should college football players get paid to play?

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this little tidbit is getting some play.  it started last week with the big 10 or 12 or whatever commissioner saying he figures football players should get a stipend.  earlier this week the old ball coach, steve spurrier, jumped on the bandwagon saying he thinks college football players should be paid as well.  $300 a game to be exact.  this idea is getting even more play.  no pun intended. 

before i wade into this drama let me remind everyone that i love college football.  it is my favorite sit in front of the tube and watch deal.  it’s been that way for as long as i can remember.  i love the game.

i have trouble with these ideas.  yeah, i’m just a crack pot.  these kids are getting an almost free ride education.  yes, there are exceptions but it’s something most kids don’t get.  and yes some of them, mostly in the sec, might end up on the wrong end of a scholarship for various reasons.  like coaches and schools handing them out like candy at halloween then saying oops we really can’t use you.  sorry, we want it back.  but that is a drift.

these kids playing college football are supposed to be in school to earn a degree or am i missing something here?  let’s just forget about the fact you start paying these guys a rather large can of very nasty stinky worms will be opened.  not unlike pandora’s little box a long time ago.  but with probably pretty much the same consequences, a world turned upside down.

the larger of the elephants in the room would be, title 1X.  i also love women’s college softball.  and i’m quite sure the old ball coach and the comish aren’t thinking about paying them anything at all for anything.  regardless.  then there’s the fact most men’s college baseball scholarships barely cover anything at all.  ok.  so i’m drifting here.  in any case, it’s all relevant.         

why should we pay these guys money to play?  point being we shouldn’t.  the old ball coach says the players should get some cash so they can take their girlfriends out for dinner.  or maybe pay for their parents to fly to a game or something.  yeah, we would all love that.  what about the regular schlumps going to school sans any scholarship?  they’d like to be able to do the same thing.  most end up with a nice little 40 grand or so in student loan debt.  yeah, let’s feel sorry for the poor college football player who had to sell ohio st athletic stuff so they could score some nifty tats all over themselves.  please.

the college game has eroded just like society has in recent years.  they’ve gone hand in hand down the road to madness.  paying kids to play college ball is stupid.  there are so many of them in some sort of trouble every day it makes your head swim.  instead of paying them perhaps the schools should use the money to investigate the little darlings a bit more before they hand them the keys to the university.  they seem to end up pilfering fellow students laptops at some sort of maddening pace or committing even worse crimes against humanity and fellow students.

‘well, gee, i had to steal the laptop and rape those girls because i was drunk and i didn’t have any money left after i bought all that booze.  but i deserve another chance.  i’m a football player.  hoo rah.’  there ya go, pilgrims, that pretty much sums it up right there. 

it’s getting to the point where, and i’ve said this a few times the past few years, us old guys are probably going to abandon the sport we love if the insanity of the kids, coaches, commissioners, and college deans doesn’t get back on track.  they aren’t ozzy osborne and off on some crazy train they are, college football.  it’s become a very sad thing indeed. 

thankfully, it seems i’m not the only crack pot out here.  espn.com is running a poll today about this same thing.  should college football players be paid for playing?  at the time of this writing with 47,899 votes in, 62% of those voting are saying, NO.  cool.  let’s just hope somebody is listening and maybe even paying attention.


2010-11 college bowl game picks

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they’re back.  and i’m sure some of you are very happy they are.  me?  not really but regular readers over the past few years already know this.  what’s to like about football games that come, in some cases, 37 days after the regular season has been put to bed for the next nine months?  indeed.  what’s to like?

especially since ‘bowls are business.’  stewart mandel wrote that a week or so ago in one of his sports illustrated columns concerning the lack of prospects for stanford getting a big time bowl bid, among other things.  though things did change.  stanford got a nice bid even with their lack of traveling alumni willing to head out to some god forsaken place or another and spend way too much money to sit in some stadium someplace and watch a football game.  i get the stanford alums point of view.  why indeed?

