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2013 college football picks and predictions week 8

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another outstanding weekend of college ball saw me polishing off my picks with a nifty 8 for 10 for week 7. my over all now sits at 45 for 70. pretty nifty indeed. had the trees not tanked, which was probably my biggest surprise of the week, and had johnny football managed to eek out a couple more points it would have been a perfect week. well, ok. another shot at a perfect week. something i’ve yet to attain but with any luck at all maybe i’ll hit one this season. maybe this week. the way things are going maybe i will. yes, of course, the dreaded bad juju of the vocalized jinxing of something or another. fine. so be it.

the main thing to remember is this madness driven drivel is for entertainment purposes only. nothing picked up here should be used or even considered for wagering purposes. legal or otherwise. do not do it. find something else to waste your money on. if you’re having trouble doing that hit me up and i’ll help you out with a few ideas. vegas casinos aren’t built because people like to go there to ride around in gondolas and eat foie gras. don’t be stupid.

once again, the points used here may and or probably will either go up or down over the course of the week. or maybe not. the point being, what is here is what i go by to determine my wins and losses for any given week. get the picture? one other thing to point out for this week is that i picked my 10 week 8 games before any of the week 7 games were played. maybe it matters maybe it doesn’t.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10-18 ucf @ louisville. louisville favored by 11 points. ucf has played and beaten several, in general, quality opponents. most notably penn st. plus, they hung tough with s. carolina for their only loss. louisville on the other hand has rolled over everyone they’ve played. however, who have they played? exactly. are they this week’s georgia? we can only hope. take ucf to get inside the spread.

10-19 florida @ missouri. florida favored by 3 points. this one seemed like a pretty good match up when i picked it. i think it still is. the tigers thumped the bull dawgs on their home turf and exposed them for what i’d mentioned a few weeks earlier. i didn’t think they were a top 10 team. the gators were unable to hang with lsu last week in losing. a defensive lapse in the second quarter being the biggest culprit. yes, missouri is everyones out of the blue darling this season. and probably with good reason. take missouri at home to get inside the points and maybe even win.

10-19 washington @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 3 points. with oregon schooling the sark’s huskies last week at home it looks as if they might be done for the year. the fork sticking test will be performed at the conclusion of this weeks game against the sun devils. we’ll also see if their heart is still up for the remainder of the season. so, with all of that mumbo jumbo, i’m taking arizona st to win and cover at home.

10-19 washington st @ oregon. oregon favored by 38 points. pirate mike’s cougars fell way short in their shoot out with the beaves last week. it’s bad luck or scheduling for them as they get to make the trip into the autzen thunder dome for another thrashing by an oregon team this time around. my beloved ducks seem to be on a mission from on high this year. though it would be somewhat premature to go down that road. or maybe we can. no, too early. an aircraft carrier full of points, however take the ducks to win and cover the spread. QUACK QUACK!!!

10-19 oklahoma @ kansas. oklahoma favored by 23.5 points. oklahoma forgot to stop and fill the tank before their meeting with the longhorns last saturday. something you should never do when going against an old established coach who’s seemingly fallen on hard times. hard lessons often come the hard way. as for coaches falling on hard times this could be charlie weis’ time to make his statement or at least save himself from another embarrassing pink slip at the end of the season. a good showing here would go a long way in defering that until another time. like next week perhaps? the sooners gas up before crossing the border into jay hawk territory this week. a barrel of crudes worth of points but take oklahoma to win and cover.

10-19 auburn @ texas a&m. texas a&m favored by 13.5 points. johnny football just might find his hands full this week against the other alabama team. a team that’s doing well and has some good numbers where it counts. auburn will give the aggies defense some fits and plenty of trouble. can johnny boy score enough to make up the difference? probably at home. otherwise a bit shaky point wise for my money. take the aggies to win and cover.

10-19 iowa st @ baylor. baylor favored by 31 points. my regular over the years readers know iowa st is one of my on any given saturday upset favorites. they showed their game last week in losing to the red raiders. baylor can score with impunity against the usual suspects state which for some reason makes the pollsters swoon with pubescent teenage girl awe, lust, and wonder not seen since sinatra, elvis, and the beatles. me? meh. but then i was a rolling stone and a dude. still am. though at times i can channel old blue eyes and stop folks in their tracks when i’m in vegas. i digress. take iowa st to cover the spread and maybe even win it out right.

10-19 usc @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 2.5 points. usc won last week despite almost squandering the game away in the fourth quarter to arizona. we’ll see if they can remain on a winning track this week against a tepid golden domer squad. coach orgeron seems to have the bilge pumps working once again but the true tale of the great white whale comes this week in the shadow of that golden dome. this is one of the all time rivalries, kids. the game either catches the barn on fire or it doesn’t. be that as it may, harken back to the halcyon days of john mckay, john robinson, ara parseghian, lou holtz, dan devine, and coach petey. a stellar group of coaches if there ever was one. can the two current sideline gurus give us what we want? lights out college football? a real nail biter? someone shoving someone over the goal line? a phantom pass interference call? the possibilities are limitless in this kind of rivalry. lets all hope we get some fireworks this saturday on touchdown jesus’ home court. i think cajun ed is up for the challenge. take the trojans to win and or get inside the meager spread. FIGHT ON!!!

10-19 florida st @ clemson. florida st favored by 3 points. florida st has had two weeks to get ready for this crucial game. clemson semi struggled last week against a less than stellar boston college team. team stats are very close. however, the noles are heads above the tigers in scoring and defense. two things that should trump the tigers home court advantage. take florida st to win and cover.

10-19 ucla @ stanford. stanford favored by 5.5 points. the bruins didn’t blow out the bears and the trees never got it together in losing to the middle of the road utes. coach mora has his hands full this week and the next with two back to back valley of death road trips. this week up to palo alto and treeland and the next up into the duck blind. both games road testing the mettle of the bruin squad. the trees seek redemption from the embarrassment of last week. the bruins seek to wreck havoc on the PAC(8)(10)12 north. both of which won’t be easy. i have to stay a PAC south homer. take the bruins to at least get inside the points and maybe even win.

there they are. enjoy your next weekend of the waning college ball season. try to stay semi sane and upright. eat and drink well because it will be over before you know it. in many more ways than you realize. i’m usually fairly confident with my picks but i get a gnawing feeling this week could be one of those the little guy at waterloo or yamamoto at midway type things. look em up, kids. damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 5

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after week 4 the train remains on the tracks and seems to be steaming right along with another 6 for 10 week. my over all now sits at a respectable 23 for 40. thankfully, i haven’t had a week of total misery as yet. though i’m sure at least one or two of those are lurking about somewhere. let’s hope this week doesn’t prove to be one of them. had the golden domers, usc, and big blue bothered to score some more points last week would have been one for the record books. sadly, that wasn’t the case. perhaps this week if the train keeps a rollin’. all that being said, just remember this is for entertainment purposes only.

as usual the odds/points used here are what i use to figure my wins and losses for the week. the points may change over the course of the week, up or down. it doesn’t matter. what’s here is here. also, what’s here isn’t meant for you to wander off into the land of the stupid to use for wagering purposes. that would be totally lame and insane on your part. do not do it.

i’m keeping my editorial comments to the picks and predictions section this week, which were somewhat easier to come up with than week 4. unlike week 4 this weeks games are, in my mind, a pretty good slate of games. maybe not for you but, hey, who’s writing this stuff?

rock ‘n’ roll.

