!!! QUACK!!!

12-31 sun bowl. virginia tech vs ucla. coach mora got a wagon load of money to stay at ucla. if he hadn’t he would have replaced sark in seattle. take ucla.

12-31 chick-fil-a bowl. miami vs texas a&m. one i’ll probably watch. it’s either johnny boys last college game or he begins his heisman campaign anew. hopefully, the month lay off hasn’t raised more issues with his off field behavior. take the aggies.

1-1 capital one bowl. s. carolina vs wisconsin. i’m hoping the capital one guys will be trotting out some new commercials as they’re generally good for a few laughs. the game? take the badgers.

1-1 the rose bowl. michigan st vs stanford. the grand pappy of em all. one i usually watch or at least some of it anyway. though no matter how snooty the bib and tucker crowd in pasadena tries to make the day it’s just another lackluster stab at debauchery and the dry heaves while running for some faded roses who’s smell was bred out of them years ago. there’s a kentucky derby simile in there some place. le gran pooh bah. the stale old vichy french could do no better. as the day drags on i suppose a game lurks about somewhere. the PAC(8)(10)12 vs the BIG 10(12)(?). the storied rivalry of your great grandparents played on the first day of the new born year. the san gabriel mountains glisten in the winter sun as a backdrop. they actually do turn purple as the sun sinks into the pacific. every year i pray for a deluge of biblical proportions if only to stem the tide of snowbirds fed up with their snow and cold. sadly,rain hasn’t happened in decades on jan 1. besides it’s already to late. that train left the tracks back in the early 60’s. however, it won’t stop me from my yearly ritual. the game? screw it. at this point who cares? not i, pilgrim. not i. however, if you do take stanford for the win.

1-6 BCS championship game. florida st vs auburn. the last one of it’s kind. ever. or that’s the thinking. though i guess there’s a possibility of it returning if the next deal doesn’t pan out. get real, that is a possibility. lots of stuff returns. kinda like the ‘touristas’ if you aren’t careful. hmmm. i don’t much care for this game and haven’t watched it in years. neither should you. why? it happens way too long after the season is over. plus, i’ll be busy getting ready for elvis’ birthday on the 8th. come on over. there’ll be drinks. way way to much fattening food. bowl upon bowl of all manner of pills. maybe even some demerol. that by the way is all a joke. i digress. the game itself is one long TV commercial with a few moments of football tossed in every once in a while. you could DVR it and watch it later but why? meh. let’s see. the rose bowl committee, escorts, and strippers from all over the world get another shot at fleecing the poor folk who come into town for the game. yeah, it off loads plenty of cash into the local economy. but you have to ask yourself, is it all worth it? probably not. yes, the chambers of commerce scalawags would argue otherwise. that’s their prerogative. and job. mine is to avoid them and their ilk whenever possible. i won’t be watching but i’d take florida st to win.

thanks for reading this and all my other football insanity this year. some of you get it. others, well, you know. i hope all of you have a joyous and merry christmas season. i hope santa brings you everything you want. sure why not? right? i also hope you have a healthy and prosperous new year. be safe. be semi sane. i’ll see you in nine months or so.


pretty sweet and happy feet

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yesterday morning i was googling around trying to see if my facebook account had really been de-activated like they said it would. the reason being someone had come to this place via an old link in facebook. ah, no matter. what does matter was this link i stumbled upon.

for some reason i’m unable to get the link thing to work right. mea culpa. just copy and paste the above into your browser. sorry for the trouble.

i suppose it’s a always a good thing to be the lead in a sports illustrated column written by stewart mandel. the only thing better would have been seeing it back in january when it was first published.
how did i miss it? i guess because i had no real interest in the game or the teams. so the pre-game hype and analysis meant nothing to me.

at any rate, stewart missed my point. sure at least 50% of the college football world was unhappy with the championship matchup or rematch or whatever. the point being is we need playoffs in DIV 1 college football. at the end of the season we were tossed a few kernels of corn pone by various league commissioners. we’re going to fix it. fear not. yeah, right. sigh.

after their winter meeting and stripper scavenger hunt was over nothing had changed. other than a few bs rule changes. they had resorted to their usual mantra and treachery yet again. no playoffs. we have finals then. the sacred bowl games and related skimming involved with them. millions and millions out there for the hoarding. we already play 12 games there’s just no time. we’re left at the phony alter of change once again, pilgrims. jilted and abused like a red headed stepchild.

let’s look at things a bit closer since the commissioners can’t seem to do it. the first two weeks of the season at least 85% of the schools play DIV 1A teams or even DIV 2 schools. some even toss in a couple of games against junior college teams or so it seems. then there’s the fact ALL of the schools get a week off during the season. if they stopped playing eastern mid-west jimi hendrix junior college teams they’d have the time for playoffs. they also don’t need a week off. they are football players for crying out loud. supposedly being tough is part of the package. oh right, they’re only tough when they foist themselves upon their fellow students and rip them off or assault them.

it’s a sad world we live in, kids. however, we can change things. we have the power. college football lives and thrives on money. big money. TV money. we don’t watch their inbred half empty bowls they’ll go away and we’ll get a playoff system. count on it.