bowls are business.  the money tree time of year for college regents and deans alike all over this once great nation.  league commissioners slather all over themselves seeing visions of clean, crisp, unmarked, benjamins dancing in their collective greedy heads.  perhaps the most joyous time of the year turned into a greed head’s nirvana.

local pols and chambers of commerce goons fleece the nattering nabobs of the traveling alumni world.  fan bases far and wide leave home flush with cash only to have it stripped from them in some inglorious hell hole by bastions of local yokeldoms finest greed headed businessmen cum thieves.  god, yes, it’s bcs bowl season.  do you hear what i hear?  indeed.

yes, kids, once again it’s time for me to ask you to boycott the bowl games.  the first part is easy.  don’t buy a ticket to the damn games.  don’t fill the seats.  simple easy.  the second is a bit harder.  don’t watch the games on the tube.  yes, of course, not as easy as it sounds.  right?  but it is.  just don’t turn on the tv when your favorite team hits the airwaves and probably the skids because they haven’t faced any real football action/competition for over a month.  about the only action the players will have had is robbing fellow students of their lap tops and local 7-11’s of their daily take.  plus, scaring the bejesus out of coeds far and wide.  indeed.

ok.  alright.  you came here to read my picks.  so i’ll give them to you.  just remember they are for fun and entertainment purposes only.  using any of what i write here as a good thing to to take to a sports book or street corner bookie would be the ultimate definition of insanity. 

during the regular season i use and go by the oddsmakers point spreads.  not this time of year.  i’m just picking a winner.  also since most bowl games are stinkers at best, i’m only picking nineteen of the thirty-five games, which could shrink once i get into this.  some of the bowl turkeys aren’t even worth making fun of.  and that, my readers, is a very sad statement.  so without further ado…

rock ‘n’ roll.     

12/18  new mexico: byu vs utep.  the mormons finally get a shot at another holiday travel destination other than vegas after countless trips to sin city this time of year.  not the glitz and glamor of the strip but albuquerque has an old west vibe going for it.  including the gunfire, just stay off the freeways and you’ll probably be ok.  take byu to win.

12/21  beef o’brady’s: southern mississippi vs louisville.  the only reson for picking this game is it’s title.  what the harold is beef o’brady’s any the ways?  there might be some good commercials.  did i just say that?  take s. miss to win.

12/22  maaco: utah vs boise st.  this should be a good game.  maybe.  utah hit the skids then recovered nicely.  boise is still probably smarting from it’s fall from grace.  plus coach peterson is out job hunting.  he’s already upset about boise st dumping the wac to move to the mountain west while utah and byu have bailed out of that conference.  it’s like boise st moved from one sisters of the poor league to a little bit better sisters of the poor league.  boise st, do your homework next time.  homework just might be the reason none of the big boy conferences want you.  hint.  hint.  at any rate, take utah to win.

12/23  poinsettia: san diego st vs navy.  a grandiose fleet week bowl game for san diego just before christmas.  as much as i enjoy good san diego st football you have to take navy in this game.

12/27  independence: air force vs georgia tech.  take air force in this one, kids.

12/28  insight: missouri vs iowa.  a yawner but take iowa.

12/29  alamo: arizona vs oklahoma st.  as i’m a pac 10 or 12 homer take arizona here.  it might be a good game. 

12/30  holiday: nebraska vs washington.  another day another game in san diego.  if you can fly in do so because the roads in and out of there are usually clogged worse than my arteries.  pac 10 or 12 once again.  take washington if only for the fact my wife’s orthopod has a kid playing for the huskies.

12/31  sun: miami vs notre dame.  notre dame off a so so year but the touchdown jesus faithful do love to travel and spend lots of cash.  go with miami and the win.

1/1  capital one: alabama vs michigan st.  michigan st got hosed this year but somebody does every year.  guess it was their turn.  maybe some decent commercials again.  depending on who feels like playing after the big lay-off will determine who’s going to win.  i’m taking michigan st.

1/1  gator: michigan vs mississippi st.  hopefully, state rolls over michigan.  take miss st.