9-28 stanford @ washington st. stanford favored by 11 points. pirate mike leach, the cougars head coach, has seemingly turned state around and all of the mindless or not so mindless chatter has gone away for the time being. maybe even allowing him to keep his current position. well, unless he unexpectedly runs into the idaho coach while he’s out and about. a digression. as of now he deserves a big: atta boy mike. get some. the trees continue their PAC 12 co-supremacy with another win last week. i’m thinking coach harbaugh is already wishing the trees off week had come later in the season. but that’s for a few weeks down the road. take stanford to win and cover.

9-28 usc @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 7 points. once again the trojan’s offense was in the game for a bit then left to ogle the cheer leaders and grab a hot dog. or score some crack or crank or some damn thing or another and they never really got back into the game. despite the fact of utah states total implosion and new found industry of making dumb ass penalties appear out of thin air the men of troy labored for the win. then could not find a way to cover the points. yet again. sigh. trojan faithful cringe inwardly and outwardly. lack of a full stadium saturday is testimony to that. the sun devils on the other hand, didn’t live up to their under the radar PAC 12 south hype in their loss to the trees. it wasn’t even close. TV talking heads are still blathering on about how pat haden is behind his coach, lane ‘has the train left the station?’ kiffin. a good game here kids. even with all the associated baggage. and the fact marqise lee is probably sorry he didn’t turn pro when he had the chance. he’s pretty much the only offense the trojan’s have. i’m taking arizona st to win and cover. yeah, sad ain’t it?

9-28 oklahoma st @ w. virginia. oklahoma st favored by 20.5 points. my first look at the cowboys for the year who seem to be oblivious to the huge scandal that’s taken hold in stillwater over the years. still water may run deep but so does impropriety. yeah, pretty much all of them do it but the cowboys are this year’s poster child for the dumb ass alumni/booster society stupidity award. however, fear not, the NCAA loons will more than likely either overlook the infractions because hey, wink wink, they ALL do it. which seems like the ever insipid NCAA already have since the SI article claims the morons in oklahoma have been at it for some time. or they’ll impose a johnny football type penalty. that is of course unless you happen to be usc then everything matters. and you end up with lane kiffin as your punishment. we live in strange times to say the least. i digress. the cowboys have been playing lights out ball. the mountaineers so so ball. so far w. virginia’s highlight of the year is being only a 9 point loss to the sooners. take the cowboys to win and cover.

9-28 lsu @ georgia. georgia favored by 3 points. a good, let’s watch this game. this is the tigers game to lose. it’s as simple as that. georgia has a good team but a top 10 team? please. with only the home court 3 for the bulldogs i’m taking lsu to win or cover.

9-28 oklahoma @ notre dame. oklahoma favored by 3.5 points. the domers have their hands full this saturday. lucky for them it’s another home court advantage in the shadow of the golden dome. although they aren’t seeing much points wise. yes, touchdown jesus faithful the sooners are only 3 point faves. your point? mine would be, take the sooners to win and cover the meager spread.

9-28 ole miss @ alabama. alabama favored by 16.5 points. another one to watch. ole miss may surprise. but more than likely not enough. take the tide to win and cover. ROLL TIDE!!

9-28 texas a&m @ arkansas. texas a&m favored by 3 points. the razorbacks are playing ok. johnny boy football is doing ok as well. hyper heisman hype hangs heavy. and it is, after all, football season and he’s not being left to his own devices and or whims for the most part. a good thing to be sure in johnny’s case. the aggies are only favored by 3? i’m thinking it’s a trojan horse being dealt out by the odds mavens. i’m not falling for it. you shouldn’t either. take a&m to win and cover.

9-28 wisconsin @ ohio st. ohio st favored by 7.5 points. leaders division supremacy on the line here. leaders division? what’s he talking about anyway? uh, the Big (10) 12 or something. i thought they were going to ‘fix’ the divisional nomenclature thingy problem. apparently not. the badgers get a shot at tripping up the buckeyes at home. not an easy thing. the buckeyes do have a bit of a depth problem so, ipso facto, i’m taking the badgers to at least cover or maybe even win.

9-28 s. mississippi @ boise st. boise st favored by 26.5 points. boise st has fallen on hard times. well, at least for them. what happened to all of the boise can reload talk after k. moore moves on with no problem? exactly. one good thing to come out of it all is the fact they are at least doing OK with the point spread thing. something that even in the old moore days they couldn’t do. southern miss is not doing well. a semi long road trip up to the smurf turf for them. hats off to the broncos for making some sort of attempt at scheduling what appeared to be a good out of conference call at the time. unless things go terribly wrong on the worn out smurf turf the broncos win and cover. take boise st.

9-29 cal @ oregon. oregon favored by 36.5 points. the ever hapless bears travel to the autzen stadium zoo to get their whipping of the week. yes, of course, on any given saturday. but, hey come on, we’re talking cal here. and we’re also talking the ducks at home. get the picture? take oregon to win and cover the points. QUACK QUACK!!!

just about half way through the season. amazing. time has never waited for anyone and this time of year only brings that into a rather stark shatteringly clear focus. enjoy the games. eat well. last weekend we took a breather and went out for some mexican. guac, tequila, and cerveza respectively. ole!! try to stay sane and semi upright. see you week 6.


2011-12 college bowl games picks & predictions

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with the regular season over the only thing we fans have left are the season ending bowl games. a little bit of pre holiday and post holiday magic. games gift wrapped up by the ever increasingly omniscient BCS. the big brother of the college football world that can never seem to get things right. this year even more so. we sit and argue the last few weeks of the season knowing full well who should be playing where and against whom only to be trumped and dumped on by the BCS klan and TV money.

make no mistake, it’s all about the money. as you are reading this insanity dump trucks the size of rhode island and belly dumpers twice the size of oahu are being loaded up with tons and tons of cash. used bills with nothing larger than a twenty are being shoveled into the trucks then sent on their way to the deans and regents of pretty much ever school of higher learning in the land. yeah, small used bills with non sequential serial numbers and none of them wrapped with those pesky bands either. for you see, the deans and regents like to wallow buck ass naked in and amongst the used cash. TV folks on the other hand prefer bills no smaller than a cee note. the newer and crisper the better. of course, all properly counted and banded for them. it makes it easier to wire transfer stuff that way. banded currency flows down the wires and out to those off shore accounts much quicker. it also makes it easier to disappear that way. penn and teller are jealous of the speed and greed of the self serving TV crowd.

