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2011 college football picks week 3

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there are several good reasons why i always tell you to leave your wallet in your pocket. last weekend’s results are one of the primary reasons. a dreadfully annoying 2 for 10 fiasco leaving me at 6 for 20 over all so far this year. not good. but then you already knew that. however, am i going to let that stop me from plodding on? of course not.

sadly, i had a hard time finding 10 games to pick this week due to a good number of the schools are still playing the sisters of the poor fighting road kill. okay, so what’s worse, 3 weeks of crappy games against teams no one has ever heard of or 16 team super conferences? that my friends, in a nut shell, is the rub. it’s a toss up in my opinion. the sad state of college football affairs. but i digress and get ahead of myself as i veer into my usual end of season bowl rant.

once again. leave your wallet alone and nobody gets hurt. this is for fun only and using what you read here for gambling purposes would be insane. though i’m sure there are wags out there who’ll tell you just do the opposite of what i pick. yeah, sure. funny stuff but there will be a couple of weekends this year when you’ll be very very sorry if you do that. just when that will be is anyones guess though. maybe even this week. at any rate, the point spreads here are what i use to determine my wins and losses for the week. they may change before game time. i could care less as i have a semi sort of life and i have desire to update stuff 24-7.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/15 lsu @ mississippi st. lsu favored by 3.5 points. lsu keeps surprising and miss st was a disappointment last week. i suppose miss st is lucky this is a home game. which is exactly why i’m taking mississippi st to cover the spread or even win.

9/17 michigan st @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 5 points. the golden domers looked very good last week up until the last couple of minutes then the wheels fell off. state has been on the sisters of the poor curcuit the first two weeks of the season. i’m taking michigan st to win or cover the spread. yeah, i know.

9/17 texas @ ucla. texas favored by 3.5 points. i hate these half point spreads. why can’t they just say 4 or whatever? unless things go better than expected for slick rick this will be his last season at the helm of the bruins. psst, mike leach is still available. pirate regalia included. this might be an interesting game. take texas to win or cover.

9/17 navy @ s. carolina. s. carolina favored by 18 points. why spurrier let garcia back on the team. again. is beyond me. be that as it may, take s. carolina to win and cover.

9/17 oklahoma @ florida st. oklahoma favored by 3 points. take the sooners to win and cover.

9/17 ohio st @ miami. no line. no line? interesting. guess everyone is lined up at the tattoo parlor or waiting in line for the vip room at the strip club. sad thing is, i have to pick someone here. home field advantage and 5 more of the miscreants are back on the team. take miami.

9/17 arizona st @ illinois. pick em. no points. almost as interesting as, no line. see above. okay, so the sun devils get to leave their blast furnace for a few days. i’m sure they are all thrilled with that. they might even get a shot at seeing some rain while away from home. an oddity for them for sure. statement year for arizona st. take them to win.

9/17 utah @ byu. byu favored by 5. did utah play well last week against the trojans or did the trojans mail it in again at the end of the game? dispute the spread this one could go either way. state of utah bragging rights on the line here kids. sorry utah st. take byu to win and cover the points.

9/17 oklahoma st @ tulsa. oklahoma st favored by 14 points. take the cowboys to win and cover.

9/17 stanford @ arizona. stanford favored by 10 points. the trees continue on their roll for the pac whatever championship. yes, it will be very hot in tucson and maybe even some monsoonal moisture thrown in for good measure as well. regardless, take stanford to win and cover the spread.

enjoy the games, your weekend, and what’s left of the warm weather. toss some protein on the barbie while sipping a few cool ones and try your best to get into what’s left of college football as we once knew it.


2011 college football picks week 2

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no one ever said this was easy. if it was las vegas would still be just sand and heat out in the middle of nowhere with the only visitors being passing scorpions. i had a rather dismal start to the season last week. a below average tepid mess. after starting out 2 for 3 i ended up going 4 for 10. ouch. it’s not the first time and hopefully not any more times this year as it totally screws up the end of season average. however, i plod on.

just remember this is for fun only and using any info or misinformation i toss about here and taking it to your local bookie or mob satellite wagering center would be fool hardy at best. leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. as usual i go by the point spreads i have here. if they change before the weekend rolls around, it matters not.

i’m often asked why i pick the games that i do end up picking. simple, they are the games that i have some sort of interest in watching or wishful thinking in the outcome. i have no interest in watching a div 2 school or fcs team play anyone in the fbs system. it’s that simple. plus i’m a pac 8, 10 or 12 homer. deal with it.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/8 arizona @ oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 14 points. the cowboys aren’t the team they were last year but they shouldn’t have any trouble hammering the wildcats. take oklahoma to win and cover the spread.

9/9 missouri @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 7.5 points. the sun devils have a shot at the pac whatever title this year. though they have to get by stanford and maybe the ducks to pull it off. missouri generally fields a decent team. though the heat and home field should help arizona st cover. take arizona st to win and cover.

9/10 oregon st @ wisconsin. wisconsin favored by 21 points. wisconsin missed covering by 1 point last week and it proved to be one of my few wins. this weeks slightly lower point spread is probably due to that and the fact it’s a pac whatever school. though a team sadly minus jaquizz rodgers this year. i’m going out on a limb here. the beavers didn’t play all that well last week against sacramento st. sacramento st?? wisconsin looked very good. take wisconsin to win and cover.