1/7  cotton: texas a&m vs lsu.  take the aggies of texas to win.

1/9  hunger: boston college vs nevada.  only reason i’m doing this game is because of what nevada did this year.  take nevada to win.

now for the so called big games.

1/1  rose: wisconsin vs tcu.  probably a decent game.  tcu will show up to play.  hopefully, wisconsin does as well.  take tcu.

1/1  fiesta: oklahoma vs connecticut.  good game to nap through.  make your own pick.  i don’t care.

1/3  orange: virginia tech vs stanford.  a good game?  take stanford to win.  pac 10 honk honk.

1/4  sugar: arkansas vs ohio st.  the talking heads are already saying this is the best game of the bowl season.  it is?  take arkansas to win.

1/10  BCS championship: auburn vs oregon.  finally, the last game.  as much as i love the ducks i really doubt if i’ll even watch this.  come on, 37 days after the season is over.  get real bcs and ncaa.  yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.  plus, the fact there are going to more commercials than you can shake the proverbial stick at.  i’m not interested in that action at all.  what i want to know is how the ncaa can say cecil newton is a crook and his kid knew nothing about it.  yeah, right.  the ducks have not played well in their last couple of games.  very possibly they won’t here either.  the first betting line for the game had the ducks favored by 3.  that disappeared as soon as someone realized what had happened.  probably a typo or a rabid duck fan who now has no job.  though a few folks did get in on that action.  lucky them because auburn is going to win this ad fest turkey.  sadly, for the ducks and the pac 10 or 12.  none the less, QUACK QUACK!!  yes, take auburn to win.

that’s it.  a few good games mixed in with the crapola games.  but that’s the usual scenario for the college bowl season.  should there be a playoff?  probably but i go back and forth on that idea.  for one, i think it sullies the regular season.  not unlike men’s basketball where nothing much matters during the regular season.  what matters, is march.  just remember these bowl games really aren’t for you, joe fan.  they are about teams getting more practice time and money money money.  not that there’s anything wrong with money.  i just wish the ncaa and college regents, deans, and commissioners would be more honest about the whole sordid deal.  any the ways, is it september yet?


2010 college football predictions week 12

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after doing this for 10 weeks i remain at .500.  i’m certain i can do better but when things go wrong out on the field there isn’t anything i can do about it.  well, except yell at the TV.  take for example utah’s plight.  an 8 and 0 start then veered off the road and into the abyss with 2 straight losses or more to the point thumpings.  poor coaching and a lack of senior leadership being the probable causes.  you can only stand by and watch as a good team goes sour.  another example would be oregon st.  beat by washington st?  please.

so, 5 for 10 and 50 for 100 over all, having missed week 7.  it’s late in the season and some teams just can’t seem to grasp winning and beating the spread at the same time.  what’s a poor boy to do?  exactly.  this is only for fun.  do not use what i dish out here and take it someplace where you can put your rent and food money on the line.  doing so would be foolish and insane at best.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.   

the point spreads cited here are what i use to determine my wins and losses.  they may be different come game day.  no matter.  time to get the point and why we’re here.

rock ‘n’ roll.   

11/19  fresno st at boise st.  boise st favored by 30 points.  sadly, this game is on the blue smurf turf of boise.  sad because boise st never loses at home.  i desperately need boise st to lose a game this year if only to get them out of the big dance picture.  fresno st is doing so so this season, they aren’t going to win but take the bulldogs to hopefully cover the spread.

11/20  purdue at michigan st.  michigan st favored by 20 points.  the spartans are on a roll and have a shot at winning the big ten and playing new years day in the rose bowl.  a bit convoluted as just how that could happen.  it’s all a bunch of ifs and other stuff which i’m not going to get into here.  purdue might surprise saturday but not win.  take purdue to cover the spread.

11/20  wisconsin at michigan.  wisconsin favored by 5.5 points.  the badgers scored at will last week.  even the third string was racking up points.  they are also in the same boat as the spartans.  hopefully, that same badger offense shows up for this game.  take wisconsin to win and cover the spread.

