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2013 college football picks and predictions week 7

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it took a bit longer than it usually does. a point here. a point there. way too many penalties. perhaps the wrong cleats on a worn out synthetic turf. stuff like that. the list could go on and on. a rather doleful mediocre week 6 is over. one could even say finally over. my worst week of the season so far. yes, it was coming. that was for certain. possibly even worse down the road. count on it. bottom line week 6 saw me going 5 for 10. if i were a baseball player and did that consistently at bat i’d be a hall of famer. and everyone’s top of the charts player. unfortunately i’m not. i’m also pretty sure you aren’t either. so, my over all for the year now stands at 37 for 60. head still above water but on the other hand i’m not looking for an architect or contractor to begin work on my dream home somewhere over looking the blue pacific and the red ferrari is on hold.

the important thing to remember is that this is for entertainment purposes only. using anything here for wagering purposes would be asinine. last weeks picks and predictions pointed that out all too clearly. do not wager on college football games legal or otherwise. do not do it. spend your hard earned cash elsewhere. hell, wasting your hard earned cash elsewhere is an even better idea.

this week is a road warrior road trip week for me. a very much needed solo road trip and i may not have the time or desire to properly deal with the point spreads. so, i’m just doing straight up picks. win or lose. no points. no spread. none the less, don’t use what’s here for some sort of dumb ass purpose.

UPDATE: that was then is now. i’m already down the road and in my room and/or location for the duration of the trip. yeah, i may venture out of the room occasionally. so, the points are back on board for the week. OK? i thought so. :UPDATE

rock ‘n’ roll.

10-10 arizona @ usc. usc favored by 5.5 points. usc’s interim coach ed orgeron is seemingly a breath of fresh coaching air compared to the late and pretty much not lamented ex coach lane kiffin. who in reality had to deal with coach petey and what he had wrought. but lane didn’t deal with it very well. it’s also nice to see ed getting some sort of respect from the odds mavens as well. practices are once again open to the media and ed actually speaks nicely to them and has some fun with them too. he’s having some fun with his players as well, which the kids seem to be enjoying. fresh air is generally a very nice thing. we’ll see how well ed fares in the coming weeks. this week the men of troy face their first opponent after after the shake-up. thankfully, that opponent is the arizona wildcats. along with the game being on the home court the trojans just might turn things around. i’m thinking maybe they will with the high of new coaching blood streaming through the program. especially against the wildcats. or maybe not. at any rate, a nice week night diversion from whatever ails you. possibly a very close game though either team could blow the other out of the park. with usc’s new coach and all the other related incidentals at usc i’m taking them to win and cover the points. why not? FIGHT ON!!!

10-12 alabama @ kentucky. alabama favored by 27.5 points. a bunch of points but the tide continues to roll. nothing really impressive last week but the job got done. and in the end that is pretty much what it’s all about on any given week. kentucky is about ready to go down for the the fourth time with no lifeguards in sight or anywhere near the water. hence, take the tide to win and cover the spread. ROLL TIDE!!!

10-12 florida @ lsu. lsu favored by 8 points. probably a good game if both teams show up to play. lsu was very impressive on the road last week. they should be even more impressive this week at home. take lsu to win and cover the spread.

10-12 texas a&m @ ole miss. texas a&m favored by 7 points. ole miss is coming off of two losses in a row and looming sensitivity and diversity training due to some pretty stupid actions on the part of about half the team. they look like they’re digging themselves a hole. probably a deep hole. a&m has had a couple of weeks to work on this game. plus, johnny boy has been more than likely nose to the grindstone and for sure out of the lame kid limelight. unlike the kids at ole miss. take a&m to win and cover the points.

10-12 stanford @ utah. stanford favored by 8.5 points. last week the trees held off the huskies to stay undefeated. ucla finally squeaked past the utes to stay undefeated as well. utah isn’t burning up the field this season with anything dazzling. but they are keeping things close even when they lose. which they more than likely will do again this week. take the trees to win and cover.

10-12 cal @ ucla. ucla favored by 24.5 points. so far the bruins are for real. cal’s only win this season was against road kill state. i expect them to be hunkered down in the road kill position this week against the bruins at home. take ucla to win and cover the spread.

