dinner dinner applebee’s not a winner

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The brown eyed girl and I had sworn years ago we would never go to Applebee’s again. Never say never. We were seduced by their new TV ads for their diet friendly menu. We decided to give them another try. Last night was the night. Both of us ordered the diet friendly shrimp and steak dinner, medium rare for the steak. It did look good on the menu.

When the food finally arrived we were appalled. It looked disgusting. More like vile and looked nothing like what was on the menu let alone the TV ads. Plus, it was as if someone had just thrown the food on the plate in some haphazard insane manner. To make matters worse, the steaks were far from medium rare. Way too far from medium rare.

Somehow, when the waitress sat the food down in front of us she knew we weren’t happy. I wonder why? The manager appeared soon after and wanted to know if things were cool. Far from it. He said he would take care of it and asked if we wanted something else. We opted for leaving post haste vowing this time never to go back ever again. Regardless.

Yes, I lodged a formal complaint with the company this morning via email. Their web site is so lame it allowed me to enter a completely bogus telephone number after prompting me I had to enter one in order to file the complaint.

At any rate, we ended up going to a Chinese place that has some pretty good mu shu chicken, among other stuff. A much better experience all around.


the winter of our discontent

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this originally appeared on 10/1/08 under the title, ‘the summer of our discontent’.  it has been re-worked a bit and there is still plenty of discontent to go around.  i may even toss in the original just because i can.

yes, i’m still using the steinbeck title.  this time even more blatantly so.  it’s an out right steal.  be that as it may.

christmas eve morning and the senate tools in DC have passed the health care fiasco.  it might help some folks but for the most part the rest of us are screwed.  penalties.  higher health premiums.  more taxes.  yeah, i know.  we are promised it will reduce the deficit.  just how i haven’t a clue other than your tax bill is going to look donald trump’s bank statement.  i don’t see it any other way.

we were also once promised medicare would never cost as much as it has.  now the ass holes want to cut it in some sort of new deal ponzi scheme in order to pay for it.  god, the mind reels at their madness.  utter chaotic gobbly goop that we the people are supposed to suck up like it’s manna from heaven.  the gall of those fools.

the disdain for what we the people want is nothing more than a slap in the face.  when the majority of the people in this country wanted nothing to do with the current 1,000 page plus secret filled and pork laden health bill it didn’t matter to the anointed elite.  they can’t feel our pain anymore.  not that it ever really mattered to them in the first place. 

our pain has nothing to do with them.  they play by their own set of rules.  their own health care system in place and it will remain in place.  god forbid they have to scramble or stand or sit and wait for care.  no, they are special. 

we’ve come a long way from, we the people and a government by and for the people.  those sentiments are long gone.  meaningless phrases the elite say didn’t mean that in the first place.  they KNOW.  they KNOW everything.  they know jack shit is what it amounts to.  and we get to eat shit.

i’m probably on a few lists already.  especially after my last email the other day to one of my senators.  the funny thing is she sent me an email and i answered it.  sucker punched i’m sure.  at any rate, i may as well solidify my standing on those lists. 

we have been led down the primrose path by the tools in DC.  from the very top to the bottom.  they buy select caches of votes and you get enough of those caches you are guaranteed a lifetime of thumbing your nose at the great unwashed.  us.  they suck up to the money for nothing and your chicks for free folks like they are the only people out here.  deal here.  pander there.

the anointed elite’s current take on a government by and for the people is nothing more than the choice between slavery and freedom.  simple as that.  they chip away every day at freedom and have been at it for years.  enslaving us in their convoluted mish mash of politically correct communist swill gobbly goop.  and we are here to help you lies because you are to stupid to help yourselves.

yeah, this is a rant and i should in theory feel better after said rant.  i don’t.  i feel even worse.  and afraid for this once great nation, amerika.  those of us old enough to remember a time in school when typing was taught on the old manual typewriters, there was a phrase we were all taught and used to sorta hone our skills. 