11/20  virginia tech at miami(fl).  virginia tech favored by 2 points.  pretty much a toss up.  take miami to win and or cover.

11/20  stanford at california.  stanford favored by 7.5 points.  the cal bears are tough at home.  just ask the ducks.  at any rate, this is northern californians version of a crosstown rivalry.  stanford needs the win to keep any hope alive for some sort of big dance game.  i just don’t see the bears putting back to back big games together.  it seems like years since they have.  take stanford to win and cover.

11/20  ohio st at iowa.  ohio st favored by 3 points.  ohio st is another one in the big ten big game hunt.  iowa used to be in that hunt as well.  take ohio st to win and cover.

11/20  illinois at northwestern.  illinois favored by 7 points.  the only reason this game is here is because it’s being played in the friendly confines of wrigley field.  the first football game there in many a year. a gimmick for sure but whatever.  i hope it’s on TV.  yes, there’s alos a game this week at yankee stadium.  never did like the yankees.  at any rate, take illinois to win and cover.

11/20  usc at oregon st.  usc favored by 3.5 points.  it seems as though the beavers have given up.  getting beat by washington st, the pac 10 doormat, last week would be a good sign that they have.  the trojans on the other hand are having some fun probation or not.  take the trojans to win and cover.  FIGHT ON!!!

11/20  nebraska at texas a&m.  nebraska favored by 3 points.  the texas aggies are on a mission.  take the aggies to win and or cover. 

11/20  utah at san diego st.  utah favored by 3 points.  last week i mis-identified san diego st as the conquistadors.  wrong san diego team.  san diego st are the aztecs.  and like their namesake they are going to rip the heart out of the utes and play with it.  just like in the old aztec days. i’m surprised utah is even favored if only by 3.  their last two games were embarrassing.  they will be embarrassed again this week.  take san diego st to win and or cover.

the doppler weather geeks promise some wet winter weather here for the weekend.  fine by me.  football weather.  time to toss something in the oven.  then pour a glass of dago red and enjoy the games and the weather. don’t get too crazed.  see you next week.


2010 college football predictions week 11

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so much for my early season prediction that the oregon st beavers would win the pac 10 championship this year.  after losing to the semi hapless bruins on saturday they have pretty much sealed their fate to also ran status in the pac 10.  the future pac 10 team, utah, may want to check their mail early today because the invitation to join that other league might have been rescinded due to their poor showing against tcu.  though in their defense, it’s something no one saw coming.  probably not even tcu.

all that being said, i held my head above water yet again.  5 for 10 with a couple of good upset picks.  my over all stats for the year are now at 45 for 90, having missed week 7.  .500, if i was playing baseball i’d be a hall of famer.

as always these picks are for fun only.  using anything i dish out here and taking it to someone who would accept your rent and food money as a bet would be insanity at best.  leave you money in your wallet and nobody gets hurt.  the point spreads here are what i go by to determine my wins and losses.  if the numbers change during the week, no matter.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/13  wisconsin at indiana.  wisconsin favored by 21 points.  the badgers need to roll over the hoosiers big time for any chance at an invite to a decent big dance game.  take wisconsin to win and cover.

11/13  iowa at northwestern.  iowa favored by 12 points.  the same thing can be said of the hawkeyes or see above.  take iowa to win and cover.

11/13  utah at notre dame.  utah favored by 5.5 points.  a not very good year for the domers is turning into one of those nightmare deals on any number of levels.  the utes on the other hand need to bounce back from the humiliating drubbing that tcu handed them last weekend.  time to show some character utah.  take utah to win and cover.

11/13  penn st at ohio st.  ohio st favored by 17 points.  despite the fact joe pa got number 400 last week after his boys turned it around in the second half for the win, take ohio st to win and cover.