9/10 mississippi st @ auburn. miss st favored by 7 points. mississippi st almost pulled it out for me last week. hopefully, they will this week. take miss st to win and cover.

9/10 hawaii @ washington. washington favored by 5 points. a good game with it possibly going either way. however, take the huskies to win and cover.

9/10 alabama @ penn st. alabama favored by 10 points. bamas first real test on the way to another national championship season? perhaps. at any rate, take alabama to win and cover. roll tide!!

9/10 nevada @ oregon. oregon favored by 26.5 points. my beloved ducks were embarrassing last week on the road where they tend to play like crap. their home field, autzen stadium, is totally another matter. nevada isn’t unlv. and 27 points is just too many points for a team starting off on a bad note. the ducks will probably win. but take nevada to cover the points. quack quack!!

9/10 byu @ texas. texas favored by 7 poins. that spread is more than likely right on. take texas to win and cover.

9/10 utah @ usc. usc favored by 9.5 points. utah’s first pac whatever game. they did well last week. the trojans? well, they only bothered to show up for the first half. they took the second half off. by the fourth quarter most of the team was spotted down at the beach playing in the surf and chasing women. hopefully, coach lane fixes the problem by game time this week. if he can’t the sanctions dry spell begins much earlier than anticipated. as a long time trojan faithful i hope he does or can fix things. take usc to at least cover the spread. fight on!!

9/10 notre dame @ michigan. notre dame favored by 3.5 points. the golden domers invade big blue. touchdown jesus didn’t do well last week in the rain and lightening. or so it seemed. is michigan really that bad? i know a few folks out there that hope they are. take notre dame to win and cover.

there they are. enjoy the games and your weekend. keep it safe and semi sane.


2011 college football season preview

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where to begin? usually about this time of year i’m chomping at the bit and ready for college football to get rolling. not this year. it’s less than a month away and i really don’t care that much. or at least not as much as i used to care. i’ve been a huge college football fan my whole life. nothing like it. or used to be nothing like it. these days it’s just scandal after scandal. for some reason there are too many folks who seem intent on screwing up the game i truly love. being told us old guys are stupid and we should get out of the dark ages because we need to pay these kids to play ball doesn’t help. yeah, i know i’ve already went down that road a while back. but once again, i guess getting an education from a major or minor university doesn’t mean anything anymore. it seems to mean more to have a bazillion tattoos and a free car while not really trying very hard to stay out of jail or going to classes. that would include what seems like most of the coaches these days as well. ah, silly me.

since this is supposed to be a 2011 college football season preview i may as well get to it though my heart isn’t in it and it probably won’t go anywhere anyway. sorta like college football. lots of new stuff this year. the pac 10 is now the pac 12. i’m still trying to figure out what happened to the pac 8. yep. i’m that old. not as old as lou holtz but approaching it. speaking of lou, wags say he got away with a ton of stuff back in his coaching days. today as an analyst he’s trotted out like some sort of god with status when the season rolls around. interesting ain’t it? maybe the seamy underbelly has always been with us and it just reeks more these days and gets more headlines along with it.

how about the big 10? or is it the big 12 or maybe 14? i’ve lost track. then there’s the new nifty names of the two big 10,12, or 14 divisions that NO ONE, save for a few deranged souls, even wants to say or use in print or otherwise utter in mixed company. let alone anyone anywhere who can remember what the hell they are called. and that’s for good reason. the names stink.

texas gets their own tv network sorta and a HUGE chunk of change that deans and athletic directors far and wide will be blowing on strippers and booze just like the fiesta bowl committee did. i mean, if they can’t even police their own kids how the hell is anyone gonna police them and their new found wealth? i see another reality show in the making. ‘college athletic directors stoned on crack chasing strippers’ i think ex usc AD mike garrett would be a good choice for the hosting gig of that show. speaking of usc, they continue on like nothing has happened. reality at the university won’t set in until 2012. and it won’t be pretty. thanks again reggie and coach petey.

speaking of delusional, what about my beloved ducks? what’s up with visor head kelly? that no huddle offense he’s been running seems to have clogged up his thinking. hey, i’ll spend 25k on some scouting report that’s not worth spit and leave a paper trail the likes of no ncaa investigator has ever seen. maybe nike can buy his way out of the mess he’s put the school in, though it doesn’t seem likely. the ncaa will get around to him by next year. maybe. and even if he does manage a decent record this year it will end up being for nought because they’ll make the season null and void. the kids don’t care. they get to be on TV and rob their fellow students when they aren’t on TV. or be on TV when they rob the local stop and rob. a win win win for sure. hey, what about another TV reality show starring chip’s visor? sure, why not? the premise could be old chip gets to pick someone who he wants to wear the visor on the sidelines during a regular season game. at least then he wouldn’t look like a dork for one week of the season. jim tressel isn’t doing anything so he could be the the show’s host. perfect.

i just can’t get into it. maybe once the season gets started i’ll feel like getting into the games a bit more. or maybe not. there’s just to many drunken drug addled thieving thugs being coached by self serving money grubbing butt heads all of whom are seemingly hell bent on destroying college football. whether they’re aware of it or not.