Now is the time for every good boy to come to the aid of your country.  no truer words were ever typed.  slavery or freedom.  it’s our choice.


the summer of our discontent (from the vault) 
yes, once again i steal one or sorta steal one from steinbeck.  what can i say?  other than it fits here and there in the so calif summer that just refuses to die.  as to whether or not this blog makes any sense remains to be seen.  

seems like every year this time i’ve just about had it with summer and the fucking triple digit temps lolly gagging around and over so calif or the mojave desert or sonora desert of the southwest.  sure, it’s more or less normal for this time of year but the older i get the more i wish it would just get the hell out of the way of more tepid temps and tons of cold rainfall for my native state.  the last is always a hope of mine for this time of year, as well.  remember, i grew up here when agriculture was still the cash cow in socal.

drought remains king here in the land of california.  if things don’t change and change soon the state motto should be changed from: eureka!; to: you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry.  yeah, it’s a line from an old blues song.  my favorite version is an old one by taj mahal.  i’m sure you can find a version of the tune on youtube if you are so inclined.

summertime and discontent.  discontent with summer and the stuff happening this summer.  a double sorta whammy.  first off we have tweeledee and tweedledum running for office.  the tweedle is interchangeable in either case.  to paraphrase my canadian friend john’s latest blog, canada and the us of a are about to elect idiots to the highest office of each land.  a sad state of affairs if there ever was one.

to make matters worse we are in the middle of the banker, politician created financial mess.  greed heads abound.  greed is bi-partisan.  when the whip comes down you won’t see any of them in the soup line with you.  oh, they may show up to ladle you your bowl of gruel to show you that they feel your pain and really really do give a fuck about you.  deal is they rolled up in a hummer or a town car with a driver/bodyguard.  you on the other hand, will have rolled up some newspaper and stuck it in your shoe so you could walk a few miles to the nearest soup line.

they will go home after the ladling to some compound surrounded by a nice wall with broken glass and razor wire cemented into its top.  plus a platoon of mercs to insure no riff raff gets within shooting range.  yeah, the ones that want to ban guns will be using them on anyone who gets with in range of one.  count on it.  yes, i’m a pessimist.  big deal.  your point? 

i suppose my biggest fear in this continuing summer of my discontent would be something like what really did happen in one of my long ago lifetimes.

i was in south vietnam during that fracas.  we, in the military, were paid in mpc or military payment currency or some sorta gobbly goop.  i forget exactly but that’s not the point.  at some point or another the politicians decided that the current mpc being used was getting into too many of the locals hands.  i suppose even charlie got his mitts on some as well.  though i doubt you could buy many arms with the stuff in poland.  greenbacks on the other hand were another story or blog.  and i’m drifting like a banshee here but i may reel it in.  maybe. 

so.  we were told that the deal was gonna go down on a certain day or maybe not.  like i said it was a lifetime ago.  at any rate, we sorta knew it was gonna happen. 

the day the deal went down our small macv compound was locked down.  as was every other military camp in south vietnam.  we all lined up and handed over our old mpc and were in turn given new mpc.  the old stuff was then totally fucking useless. 

we had some local vietnamese as workers on the compound.  they, of course, stood outside the wire watched and waited with sad looks on their faces.  a few tears as well.  they had just become penny less or much much poorer.  sure they still had a job but nothing in the bank, as it were.

perhaps some of you see where this is going.  point is, we at some point are gonna be those hapless vietnamese if the greed heads and politicians don’t stop being self serving greedy ass holes.  count on it.

today’s pessimism was brought to you by dow chemical co and their subsidiaries the makers of agent orange. 


what’s the point of the bowl games?

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this was originally written 2 years ago.  it’s still a valid post.  jmh

yeah, exactly, what’s the point of so many useless bowl games with teams that only had a marginal season at best?  you go 6-6 and have some sort of fan base that is willing to truck on down the road to pretty much anywhere in the country to see ‘their’ school play.  well, then by golly, you get a useless bowl bid to some city where the chamber of commerce and the local pols are all salivating over the amount of coin you are going to drop into their pockets or local economy or more than likely both.

that scenario covers it along with all the tv money that’s doled out to god knows who.  not me, sadly.  i don’t see a dime.  espn and fox.  ok, so espn gets some props for all the games on saturday.  fox cable, as well, though not as many.  then there’s the week night games on espn.  fine, i’m all for them, you get to see teams you probably wouldn’t get to see other wise.  speaking of which, if it wasn’t for, fox cable, most of the pac 10 games wouldn’t even be on tv.  period.

yes, i know.  college football, the love of my life is all about the money anymore.  it probably always was or maybe not.  i’m old enough to remember pre-ncaa days.  yeah, the aau, amature ahtletic union.  god, what a bunch of blowhards they were.  so that flawed system begot, the ncaa, who are now the reigning blowhards on the block.   second only to the pac 10 commissioner and his, tutti di capo tutti, the big ten commissioner.  yeah, ok, and the sec, big 12, acc, wac, ad naseum.  plus the deans of all the div 1 schools, who are so stupid, they think that anything other than what goes down now will result in total chaos in every hall of higher learning from here to martha’s vineyard.  do they really think we are all that stupid?