11/13  san diego st at tcu.  tcu favored by 27 points.  under normal circumstances i’d stay away from this game.  however, these aren’t normal circumstances for san diego st these days.  they are finally playing like they used to play in the old wac days.  i think the conquistadors will have a decent and maybe even a surprising showing against tcu.  or that’s the hope.  take san diego st and the points (it’s a bunch) as they will cover the spread and maybe even win.

11/13  texas a&m at baylor.  texas a&m favored by 3 points.  a semi sorta sleeper game here.  both schools playing some good and surprising ball this year.  a game i hope i get a chance to watch.  take the aggies of texas to win and cover.

11/13  stanford at arizona st.  stanford favored by 6.5 points.  the trees roll onward and leland is one happy dead camper.  take stanford to win and cover.

11/13  oregon at california.  oregon favored by 20 points.  it took the ducks a quarter or two to get rolling last week.  something they probably can’t afford doing with a schizoid cal team that’s 4-0 at home.  a big game for the bears and the ducks need to be ready.  take the ducks to win and cover.  QUACK QUACK!!!!

11/13  usc at arizona.  arizona favored by 5.5 points.  time for the trojans to drop a nail in the big dance coffin of the wildcats.  come on lane, show us faithful you’re actually a really good coach.  take the trojans to at least cover and maybe even win.  FIGHT ON!!!!

11/13  nevada at fresno st.  nevada favored by 9.5 points.  a tune-up game for the wolfpack against a once again decent fresno st team.  a tune-up for the upcoming boise/nevada game.  this could be a fun game to watch.  take nevada to win and cover.

astute readers will have already noticed that i’ve picked all but one of the visiting teams to win this week.  i wonder what’s up with that?  poor joe pa.  have some fun this weekend and enjoy the games.  the season is almost over and we’re getting to the nut cutting as the saying goes.  also, on the bcs bowl horizon, strange things are going to happen if things remain the same.  and you aren’t going to like them if they do actually go down.  count on it.  enjoy your weekend.   


2010 college football predictions week 6

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this past weekends games proved there might be a few maybes or might be’s coming up in the second half of the season. for me, the most obvious being the oregon ducks are much more powerful than i first thought. and coach kelly is a better coach than i thought as well. or so it would seem, this despite the fact looks can be deceiving concerning kelly and his dumb ass visor. yes, a small matter. next we have jake locker and the huskies. someone must have finally reminded jake that he is or was a heisman candidate. was is probably more like it but none the less it’s good to see the kid finally living up to the hype. in the spirit of my old days, it’s time for a run on paragraph. the huskies certainly have the trojan’s number as well and will probably continue to ring their bell in the foreseeable future. stanford on the other hand ran up against a brick wall of duck feathers and missed their chance at a shot at the pac 10 title. oregon st might not be as good as i thought. however, i’m still more or less thinking the pac 10 title will be decided with the “civil war” game against the ducks on december 4th. stanford and the huskies possibly playing spoiler for either team.

all that being said, i’m here a bit early this week due to my semi annual trip up into the central valley and the heart of darkness. with it being early all the odds aren’t in yet for the coming week. no matter, as what i do have here will determine, as always, my wins and losses for all the games this week.

as for last week i went a semi miserable 5 for 10 making my over all stats a similarly miserable 26 for 50. still above 50% but floundering a bit due to some of my picks not being able to grasp the concept of covering the point spread. what’s up with that? also, remember this is for fun only and using any of the drivel dished out here for monetary gain would be stupid and moronic on your part.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/7 nebraska at kansas st. nebraska favored by 12 points. a good one to kick off the weekend. nebraska should win but take kansas st to cover the spread. that’s probably a dumb move but i’m going to stick with it.

10/9 alabama at s. carolina. alabama favored by 7.5 points. not an easy road game to be sure for bama. however, take the tide to win and cover.

10/9 lsu at florida. florida favored by 7.5 points. speaking of floundering, you need to take the gators to win and cover after lsu’s last game.

10/9 oregon st at arizona. oregon st favored by 8.5 points. the beavs need to play much better than they did last week. hopefully, they will. take them to win and cover.