2010-11 college bowl game picks

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they’re back.  and i’m sure some of you are very happy they are.  me?  not really but regular readers over the past few years already know this.  what’s to like about football games that come, in some cases, 37 days after the regular season has been put to bed for the next nine months?  indeed.  what’s to like?

especially since ‘bowls are business.’  stewart mandel wrote that a week or so ago in one of his sports illustrated columns concerning the lack of prospects for stanford getting a big time bowl bid, among other things.  though things did change.  stanford got a nice bid even with their lack of traveling alumni willing to head out to some god forsaken place or another and spend way too much money to sit in some stadium someplace and watch a football game.  i get the stanford alums point of view.  why indeed?

bowls are business.  the money tree time of year for college regents and deans alike all over this once great nation.  league commissioners slather all over themselves seeing visions of clean, crisp, unmarked, benjamins dancing in their collective greedy heads.  perhaps the most joyous time of the year turned into a greed head’s nirvana.

local pols and chambers of commerce goons fleece the nattering nabobs of the traveling alumni world.  fan bases far and wide leave home flush with cash only to have it stripped from them in some inglorious hell hole by bastions of local yokeldoms finest greed headed businessmen cum thieves.  god, yes, it’s bcs bowl season.  do you hear what i hear?  indeed.

yes, kids, once again it’s time for me to ask you to boycott the bowl games.  the first part is easy.  don’t buy a ticket to the damn games.  don’t fill the seats.  simple easy.  the second is a bit harder.  don’t watch the games on the tube.  yes, of course, not as easy as it sounds.  right?  but it is.  just don’t turn on the tv when your favorite team hits the airwaves and probably the skids because they haven’t faced any real football action/competition for over a month.  about the only action the players will have had is robbing fellow students of their lap tops and local 7-11’s of their daily take.  plus, scaring the bejesus out of coeds far and wide.  indeed.

ok.  alright.  you came here to read my picks.  so i’ll give them to you.  just remember they are for fun and entertainment purposes only.  using any of what i write here as a good thing to to take to a sports book or street corner bookie would be the ultimate definition of insanity. 

during the regular season i use and go by the oddsmakers point spreads.  not this time of year.  i’m just picking a winner.  also since most bowl games are stinkers at best, i’m only picking nineteen of the thirty-five games, which could shrink once i get into this.  some of the bowl turkeys aren’t even worth making fun of.  and that, my readers, is a very sad statement.  so without further ado…

rock ‘n’ roll.     

12/18  new mexico: byu vs utep.  the mormons finally get a shot at another holiday travel destination other than vegas after countless trips to sin city this time of year.  not the glitz and glamor of the strip but albuquerque has an old west vibe going for it.  including the gunfire, just stay off the freeways and you’ll probably be ok.  take byu to win.

12/21  beef o’brady’s: southern mississippi vs louisville.  the only reson for picking this game is it’s title.  what the harold is beef o’brady’s any the ways?  there might be some good commercials.  did i just say that?  take s. miss to win.

12/22  maaco: utah vs boise st.  this should be a good game.  maybe.  utah hit the skids then recovered nicely.  boise is still probably smarting from it’s fall from grace.  plus coach peterson is out job hunting.  he’s already upset about boise st dumping the wac to move to the mountain west while utah and byu have bailed out of that conference.  it’s like boise st moved from one sisters of the poor league to a little bit better sisters of the poor league.  boise st, do your homework next time.  homework just might be the reason none of the big boy conferences want you.  hint.  hint.  at any rate, take utah to win.

12/23  poinsettia: san diego st vs navy.  a grandiose fleet week bowl game for san diego just before christmas.  as much as i enjoy good san diego st football you have to take navy in this game.

12/27  independence: air force vs georgia tech.  take air force in this one, kids.

12/28  insight: missouri vs iowa.  a yawner but take iowa.

12/29  alamo: arizona vs oklahoma st.  as i’m a pac 10 or 12 homer take arizona here.  it might be a good game. 

12/30  holiday: nebraska vs washington.  another day another game in san diego.  if you can fly in do so because the roads in and out of there are usually clogged worse than my arteries.  pac 10 or 12 once again.  take washington if only for the fact my wife’s orthopod has a kid playing for the huskies.

12/31  sun: miami vs notre dame.  notre dame off a so so year but the touchdown jesus faithful do love to travel and spend lots of cash.  go with miami and the win.

1/1  capital one: alabama vs michigan st.  michigan st got hosed this year but somebody does every year.  guess it was their turn.  maybe some decent commercials again.  depending on who feels like playing after the big lay-off will determine who’s going to win.  i’m taking michigan st.

1/1  gator: michigan vs mississippi st.  hopefully, state rolls over michigan.  take miss st.

1/7  cotton: texas a&m vs lsu.  take the aggies of texas to win.

1/9  hunger: boston college vs nevada.  only reason i’m doing this game is because of what nevada did this year.  take nevada to win.

now for the so called big games.

1/1  rose: wisconsin vs tcu.  probably a decent game.  tcu will show up to play.  hopefully, wisconsin does as well.  take tcu.

1/1  fiesta: oklahoma vs connecticut.  good game to nap through.  make your own pick.  i don’t care.

1/3  orange: virginia tech vs stanford.  a good game?  take stanford to win.  pac 10 honk honk.

1/4  sugar: arkansas vs ohio st.  the talking heads are already saying this is the best game of the bowl season.  it is?  take arkansas to win.