see, it must be all that money.  why else would normal, or sorta normal, educated men be so backed up?  oh sure, one of my friends is fond of the, it all boils down to the sex or money theory.  he has a point.  a good one.  but somehow i don’t see any of those guys i’ve mentioned getting, well, getting all stupid behind sex anymore or maybe i’m missing something.

so see? it has to be the money.  there must be bales of the stuff passed around in board rooms and parking garages on every div 1 college campus on a daily basis.  oh, mr commissioner, your bag man, tommy, is here with your dump truck load of untraceable and perfectly clean money.  he’s in parking garage 4 on the upper level.  shall i call for your driver and your gold plated golf cart?  some canapes, and perhaps, a perfectly chilled bottle of 1939, eu di snooty, vino?

the mind roils at all the weird and seemingly just plain stupid stuff those folks deal out every year at this time.  the main culprits being, the pac 10 hack and his equal hack, the big ten hack.  the other hacks blame them for everything.  pure and simple.  well, sure, we could do that but ya know the pac 10 ain’t gonna go for it.  wink wink.  yes, of course, the rose bowl.  the grand pops of em all.  i love the damn game.  it’s the game where i fell in love with the ducks, way back when i was just a kid.  the love affair still flourishes to this day.  but if the rose bowl went away in favor of some sort of system that gave us college football fans a true national champion, i’d be all for it.

oh, i’m sure the hue and cry from the moneyed rose bowl committee would leave a trail of tears and crumpled old twenties right up to the pac 10’s front door.  so what?  times change and they needed to be changed in this regard long ago.  playoffs in some way, shape, or form.  it’s been said before and bears repeating, every major college sport has a playoff system except college football.  even women’s softball has a playoff and i’m right there glued to it on the tv.  they miss more school than i ever did when i was young and missing school.  i mean they play at least 60 games.  half of which are on the road.  then they end up in oklahoma for what could be a week or more depending on the weather.  same for the men’s baseball program.  not to mention both of the basketball programs.  those kids miss more school than anyone and no one says squat about it.  then there’s the soccer programs and golf and track, wrestling and volleyball and tiddly winks, for crying out loud. but those morons in charge say we can’t have a football play off because it will disrupt the schooling of all those fine young men.  my god, it’s just pure balderdash.  we are spoken to like we are unwanted red headed step children with an IQ of 30.

i’ve had enough.  i hope all of you have had enough as well.  in the immortal words of roberto duran, no mas.  pure and simple.  the time has come to not only boycott the crappy bowl games but every other stinking one of them.  until the boys with the power and the money realize their power and money is going the way of the dodo.  then and only then will things change.  i’m not saying let’s blow off college football.  even i’m not that crazy.  hmmm, well, not yet.  just stop watching the bowl games.  period.  all of them.  it’s easy.  play with your kids, dog, wife or girlfriend instead.  go out and eat or go to the mall or park or bowling alley or take a walk or nap or play scrabble.  see?  there’s lots of other stuff to do.  just do it.


stuff i don’t watch on tv anymore part 2

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there’s plenty of stuff i don’t watch on tv anymore.  mostly it’s sports stuff but then of course there are plenty of other things on tv that are just beyond the pale bad as well.  however, i’m probably going to stick to sport stuff or semi sorta sports stuff for this.  just like in part 1.  for those that missed it.  you may want to take a look.  or maybe not.

as i said the last time, this is my list.  not necessarily your list.  or likes and dis-likes.  ok?  good.  so in no particular order.  onward.

my friend, triggerman brought up a couple in a comment he made in my other place.  two venues or sports i was going to bring up any the ways.  the first being, the X games.  ok.  yeah, i’m an old guy.  so what?  since when has skateboarding become a sport other than an annoying venal sin?  or jumping over stuff on a motorcycle?  or doing loopty loops on same said motorcycle?  trying to kill yourself while also trying to impress babes is pretty lame.  keep it off tv, please.  it’s stupid.

the olympics.  or as dfr and i call em, the old limp dicks.  i find it amazing that anyone watches the stuff anymore.  in particular stuff where you win or lose on some dumb ass paid off judges decision.  yes, there was a time years ago i would watch this lame tv presentation.  hours upon hours of the stuff.  no more.  the insipid up close and personal stuff sent me over the edge years ago.  why anyone would want to host this turkey is beyond me.  unless of course, it would be for the sole purpose of ripping off the rubes who actually show up to watch the insanity.  all that being said, i do enjoy watching curling and i eagerly await the winter festivities in vancouver so i can get my fix.  i’m serious.