10/9 ucla at california. cal favored by 8 points. time for the bruins and some of their texas mojo to surface again. take the bruins to cover the spread or win.

10/9 michigan st at michigan. michigan favored by 4.5 points. michigan covers and wins.

10/9 utah at iowa st. utah favored by 7 points. this might be a really good game, kids. take utah to win and cover.

10/9 usc at stanford. stanford favored by 8. that is interesting. i’m wondering just how long it’s been since the trojans have not been favored to win a game? time for the trees and a statement. take stanford to win but usc covers the spread. in other words i’m taking the trojans.

10/9 toledo at boise st. boise st favored by 39.5 points. the smurf turf team steamrollers onward. apparently toledo has won some games so far this year. against whom i haven’t a clue. no one anybody has heard of i’m sure. the spread is a boat load of points. take toledo to get thumped but they will cover the spread. hopefully.

10/9 san jose st at nevada. nevada favored by 38.5 points. another boat load of points. southern idaho and northern nevada inundated by points this week. the wolf pack are seemingly the only team left to stop the smurf turf juggernaut this season. time tells and i’m getting ahead of myself and the season. take nevada to win and cover.

there ya go. another fine week of picks. just remember to leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. i may or may not be here with my week 7 picks as i’ll still be on the road looking for colonel kurtz. however, if i am here it will be very special indeed. check back to see what happens. thanks for reading.


2010 college football predictions week 5

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the hard part of dealing with college football and making picks against the spread isn’t picking the winners. the hard part is the damn point spread and winning teams not covering said spread. that might not make much sense but it is what it is, especially after last weekends games.

last week i went 5 for 10. putting me at 21 for 40 for the season. no bells or whistles there or fireworks for that matter but above 50%. if i could get up to around 60% i might be able to get paid for doing this. and my google quotient would move me up to the first page rather than page 3 or 4. be that as it may, most of the teams i picked last week won but didn’t cover the spread. however, my one shinning moment from last week was my ucla pick. kids, you should have seen that one coming.

just remember this is for fun only. using the drivel and insanity written here for monetary gain would be the ultimate definition of stupid and insane. leave your money in your wallet and you won’t get hurt or forced from your current residence. the point spread used here may change during the week. i don’t care. what i have here is what i go by to determine my wins and losses.

i had a semi hard time picking my 10 games this week. at least most of the schools have stopped playing high school and/or junior college teams and are into their conference schedules with the exception of boise st, of course. all that being said, time to…

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/30 texas a&m at oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 3 points. home game take the cowboys to win or cover.

10/2 navy at air force. air force favored by 10 points. i hope i get to watch this game. navy was supposed to be the or one of the independent darlings this year. so far the jury is still out on that deal. air force was under the radar. however, they are playing very well and the run and gun of the old wac still lives in colorado springs. but, and it’s a big but(no pun intended) they had a hard time with wyoming last week. inter military rivalry going for it here. navy needs this one big time. take navy to at least cover the spread.

10/2 michigan at indiana. michigan favored by 11 points. maybe a bit too many points for big blue but i’m taking michigan to win or cover.

10/2 texas at oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 4 points. i’m quite sure the sting of the bruin win still lingers deep in austin. another big time rivalry and anything can happen. texas recovers and wins or covers.

10/2 wisconsin at michigan st. wisconsin favored by 1 point. pretty much a toss up. one lonely point for the home team. another one to watch. take the spartans to win.

10/2 arizona st at oregon st. oregon st favored by 4 points. the beavers need this to stay on track for the pac 10 championship. home game and the brothers rodgers. take oregon st to win and or cover.

10/2 washington at usc. usc favored by 10.5 points. the trojans on a roll and should continue that futile roll. they win or cover. take em.

10/2 florida at alabama. bama favored by 9 points. bama won by a nose last week but didn’t cover. hopefully, they do win and cover this week. take the tide to roll.

10/2 penn st at iowa. iowa favored by 7.5 points. good game if penn st shows up for it. take iowa to win and cover.