i’ve been saying this for a few years now. you want playoffs? the BCS doesn’t. no matter what they say. the deans, regents, and comissioners? hell no they don’t. TV? surely you jest. the coaches? another slippery bunch as well. they actually like the current system despite anything they say to the contrary concerning playoffs. why? everybody going to one of the antiquated bowls gets another 21 days more or less of practice. 21 more days of practice the left out bunch doesn’t get. 21 days of sanctioned NCAA one ups man-ship over the also rans. see? no one really wants a playoff system.

too much money slopping around. plenty of lip service and out right balderdash from the deans and regents. who along with the TV folks and antiquated bowls want nothing more than the lip service and loads of balderdash. there are way too many hot needy strippers who need the money doled out by this bunch of crazed fools bent on out drinking a flotilla of sailors on shore leave. they’re all a sad bunch indeed. we on the other hand sit on our hands and enable all those dumb asses. you want playoffs? it’s very simple, kids. and i’m going to keep at it until everyone out there gets it. stop the madness. stop buying tickets to these bowl games. if no one shows up for the games they’ll go away. eventually. perhaps even more important stop watching them on TV. you folks do that they’ll for sure go away and bingo here come the playoffs. it’s not brain surgery people. it’s simple math with a playoff system at the end of the rainbow. suck it up and just do it.

the feds aren’t going to help because they’re just as greedy and corrupt as all of the deans, regents, commissioners, and TV dimwits combined. get over that idea. they can’t even manage the stuff they ought to be doing. let alone ‘fixing college football’. yeah, they’ll fix it alright. fix it right out of existence. then tell us that’s what we really wanted in the first place because football is violent and promotes winning. two very evil things to be sure.

yeah, ok. you came here to read about ‘your’ team and what someone thinks about their chances of wining one of these useless turkeys. fine i’ll pander to some of you. why not? you won’t be getting all of the games because 90% of them are unwatchable at best. no one cares other than you. just remember this is for fun and entertainment purposes only. no spreads or points or any of that stuff here. just straight up win or lose.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/17 new mexico bowl. temple @ wyoming. interesting because wyoming is playing some good football. also interesting because only a few years ago temple was the worst college team in the country. i’ll take wyoming.

12/17 new orleans bowl. san diego st @ la lafayette. i’m a so calif homer. too bad the aztecs are stuck in this mess of a game. enjoy bourbon st kids but don’t forget there’s a game to play. take san diego st.

12/22 maaco bowl. arizona st @ boise st. might be a decent match up. kellen moore will have already been hosed by the heisman voters so he has nothing to lose. take out the bowl insurance policy and keep him in the whole game for a change coach petersen. take boise st.

12/24 hawaii bowl. nevada @ s. mississippi. only interesting in the fact it will be possibly fun to see if s. miss can get up for another game. take the golden eagles.

12/29 alamo bowl. washington @ baylor. baylor gets a shot at walking all over the huskies. come on sark make it a game, please. take baylor.

12/30 pinstripe bowl. iowa st @ rutgers. big apple thugs are looking forward to the iowa hayseeds flocking to the big city for this one. rutgers gets the nod in order to get the ‘home’ crowd out and in the seats. iowa st thumps rutgers handily.

12/31 fight hunger bowl. illinois @ ucla. the bruins back into another game. this one sans slick rick. they get a gimme from the BCS clowns and the PAC 12 gets a bit more cash in their christmas stocking. amazing. take illinois just because.

1/2 ticket city bowl. houston @ penn st. houston gets a shot at redemption. just remember you must actually play the game in order to receive it, houston. oh alright, take houston.

1/2 rose bowl. wisconsin @ oregon. the granddaddy of them all. i fell in love with the ducks back in 1958 when they lost to ohio st or maybe it was wisconsin in the rose bowl. doesn’t matter really. i still love them. memo to visor head kelly, erase both loses in the ducks other recent bowl games with a win here. you’ll also have to get the team to play much better than they did against the bruins. can you please make a PAC 12 homer proud? thanks in advance. QUACK QUACK!!!!

1/2 fiesta bowl. stanford @ oklahoma st. probably a good game. or maybe the best of the lot. the cowboys hosed by the BCS chumps should be fighting mad. good luck trees. take the cowboys. andrew, take out the insurance. you just might need it.

1/9 BCS championship. alabama @ lsu. the game only the SEC wants to see. the rest of the country be damned. talking heads and the BCS get it all wrong one more bloody time. i love the tide but they played some backwater school in week 13 then sat out week 14. none the less ipso presto facto they end up here in a rematch with lsu. yawn. one i won’t be watching. if you want playoffs you shouldn’t watch this either. time to send a message to all involved in this sordid mess of a system. DON’T WATCH THIS GAME. PERIOD. it’s not even interesting to begin with as it’s a repeat. re-run. re-tread. screw em.

there ya go. merry christmas and happy new year. these are the only bowl games that i have some sort of vague interest in watching. though i probably won’t even watch many of them. the rest of the bowls? no interest what so ever. i don’t care and neither should you. shame on you for sitting around watching this crap foisted upon us by all the greed heads involved. take a stand and turn off your TV and don’t buy tickets to any of the games. it’s the only way the point will ever get across to the numb nuts involved.


2011 college football picks week 11

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i had another satisfying ok week by going 6 for 10 last time around. my over all now stands at, 53 for 100. respectability one week at a time. had the game of the decade gone differently or at least not been a defensive donnybrook with a slew of missed field goals and sundry other opportunities tossed under team buses things might have been different. having never been a fan of games where the defense puts on the show i thought it was a yawner and i actually fell asleep mid first quarter. well before it became even more apparent that no one was scoring anything near or resembling a touchdown for the evening. yeah, well, so sue me. i’m not a fan of leather helmet football. at any rate, it just goes to show you how important your field goal kicker(s) can be. see the ucla arizona st game as well. i should have also listened to myself and not taken boise st to cover the spread. something they have regularly failed at this year though they still remain undefeated. so far. but will it get them a shot at the big dance if they keep it up? i don’t know but i do know i don’t want to see lsu alabama play again any time soon.

as always this is for fun only. using anything you read here for any sort of gaming purpose would be incredibly insane and you would deserve whatever bad things come your way if you do. don’t be stupid, leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. paying the rent and putting some decent food and vino on the table is much more important than helping to build bigger casinos somewhere.

the point spreads used here may change by game times. i don’t care. what is here is what i use to determine my wins and losses. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/10 virginia tech @ georgia tech. virginia tech favored by 1 point. let’s keep it simple for the thursday night game. take georgia tech to win.

11/12 auburn @ georgia. georgia favored by 13.5 points. i’m not sure where the 13.5 points are coming from. the game should be a close one. or that’s my thinking. take auburn to possibly win but they will get inside the 13.5 point spread.

11/12 w. virginia @ cincinnati. cincinnati favored by 3.5 points. neither school plays a tough schedule. though both play some pretty good football at times. take cincy and the home field 3 to win and cover.