bowling.  i’m not even sure if anybody even bothers to show this game anymore on tv.  they probably do and if they do i’m not watching it because earl anthony and dick weber are dead or are too old to make a decent score if they can still even play.  buy a wii game and bowl in your living room.  it’s fun and good exercise.  plus, no stinky used rental bowling shoes are required.  a plus if there ever was one.

poker.  ok.  i can sorta see skateboarding as a sport.  but a world series of poker?  world series implies sport.  poker is not a sport but a game and, well, why in god’s good name are you people watching other people play this game on tv?  barnum was right.  you are a sucker and you and many others are being born every minute.  then there’s the fact they are playing bleeding texas hold em.  a girls game for crying out loud.  wyatt earp didn’t play texas hold em.  count on it.  wild bill hickok wasn’t playing texas hold em when he was dealt that famous dead mans hand of aces and eights.  no sirree he was playing five card draw.  a man’s game.  a man’s game like five card stud or seven card stud.  simple.  if you watch poker on tv you need to find a life someplace and fast.

the tour de france.  there was a time a number of years ago i watched this turkey on the tube.  all the little girl crap about lance and his blood samples just wore me out.  i don’t watch anymore.  lance can run the table for the rest of his life for all i care.  big deal.  i don’t care.  the tv nonevent has spawned any number of lance wanna bees with their nasty ass biking costumes out clogging up road space all over this once great nation.  please, just get the hell out of my way and go ride your bike someplace else or i swear i’m liable to run over forty or fifty of you at one pop.  just kidding.  maybe.  but they are a menace and it’s because of the tour being on tv.  you dumb asses, would be much cooler if you put some playing cards or baseball cards on your spokes with a wooden clothes pin.  i would respect you more.  and take off that damn bike suit.

drag racing.  ah, another speed sport.  one i used to love to watch unlike nascar or formula one.  pure speed.  peddle.  metal.  woo hoo.  trouble is try and find a real car drag racing these days.  what you’ll find, for the most part are plastic fantastic sleds that resemble a car but really aren’t a car.  what happened to real 55 chevy’s?  real bored and stroked 51 merc’s?  real chopped and channeled anything?  see my point?  it is a damn shame.  no, not my point.  sheesh.

last but certainly not least, would be any sort of a state of the union message from any politician of any party.  or any other political party message.  well, unless it’s the party animal party which might be a hoot of sorts if only for a short while.  i gave up on those messages long long ago.  nothing but lame propaganda by lame stooges who want only to fuck with us and steal our money.  screw em.


stuff i don’t watch on tv anymore

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ah, make that sports stuff.  tv is annoying at best.  sure, i can waste away a day or days watching the damn thing but, hey, there’s a bunch of stuff i can’t watch anymore.  so, let’s get started and see just where this ends up.  there’s no particular order or rhyme or reason to the list.  it is what it is.  pure and simple.  you may agree or disagree.  it’s a semi free country, for the time being, and you’re entitled to your own opinion.  fine.  but this is my list.  it may piss you off but that isn’t my intention.  figure it out.  do your own list. 

the first thing that comes to mind is the, NBA.  god, i hate watching those guys.  i used to like watching pro basketball but i lost interest in it during it’s thug era and i’m not going back.  plus, it’s kinda fun being one of the few folks here in so calif that can’t stand kobe and/or the lakers.  elgin baylor, kareem, jerry.  fine.

MLB would be next on the list.  another of those deals where i used to enjoy watching their games.  i lost interest in them after the last strike for more money so they can play a kids game.  um, you could toss the NBA back in this area as well.  at any rate, who can enjoy a world series that is gonna drag on to maybe the second week of november?  the first week being bad enough.  or how about a bunch of steroid pumpers, period.  no way.  no thanks.  plus the fact bud selig is an idiot.  although had the angels gone to the series i may have watched an inning or two if only for the old cowboy, gene autry.

the NFL is next.  another of those days gone by thingys.  more steroid pumpers and a greedy bunch of owners with no real love for their fan base or the cities where they play.  show me the money.  some big mogul is going to build a new stadium out in these parts if he can con some team into leaving their sorta home.  any number of teams have been mentioned,  even one of yours.  i don’t care.  screw em.  the only thing the stadium will do is make an already totally screwed up freeway interchange even worse.  the players?  yeah, they are the best and can come up with some amazing plays but i just don’t care anymore about them or their league.