10/2 stanford at oregon. oregon favored by 7 points. another good one to watch. the ducks will have their hands full but home games are a rock concert in eugene. Quack Quack. however, take stanford to at least cover.

enjoy the games. if you don’t get too stupid out by the barbie and ice chest. or in vegas. things will turn out alright. trust me.

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are you ready for some college football? or the big ten expands(?)

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i sure am. the never ending basketball season plods on and on. why anyone watches it is beyond me. way beyond me. i have no use for it. but my regular readers know this. so on to the point. or that’s the hope. the epistle meanders about as i’m sometimes want to do. however, i think you’ll get the points.

college football fans been following the presumed big 10 expansion with great interest since we first heard of it after the regular season last year. the big 10 is looking for maybe 2 or even 4 teams to cash in on their league. or more to the point the big ten to cash in on more teams and perhaps to help recruitment and generate more tv money for the schools.

there have been many rumors just as to which schools might get the invitation to join them. schools such as: notre dame, rutgers, syracuse, nebraska and missouri. however, last week there was a flurry of eamils from the big 10 and said schools that there really wasn’t anything to anything anyone was saying about anything and which schools were being considered. smoke and mirrors from everyone in high places.

all that being said, for my money, the only schools that make any sense if the big ten is to keep any sort of geographical sense to it’s name would be make nebraska and missouri an offer they couldn’t refuse. sure notre dame is in indiana but the irish are enjoying their independence and independent stature. plus their own tv network, nbc. rutgers on the other hand is a new york/new jersey school. it is just an attempt by the big ten to score some tv viewers from the big apple area. only trouble is they really don’t care much for college football there. and rutgers and syracuse come and go as football powers. if powers is even the right word.

well, this whole thing is about money. more big money. the current sad state of college football. i could go on about that but perhaps another time. the next question being: what happens to the big 12 if nebraska and missouri get the call to come on down and join the big 10 and wallow in the greenbacks?

in my mind there are only three possibilities if geography means anything anymore to the big 12. byu, utah, and boise st. and the way boise st has been playing ball the past few years they are the obvious number one choice. the only problem being is their academics. would the big 12 want to sully it’s rep with a third tier school? even if that school is playing lights out football? i’m thinking probably so with a few twists and turns from all the deans involved. things could be worked out. byu and utah don’t have the academic issues. the only real issue there is byu is a religious school. so is notre dame, pilgrim.

it’s all very interesting. it gives us college football fans something to think and write about while we sit and wait for the season to roll out in september. it also gives the pac 10 something to think about as well. expansion. though even with the new commissioner the pac 10 still can’t get a decent tv package. us pac 10 homers have to scramble on most saturdays in order to find and watch pac 10 games that matter. if the pac can’t get a decent tv deal how are they ever going to try to expand? ah, maybe they shouldn’t. though, sadly, at some point they are going to be forced into it.

where do they go to find teams? colorado is the primary place. and utah. once again, byu and utah. boise st isn’t even on the pac 10 radar due to the previously mentioned problem. byu gets discounted again because of the religious deal but i’m thinking that’s just a red herring. at any rate, it’s very interesting that utah is on everyone’s wish list. it just goes to show what an excellent academic and research institution will do for you when big time college football money comes knocking at your door.

what happens if all this stuff comes to pass? schools abandoning one conference for another. long time allegiances thrown under the bus for the almighty dollar. yes, indeed. panties all wadded up into places that make for total discomfort. whining the likes we’ve never heard before. the freaking feds sticking their nose into places they shouldn’t but think they should and can. and they will. sadly.

gliding somewhat under the radar, like a stealth drone, in all of this we need more money madness—the super conferences. the death knell of college football as we old timers know it. the final nail in the coffin of the sport. college football is all i have left. and they just keep pecking at it like a bunch of turkey vultures trying to glean one more mouthful from the rotting corpse. perhaps the analogy is a bit strong. or maybe not. only time will tell.