11/12 michigan st @ iowa. michigan st favored by 2.5 points. the spartans haven’t done well on the road this year. iowa isn’t having one of their better years either. probably a close game. michigan st turns their road record around. take michigan st to win and cover the spread.

11/12 tcu @ boise st. boise st favored by 15 points. smurf turf home game where the boise squad doesn’t normally miss the spread. i’m sure tcu will really be up for this one. boise starts out slow but gains momentum. probably not like any of their recent bowl games but, take boise st to win and cover the points.

11/12 wyoming @ air force. air force favored by 14.5 points. wyoming air force? sure, why not? the cowboys are playing fairly well again after a number of years in the doldrums. when wyoming is winning or at least .500, i’m a fan for some reason. air force is always good for putting some points on the board and giving folks fits even if the falcons don’t win. in my opinion this will be a good one and a game i hope i’ll be able to watch. if the falcons play like they did against army they will be in trouble. i don’t think they will. however, this is an early bowl game for the cowboys. wyoming may not win but they’ll get inside the spread. take them.

11/12 nebraska @ penn st. nebraska favored by 3 points. plenty of off the field drama at penn st. take the cornhuskers to win and cover the points.

11/12 washington @ usc. usc favored by 12.5 points. the trojans come off a rout of colorado with matt throwing for a record 6 td’s. washington has surprised the trojans a few times the last couple of years. hopefully, lane has that figured out by now and there’s no letdown following last weeks game. if the trojans get some early points on the board they should roll. take usc to win and cover the spread. FIGHT ON!!!

11/12 ucla @ utah. utah favored by 7 points. it looks as if slick rick will keep his job. or at least for now. the bruins are still on top of the pac south with others. as odd as all that seems. plus, two wins in a row for ucla. heady territory for the ucla squad which will go bowling with another win. probably not the rose bowl but someplace. at any rate, the winning streak ends this week. norm chow will be looking to make a statement, count on it. take utah to win and cover the points.

11/12 oregon @ stanford. stanford favored by 3.5 points. unlike the ‘big game’ of last weekend this game should, at the very least, have a few touchdowns each by the end of the first quarter. if we’re lucky it will be a total shoot out or one or the other team will dominate on the field and on the scoreboard. the adage: ‘the best defense is a good offense’, applies here. the ducks are at a disadvantage playing away from autzen stadium and their rabidly wasted student fan base. stanford on the other hand may well be down their two best receivers for the game. maybe things will even out. none the less, i’m looking forward to this one, kids. rose bowl implications along with big dance implications. stanford hasn’t been in this position since the days of ty willingham. which brings to mind an email i sent off to a stanford web associate editor dealing with the new, at the time, stanford logo/nickname. i think i’ll share it with you. sure, why not? exactly. i figure if i leave out the young lady’s name it will be ok. no sense dragging her into this mess unannounced. yeah, i saved the exchange from 10 years ago.

hi guys,

hey, this may seem to be rather frivolus in these trying times, but well what can i say? i have been an off and on stanford football rooter for much of my 53 years. i really liked the indian nickname but i guess it proved to be too politically incorrect for some folks. not me i can assure you. we now have the new nickname, the cardinal, with a tree for a logo. a sequioa to be sure. a very noble tree and one of my favorites. however, it just doesn’t have the bite the indians had. particularly in a year like this one when you guys have a decent football team. my proposal would be to change the nickname yet again. this time to, the lelands. in honor of the founder of stanford, a former governor of california, and railroad big wig, leland stanford. what a perfect nickname! just imagine, you could use gold and silver railroad spikes in the logo. or a nice top hat. or both. wow! also, the once vaunted stanford marching band would have lots of stuff to play with making halftimes a fun time once again for us tv viewers. thanks for your time.


john hauge

stanford’s response:


Thanks for your thoughts. I have forwarded your message on to the Athletics department for their consideration.


(signed by the editor in question who will remain anonymous)

ok. so what does this all mean? the athletic department apparently ignored my novel, if not insane, suggestion. sadly. the game this week? no, i haven’t forgotten. the ducks are on the south side of the spread and if i’m not mistaken that’s a first for the year. possibly a sloppy playing field. if the stanford defense slows the ducks down early they may have some trouble. can the duck defense handle the thumping the trees running game will give them? this game is also andrew luck’s heisman trophy game. it’s the trees year. i love my ducks but take stanford to win and cover.

another great weekend of college ball with the safe bet as always being, red meat and red wine. hopefully, the predicted rain for these parts will let up enough for some protein on the barbie. enjoy your weekend and the games. be safe. be semi sane.


2011 college football picks week 10

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i was semi mediocre in going 5 for 10 again for week 9. my over all now stands at 47 for 90. all of my wins for the week coming in by early saturday. by late saturday afternoon the wheels started to come off. at least the brakes held up and it wasn’t a total crash and burn. the mojo is still there but that’s about it. it’s just there. hopefully, it will wake up again for this weekends games. some good games last time around that brought about some BCS poll changes this week with perhaps more coming down the pike again next week. time tells.

hats off to coach lane and his crew for getting the trojans up enough to hang and almost take out stanford. a stellar game regardless of the outcome. though the 3rd overtime rule and stanford’s forced two point conversion sealed my fate for the week. then there’s lane’s after game dumb ass rant. you did a fine job but you lost, coach. don’t blame the officials. you had plenty of time earlier in the game to score some more points. the ducks held on and beat washington st but didn’t cover the spread. not a good sign for coach visor head and oregon. if they couldn’t manhandle a dismal team like the cougars what are they going to do about stanford? but that’s getting ahead of ourselves by a week.

as always, these picks are for fun and entertainment purposes only. taking what’s written here and heading off to your local gaming establishment or shady character on some street corner would be a pretty good definition of insanity. don’t do it. leave your wallet where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. the point spreads used here are what i use to determine my record for the week. things might change by game time but it matters not. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/5 texas tech @ texas. texas favored by 14 points. just another rivalry saturday in the state of texas. the longhorns only losses this season were courtesy of the state of oklahoma. tech got hammered by the cowboys last weekend. what’s going on here? what does it all mean? probably a pretty good game. take texas to win and cover the spread.

11/5 texas a&m @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 14 points. another good game kids. texas a&m hasn’t beaten a ranked team yet this year. it’s not going to happen this week either. take oklahoma to win and cover the spread.

11/5 kansas st @ oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 21 points. it’s the state of oklahoma’s year to shine or so it would seem. the cowboys are on a roll and are heading towards dec 3 and the other undefeated oklahoma. another good game. the TV remote will be getting a nice workout this saturday. take the cowboys to win and cover the points.

11/5 stanford @ oregon st. stanford favored by 21 points. it’s amazing what a year can do to a football program. the beavers have fallen on hard times this year. the other oregon for stanford after a scare in socal. a fumble recovery away from a big time loss and a little bit of luck. i suppose that’s all it takes. if there isn’t a let down and they don’t take state lightly they’ll cover the spread and win. take stanford.