2011-12 college bowl games picks & predictions

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with the regular season over the only thing we fans have left are the season ending bowl games. a little bit of pre holiday and post holiday magic. games gift wrapped up by the ever increasingly omniscient BCS. the big brother of the college football world that can never seem to get things right. this year even more so. we sit and argue the last few weeks of the season knowing full well who should be playing where and against whom only to be trumped and dumped on by the BCS klan and TV money.

make no mistake, it’s all about the money. as you are reading this insanity dump trucks the size of rhode island and belly dumpers twice the size of oahu are being loaded up with tons and tons of cash. used bills with nothing larger than a twenty are being shoveled into the trucks then sent on their way to the deans and regents of pretty much ever school of higher learning in the land. yeah, small used bills with non sequential serial numbers and none of them wrapped with those pesky bands either. for you see, the deans and regents like to wallow buck ass naked in and amongst the used cash. TV folks on the other hand prefer bills no smaller than a cee note. the newer and crisper the better. of course, all properly counted and banded for them. it makes it easier to wire transfer stuff that way. banded currency flows down the wires and out to those off shore accounts much quicker. it also makes it easier to disappear that way. penn and teller are jealous of the speed and greed of the self serving TV crowd.

i’ve been saying this for a few years now. you want playoffs? the BCS doesn’t. no matter what they say. the deans, regents, and comissioners? hell no they don’t. TV? surely you jest. the coaches? another slippery bunch as well. they actually like the current system despite anything they say to the contrary concerning playoffs. why? everybody going to one of the antiquated bowls gets another 21 days more or less of practice. 21 more days of practice the left out bunch doesn’t get. 21 days of sanctioned NCAA one ups man-ship over the also rans. see? no one really wants a playoff system.

too much money slopping around. plenty of lip service and out right balderdash from the deans and regents. who along with the TV folks and antiquated bowls want nothing more than the lip service and loads of balderdash. there are way too many hot needy strippers who need the money doled out by this bunch of crazed fools bent on out drinking a flotilla of sailors on shore leave. they’re all a sad bunch indeed. we on the other hand sit on our hands and enable all those dumb asses. you want playoffs? it’s very simple, kids. and i’m going to keep at it until everyone out there gets it. stop the madness. stop buying tickets to these bowl games. if no one shows up for the games they’ll go away. eventually. perhaps even more important stop watching them on TV. you folks do that they’ll for sure go away and bingo here come the playoffs. it’s not brain surgery people. it’s simple math with a playoff system at the end of the rainbow. suck it up and just do it.

the feds aren’t going to help because they’re just as greedy and corrupt as all of the deans, regents, commissioners, and TV dimwits combined. get over that idea. they can’t even manage the stuff they ought to be doing. let alone ‘fixing college football’. yeah, they’ll fix it alright. fix it right out of existence. then tell us that’s what we really wanted in the first place because football is violent and promotes winning. two very evil things to be sure.

yeah, ok. you came here to read about ‘your’ team and what someone thinks about their chances of wining one of these useless turkeys. fine i’ll pander to some of you. why not? you won’t be getting all of the games because 90% of them are unwatchable at best. no one cares other than you. just remember this is for fun and entertainment purposes only. no spreads or points or any of that stuff here. just straight up win or lose.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/17 new mexico bowl. temple @ wyoming. interesting because wyoming is playing some good football. also interesting because only a few years ago temple was the worst college team in the country. i’ll take wyoming.

12/17 new orleans bowl. san diego st @ la lafayette. i’m a so calif homer. too bad the aztecs are stuck in this mess of a game. enjoy bourbon st kids but don’t forget there’s a game to play. take san diego st.

12/22 maaco bowl. arizona st @ boise st. might be a decent match up. kellen moore will have already been hosed by the heisman voters so he has nothing to lose. take out the bowl insurance policy and keep him in the whole game for a change coach petersen. take boise st.

12/24 hawaii bowl. nevada @ s. mississippi. only interesting in the fact it will be possibly fun to see if s. miss can get up for another game. take the golden eagles.

12/29 alamo bowl. washington @ baylor. baylor gets a shot at walking all over the huskies. come on sark make it a game, please. take baylor.

12/30 pinstripe bowl. iowa st @ rutgers. big apple thugs are looking forward to the iowa hayseeds flocking to the big city for this one. rutgers gets the nod in order to get the ‘home’ crowd out and in the seats. iowa st thumps rutgers handily.

12/31 fight hunger bowl. illinois @ ucla. the bruins back into another game. this one sans slick rick. they get a gimme from the BCS clowns and the PAC 12 gets a bit more cash in their christmas stocking. amazing. take illinois just because.

1/2 ticket city bowl. houston @ penn st. houston gets a shot at redemption. just remember you must actually play the game in order to receive it, houston. oh alright, take houston.