the Super Bowl.  sure, this is a part of the last one but even non fans watch this turkey every year.  hours and days of non stop hype.  a blizzard of supposedly new improved funny ass commercials that the mad men pay primo dollars to place strategically in the game.  a big yawn, for the ads and the game.

tennis.  not that i ever watched it much but i don’t ever anymore.  oofa.  useless and stupid.

soccer.  ok.  so like just what the eff is up with soccer?  totally off the tv radar.  or more importantly, my radar.  dumber than tennis.  yeah, it is.  i don’t want to hear about it.  say nothing.  it is. 

the NHL.  as a so calif native i guess that could be a reason for my aversion to the game.  but when i was a kiddie, i tried watching the likes of gordy howe and bobby orr on the saturday morning games.  i never understood the rules and it was pretty boring even with the fights.  no thanks.  not even the great one could change that.

the WWE WWF or whatever it is they are calling it now a days.  more steroid monsters with the same act since gorgeous george and freddie blassie.  an act that was pretty cool back in the 50’s and early 60’s.  and ok even for a few years in the early 80’s.  but an act that just grew so wearisome and lame that no sane person over the age of 12 can possibly watch it anymore.  yeah, fine, the sorta hot babes wandering around in the ring.  lame as well and just masturbatory imps for the porn challenged among us.  speaking of which, if i were 12 i wouldn’t waste my time on them.  no sirree.  i’d be TIVOing ‘dancing with the stars’ and watching those lovely ladies frame by frame.  count on it.  but i digress.

boxing.  i used to love watching boxing.  i grew up watching it every friday night.  the friday night fights brought to us by gillette razors.  then of course there was sugar ray robinson, jake lamotta, rocky marciano, sonny liston, george foreman, floyd patterson, joe frazier, sugar ray leonard, danny lopez, alexis arguello, and larry holmes, god bless him.   then of course, the greatest of them all, mohammad ali.  i could go on but if you weren’t there you missed it.  totally.  the current crop?  no thanks.

nascar or formula one.  i get the speed but i just don’t get much else about it.  never one of my favorites and i avoid them like the plague these days.

then there’s the most insidious non sports related show of them all.  the view.  a total piece of crap and a waste of time and electricity.  a propaganda show worthy of chairman mao or joe stalin.  i was never a fan or a watcher but i do get a glimpse of it now and again.  oh oh, i’m gonna hurl and/or shoot the tv ala elvis.

yes, the last one wasn’t sports related but i couldn’t resist tossing it in as a sorta grand finale to this messy epistle.  after all, this is my list.  i may have forgotten a few things but i think i covered stuff pretty well for now.  there’s always the possibility of a part 2 somewhere down the road.  i’ve been talkin’ to my oldest friend, dfr.  and yeah, count on it.  there will be a part 2.

on a tangent, today is gram parsons birthday.  happy birthday, my cosmic country brother.  wild horses.  we’ll ride them someday.


the strange case of the bcs

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i’ve been messing with this one for a few days now.  i’m angry.  not at what i’ve written, even though it might be hard to follow.  but then what else is new as far as my stuff goes?  no, i’m angry at college football, tv networks, congress and just about everyone else as well.    

the years first bcs computerized nonsense poll came out last weekend after the games.  we get another one after the games this week and after every other one until the season is over.  those of you that follow and love college football have many reasons to dislike the bcs poll on numerous levels.  me too.  especially after seeing boise st and cincinnati crouching just under the radar for a shot at the national championship game.  a shot i’m not real happy about.  but then i’m old and old school.

however, with my frazzled synapses and mis-firing neurons i’d forgotten all about what went down after last season or maybe even earlier.  i haven’t a clue as to an exact date.  a very sad state of affairs in both cases.  several schools, most notably utah and boise st, got the hairballs in washington dc to hold hearings on the seemingly unfair deal that is the bcs and their big money games at the end of the year.  sen orrin hatch, was the most visible and he yammered about fairness and other such dumbness.

dumbness, like giving a third tier school, such as boise st, a shot at the national title game if they went 12 and oh.  our wonderful government has nothing better to do than stick it’s collective nose into places it has no business.  college football being one of those premiere areas.  though our esteemed leader has said he’d like to see a playoff in college football.  hopefully, he will keep his and congresses nose out of the deal.  the bcs is bad enough right now without further meddling by those lame bozos.