11/5 houston @ uab. houston favored by 27.5 points. houston the number 14 BCS team? that’s what it says. after years of muttering under my breath about boise st there is another team with no schedule sitting in the middle of the BCS pack. it’s a strange world indeed. good old conference usa. a collection of fighting road kill schools hell bent on respectability with even ucla tossed into their win list. i dumped another game so i could add this one in some sort of, well, some sort of something. diversity? insanity? regardless, i suppose houston stays undefeated and further sullies up the BCS mess. take houston to win and cover the points.

11/5 s. carolina @ arkansas. arkansas favored by 4.5 points. two one loss schools in another good game. a game that might and can go either way. home field and the razorbacks. along with the old ball coach wishing he’d dumped garcia for good last year. take arkansas to win and cover the spread.

11/5 arizona st @ ucla. arizona st favored by 9.5 points. i’m surprised it’s only 9.5 points but then slick rick is fighting for his job and he’s doing a good job doing it. the sun devils need this one to stay on track for the pac 12 southern section lead. there’s an odd sentence and one straight from the brave new world of college ball. as sad as it might be. the bruins do have shot in this one coming off a win against cal. though their MO for the season is win one blow the next one. slick rick was yammering about that on the news the other night. the bruins stay the course. take arizona st to win and cover the spread.

11/5 lsu @ alabama. alabama favored by 4.5 points. the game of the day among a number of good ones. number one vs number two in the BCS poll. home field advantage bama. it should be enough. take the tide to roll on and win covering the points. ROLL TIDE!!!

11/5 oregon @ washington. oregon favored by 15 points. the ducks are coming off a lackluster win against the other washington. along with another failure to cover the spread. at least my beloved ducks don’t have a bazillion points to cover this weekend for a change. one week before the showdown with stanford. i should probably take washington to cover but i drank the duck kool-aid way back in 1958. it’s too late to stop now. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK QUACK!!!

11/5 boise st @ unlv. boise st favored by 42 points. boise st has had a hard time with the spread this year. they can’t seem to cover it some weeks. a new thing for them. they need to kick it up a notch this weekend against unlv who’ll be playing this one like a bowl game they actually want to be in. plus, for what it’s worth, it’s downtown vegas, baby. i’ll probably be kicking myself come saturday night but take boise st to win and cover the points.

ok. it’s ‘TV remote workout weekend’ not to be confused with upset weekend or another moniker weekend you want to hang on it. just remember you heard it here first. make sure you have new batteries in the sucker so you can fully enjoy all of the games by flying back and forth between channels until your head explodes. the safe bet as always, red meat and red wine. be safe. be semi sane.


2011 college football picks week 9

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not a stellar week but a pretty good one in that i went 6 for 10. making my overall standings for the season 42 for 80. respectability continues to inch forward. had it not been for two out right losses and two teams winning but not covering the spread things would have been even better. boise st failed to cover the spread for the third time this year. yes, they won and kellen moore had another stand out day at the helm. however, i see trouble in paradise for boise st. the game announcers yammered on about boise st not seeing the option, as run by air force, more the once or twice every few years in some sort of effort to make the falcons look better than they were or are this year. fact of the matter is, boise should have done much more on defense. the having hardly ever seeing the option logic would mean every team that runs the option would more than likely be undefeated. at any rate, that game should raise a flag or two as it says more about boise st than it does the air force. the boise st kool-aid i drink earlier in the year is beginning to leave a sour taste in my mouth. yes, they won and are still in the top 10 in all the polls. i’m not impressed.

then of course, there was oklahoma getting beat down at home. no one saw that coming. well, except for whoever was in charge of the weather saturday night in norman. hints were being handed out for almost two hours as the teams sat in their locker rooms waiting for the lightning storm to pass. then there’s notre dame, you have to wonder who was in charge of playing a very loud snippet of an old black sabbath tune every chance they got in touchdown jesus land. all of this within ear shot of the golden dome. not particularly bright. is it any wonder the domers fumbled the game away? you can’t have it both ways domers.

just remember, this is for fun only. the insanity dealt out here is not meant to be used by any sane person or used for any gaming purposes. legal or otherwise. leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. paying the mortgage, sending the kids to college, and putting a nice marinara sauce or some bbqed kobe burgers on the table is much more important. don’t be stupid.

the point spreads used here are what i use to determine my win loss recored for the week. the points may change before game time but what is here is what i use. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/28 byu @ tcu. tcu favored by 13 points. after a slow start buy has started to win again. not the hottest schedule on the planet but they are winning and putting some points on the board. tcu isn’t all that this year as well. take buy to get inside the spread but tcu should win.

10/29 michigan st @ nebraska. nebraska favored by 4 points. nebraska gets the home field 3 plus 1. a close game but i’m thinking nebraska wins and covers at home.

10/29 washington st @ oregon. oregon favored by 36 points. another autzen madhouse. if my beloved ducks don’t take the cougars too lightly they should be able to cover the large bunch of points. take the ducks to win and cover the spread. QUACK QUACK!!

10/29 illinois @ penn st. illinois favored by 5 points. interesting big 10 or 12 match-up. penn st and joe pa rain on the illini’s parade. they may not win but they’ll get inside the spread. take penn st.

10/29 baylor @ oklahoma st. oklahoma favored st by 13.5 points. baylor has had a decent year so far in beating some good schools. if this were a home game for them things might be different. take the cowboys to win and cover the points.

10/29 oklahoma @ kansas st. oklahoma favored by 13.5 points. kansas st is one of the surprises this year. however, this is about pride and saving a sinking ship for the sooners. good game. the the sooners to win and cover the spread.

10/29 clemson @ georgia tech. clemson favored by 4 points. keeping it simple. this isn’t clemson’s first loss of the year. take them to win and cover the points.

10/29 stanford @ usc. stanford favored by 7.5 points. both trojan squads showed for the game last week and another bowl game for the trojans. if the defense can hold on and the offense can score this could be a big surprise for stanford. home town crowd for the men of troy makes a difference as well. if lane keeps them up and there’s no let down they’ll at minimum cover the points. take usc to cover. FIGHT ON!!

10/29 wisconsin @ ohio st. wisconsin favored by 7 points. another one for pride. the badgers need this one. not desperately but they need it none the less. take wisconsin to win and cover the points.

10/29 iowa st @ texas tech. texas tech favored by 15 points. i had another game picked but decided to go with this one instead. i may have been right about the other game. time will tell. iowa st has been a bit sloppy so far this year. the red raiders are on a high after last weeks game. another interesting match-up. iowa st may surprise here. or maybe not. take texas tech to win and cover the spread.

it’s getting good out there on saturday’s, kids. enjoy the games. as always the safe bet red food and red wine. marinara and red vino. be safe. be semi sane.