1/2 rose bowl. wisconsin @ oregon. the granddaddy of them all. i fell in love with the ducks back in 1958 when they lost to ohio st or maybe it was wisconsin in the rose bowl. doesn’t matter really. i still love them. memo to visor head kelly, erase both loses in the ducks other recent bowl games with a win here. you’ll also have to get the team to play much better than they did against the bruins. can you please make a PAC 12 homer proud? thanks in advance. QUACK QUACK!!!!

1/2 fiesta bowl. stanford @ oklahoma st. probably a good game. or maybe the best of the lot. the cowboys hosed by the BCS chumps should be fighting mad. good luck trees. take the cowboys. andrew, take out the insurance. you just might need it.

1/9 BCS championship. alabama @ lsu. the game only the SEC wants to see. the rest of the country be damned. talking heads and the BCS get it all wrong one more bloody time. i love the tide but they played some backwater school in week 13 then sat out week 14. none the less ipso presto facto they end up here in a rematch with lsu. yawn. one i won’t be watching. if you want playoffs you shouldn’t watch this either. time to send a message to all involved in this sordid mess of a system. DON’T WATCH THIS GAME. PERIOD. it’s not even interesting to begin with as it’s a repeat. re-run. re-tread. screw em.

there ya go. merry christmas and happy new year. these are the only bowl games that i have some sort of vague interest in watching. though i probably won’t even watch many of them. the rest of the bowls? no interest what so ever. i don’t care and neither should you. shame on you for sitting around watching this crap foisted upon us by all the greed heads involved. take a stand and turn off your TV and don’t buy tickets to any of the games. it’s the only way the point will ever get across to the numb nuts involved.


2010-11 college bowl game picks

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they’re back.  and i’m sure some of you are very happy they are.  me?  not really but regular readers over the past few years already know this.  what’s to like about football games that come, in some cases, 37 days after the regular season has been put to bed for the next nine months?  indeed.  what’s to like?

especially since ‘bowls are business.’  stewart mandel wrote that a week or so ago in one of his sports illustrated columns concerning the lack of prospects for stanford getting a big time bowl bid, among other things.  though things did change.  stanford got a nice bid even with their lack of traveling alumni willing to head out to some god forsaken place or another and spend way too much money to sit in some stadium someplace and watch a football game.  i get the stanford alums point of view.  why indeed?

bowls are business.  the money tree time of year for college regents and deans alike all over this once great nation.  league commissioners slather all over themselves seeing visions of clean, crisp, unmarked, benjamins dancing in their collective greedy heads.  perhaps the most joyous time of the year turned into a greed head’s nirvana.

local pols and chambers of commerce goons fleece the nattering nabobs of the traveling alumni world.  fan bases far and wide leave home flush with cash only to have it stripped from them in some inglorious hell hole by bastions of local yokeldoms finest greed headed businessmen cum thieves.  god, yes, it’s bcs bowl season.  do you hear what i hear?  indeed.

yes, kids, once again it’s time for me to ask you to boycott the bowl games.  the first part is easy.  don’t buy a ticket to the damn games.  don’t fill the seats.  simple easy.  the second is a bit harder.  don’t watch the games on the tube.  yes, of course, not as easy as it sounds.  right?  but it is.  just don’t turn on the tv when your favorite team hits the airwaves and probably the skids because they haven’t faced any real football action/competition for over a month.  about the only action the players will have had is robbing fellow students of their lap tops and local 7-11’s of their daily take.  plus, scaring the bejesus out of coeds far and wide.  indeed.

ok.  alright.  you came here to read my picks.  so i’ll give them to you.  just remember they are for fun and entertainment purposes only.  using any of what i write here as a good thing to to take to a sports book or street corner bookie would be the ultimate definition of insanity. 

during the regular season i use and go by the oddsmakers point spreads.  not this time of year.  i’m just picking a winner.  also since most bowl games are stinkers at best, i’m only picking nineteen of the thirty-five games, which could shrink once i get into this.  some of the bowl turkeys aren’t even worth making fun of.  and that, my readers, is a very sad statement.  so without further ado…

rock ‘n’ roll.     

12/18  new mexico: byu vs utep.  the mormons finally get a shot at another holiday travel destination other than vegas after countless trips to sin city this time of year.  not the glitz and glamor of the strip but albuquerque has an old west vibe going for it.  including the gunfire, just stay off the freeways and you’ll probably be ok.  take byu to win.

12/21  beef o’brady’s: southern mississippi vs louisville.  the only reson for picking this game is it’s title.  what the harold is beef o’brady’s any the ways?  there might be some good commercials.  did i just say that?  take s. miss to win.

12/22  maaco: utah vs boise st.  this should be a good game.  maybe.  utah hit the skids then recovered nicely.  boise is still probably smarting from it’s fall from grace.  plus coach peterson is out job hunting.  he’s already upset about boise st dumping the wac to move to the mountain west while utah and byu have bailed out of that conference.  it’s like boise st moved from one sisters of the poor league to a little bit better sisters of the poor league.  boise st, do your homework next time.  homework just might be the reason none of the big boy conferences want you.  hint.  hint.  at any rate, take utah to win.