1/10  BCS championship: auburn vs oregon.  finally, the last game.  as much as i love the ducks i really doubt if i’ll even watch this.  come on, 37 days after the season is over.  get real bcs and ncaa.  yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.  plus, the fact there are going to more commercials than you can shake the proverbial stick at.  i’m not interested in that action at all.  what i want to know is how the ncaa can say cecil newton is a crook and his kid knew nothing about it.  yeah, right.  the ducks have not played well in their last couple of games.  very possibly they won’t here either.  the first betting line for the game had the ducks favored by 3.  that disappeared as soon as someone realized what had happened.  probably a typo or a rabid duck fan who now has no job.  though a few folks did get in on that action.  lucky them because auburn is going to win this ad fest turkey.  sadly, for the ducks and the pac 10 or 12.  none the less, QUACK QUACK!!  yes, take auburn to win.

that’s it.  a few good games mixed in with the crapola games.  but that’s the usual scenario for the college bowl season.  should there be a playoff?  probably but i go back and forth on that idea.  for one, i think it sullies the regular season.  not unlike men’s basketball where nothing much matters during the regular season.  what matters, is march.  just remember these bowl games really aren’t for you, joe fan.  they are about teams getting more practice time and money money money.  not that there’s anything wrong with money.  i just wish the ncaa and college regents, deans, and commissioners would be more honest about the whole sordid deal.  any the ways, is it september yet?


2010 college football predictions week 14

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college football rivalry week(s) continue(s). plus a few division championship games are on tap. i remember when all the rivalry games were taken care of in just one week. however, with more schools scheduling games with ‘the sisters of the poor’ during the season, rivalry week takes weeks. at any rate, sadly, this is college football’s last week of the regular season. a bitter sweet weekend for college ball fans. next comes the long wait for the bowl season to begin. more on that next week.

some interesting games this past weekend. i went 6 for 10 and now stand 62 for 120 over all. .517 as my average. still nothing stellar but i did manage two nice upsets with arkansas and nevada both winning. if i had only won one or more of my last three games. particularly that dropped pass in the rain at the coliseum sigh.

just remember this is for fun only and taking what i toss out here to any sports book and laying your rent and food money on the line would be total insanity on any number of levels. leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt. spreads sited here are by what i go by to determine my wins and losses.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/2 arizona st at arizona. arizona favored by 6 points. ‘the duel in the desert’. i’m sure most arizona fans aren’t happy about this made for TV event in the middle of the week. but it does get some national exposure for both football programs. that being said, most fans would rather be stuck on the road game day weekend between whatever city is hosting the game that year. tradition is tradition after all. take the wildcats of arizona to win and cover.

12/3 illinois at fresno st. illinois favored by by 6 points. under normal circumstances i’d probably go with the bulldogs. not this week. take illinois to win and cover.

12/4 connecticut at s. florida. s. florida favored by 2 points. pretty much a toss up. and a game i’d stay away from during the year. just like the last one. slim pickings this last regular season week. alright, connecticut is on some sort of roll. take connecticut to win or cover.

12/4 utah st at boise st. boise st favored by 39.5 points. yeah, probably. it will be interesting to see if boise st can comeback from the end of their dream season loss last week. and it’s boise’s last game in ‘the sisters of the poor conference’. next year they move to ‘the big sisters of the poor conference’. not much of an improvement. any the ways, utah st is hapless. sure it’s a fistful of points but take boise st to win and cover.

12/4 oregon at oregon st. oregon favored by 15 points. ‘the civil war’ game. the ducks got bounced from number one in the BCS poll for beating arizona last week and covering the spread. what’s up with that? yes, after all it is the ‘Bull Crap System’. the beavers were stanford’s door mat last weekend. a regular thumping to be sure. is there anything left in their tank? however, this is a rivalry game. anything can happen. but with any luck at all it won’t. so much for the beavers stellar season. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK QUACK!!

12/4 auburn at s. carolina. auburn favored by 5 points. the sec championship game. i’m hoping the old ball coach has a few tricks left. i’m tired of the camnewtongate deal and would just as soon see them fade away. so sue me. take s. carolina to cover and maybe even win.

12/4 washington at washington st. washington favored by 7 points. ‘the apple bowl’. and another game where anything can happen. state needs this one badly. the huskies need it too. take washington to win and cover.

12/4 florida st at virginia tech. virginia tech favored by 4 points. the acc championship game. take virginia tech if only for what florida st did to paula deen er, coach bowden. convoluted reasoning at best. take tech to win and cover.

12/4 nebraska at oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 5.5 points. the big 12 championship game. take nebraska to cover and or win.

12/4 usc at ucla. usc favored by 7 points. bragging rights for the city of lost angels. crosstown rivalry and good reason to stay away from pasadena if you’re out and about saturday night. crosstown traffic. it should be dry on saturday so maybe the trojans can hang onto the game winner this week. norm chow got his contract extension approved by ucla but slick rick ain’t saying if he even wants norm round next year. like it’s norm’s fault all the bruin’s qb’s got hurt this season. as the college ball worm turns. if you live here in socal this is THE game of the year. no doubt. these kids run into each other all year long on a regular basis. bragging rights mean something. take the trojans to win and cover. FIGHT ON!!

savor you last weekend of the regular college football season. it’s gone for nine long ass months. we suffer through the never ending nba season and major league baseball month after month. nothing but endless yammering about the dumb ass nba on sports talk shows from now to the end of june. god, the horror. buck up kids. the best sport in the land will be back next september. as always, is it september yet?


for those that care i went 6 for 10 this week. making me 68 for 130 overall, having missed week 7. .523 is nothing to brag about but i’ll take it. my overall win percentage for the last three years is, .530. beating the spread isn’t that easy. bowl picks this coming week. thanks for reading.