2011 college football picks week 8

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i’m coming off another stellar week of picks by going 8 for 10 again. that makes it two weeks in a row, kids. pretty sweet if you ask me. i was doing really well up until the last two games when i was sitting on 8 for 8. oklahoma and oregon both won but neither team managed to cover the spread. close but no brass ring and no going 10 for 10 last week. which just goes to show you how difficult it is to have a perfect weekend of picks against the spread. at any rate, i’m now 36 for 70 overall with my mojo seemingly on cruise control and hopefully still working for this week’s picks. i’m inching towards an even more respectable record.

the first BCS poll of the year is out which i’m sure has everyone upset along with something to say about it and/or be pissed off about it. or for most folks probably both at the same time. the bottom line is, with the bane of college football’s existence, the BCS poll, out this past sunday teams can no longer afford the luxury of losing any more games. that is if they want any shot at a decent bowl berth and a big money pay off come late december and early january. though regular readers know how i feel about the whole bowl game system.

as always, remember this is for fun only and the insanity expressed here is not meant to be taken to your local bookmaker, or out of state, or off shore, or off to some native american gaming spot where it could be used as advice for any gaming pursuits. only an insane person would do that. a really insane person. leave your wallet in your pocket where it belongs and nobody gets hurt. it’s as simple as that. paying the mortgage and putting food on the table is more important. don’t be stupid.

the point spreads used here are what i go by to determine my win/loss record for the week. the spreads may change by game time but for my purposes it matters not. onward.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/20 ucla @ arizona. arizona favored by 3 points. neither school is playing very well. ok. sure. the other stoops is already gone and slick rick is hanging by a slender winning record semi sort of making him the king of pac 12 south. yes, of course it makes no sense. but it’s the brave new world order of college ball. odd thing is the wildcats are favored. even if it’s just the home field three. anyway, it’s a prime time thursday night game. more than likely a yawner but you never know. if the arizona kids aren’t totally demoralized they should win this one. if only for the gipper…er…the other stoops AND the guy who recruited them. giving them a chance to play college ball and get a pretty much free college education along the way. take arizona to win and cover the points.

10/22 oklahoma st @ missouri. oklahoma st favored by 7 points. a nice way to start off your saturday morning and all day saturday watching football day with probably a good game. an odd run on type sentence but who cares. also probably lots of points. missouri could win this one by a touchdown but i’m taking the cowboys to win and cover the spread. you should too.

10/22 auburn @ lsu. lsu favored by 22.5 points. a bunch of points. the good thing being it’s a home game for the tigers. so far auburn has been surprising at times this year. lsu is just too much for them though. take lsu to win and cover the points.

10/22 oregon @ colorado. oregon favored by 32 points. my beloved ducks didn’t cover the spread last week and it was half of what it is this week. the phrase, ‘a bunch of points’, comes to mind. i guess the main point being, colorado doesn’t have it this year. if oregon doesn’t get sloppy and they find someone else to step up and fill some more shoes they shouldn’t have any problem winning and covering the large spread. take the ducks. QUACK QUACK!!!

10/22 air force @ boise st. boise st favored by 31 points. smurf turf home game for boise and they rarely if ever get beat or miss the spread at home. air force is treading water this year. sorta like the jet fighter that had to ditch in the ocean then sits waiting for air sea rescue to show up. both schools rumored to have invites to join the big east. two semi west coast schools in the big east? makes sense to me. at any rate, boise st should walk all over the falcons this saturday. take boise st to win and cover the large spread.

10/22 tennessee @ alabama. alabama favored by 29 points. the volunteers did okay against the fighting road kill earlier in the season. although lsu handed them their helmets last week. the tide will do the same this week. take alabama to win and cover the spread. ROLL TIDE!!!

10/22 usc @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 9 points. one of the older college football rivalries. rabid domers still rant about the reggie bush push from the last decade. yeah, perceived slights are hard to let go of in the land of the golden dome. the trojan defense showed up for last week’s game and then played both sides of the ball for the trojan. or seemingly so. a very nice gesture as they’ve missed most of the season so far. this is usc’s bowl game for the year. or at least one of them. um, the pretend ones, since they can’t go to a real one this year. at any rate, if lane has half a brain he should be selling this game as just that, a bowl game. also the defense has to show up again this week and the offense has to run the ball more than a couple of yards at a time. then punt. the golden domers will win but take usc to cover the spread. FIGHT ON!!!

10/22 texas tech @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 28.5 points. plenty of points. the red raiders have done well against the fighting road kill. though when faced with a better opponent they’ve stumbled. they will again this week. stumble. oklahoma rolls on. take the sooners to win and cover the spread. if you get the chance or are a nam vet visit this texas tech site. you’ll be glad you did. http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/

10/22 washington @ stanford. stanford favored by 20 points. if washington had a better defense this might be a closer game. deal is they don’t. note the colorado final score. andrew luck shreds them this week. take the cardinal to win and cover the spread.

10/22 wisconsin @ michigan st. wisconsin favored by 9 points. yes, the spartans thumped old blue last week. trouble is the badgers can roll up some points. they will again this week against a tough state defense. take wisconsin to win and cover the points.

first BCS poll week and points must be made. there are some happy campers and pissed off rained on parades as well. the safe bet? red meat and red wine. be safe and semi sane. enjoy the games.


2011 college football picks week 4

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finding the 10 games for my picks this week was even harder than last week. what is up with schools still playing the sisters of the poor fighting road kill four weeks into the season? i don’t get it. who is watching those games? (i was gonna use a helen keller joke here but decided against it for politically correct reasons. yeah, as odd as that might seem.) i guess it must be the fact the fighting road kill has a huge fan base willing to travel anywhere, anytime, to watch their favorite team get further flattened by pretty much everybody they play. and of course, there’s the big money involved. sigh. thankfully, there are still a few schools who haven’t totally succumbed to this odd insanity of scheduling patsies and women’s field hockey teams early in the year. this current trend makes it particularly hard to find ten games worth watching let alone making ten worth while picks against the spread this week. speaking of which, just picking winners is vaguely easy. picking winners using the spread or points is another matter entirely.

this past week’s picks turned out somewhat better than the first two weeks. i went 5 for 10. still a bit mediocre but i’ll take it as it’s much better than 2 for 10. after the first three weeks i’m now 11 for 30 overall. not a pretty sight to be sure, however, it is what it is and i plod onward towards the goal of being at least on the other side of 50% by the time the season ends.

once again, remember these picks are for fun only and no sane person would take the insanity dished out here and use it in any sort of gambling or betting pursuits. doing that would be just plain stupid or even perhaps suicidal. kids, leave your wallets in your pockets where they belong and nobody gets hurt. the point spreads listed here are what i use to determine my win/loss stats for the week. ‘the boys’ may change the points by the time the games roll around but it doesn’t make any difference to me as i have a semi sort of life and i also have no desire to update this blather when ‘they’ decide to change things. and the blooming super conferences blow the whole college game to smithereens.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/24 san diego st @ michigan. michigan favored by 10 points. san diego st made a nice comeback last year after a number of years in the doldrums. a good program with a history of playing some good football. it looks like they’re still on a roll this year. which is fine by me. i haven’t seen them play this well since the days of marshall faulk. it’s also very nice to see them take on a big 10 or 12 or whatever the hell it is team. albeit one that got clobbered by the irish last weekend. and one that will probably be looking to right the ship against the aztecs. a big game and one that will make a huge statement for san diego st. take san diego st to win and or cover the points.