12/23  poinsettia: san diego st vs navy.  a grandiose fleet week bowl game for san diego just before christmas.  as much as i enjoy good san diego st football you have to take navy in this game.

12/27  independence: air force vs georgia tech.  take air force in this one, kids.

12/28  insight: missouri vs iowa.  a yawner but take iowa.

12/29  alamo: arizona vs oklahoma st.  as i’m a pac 10 or 12 homer take arizona here.  it might be a good game. 

12/30  holiday: nebraska vs washington.  another day another game in san diego.  if you can fly in do so because the roads in and out of there are usually clogged worse than my arteries.  pac 10 or 12 once again.  take washington if only for the fact my wife’s orthopod has a kid playing for the huskies.

12/31  sun: miami vs notre dame.  notre dame off a so so year but the touchdown jesus faithful do love to travel and spend lots of cash.  go with miami and the win.

1/1  capital one: alabama vs michigan st.  michigan st got hosed this year but somebody does every year.  guess it was their turn.  maybe some decent commercials again.  depending on who feels like playing after the big lay-off will determine who’s going to win.  i’m taking michigan st.

1/1  gator: michigan vs mississippi st.  hopefully, state rolls over michigan.  take miss st.

1/7  cotton: texas a&m vs lsu.  take the aggies of texas to win.

1/9  hunger: boston college vs nevada.  only reason i’m doing this game is because of what nevada did this year.  take nevada to win.

now for the so called big games.

1/1  rose: wisconsin vs tcu.  probably a decent game.  tcu will show up to play.  hopefully, wisconsin does as well.  take tcu.

1/1  fiesta: oklahoma vs connecticut.  good game to nap through.  make your own pick.  i don’t care.

1/3  orange: virginia tech vs stanford.  a good game?  take stanford to win.  pac 10 honk honk.

1/4  sugar: arkansas vs ohio st.  the talking heads are already saying this is the best game of the bowl season.  it is?  take arkansas to win.

1/10  BCS championship: auburn vs oregon.  finally, the last game.  as much as i love the ducks i really doubt if i’ll even watch this.  come on, 37 days after the season is over.  get real bcs and ncaa.  yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.  plus, the fact there are going to more commercials than you can shake the proverbial stick at.  i’m not interested in that action at all.  what i want to know is how the ncaa can say cecil newton is a crook and his kid knew nothing about it.  yeah, right.  the ducks have not played well in their last couple of games.  very possibly they won’t here either.  the first betting line for the game had the ducks favored by 3.  that disappeared as soon as someone realized what had happened.  probably a typo or a rabid duck fan who now has no job.  though a few folks did get in on that action.  lucky them because auburn is going to win this ad fest turkey.  sadly, for the ducks and the pac 10 or 12.  none the less, QUACK QUACK!!  yes, take auburn to win.

that’s it.  a few good games mixed in with the crapola games.  but that’s the usual scenario for the college bowl season.  should there be a playoff?  probably but i go back and forth on that idea.  for one, i think it sullies the regular season.  not unlike men’s basketball where nothing much matters during the regular season.  what matters, is march.  just remember these bowl games really aren’t for you, joe fan.  they are about teams getting more practice time and money money money.  not that there’s anything wrong with money.  i just wish the ncaa and college regents, deans, and commissioners would be more honest about the whole sordid deal.  any the ways, is it september yet?


2009 college bowl wrap-up

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yes, there are still a few games left in this bowl season.  however, i’m done.  hence, the wrap-up.  the sad state of the pac-10’s play in the bowl games has nothing to do with it.  i have been promoting non-watching these bowl games any the ways.  shame on you for watching.  shame on me for watching a couple of them as well. 

the most shame coming from yesterdays rose bowl lose by my beloved ducks.  they had a chance to sorta make a statement for the pac-10 and came up short.  well, so did the cal bears, the stanford trees, and the oregon st beavers for that matter.  what happened?

no player motivation and no motivational coaching are probably the answers.  plus these games come too long after the regular season.  players have other things on their minds.  things like, free suvs, crack pipes, armed robbery, no show jobs, rape, free rent for mom and dad, and assorted other felonies and misdemeanors.  plus the coaches that keep a blind eye on such behavior.  and then wonder why they can’t motivate the team.

yes, of course i’m a bit over the top on that stuff.  but am i really that much over the top?  i don’t think so.  anyways, that’s not why i’m here. 

i’m here, once again, to remind you not to watch the rest of the bowl games.  yeah, ok.  i confess.  i may watch a bit of the tcu boise game.  and yes, i love bama.  i have since i was a kid.  just like the ducks.  but i’m not watching that game.  and neither should you.

the point being we need playoffs.  and a very strange thing has happened in that regard.  i’m not sure why just yet, though i may figure it out eventually.  there are some in the media who have long been advocates of a playoff system.  now some of those same folks are against a playoff system.  say what?  maybe they got their hands on some of that money being tossed around this time of year.  i don’t know.