2010 college football predictions week 13

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on any number of levels this week is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  first off, it usually marks the end of the southern california endless summer, if only for a few months.  secondly, hey, it’s thanksgiving week and probably my all time favorite holiday.  thirdly, and just maybe the most important reason of them all, this week begins college football rivalry time.  yes indeed, even to the casual college ball fan rivalry games get more than just a semi sort of vague glance.  after all, what could be better than than a steaming bowl of leftover turkey dressing smothered in a sea of turkey gravy, a glass of dago red, and college football rivalry games?  not much i’m sure.

after last weekend’s games i now stand at .509 having gone 6 for 10 and 56 for 110 over all.  i missed week 7.  nothing stellar but hopefully the tide has turned and i can end the season on the far side of 50%.  just remember what is dealt out here is for fun only.  taking anything i write here to heart or say to vegas or any other sports book would be foolhardy at best.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.

the point spreads used here are how i determine my wins and losses.  they may change during the week but no matter.  onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/25  texas a&m at texas.  texas a&m favored by 3.5 points.  a good way to spend some time in front of the TV on thanksgiving day.  that is if you can get away with it or swing it.  the aggies are on a roll this year.  the longhorns are floundering at best.  yeah, it’s college station and thanksgiving but take a&m to win and cover.

11/26  auburn at alabama.  bama favored by 4 points.  the iron bowl and maybe auburn’s waterloo.  one of the all time interstate football rivalries.  i find it interesting bama is favored.  so far cam newtongate hasn’t affected his play or his team’s play.  or maybe somebody knows something.  at any rate, probably a squeaker here kids.  a ton of points or a dearth, either way take bama to win and or cover.  it’s all or nothing for alabama.  ROLL TIDE!!

11/26  arizona at oregon.  oregon favored by 17 points.  only a couple of games left for someone to spoil the ducks perfect season.  a season, quite frankly, i didn’t see coming.  well, be that as it may, it isn’t here just yet.  arizona has a shot at winning.  trouble is the game is at auzten stadium and on duck home turf.  loud and crazed can hardly describe the atmosphere.  the ducks have had two weeks to prepare for this one.  and if coach kelly is on his game as well as the rest of the team, the ducks roll on.  take the ducks to win and cover.  QUACK QUACK!!!

11/26  boise st at nevada.  boise st favored by 14.5 points.  i’ve been waiting weeks for this game.  one of the few schools on boise’s cupcake schedule that has a chance at beating the broncos.  the other schools that had a shot couldn’t manage it.  however, boise isn’t at home this week and the wolf pack are playing some solid ball.  not as many points as boise is usually favored, a good thing.  nevada might not win, i hope they do, but i think they will cover the spread.  take nevada to cover and hopefully win.

11/27  michigan st at penn st.  michigan st favored by 1.5 points.  another head scratcher here kids.  a toss up?  ok, so the game is a homer for joe pa and the boys.  and it should be one of the most watchable games of the weekend.  however, i just don’t see 1.5 points.  take michigan st to win and cover.  cover, with this spread, is an oxymoron.  regardless, take the spartans.

11/27  northwestern at wisconsin.  wisconsin favored by 23.5 points.  take the badgers to win and or cover.

11/27  lsu at arkansas.  arkansas favored by 4 points.  arkansas wins and covers.

11/27  mississippi st at mississippi.  mississippi st favored by 2.5 points.  another toss up and a stellar rivalry as well.  home game for ole miss and the only reason i’m taking ole miss to win, even though st is having a much better year.  take mississippi to cover and or win.

11/27  notre dame at usc.  at this point there is no point spread.  i searched high and low to find anyone who even ventured a point spread on this game.  and since i could only find one person who had a spread, im going with the majority and the no point spread deal.  i guess no one cares other than myself and regis philbin, which i find interesting as it’s one of the oldest college football rivalries going.  sure touchdown jesus isn’t doing well and the trojans are on probation.  so what?  anyway, after usc’s usual dismal performance against oregon st last week the trojans need to wake-up and thump the golden domers for old time sake.  on a side note,  the trojans don’t have to play oregon st again for at least several years due to next year’s addition of utah and colorado to the pac 10.  so maybe the bad juju will disappear before their next oregon st meeting.  yeah, i guess the pundits are right as i’m spending more time talking about the beavers than the irish.  take the trojans to win.  FIGHT ON!!

11/27  oklahoma at oklahoma st.  oklahoma st favored by 2.5 points.  just another rivalry toss-up.  should be a good game.  take the cowboys to win and cover the point spread.

there you go.  week one of the rivalry games.  more to come next week.  i hope everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving.  enjoy the games and don’t get too crazy.