9/24 arkansas @ alabama. alabama favored by 12 points. the first big game of the year for arkansas having played the fighting road kill several times already. bama went to visit joe pa and came home a winner. it’s a bit early in the year but make no mistake, this is a rivalry game and 12 points just might be too many. if the tide rolls it won’t matter. take alabama to win and cover. ROLL TIDE!!

9/24 california @ washington. washington favored by 3 points. a fairly decent pac whatever match up. washington lost last week at nebraska but did manage to put some points on the board. cal fooled around with one of those women’s field hockey teams and won big. yawn. take washington and the home field 3 to win and cover.

9/24 lsu @ w. virginia. lsu favored by 6.5 points. w. virginia has looked good so far. the trouble being maryland has been their toughest opponent of the year. lsu got a scare from miss st last week but lsu’s defense won the game. the same thing will happen again this week. take lsu to win and cover the points.

9/24 ucla @ oregon st. oregon st favored by 3.5 points. yeah, what else was i supposed to pick? possibly a very ugly game. and a game slick rick needs to win. rick is a very personable guy and should probably consider a spot with espn. be that as it may. another bruin loss. take oregon st to win and cover.

9/24 oklahoma st @ texas a&m. texas a&m favored by 3.5 points. in all likely hood probably a good game. and a close one. take texas and the home field 3 to win and cover.

9/24 missouri @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 22 points. surprisingly missouri did well in losing to arizona st. oklahoma has been very impressive so far. unless missouri steps up this one will be a rout. and they probably won’t. take oklahoma to win and cover the points.

9/24 tulsa @ boise st. boise st favored by 32.5 points. this one started out with no line. as of today only one company has any points out for the game. interesting. the surf turf teams first home game of the year. blue turf or not they are pretty much unbeatable on the blue stuff. i’ve finally succumbed to the koolaid and i will agree that boise st can play some ball against pretty much anybody on a one game basis. what still remains to be seen is if they can play ball every week against higher caliber programs. and win. there lies the rub. though give them credit for getting out of a doormat league and climbing into one a step further up the ladder. kellen moore is an outstanding quarterback. he should walk all over tulsa. take boise st to win.

9/24 usc @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 3 points. one of the best games of the weekend. the trojans finally showed up and played an entire game against a decent syracuse team last week. plus, they are one of the few teams that didn’t go the fighting road kill route this year. good for them. arizona st couldn’t beat illinois last week. the sun devils need this one if they want a shot at the pac whatever title. usc on the other hand is playing for pride and hopefully they’ve come to embrace that pride. as it’s the only thing they’ll have to play for this year. perhaps marcus allen should make more motivational after practice locker room speeches like he did the week before the syracuse game. desert heat and a night game. the heat shouldn’t be a problem for the trojans. if they play all four quarters they should win. take the trojans to win or at least get inside the 3 points. FIGHT ON!!

9/24 oregon @ arizona. oregon favored by 14.5 points. the desert southwest gets plenty of football action this weekend to match the early fall blast furnace heat. oregon travels way south and down the road from phoenix. and if they can handle the heat for a few hours they’ll cover the spread against a mediocre arizona team that has already lost to oklahoma st and stanford. the ducks continue their quest for the pac whatever title. take oregon to win and cover the spread. QUACK QUACK!!

enjoy the games and your weekend. be safe and be semi sane if at all possible. cheers.


should college football players get paid to play?

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this little tidbit is getting some play.  it started last week with the big 10 or 12 or whatever commissioner saying he figures football players should get a stipend.  earlier this week the old ball coach, steve spurrier, jumped on the bandwagon saying he thinks college football players should be paid as well.  $300 a game to be exact.  this idea is getting even more play.  no pun intended. 

before i wade into this drama let me remind everyone that i love college football.  it is my favorite sit in front of the tube and watch deal.  it’s been that way for as long as i can remember.  i love the game.

i have trouble with these ideas.  yeah, i’m just a crack pot.  these kids are getting an almost free ride education.  yes, there are exceptions but it’s something most kids don’t get.  and yes some of them, mostly in the sec, might end up on the wrong end of a scholarship for various reasons.  like coaches and schools handing them out like candy at halloween then saying oops we really can’t use you.  sorry, we want it back.  but that is a drift.

these kids playing college football are supposed to be in school to earn a degree or am i missing something here?  let’s just forget about the fact you start paying these guys a rather large can of very nasty stinky worms will be opened.  not unlike pandora’s little box a long time ago.  but with probably pretty much the same consequences, a world turned upside down.

the larger of the elephants in the room would be, title 1X.  i also love women’s college softball.  and i’m quite sure the old ball coach and the comish aren’t thinking about paying them anything at all for anything.  regardless.  then there’s the fact most men’s college baseball scholarships barely cover anything at all.  ok.  so i’m drifting here.  in any case, it’s all relevant.         

why should we pay these guys money to play?  point being we shouldn’t.  the old ball coach says the players should get some cash so they can take their girlfriends out for dinner.  or maybe pay for their parents to fly to a game or something.  yeah, we would all love that.  what about the regular schlumps going to school sans any scholarship?  they’d like to be able to do the same thing.  most end up with a nice little 40 grand or so in student loan debt.  yeah, let’s feel sorry for the poor college football player who had to sell ohio st athletic stuff so they could score some nifty tats all over themselves.  please.

the college game has eroded just like society has in recent years.  they’ve gone hand in hand down the road to madness.  paying kids to play college ball is stupid.  there are so many of them in some sort of trouble every day it makes your head swim.  instead of paying them perhaps the schools should use the money to investigate the little darlings a bit more before they hand them the keys to the university.  they seem to end up pilfering fellow students laptops at some sort of maddening pace or committing even worse crimes against humanity and fellow students.

‘well, gee, i had to steal the laptop and rape those girls because i was drunk and i didn’t have any money left after i bought all that booze.  but i deserve another chance.  i’m a football player.  hoo rah.’  there ya go, pilgrims, that pretty much sums it up right there. 

it’s getting to the point where, and i’ve said this a few times the past few years, us old guys are probably going to abandon the sport we love if the insanity of the kids, coaches, commissioners, and college deans doesn’t get back on track.  they aren’t ozzy osborne and off on some crazy train they are, college football.  it’s become a very sad thing indeed. 

thankfully, it seems i’m not the only crack pot out here.  espn.com is running a poll today about this same thing.  should college football players be paid for playing?  at the time of this writing with 47,899 votes in, 62% of those voting are saying, NO.  cool.  let’s just hope somebody is listening and maybe even paying attention.