their meddling, so far, has turned the best sport in the nation into a coed t-ball league for cry baby 5 year olds.  a league where even if you play the likes of say, u c davis or southeastern st university of chicken pluckers, and beat them.  why, by golly, you can play in the national championship game.  you went 12 and oh with your patsy schedule of third and fourth tier cupcake schools.  well done.  oofa.  

i’m sorry.  i don’t want to see it.  at all.  you can have your t-ball for whinny third tier school athletic directors and their ilk.  i don’t want to see watered down college football games.  games where everybody must play.  games where nobody really wins.  games where there are no winners. just losers like us.  

you say, ‘but, john, that isn’t happening and won’t happen.’  yeah, right.  just give them a little more time.  a little more whining.  then just wait and see.  because you can soon count on some women’s college field hockey team playing boise st, in the beloved rose bowl, for the national championship of college football.

ridiculous you say?  why he’s been at the absolut trough again.  no kids, not yet, any the ways.  i just don’t appreciate diluted college football games.  diluted to the point of political correct parity.  diluted so even, the university of middle state teachers and boys choir affiliates, gets a shot at a bowl game at the end of the college football money rainbow.  god, the horror.

sadly, i’m beginning to lose interest in college football.  oh, i’ll stick around for awhile.  but in the not so distant future i see myself voting with my feet and walking away from the game.  politicians making changes they have no business making.  there’s just too much excess money out there.  and that money along with dumb ass politicians and stupid college officials is ruining the game i used to love so very much.  it’s a part of brave new world?  no thanks.  you can have it.

so just what have the hairballs in dc done?  they got just who the hell ever of the bcs hairballs to adjust their computers to look favorably upon third tier schools ala boise st.  in all fairness, cincinnati is probably a second tier school as they have a very good medical school on the campus.  they just ain’t harvard or yale and just as well as those guys can’t compete either.

the point being, boise st, a third tier school has diddly for academics and can recruit kids that can play but then said kids are morons who could never get into an sec, big 10 or pac 10 school.  which doesn’t matter much in the academic sense.  not that the kids from michigan or usc go to class all that much.  it’s a fine line to be sure.  a line that for the sake of decent college football games that shouldn’t be crossed.  at least not while i’m still alive.  thank you.  point?  computers tweaked to nullify strength of schedule.

so just why are boise st and the bear cats sitting above usc in the bcs poll?  the sad reply from the masses is: usc lost a game and the other two haven’t.  they are undefeated.  fine.  ok, pilgrim, riddle me this: if usc were to play boise st this saturday, at boise, who would be the vegas favorite?  vegas cares only about the money.  their money.  the simple answer would be, usc.  probably by at least 14 points.  trust me, i’m sure that would be the case.  so why then is boise st and cincinnati ranked higher than usc?

yeah, i’m a usc homer and a pac 10 honk.  doesn’t matter in this regard.  he political correct crowd bought off by somebody or another to water down the game into a 5 year old coed t-ball league.  jesus.

this has been like all over the place and i suppose, maybe and hopefully, you can see my passion here.  and my point.  we are destroying a game, the only game left, that used to have some sort of meaning and purpose.  a meaning and purpose that is being watered down into nothingness.

count on this as well, a playoff mandated or brokered by the hairballs in washington, dc would be just as bad.  you would have to be certifiably insane to think otherwise.


if it were only so

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the brown eyed girl and were on the road labor day heading to a relatives house for a bbq.  it was a nice day.  no triple digit temps like we’ve had for the past couple of weeks.  all in all it was a fairly decent drive to and from the bbq.  but that ain’t why i’m here. 

several years ago the late great state of california passed a law banning cell phone use while driving.  it’s like a couple hundred dollar fine for driving and using one.  that is if they catch you or feel like messing with you considering there’s more stupid people out there doing even dumber stuff.  however, most folks on a cell phone and driving can barely drive.  if they ever could.  drive that is.

now don’t laugh, but this past year the state has also passed a new law that bans texting while driving.  yeah, whoda thunk you’d even need to pass a law like that?  i mean come on!!!  well, yeah, there’s now that law but there’s still dumb fucks out there texting and driving down the freeway at 70 miles per.  i see them all the time.  yesterday in particular.

to backtrack a step or two, our wonderfully delusional federal government is just to the point of considering, just considering mind you, that any state that doesn’t ban texting while driving would lose federal highway funds.  is that even something you need to consider?  how about just doing it for christ’s sake!  or for maybe your life’s sake.