at any rate, they are now saying no to playoffs because as it stands now every game counts.  if there is a playoff the regular season won’t matter.  we the fans won’t watch regular season games anymore.  they will become meaningless.  those guys now sound like politicians.  they think we are stupid.  just like the pols think we are stupid.

media types site college basketball as an example.  no one watches the games until march madness and the big dance.  the same thing would happen with college football.  we can’t weaken the regular season.  tell you what.  nobody watches college basketball until march because the damn season is six months long!  it starts sometime in october and goes till the end of february.  the only folks watching the whole deal on a regular basis are mom and dad and degenerate gamblers.  and the gamblers are only watching the last three minutes of the game!  

college football is only three short months.  one game a week for everybody.  not several like basketball.  the media anointed think we the fans won’t watch those 12 games if a playoff system is put into place.  i say, we the fans will watch the regular season because we love college football and we are salivating for a playoff system.  the media don’t know what they are talking about.  i say screw em.  we don’t need them when they come up with some good playoff ideas then do an about face and say, no to playoffs.  i don’t get it.

what i do get is we need playoffs and we need to stop watching these bowl games or playoffs will never happen.  and we need to stop listening to the anointed media hypers who tell us they know more than we do.  tell us one thing then tell us another.  just like the tools in washington.  screw em both.


2009 college bowl picks

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bowl season again for us college football fans.  yeah, i know i told all of you guys last week not to watch any of the bowl games.  well, that’s pretty much like telling a 2 year old to stop being such a cry baby.  you are gonna watch regardless.  and to a certain extent i’m gonna watch a few of the games myself.  maybe.

the thing is the bowls come to long after the season is over.  most of the players are back to smoking crack and robbing liquor stores in their spare time.  that stuff would be happening on a good day.  a really bad day?  perhaps we shouldn’t even go there.

plus the fact most of the bowl games are useless other than the fact the teams get 15 more practice sessions before their respective games.  not a bad thing i guess.  plus all the money the schools get.  on and on and on.  just remember, if you really want to change the system–STOP WATCHING THESE USELESS BOWL GAMES!!!!  no sane amerikan wants the federal government sticking their nose into this mess.  we are the fans.  we should have some say.  not them.  screw them as a matter of fact but that’s for another time. 

i’m not going to run down the entire bowl line-up.  i’m just doing the games that i have some sort of interest in watching.  maybe.  there are point spreads for these games but i’m not using them.  i’ll mention the favorite and pick a winner.  betting on bowl games is even dumber than betting on the regular season games.

i shouldn’t tell you this but the last college football bet i made was on a 3 pick bowl game deal a number of years ago at a casino in nevada.  a friend and i split the bet.  we won and picked up a nice chunk of change to split after expenses.  you on the other hand should not try it.  taking what i deal out here and using to bet on the games is utter stupidity and insanity.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.  this is for fun only.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/22  las vegas bowl.  oregon st and byu.  oregon st a slim favorite.  byu goes to this bowl every year.  their fans just have to cross the border and they are there and they come in droves.  to gamble and drink.  so much for religion.  yes, i know.  not all of em.  this should be a good game.  hopefully both teams show up and are ready to play.  i figure the beavs will be ready.  if you haven’t seen the brothers rodgers kick out the jams you should watch this one.  and take oregon st to win.

12/23  poinsettia bowl, san diego.  california and utah.  cal a slim favorite.  san diego in the winter is pretty cool.  a nice place to visit.  if you enjoy crowds.  can tedford get the boys up for this one?  because utah will be ready to play.  good game.  take utah to win.

12/24  hawaii bowl, hawaii.  nevada and smu.  nevada the favorite.  hmmm.  interesting that.  this is june jones coming back to the place where he had a number of great years coaching hawaii.  he has the mustangs back in the hunt once again.  take smu to win.

12/26  emerald bowl, san francisco.  usc and boston college.  usc the favorite.  a step down for the usual trojan bowl season.  however, the city is always a nice place to visit and hang out.  if pete brings the boys ready to play then it should be an easy win.  however, that hasn’t been the case the second half of the season for the trojans.  boston college can play.  good game and it will be fun watching coach pete try and stay warm at candlestick in december.  take the trojans to win.  FIGHT ON!!!

12/29  eagle bank bowl, washington.  ucla and temple.  i’m not sure just which washington they are talking about here.  doesn’t matter.  the interesting thing is temple and bowl being used in the same sentence.  welcome to college football, temple owls.  ucla is a slim favorite.  take temple to win.  come on it’s their first bowl ever.  probably.

12/30  holiday bowl, san diego.  arizona and nebraska.  arizona a slim favorite.  san diego is the center piece once again.  take arizona to win.

12/31  sun bowl, el paso.  oklahoma and stanford.  oklahoma favored.  the heisman runner-up may or may not play with his usual gusto due to wanting to turn pro.  i can’t blame him.  maybe a good game.  take oklahoma to win.

1/1    THE rose bowl, pasadena.  oregon and ohio st.  oregon a slim favorite.  run and gun vs a 1960’s offense.  however, ohio st has a damn fine defense.  a good game.  take oregon to win.  QUACK!!! QUACK!!!