2010-11 college bowl game picks

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they’re back.  and i’m sure some of you are very happy they are.  me?  not really but regular readers over the past few years already know this.  what’s to like about football games that come, in some cases, 37 days after the regular season has been put to bed for the next nine months?  indeed.  what’s to like?

especially since ‘bowls are business.’  stewart mandel wrote that a week or so ago in one of his sports illustrated columns concerning the lack of prospects for stanford getting a big time bowl bid, among other things.  though things did change.  stanford got a nice bid even with their lack of traveling alumni willing to head out to some god forsaken place or another and spend way too much money to sit in some stadium someplace and watch a football game.  i get the stanford alums point of view.  why indeed?

bowls are business.  the money tree time of year for college regents and deans alike all over this once great nation.  league commissioners slather all over themselves seeing visions of clean, crisp, unmarked, benjamins dancing in their collective greedy heads.  perhaps the most joyous time of the year turned into a greed head’s nirvana.

local pols and chambers of commerce goons fleece the nattering nabobs of the traveling alumni world.  fan bases far and wide leave home flush with cash only to have it stripped from them in some inglorious hell hole by bastions of local yokeldoms finest greed headed businessmen cum thieves.  god, yes, it’s bcs bowl season.  do you hear what i hear?  indeed.

yes, kids, once again it’s time for me to ask you to boycott the bowl games.  the first part is easy.  don’t buy a ticket to the damn games.  don’t fill the seats.  simple easy.  the second is a bit harder.  don’t watch the games on the tube.  yes, of course, not as easy as it sounds.  right?  but it is.  just don’t turn on the tv when your favorite team hits the airwaves and probably the skids because they haven’t faced any real football action/competition for over a month.  about the only action the players will have had is robbing fellow students of their lap tops and local 7-11’s of their daily take.  plus, scaring the bejesus out of coeds far and wide.  indeed.

ok.  alright.  you came here to read my picks.  so i’ll give them to you.  just remember they are for fun and entertainment purposes only.  using any of what i write here as a good thing to to take to a sports book or street corner bookie would be the ultimate definition of insanity. 

during the regular season i use and go by the oddsmakers point spreads.  not this time of year.  i’m just picking a winner.  also since most bowl games are stinkers at best, i’m only picking nineteen of the thirty-five games, which could shrink once i get into this.  some of the bowl turkeys aren’t even worth making fun of.  and that, my readers, is a very sad statement.  so without further ado…

rock ‘n’ roll.     

12/18  new mexico: byu vs utep.  the mormons finally get a shot at another holiday travel destination other than vegas after countless trips to sin city this time of year.  not the glitz and glamor of the strip but albuquerque has an old west vibe going for it.  including the gunfire, just stay off the freeways and you’ll probably be ok.  take byu to win.

12/21  beef o’brady’s: southern mississippi vs louisville.  the only reson for picking this game is it’s title.  what the harold is beef o’brady’s any the ways?  there might be some good commercials.  did i just say that?  take s. miss to win.

12/22  maaco: utah vs boise st.  this should be a good game.  maybe.  utah hit the skids then recovered nicely.  boise is still probably smarting from it’s fall from grace.  plus coach peterson is out job hunting.  he’s already upset about boise st dumping the wac to move to the mountain west while utah and byu have bailed out of that conference.  it’s like boise st moved from one sisters of the poor league to a little bit better sisters of the poor league.  boise st, do your homework next time.  homework just might be the reason none of the big boy conferences want you.  hint.  hint.  at any rate, take utah to win.

12/23  poinsettia: san diego st vs navy.  a grandiose fleet week bowl game for san diego just before christmas.  as much as i enjoy good san diego st football you have to take navy in this game.

12/27  independence: air force vs georgia tech.  take air force in this one, kids.

12/28  insight: missouri vs iowa.  a yawner but take iowa.

12/29  alamo: arizona vs oklahoma st.  as i’m a pac 10 or 12 homer take arizona here.  it might be a good game. 

12/30  holiday: nebraska vs washington.  another day another game in san diego.  if you can fly in do so because the roads in and out of there are usually clogged worse than my arteries.  pac 10 or 12 once again.  take washington if only for the fact my wife’s orthopod has a kid playing for the huskies.

12/31  sun: miami vs notre dame.  notre dame off a so so year but the touchdown jesus faithful do love to travel and spend lots of cash.  go with miami and the win.

1/1  capital one: alabama vs michigan st.  michigan st got hosed this year but somebody does every year.  guess it was their turn.  maybe some decent commercials again.  depending on who feels like playing after the big lay-off will determine who’s going to win.  i’m taking michigan st.

1/1  gator: michigan vs mississippi st.  hopefully, state rolls over michigan.  take miss st.

1/7  cotton: texas a&m vs lsu.  take the aggies of texas to win.

1/9  hunger: boston college vs nevada.  only reason i’m doing this game is because of what nevada did this year.  take nevada to win.

now for the so called big games.

1/1  rose: wisconsin vs tcu.  probably a decent game.  tcu will show up to play.  hopefully, wisconsin does as well.  take tcu.

1/1  fiesta: oklahoma vs connecticut.  good game to nap through.  make your own pick.  i don’t care.

1/3  orange: virginia tech vs stanford.  a good game?  take stanford to win.  pac 10 honk honk.

1/4  sugar: arkansas vs ohio st.  the talking heads are already saying this is the best game of the bowl season.  it is?  take arkansas to win.

1/10  BCS championship: auburn vs oregon.  finally, the last game.  as much as i love the ducks i really doubt if i’ll even watch this.  come on, 37 days after the season is over.  get real bcs and ncaa.  yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.  plus, the fact there are going to more commercials than you can shake the proverbial stick at.  i’m not interested in that action at all.  what i want to know is how the ncaa can say cecil newton is a crook and his kid knew nothing about it.  yeah, right.  the ducks have not played well in their last couple of games.  very possibly they won’t here either.  the first betting line for the game had the ducks favored by 3.  that disappeared as soon as someone realized what had happened.  probably a typo or a rabid duck fan who now has no job.  though a few folks did get in on that action.  lucky them because auburn is going to win this ad fest turkey.  sadly, for the ducks and the pac 10 or 12.  none the less, QUACK QUACK!!  yes, take auburn to win.

that’s it.  a few good games mixed in with the crapola games.  but that’s the usual scenario for the college bowl season.  should there be a playoff?  probably but i go back and forth on that idea.  for one, i think it sullies the regular season.  not unlike men’s basketball where nothing much matters during the regular season.  what matters, is march.  just remember these bowl games really aren’t for you, joe fan.  they are about teams getting more practice time and money money money.  not that there’s anything wrong with money.  i just wish the ncaa and college regents, deans, and commissioners would be more honest about the whole sordid deal.  any the ways, is it september yet?