2010 college football predictions week 12

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after doing this for 10 weeks i remain at .500.  i’m certain i can do better but when things go wrong out on the field there isn’t anything i can do about it.  well, except yell at the TV.  take for example utah’s plight.  an 8 and 0 start then veered off the road and into the abyss with 2 straight losses or more to the point thumpings.  poor coaching and a lack of senior leadership being the probable causes.  you can only stand by and watch as a good team goes sour.  another example would be oregon st.  beat by washington st?  please.

so, 5 for 10 and 50 for 100 over all, having missed week 7.  it’s late in the season and some teams just can’t seem to grasp winning and beating the spread at the same time.  what’s a poor boy to do?  exactly.  this is only for fun.  do not use what i dish out here and take it someplace where you can put your rent and food money on the line.  doing so would be foolish and insane at best.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.   

the point spreads cited here are what i use to determine my wins and losses.  they may be different come game day.  no matter.  time to get the point and why we’re here.

rock ‘n’ roll.   

11/19  fresno st at boise st.  boise st favored by 30 points.  sadly, this game is on the blue smurf turf of boise.  sad because boise st never loses at home.  i desperately need boise st to lose a game this year if only to get them out of the big dance picture.  fresno st is doing so so this season, they aren’t going to win but take the bulldogs to hopefully cover the spread.

11/20  purdue at michigan st.  michigan st favored by 20 points.  the spartans are on a roll and have a shot at winning the big ten and playing new years day in the rose bowl.  a bit convoluted as just how that could happen.  it’s all a bunch of ifs and other stuff which i’m not going to get into here.  purdue might surprise saturday but not win.  take purdue to cover the spread.

11/20  wisconsin at michigan.  wisconsin favored by 5.5 points.  the badgers scored at will last week.  even the third string was racking up points.  they are also in the same boat as the spartans.  hopefully, that same badger offense shows up for this game.  take wisconsin to win and cover the spread.

11/20  virginia tech at miami(fl).  virginia tech favored by 2 points.  pretty much a toss up.  take miami to win and or cover.

11/20  stanford at california.  stanford favored by 7.5 points.  the cal bears are tough at home.  just ask the ducks.  at any rate, this is northern californians version of a crosstown rivalry.  stanford needs the win to keep any hope alive for some sort of big dance game.  i just don’t see the bears putting back to back big games together.  it seems like years since they have.  take stanford to win and cover.

11/20  ohio st at iowa.  ohio st favored by 3 points.  ohio st is another one in the big ten big game hunt.  iowa used to be in that hunt as well.  take ohio st to win and cover.

11/20  illinois at northwestern.  illinois favored by 7 points.  the only reason this game is here is because it’s being played in the friendly confines of wrigley field.  the first football game there in many a year. a gimmick for sure but whatever.  i hope it’s on TV.  yes, there’s alos a game this week at yankee stadium.  never did like the yankees.  at any rate, take illinois to win and cover.

11/20  usc at oregon st.  usc favored by 3.5 points.  it seems as though the beavers have given up.  getting beat by washington st, the pac 10 doormat, last week would be a good sign that they have.  the trojans on the other hand are having some fun probation or not.  take the trojans to win and cover.  FIGHT ON!!!

11/20  nebraska at texas a&m.  nebraska favored by 3 points.  the texas aggies are on a mission.  take the aggies to win and or cover. 

11/20  utah at san diego st.  utah favored by 3 points.  last week i mis-identified san diego st as the conquistadors.  wrong san diego team.  san diego st are the aztecs.  and like their namesake they are going to rip the heart out of the utes and play with it.  just like in the old aztec days. i’m surprised utah is even favored if only by 3.  their last two games were embarrassing.  they will be embarrassed again this week.  take san diego st to win and or cover.

the doppler weather geeks promise some wet winter weather here for the weekend.  fine by me.  football weather.  time to toss something in the oven.  then pour a glass of dago red and enjoy the games and the weather. don’t get too crazed.  see you next week.


2010 college football predictions week 11

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so much for my early season prediction that the oregon st beavers would win the pac 10 championship this year.  after losing to the semi hapless bruins on saturday they have pretty much sealed their fate to also ran status in the pac 10.  the future pac 10 team, utah, may want to check their mail early today because the invitation to join that other league might have been rescinded due to their poor showing against tcu.  though in their defense, it’s something no one saw coming.  probably not even tcu.

all that being said, i held my head above water yet again.  5 for 10 with a couple of good upset picks.  my over all stats for the year are now at 45 for 90, having missed week 7.  .500, if i was playing baseball i’d be a hall of famer.

as always these picks are for fun only.  using anything i dish out here and taking it to someone who would accept your rent and food money as a bet would be insanity at best.  leave you money in your wallet and nobody gets hurt.  the point spreads here are what i go by to determine my wins and losses.  if the numbers change during the week, no matter.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/13  wisconsin at indiana.  wisconsin favored by 21 points.  the badgers need to roll over the hoosiers big time for any chance at an invite to a decent big dance game.  take wisconsin to win and cover.

11/13  iowa at northwestern.  iowa favored by 12 points.  the same thing can be said of the hawkeyes or see above.  take iowa to win and cover.

11/13  utah at notre dame.  utah favored by 5.5 points.  a not very good year for the domers is turning into one of those nightmare deals on any number of levels.  the utes on the other hand need to bounce back from the humiliating drubbing that tcu handed them last weekend.  time to show some character utah.  take utah to win and cover.