at any rate, i see these dumb ass stupid folks all the time texting away while driving.  they are usually the ones that can’t seem to stay in their lane or are swerving between the lines if they can actually stay in their lane.  sure, there’s lots of drunks out there but they are just a drop in the bucket compared to driving a car and using a cell phone plus texting douche bags.

something sorta came to the two of us at the same time labor day.  an invention was needed to help curtail these dumb ass folks.  granted, most of them are kids but there are a number of older and supposedly wiser folks doing it as well.  we need an invention that would stop the madness.  stop it right in it’s tracks.

before i tell you our idea all i want out of the deal is if someone can come up with the hardware to do it would be a few freebies of the invention.  ok?  if one does eventually come out i’m gonna find you and get a few of them.  a few of them for free.  capisco? 

we all know the cops are too busy dealing with other shit.  however, when one of the texting morons gets in an accident it screws things up for all of us on way too many levels.  sooooooo…what is needed is a small electronic device.  a hand held thingy. 

say you are driving down the interstate or just going to score a half gallon of milk.  you see some moron using his or her cell phone or worse yet, bleeding texting and driving.  there are for sure no cops around.  if they were they prolly wouldn’t do anything anyway.  that’s where this new device and you would come in very very handy.

you would just need to point the device at the offender push a button and their cell phone would die.  forever.  it would never work again as the circuitry would be fried.  with no way to repair it.  simple easy.

on an other note, the device could prolly also be made to work on the ass holes who run read lights.  no cop around to write them up?  just point the device at the car and the car would slowly and safely pull over to the side of the road and can’t be started again until the offender has signed his or her ticket.  ah, pure bliss.  though that aspect of the device could lead to problems and abusers of the device.  but i think it could be worked out.  right?

i know there’s somebody out there reading this who could come up with that device or knows someone who can make it happen.  just do it.  the life you save just might be yours.


a government by and for the people(?)

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one would think, things ought to be getting better as one gets older, but generally speaking, that’s far from the case.  the government we’ve come to know and for sure not love, just plods on like some sort of a brain dead basket case.  a government hanging on because no one bothered to fill out the, ‘do not resuscitate’, paperwork.  government by flat line.  yeah, sad but true.

the local yokels, i actually grew up with, are running shit around these parts now and they step into a pile of stinky dogie poop daily.  seems like they ought to know better.  also seems like they haven’t a clue someone is actually watching.  how odd is that?  more like stupid.  sad.  so sad.

they step on a nice steaming turd and think nothing of it until that said turd hits the damn fan.  hits the fan because someone is actually looking at what you lame ass numb-nutted humps are doing. 

you can’t get into stuff like, tony soprano, doing whatever the hell works, graft wise, and not think anyone isn’t watching or paying attention.  who’s dumber?  you?  or us?

names?  if you live here you know them.  they’re in the local fish wrap on a several times a week basis.  no point sticking them up here.  no, not yet. 

things will probably only be going from bad to worse now that arnold’s scams didn’t pass a few weeks ago.  the idiots here and up in the state capital are scrambling to find ways to figure shit out.  i doubt they will. 

i’ve said this before and, george will, god bless him, said it last week as well.  this sad stupid game is coming to your state sooner or later.  count on it.

so respectable.  get out of my life.  don’t take my wife.  no no no.

light a candle for america.

so, all that being said, and in the spirit of a government by and for the people, cheorkee parks, and myself, with a bit of inspiration from, dfr, have come up with a nice patriotic tee-shirt just in time for the coming july 4th holiday.

go to this link.  check it out.  then buy, buy, buy amarican!!!  please.





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the late great state of chaos

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i’m a native of california.  my mother is a california native as well.  she’ll be 95 in september.  we have roots that go way the hell back.  we’ve seen any number of things.  my dad too, though he’s only been out here since 1941.  the brown eyed girl is a socal native.  she’s seen some shit too.  more shit just might hit the fan soon here in the late great state of chaos, california.

we pay our state senators and state assembly folks a lot of money.  plus they get some damn nice perks.  i wouldn’t mind that if they did what the fuck we paid them to do.  though they can’t seem to be bothered with doing that, their job.  their well paid job. 

it’s been a number of years and may even go back to governor moonbeam, jerry brown, who is actually thinking about running for the job again. however, that’s a drift of major proportions and for another time.  the point being, the tools we’ve elected just can’t come up with a budget for the state.  well, they can but they end up raising taxes as a result and then the taxes never ever go away like they said they would.  then they just waste the damn money they raised.  our money.  a vicious cycle if there ever was one. 