1/2    alamo bowl, san antone.  texas tech and michigan st.  texas tech favored.  could be a good game.  as usual i have to go with my semi alma mater, texas tech to win.  and be sure to visit:

1/4    fiesta bowl, arizona.  tcu and boise st.  tcu favored.  two pretty good undefeated teams going at each other once again in a bowl game.  a match-up i wanted to see but nobody else did.  until there is a play off it will always and as it should be in boise’s regard: yeah, but look who they played.  take tcu to win.

1/5    orange bowl, miami.  georgia tech and iowa.  georgia tech a slim favorite.  i seriously doubt i’ll even watch this one.  take iowa to win.

1/7    bcs championship, pasadena.  alabama and texas.  bama a slim favorite.  the pasadena chamber of commerce is in a tizzy this year.  dreams of mucho dinero run all thru their heads.  cash and coin falling into city coffers.  tell you what, pasadena.  don’t count the money yet.  you can prolly count on the tools up in sacramento stealing that money so they can set fire to it and roast some marshmallows.  that you can count on.  at this point in the bowl season i’ve had enough long before this one trots out.  i’m not gonna watch it.  you shouldn’t either.  make a statement to the tools in the conferences and the deans of all the div1 schools.  we’ve had enough.  we want playoffs.  TURN OFF YOUR TV ON THE EVENING OF JAN THE 7TH.  pick who you want.  i don’t care.

that’s it kids.  the usual sad coda to the college football season.  so now we sit and stew until the first week of september when the sweet short season is here once again.  is it september yet?!?!?


what’s the point of the bowl games?

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this was originally written 2 years ago.  it’s still a valid post.  jmh

yeah, exactly, what’s the point of so many useless bowl games with teams that only had a marginal season at best?  you go 6-6 and have some sort of fan base that is willing to truck on down the road to pretty much anywhere in the country to see ‘their’ school play.  well, then by golly, you get a useless bowl bid to some city where the chamber of commerce and the local pols are all salivating over the amount of coin you are going to drop into their pockets or local economy or more than likely both.

that scenario covers it along with all the tv money that’s doled out to god knows who.  not me, sadly.  i don’t see a dime.  espn and fox.  ok, so espn gets some props for all the games on saturday.  fox cable, as well, though not as many.  then there’s the week night games on espn.  fine, i’m all for them, you get to see teams you probably wouldn’t get to see other wise.  speaking of which, if it wasn’t for, fox cable, most of the pac 10 games wouldn’t even be on tv.  period.

yes, i know.  college football, the love of my life is all about the money anymore.  it probably always was or maybe not.  i’m old enough to remember pre-ncaa days.  yeah, the aau, amature ahtletic union.  god, what a bunch of blowhards they were.  so that flawed system begot, the ncaa, who are now the reigning blowhards on the block.   second only to the pac 10 commissioner and his, tutti di capo tutti, the big ten commissioner.  yeah, ok, and the sec, big 12, acc, wac, ad naseum.  plus the deans of all the div 1 schools, who are so stupid, they think that anything other than what goes down now will result in total chaos in every hall of higher learning from here to martha’s vineyard.  do they really think we are all that stupid?

see, it must be all that money.  why else would normal, or sorta normal, educated men be so backed up?  oh sure, one of my friends is fond of the, it all boils down to the sex or money theory.  he has a point.  a good one.  but somehow i don’t see any of those guys i’ve mentioned getting, well, getting all stupid behind sex anymore or maybe i’m missing something.

so see? it has to be the money.  there must be bales of the stuff passed around in board rooms and parking garages on every div 1 college campus on a daily basis.  oh, mr commissioner, your bag man, tommy, is here with your dump truck load of untraceable and perfectly clean money.  he’s in parking garage 4 on the upper level.  shall i call for your driver and your gold plated golf cart?  some canapes, and perhaps, a perfectly chilled bottle of 1939, eu di snooty, vino?

the mind roils at all the weird and seemingly just plain stupid stuff those folks deal out every year at this time.  the main culprits being, the pac 10 hack and his equal hack, the big ten hack.  the other hacks blame them for everything.  pure and simple.  well, sure, we could do that but ya know the pac 10 ain’t gonna go for it.  wink wink.  yes, of course, the rose bowl.  the grand pops of em all.  i love the damn game.  it’s the game where i fell in love with the ducks, way back when i was just a kid.  the love affair still flourishes to this day.  but if the rose bowl went away in favor of some sort of system that gave us college football fans a true national champion, i’d be all for it.