11/13  penn st at ohio st.  ohio st favored by 17 points.  despite the fact joe pa got number 400 last week after his boys turned it around in the second half for the win, take ohio st to win and cover.

11/13  san diego st at tcu.  tcu favored by 27 points.  under normal circumstances i’d stay away from this game.  however, these aren’t normal circumstances for san diego st these days.  they are finally playing like they used to play in the old wac days.  i think the conquistadors will have a decent and maybe even a surprising showing against tcu.  or that’s the hope.  take san diego st and the points (it’s a bunch) as they will cover the spread and maybe even win.

11/13  texas a&m at baylor.  texas a&m favored by 3 points.  a semi sorta sleeper game here.  both schools playing some good and surprising ball this year.  a game i hope i get a chance to watch.  take the aggies of texas to win and cover.

11/13  stanford at arizona st.  stanford favored by 6.5 points.  the trees roll onward and leland is one happy dead camper.  take stanford to win and cover.

11/13  oregon at california.  oregon favored by 20 points.  it took the ducks a quarter or two to get rolling last week.  something they probably can’t afford doing with a schizoid cal team that’s 4-0 at home.  a big game for the bears and the ducks need to be ready.  take the ducks to win and cover.  QUACK QUACK!!!!

11/13  usc at arizona.  arizona favored by 5.5 points.  time for the trojans to drop a nail in the big dance coffin of the wildcats.  come on lane, show us faithful you’re actually a really good coach.  take the trojans to at least cover and maybe even win.  FIGHT ON!!!!

11/13  nevada at fresno st.  nevada favored by 9.5 points.  a tune-up game for the wolfpack against a once again decent fresno st team.  a tune-up for the upcoming boise/nevada game.  this could be a fun game to watch.  take nevada to win and cover.

astute readers will have already noticed that i’ve picked all but one of the visiting teams to win this week.  i wonder what’s up with that?  poor joe pa.  have some fun this weekend and enjoy the games.  the season is almost over and we’re getting to the nut cutting as the saying goes.  also, on the bcs bowl horizon, strange things are going to happen if things remain the same.  and you aren’t going to like them if they do actually go down.  count on it.  enjoy your weekend.   


2010 college football predictions week 10

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after a semi sort of dismal past week and having succumbed to bout of some virus or another, it’s time again for my weekly college picks.  last week was a would of could of type weekend.  two of my teams won but didn’t cover the spread.  a sad thing to be sure.  so i went, 4 for 10 last week making me 40 for 80 over all, with no week 7.  back at .500, which is ok and not ok at the same time. 

once again, just remember that this is for fun only and not meant for you to use as betting advice.  come on, i’m only at 50%.  get a clue.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.  the spreads quoted here are what i go by to determine my wins and losses.  they may change over the week but no matter.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/6  arizona at stanford.  stanford favored by 8 points.  whoever wins this one more or less eliminates the other’s chance at the pac 10 title.  however, that being said, strange stuff does happen.  this should be a pretty decent game regardless.  take stanford.  they should win and cover.

10/6  washington at oregon.  oregon favored by 28 points.  28 points would be a ton under most circumstances and as the trojans can testify, you can score a bunch yourself and still lose to the ducks.  plus, coach lane didn’t have a clue as to how to stop them.  neither does coach sark. and the huskies aren’t going to score very many points.  count on that.  their great preseason expectations have gone the way of the dodo.  take the ducks to win and cover.  QUACK QUACK!!

10/6  alabama at lsu.  bama favored by 6.5 points.  the tide is on a roll again.  take the tide to win and cover.  ROLL TIDE!!

10/6  hawaii at boise st.  boise st favored by 22.5 points.  the warriors are one of the last remaining teams that have a shot at stopping the broncos and their dream of a BCS big dance game in glendale, az come january.  boise st is very tough at home on the blue smurf turf.  call me crazy but take those points and hawaii.  hawaii covers the spread and hopefully wins.

10/6  nebraska at iowa st.  nebraska favored by 19.  the cornhuskers seem to be back from the brink of a crappy season.  really?  well, not this week.  take iowa st to cover the spread and maybe even win.

10/6  tcu at utah.  tcu favored by 6 points.  probably the premiere game of the week.  and the last time these two schools meet in the regular season unless they schedule something down the road.  be that as it may, the two defensive powers will be fun to watch.  and probably the only time this year or any other you’ll hear me say that.  take the utes to win and/or cover the spread.

10/6  baylor at oklahoma st.  oklahoma st favored by 7 points.  baylor one of the surprise teams this season.  no matter.  take the cowboys to win and cover.

10/6  oregon st at ucla.  oregon st favored by 6 points.  no love for the beavers with that spread.  oregon st is still on track to win the pac 10 because the other schools will knock each other out of the picture and when state beats the ducks in december that will seal the deal.  take the beavers to win and cover.

10/6  arkansas at s. carolina.  s. carolina favored by 3 points.  a toss up.  take the old ball coach and give the points.  s. carolina wins and covers.

10/6  oklahoma at texas a&m.  oklahoma favored by 4 points.  almost a toss up.  screw it.  take a&m to cover the spread and possibly win.

another fine weekend of the best team sport going.  don’t get too crazy and enjoy the games while you can.  fire up the barbie drop a few cold ones.  enjoy.