the assholes are paid to do something they can’t do.  fine.  quit.  go back to albertson’s and bag groceries or your cushy loan sharking job.  just get out and let somebody else try who ain’t gonna spend all their damn time collecting skim and graft from any asshole out there.  plus running for the damn re-election 24-7 like our current president.  more drifting.

ok.  so like the tools couldn’t come up with a budget again this year.  nothing new.  though this year, with other stuff in the dumpster, it wasn’t a good idea not to come up with one.  not that it ever is a good idea.  sooooo…the governator has called for a special election may 19th.  we get to vote on 5 propositions.  bleeding government by referendum.  it’s been like this here for far to goddamn long. 

referendum this referendum that, instead of doing WHAT THE FUCK THEY GET PAID FOR!!!!!!!  run the state like some sort of thinking person and not like it’s your personnal candy store.  enough of this, people.  screw it and them.  i’ve already sent my ballot in.  no, on every damn one of em.  sane folks are doing the same thing.  local newspapers are calling for the same.  the madness here in the late great state of chaos must come to a stop. 

california is the harbinger of this once great nation.  count on it.  we have been for years.  illegals?  among other things.  you got em now and their money for nothing attitude.  wake up, people!!!!!  take your country and state back from the money grubbing running for re-election 24-7, elected official, as a job description assholes.  that includes all of em!!!!!  vote them and their plague out of office.  stop the madness now.

damn, now i feel better.  tell you what, you’d all better heed the call and get wise before it’s too late.


water water everywhere & nary a drop to drink

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the water crisis here in the great state of chaos continues as it begins the long slow slide into somebody actually doing something about it on a local and statewide basis.  oh yeah.  though the bread basket of the nation has been jumping on the farmers for a year or so, cutting back on their water rations.  i guess lawns are more important than feeding a vast portion of the nation.  but then what do i know?  not much i’m sure.

the water infrastructure here is in total disarray.  the main point of the whole fragile system is up in the sacramento/stockton delta area.  billions need to be spent to fix it.  the problem is a bi-polar mess.  the dems and gop are both sad culprits in the chaos.  we pay those hacks good money to take care of stuff.  they take the money and don’t do anything other than piss everyone off.  it’s been so for many a year.  the last great water projects happened back in the early 60’s thanks to jerry brown’s dad, pat.  i could tell you a story about the two of them but i won’t. 

on an other note, i was talking to a local water guy this morning and he told me a tale of the current stimulus package dole out courtesy of uncle sam.  the man has been involved in the water industry here in socal for a number of years in a supervisory capacity and a very bright guy as well.  he told me trying to just figure out the whole convoluted process was mind numbing and stupid.  no idea what was what or just how to go about it.

in my thinking that would, of course, figure.  government gobbly goop to the nth degree brought on by those that would love nothing better than to make it the official language of a once great nation.  but i digress.  my water guy has no idea if the local water folks will get the modest $2.5 million grant.  none.  zip.  zilch.  nada.  if a check shows up then the deal went down.  if not.  sin loi, charlie.  a rather dumb ass way of doing biz but that seems to be the nature of the feds these sad end of times days.

ok.  here’s a nice 180 turn.  however, still water related.  the current crop in power down dc way have their collective panties in a knot about the way the cia has been dealing with the current crop of terror dip-shits.  fine.  though i have no problem with anything they do in trying to find shit out.  nothing.  yep.  deal with it. 

let me harken back to that doomed and failed vietnam experience.  failed for many a reason.  but that ain’t why i’m here.  nope.  the langley boys had a way of dealing with the cong and nva regulars.  terrorists to be sure.  rape.  kill.  pillage.  tax.  impose will.  scare.  and otherwise totally fuck over folks.  your ever friendly troops of mr wonderful, uncle ho.

the drifts pile up don’t they?  the company guys had a way with the usual suspects.  take a few of em up in a chopper to several thousand feet and ask em a question.  no answer.  toss one of em out.  ask the question again.  you get answers.  if not, take a couple more of em up. 

i personally have no problem with that action.  none what so ever.  they were women and children killers.  pure and simple.  just as the current crop are.  sad little shits.  fight fire with fire.  simple as that. 

whether it be water or a chopper way up above the trees, all is fair.  it’s us or them.  there is no compromise.  we limp along in these end of times days.  but then what do i know?  not much i’m sure.

the stockton delta with crops.

the delta again and what usually happens after days of heavy rain.

vietnam and a chopper above the trees.