oh, i’m sure the hue and cry from the moneyed rose bowl committee would leave a trail of tears and crumpled old twenties right up to the pac 10’s front door.  so what?  times change and they needed to be changed in this regard long ago.  playoffs in some way, shape, or form.  it’s been said before and bears repeating, every major college sport has a playoff system except college football.  even women’s softball has a playoff and i’m right there glued to it on the tv.  they miss more school than i ever did when i was young and missing school.  i mean they play at least 60 games.  half of which are on the road.  then they end up in oklahoma for what could be a week or more depending on the weather.  same for the men’s baseball program.  not to mention both of the basketball programs.  those kids miss more school than anyone and no one says squat about it.  then there’s the soccer programs and golf and track, wrestling and volleyball and tiddly winks, for crying out loud. but those morons in charge say we can’t have a football play off because it will disrupt the schooling of all those fine young men.  my god, it’s just pure balderdash.  we are spoken to like we are unwanted red headed step children with an IQ of 30.

i’ve had enough.  i hope all of you have had enough as well.  in the immortal words of roberto duran, no mas.  pure and simple.  the time has come to not only boycott the crappy bowl games but every other stinking one of them.  until the boys with the power and the money realize their power and money is going the way of the dodo.  then and only then will things change.  i’m not saying let’s blow off college football.  even i’m not that crazy.  hmmm, well, not yet.  just stop watching the bowl games.  period.  all of them.  it’s easy.  play with your kids, dog, wife or girlfriend instead.  go out and eat or go to the mall or park or bowling alley or take a walk or nap or play scrabble.  see?  there’s lots of other stuff to do.  just do it.


college football bowl picks 2008-09

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yes, kids, it’s that time of year again.  kris kringle and the college football bowl season.  it also signals the long wait between now and september of next year when things get rolling again.  no more thursday nights spent sipping ale and watching the game with the cat while the brown eyed girl is at her sculpture class.  ah, fond memories.  it almost brings a tear to my eye.  but i drift.

last year i ran the whole lot of them down.  not this year.  just like during the regular season i’m only doing ten of the games.  which brings another digression.  my final stats for the regular season were 80 for 146.  nothing outstanding but better than 50%.  sorta.

ok.  so only 10 bowl games for me this year because they are probably the only 10 i’ll actually sit through.  for the most part most of the games are stinkers and the only folks interested are the hapless fools who actually travel from where ever to whatever to sit in the stands and drink over priced brews.  maybe if you’re lucky you can snag a beer or two.  maybe not. 

the bowl folks and chamber of commerce folks love them though.  most of the time they make enough money on the rubes who do go sit and cheer for the old home team.  espn also pays a bundle for the games.  but that’s another blog.

enough yammering let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

dec 20, las vegas bowl, las vegas.  byu vs arizona.  arizona favored by 3 points.  it seems like byu is a perennial for this bowl game.  i guess the vegas wags figure that the mormons like to let their hair down once a year in vegas and the game gives them a chance to party down.  at any rate, for some reason arizona is the favorite.  i don’t think so.  byu doesn’t go to vegas to drink and mess with the hookers.  they go to play football.  take byu to win or cover the spread.

dec 23, poinsettia bowl, san diego.  boise st vs tcu.  tcu favored by 2.5 points.  san diego is fun any time of the year.  it’s just getting there that’s the hard part.  at least if you drive.  any the ways, this one is probably one of the best match-ups of the bowl season.  boise’s offense meets tcu’s defense.  the kicker being it’s a neutral field.  sweet.  no home smurf turf and boise gets to play a pretty good team.  take the horned toads frogs or whatever to win and cover.  in simple english, take tcu.

dec 24, hawaii bowl, honolulu.  notre dame vs hawaii.  hawaii favored by 1.5 points.  no one is really sure just why the golden domers are going to any bowl game this year.  the only reason being it’s a good bet the faithful will travel to the islands and while getting the sunburn of their lives go to see notre dame get beat.  it’s that simple.  charlie and the boys lose another one.  take hawaii.  hey, it’s christmas eve grab some absolut and hunker down.  merry christmas.

dec 27, emerald bowl, san francisco.  cal vs miami.  cal favored by 7 points.  if it’s not raining this could be an interesting game.  if cal shows up in a playing mood they might even cover the spread or win.  all they have to do is cross the oakland bay bridge and they are there.  seems simple enough but cal is disappointing most of the time.  take miami to win or cover the spread.

dec 30, holiday bowl, san diego.  oklahoma st vs oregon.  oklahoma st favored by 3 points.  another sleeper here kids.  this one is going to be a good one.  or at least it seems so on paper.  plus san diego once again.  i’m counting on my ducks to pull this one out of the almost new years eve hat and win.  take the ducks to cover the spread or win.  GO DUCKS!!!!

dec 31, sun bowl, ft worth.  oregon st vs pittsburg.  oregon st favored by 3 points.  yes, another pac 10 team.  your point?  oh, i’m a homer.  you bet i am.  this one could get ugly if the beavers take out their rose bowl frustrations on pitt.  i’m counting on it.  take the beavers to win and cover.  happy new year.

jan 1, rose bowl, pasadena.  usc vs penn st.  usc favored by 10 points.  it should be a good game.  if usc can find an offense and score more points than joe pa’s boys i’ll be a happy camper.  that’s the problem.  usc and their semi sorta offense.  actually i’m kind of glad sarkasian is leaving.  sue me.  the usc defense is the best in the nation.  at any rate, take usc to cover the spread and win.   