2010 college football predictions week 9

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week 8 was one of those spot on weeks when you know things are going your way early.  i’ll take one of those weeks anytime.  plus, i had 3 upset wins.  always a good thing.  the stats for the week are 8 for 10 making me 36 for 70 over all, having missed week 7 while out on the road.  being slightly above .500 again is also a good thing.  hopefully, this weeks picks will be just as spot on.

as always, this is for fun only.  if you are dumb enough to use what i dish out here and take it someplace where you can use your rent and food money to place a bet, you deserve whatever bad things happen to you.  leave your money in your wallet and nobody gets hurt.

the BCS nightmare continues to plod along.  auburn jumps the ducks for number one.  fine for now.  tcu moves up as well.  boise stays put or i think they did.  at any rate, i don’t want to see tcu vs boise in III or IV or whatever the damn number is again.  how many times can they play that game?  it’s still relatively early and things will change.  thankfully, that i am sure of.

remember my wins and losses are based on the spreads i have here.  if the odds change it makes no difference to me.  just like going to the big boys and placing a bet.  your ticket states whatever the points were when you bought it.  not what they may or may not end up being.  huh?  right.  time to…

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/30  california at oregon st.  oregon st favored by 3 points.  depending on which cal team shows up for the game this one might be of interest.  the beaves need this one to stay on track for winning the pac 10.  and more to the point, full filling my pre-season prediction that they would do so.  the bears are hot stuff one week and the next like that luke warm hair ball, courtesy of the cat, you step on first thing in the morning.  if you look up the word schizophrenia you’ll find a photo of this years cal team next to the definition.  and it’s about time for their usual late october early november swoon.  you also need to factor in the fact that coach tedford just can’t seem to keep any cal team together once november rolls around. though that seems to have come to pass a bit earlier this year.  rabid cal alumni are screaming for his head on a platter.  one of them is a relative of mine.  and he’s been screaming that for a couple of years.  i digress.  sadly, the brothers rodgers are down by half.  but hopefully jaquizz will more than make up for it.  so, what does it all mean?  it means that in the spirit of algore and global warming, the bears will drive up to oregon in an old beat up yellow school bus and arrive just in time for kick off.  then get their butts kicked up and down the field by oregon st.  take the beavers to win and cover.

10/30  arizona at ucla.  arizona favored by 9.5 points.  it’s been raining here off and on for at least a week.  i’ve lost track.  it’s supposed to rain some more this weekend beginning friday.  so much for the la nina prediction.  lord, i’m turning this into a weather channel forecast.  veering.  i don’t think the wildcats will run all over the bruins like the ducks did but none the less, take the points and arizona to win and cover.

10/30  texas tech at texas a&m.  texas a&m favored by 5.5 points.  out on a limb here but take the red raiders of texas tech to cover the spread and/or win.  as always, please visit the vietnam war archive at: 

10/30  missouri at nebraska.  nebraska favored by 7 points.  despite missouri doing a number on oklahoma last week they receive no love from the odds makers this time around.  fine.  take mizzou to win or cover the spread.

10/30  michigan st at iowa.  iowa favored by 6 points.  this is one of those take the home team 6 and run with it deals.  iowa wins and or covers the spread.

10/30  auburn at mississippi.  auburn favored by 7 points.  this will be an early bowl game or perhaps the only bowl game for ole miss this season.  it might also prove to be some sort of redemption game for former duck, jeremiah masoli.  number one may fall again.  take ole miss to at least cover the spread and maybe win.   

10/30  stanford at washington.  stanford favored by 7.5 points.  take stanford to win and cover. 

10/30  utah at air force.  utah favored by 7.5 points.  air force got drubbed by tcu last week.  a sad thing to watch and i did.  off and on.  utah has both a point and a statement that need to be made.  take utah to win and or cover the spread.

10/30  oregon at usc.  oregon favored by 6.5 points.  my two favorite teams duke it out here in lala land with maybe even some rain for the ducks to waddle around and about in.  yes, yet another preposition at the end of a sentence.  sue me.  i’ve gone back and forth with my school t-shirt wearing this week.  like today, i’m in a usc t-shirt.  and i’ll probably be wearing one on saturday as well.  kids, this is where my beloved ducks take a fall.  the trojans have had two weeks to prepare for the ducks.  a good thing.  the trojans were supposed to have a killer defense this year.  so far that half of the team has missed the damn bus to the stadium a few times.  they won’t this week.  the offense?  they’ve stepped up and played lights out most of the year.  the trojans aren’t going anywhere in the post season.  no bowl games for them for a couple of years.  thanks, coach petey.  this is the trojan’s bowl game.  this is also the trojan’s season statement game.  and if lane kiffen is any kind of a coach at all usc will win or cover the spread.  take usc.  (for all of my friends up in oregon, QUACK QUACK!! will return next week.  however, for this week…) FIGHT ON USC!!

utah at nevada.  nevada favored by 5.5 points.  i picked this game because nevada is back in the top 25 once again after falling out a few weeks ago.  they remain as the only probable team left on boise st’s schedule to have a shot at stopping the broncos steamroller this year.  i hope they do just that.  however, for this week, take nevada to win and cover.

there ya go.  another weeks worth of picks and vapid verbosity.  take it or leave it.  enjoy the games and don’t get to crazy out by the barbie.  and in the immortal words of ex mothers drummer, jimmy carl black, “where’s my waitress?  opal, you hot little…”