peter green or let the fun begin

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yeah, ok.  let’s see what happens here.  what the fuck, eh?  i picked up an old old cd this past week.  a very very nice blues deal.  damn fine.  turn it up, yeah.  turn it up some more.  just right.  sweet.  peter green.  english blues guy.  the original fleetwood mac guitar player.  lindsay is good but peter was the blues.  simple easy.  cd would be ‘peter green’s fleetwood mac-live at the marquee ‘.  mick fleetwood, of course, on drums.  peter green was fleetwood mac.  the real, old fleetwood mac.  the real blues band, fleetwood mac. 

sure stevie nicks was/is a babe.  a damn good singer as well.  or pre steveie there was christine macvie.  blues babe for sure.  good music all around.  but if you love the blues the 60’s english dudes had it down.  downtown.   yeah, butterfield.  taj.  charlie musslewhite.  bloomfield.  not to mention muddy, john lee, b. b., robert, albert, jr, et the fucking al.  capice?  just give me the blues.  loud.

fleetwood mac at it’s early finest stuff.  fleetwood mac before peter just up and walked away from the music and the scene.  at one point he pushed bed pans around in hospitals.  yeah.  gone.  forever.  this particular cd i’ve never heard before and by god i’m so happy i found the sucker.  it kicks ass.  the sound is a bit muddy but don’t matter.  it’s the raw pure stuff that the blues are meant to be.  very simple.  straight to the heart.  great goddamn stuff.  like an old 45rpm that’s all scratched up but it still cooks…crank it up and the scratches disappear.  the music lives on.  maybe better than ever.

if you haven’t heard peter green play some guitar you should.  you should do whatever it takes to find some of his stuff.   there is still some of his early fleetwood mac cd’s out there.  stuff after this one.  the real stuff.  life on the edge stuff.   gritty real hit you up side the head stuff.   you like clapton?  yeah, well, who doesn’t?   peter was better.  yeah, sorry.  truth hurts.  so did his up and leaving music to push bedpans around with other people’s shit in them in dismal dank hospitals.    but then people have to do what they must do.  he did what he felt he had to do.  you can’t ask for anything else. 

the only thing you can say is, peter green taught carlos santana and a shit pot of other present day guitar players some mighty fine shit.  ‘black magic woman’ is a peter green song.  there are roots out there.  some deep and fine roots.   some music that should never be forgotten.  lennon/mccartney, the glimmer twins.   peter green.  yeah,  he should be right up there with them.  peter green was the blues.   peter green is still the blues.   peter green WAS fleetwood mac.  

this cd is some roadhouse some place on a hot sultry nasty full moon summer night or some cold snowy blustry cold ass nasty winter night.   it’s life all rolled up into one fine blues cd.   peter green’s fleetwood mac.  the original.  where ever you are peter, god bless and thank you for some fine blues. 


i dunno

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i dunno, this may have been a mistake.  i’m not a general audience kinda guy and i don’t want to be for that matter.  of course, with this being the weekend there is no one about or around to ask just what the hell i can get away with here, writing wise.  maybe someone out there in blog land can give me a tip or two concerning what is considered genereal stuff and what happens if and when i go off board and go r or x rated.  i need to know,  like i said this might have been a mistake.


hello world

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yeah, hi.  i’m new here.  my blogs are liable to be about anything that my fevered brain can come up with at the moment.  if you are looking for polished writing you’ve come to the wrong place.  it’s not my style.  nor in my make-up, as well.  most of what i write is for a more mature audience.   if that offends then don’t read my blogs.  i am also not our childs guardian nor do i want to be.  that’s your job.  do it.