jan 2, cotton bowl, dallas.  texas tech vs ole miss.  texas favored by 5.5 points.  it’s nice to see ole miss in a bowl game.  to bad they have to play the red raiders from texas.  my sorta alma mater of sorts.  it should be a good game.  or at least i hope so.  take texas tech to win and cover the points.  also take the time to visit:

jan 2, sugar bowl, the big easy.  utah vs alabama.  bama favored by 10.5 points.  usual readers know i’m an old tide fan.  i love em.  i’m also a fan of utah this year.  a dilemma for sure.  guess what?  take utah to cover the spread and maybe even win.  yep, they are probably already tired of hearing how badly the tide is going to stomp them.  i don’t think so.  utah, take em.

jan 8, bcs championship game, maimi.  oklahoma vs florida.  florida favored by 3.5 points.  i may or may not even watch this one.  i’m usually fed up with the bowls by this point in time.  simple easy.  take florida to win or cover.

that’s it.  the games i’ll more than likely watch.  maybe.  forget about the rest of them.  just remember not to get stupid and take my advice and put any money on any of these games.  games where anything can happen because the wait is too damn long after the regular season.  most of the kids will have been robbing liquor stores and smoking crack during the month before the games.  only a fool bets bowl games.  capice?  good.  enjoy the holidays and the games.  no more college football till september 09.  crap.  is it september yet?


early college bowl season wrap-up

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yes, i know there’s still several more bowl games to be played but i’m done for the year. i really don’t care who wins any of the games that are left so i won’t be watching any of them either.

i did catch a bit of one or two games here and there.  it’s been so long ago i’ve pretty much forgotten just which games i did wander into.  about the only thing i remember was that they sucked.

though i did watch the entire rose bowl game yesterday.  even though it’s the prime road block in getting any sort of playoff happening in college football.  what can i say?  other than the best team in the country kicked some major ass in the game. 

that being said i was very much taken aback by the seemingly infantile moves of some of the players on both squads.  i guess not even pete carroll can control the addled youth of today as much as i thought he could.  i hope he gets things straightened out with the main culprits before next season gets going.

i hope all the damn coaches straighten out the addled youths on their team and get them in line.  if not, i can see down the road where college football will lose a good number of rabid fans and pick up fans from pro wrestling or roller derby.  no true college football fan wants that.  no fan wants his favorite game turned into a gang fight or circus act out on the playing field.  deal with it, gentlemen.  soon.

i did tune in the georgia-hawaii game for the first few minutes.  it was very obvious that hawaii was in way over their heads.  right from the get go.  a 12-0 season down the toilet in no time.  yes, well, they don’t play anybody for the most part and the lack of any depth doomed them early.  that being said, the georgia fans are delusional if they think that beating hawaii should move them ahead of the trojans in the final poll.  though i guess stranger stuff has happened.

as for my beloved ducks they won their bowl game. i didn’t see any of it as i had no clue where it was being shown.  hopefully, johnathan stewart comes back next year.  one would think that decision would have already been made but i guess the feelers are out for the give me the money deal.  and just how much can i get?  well, i’ll tell ya.  i think he’s too small for the pros but then what do i know?  probably not much.  i hope he stays in school. it would be nice to see some more high profile college kids step up and show little kids it ain’t all about the money.

ok.  i can’t leave without saying something about rick neuheisel and ucla.  leave it to abc to trot him out in the middle of the rose bowl game.  i guess they didn’t have enough ‘desperate housewives’ promos in the can.  it would be nice if ucla could bring something back to the pac 10 table soon.  i hope coach rick can do the job.  he wants us to forget his past indiscretions.  ok, sure.  i’m ok with that.  i’ve already forgotten them.  i hope he has as well and doesn’t repeat them.


stop the bowl madness

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the time has come for all good men to come to the aid of their favorite sport.  college football.  the madness of the bowl season and the insipd utter disregard for what is right must end.  we hold what is righteous, the clicker, in our collective hands.  use this powerful tool to send a message to those that think they are the most high of the sport.  they may run things but we are what make them so.  if we stop watching the bowl games then they become meaningless adventures into how much money can we gleen from the unwashed.  they think we are stupid.  show them we are smarter than they are.  let’s take the game back from the corporate geeks and collegiate whores.  let’s bring it home and back to where it belongs,   the people and the players with the simple principle of the best team winnning the prize.  not some money driven madness or misplaced gobblygook of computer nerdness but the reality of hard nosed football played out on the field.  nothing more nothing less.  we can do this.  the time has come.  take college football back to where it came from,  the playing field.   not the board rooms of tv land or college deans and their ilk who want nothing more than to suck whatever money they can from the best sport on the planet.   stop watching the bowl games.  NOW.  NO MAS.  this is it.  tell them with your silent tv this bowl season that we have had enough of their lies and horse crap.  we are over and done with them.   now is the time.   let your silence scream into the madness of their greed.   stop watching their crapola bowls.  take our sport back.  take back the best game on the planet.  college football.  we can do this.  stand up for what is right.