10-12 oregon @ washington. oregon favored by 14 points. despite a slow start against colorado last week my beloved ducks continue to light up the scoreboard. this is my game of the week for sure. hopefully, the huskies are ready for this match up. the ducks may not blow up the scoreboard for the first time this year but they should win. take oregon to win and cover the points on the road in hostile huskie territory. QUACK QUACK!!!

10-12 oregon st @ washington st. washington st favored by 1 point. a toss up. for my money another good game with two of my other favorite coaches and PAC(8)(10)12 schools going head to head. both teams can score some points. look for a shoot out. defense be damned. the last team with the ball wins. the question being who will that be? i’m taking oregon st to win or at the least get inside the meager points.

10-12 northwestern @ wisconsin. wisconsin favored by 10.5 points. both schools held their own in losing to ohio st. the badgers have had two weeks to get ready for the best BIG (10)12 game of the week. i’m taking wisconsin to win at home and cover the points.

10-12 boise st @ utah st. boise st favored by 7 points. a short road trip sees boise st return after an off week and looking to improve upon their 3-2 record against a pretty good utah st team. just how wisely did coach petersen use that time? we’re all going to find out soon enough. if the broncos fall to 3-3 coach petersen’s stock will more than likely take a nose dive too. no matter how the bronco faithful and apologists spin it or paint it. this game is a toss up. odds mavens or not make this a tough call. flip a coin? i’m taking boise st to win and cover the spread.

each week sees the season along with the days growing shorter. so, put your feet up, sit back, and enjoy the shortest sweetest sporting season in the realm because it will be over before you know it. yeah, i know, like most stuff for us old timer traditionalists stuff ain’t that easy to take anymore. i digress. at any rate, enjoy the games, some good company, food, and vino. be safe. be semi sane.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 6

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this past saturday was one of those nifty game days for me. a very sweet 9 for 10 day with my picks against the spread. had oklahoma st not floundered it would have been a perfect day. maybe their booster/alumni created drama at home is beginning to filter out onto the field. we’ll wait and see what happens. at any rate, my over all for the year now stands at, 32 for 50.

week 5 also saw some injuries to key players through out college ball. for me, the two biggest were usc’s marqise lee and my beloved ducks lost running back de’anthony thomas. it remains to be seen just how serious both injuries are. in lee’s case he is usc’s offense.

as for usc’s AD pat haden standing behind coach lane kiffin that all came to an abrupt if not predictable end early sunday morning after the trojans got hammered by arizona st. the fan splashing merde was getting out of hand. good for haden. time to move on. a number of decent coaches are supposedly in the mix for the job. if it were up to me i’d go with an interim coach then after this miserable season is over go for the coach you really want. which is just what they’ve done. hopefully, the interim coach is just that, interim. former trojan and current broncos defensive coordinator jack del rio seems to be getting the most buzz at the moment.

always remember this weekly insanity is for entertainment purposes only. just because i’m doing fairly well so far this year doesn’t mean anything at all. my picks could veer into on coming traffic on any given saturday. or hit a patch of black ice and spin out of control. get the picture? i hope you do. never use what you read here for wagering purposes. do not do it. there are much better ways to spend or waste your cash than betting on college football.

the point spreads used here may go up or down over the week. that being said, i have better things to do than adjusting the points here whenever the odds bosses make a change. my win loss record for the week is based on what is here.

as far as i’m concerned, week 6 is another really poor slate of games. of course, there are some good games but most of them aren’t worth your time. or more importantly mine. so, you’re going to see some teams here you normally would never see or rarely see.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10-1 ucla @ utah. ucla favored by 3.5 points. the bruins travel to provo for a critical PAC (8)(10)12 southern division game. the utes aren’t terrible but they aren’t great either. all in all possibly a tight game or the bruins could blow them out. the early point spread is meager at best for the bruins. probably just as well. take the bruins to cover and win.

10-5 clemson @ syracuse. clemson favored by 13 points. clemson has been on a roll so far this year. should ohio st, oregon, stanford, or alabama tank, guess what? yup. they just need to keep winning. though i’d rather not see a rematch against georgia for the big dance game. i lost my zest for rematches back in muhammed ali’s boxing days. i digress. clemson should have no trouble taking this game to the bank. take clemson to win and cover.

10-5 maryland @ florida st. florida st favored by 14.5 points. despite maryland’s 4-0 record, which the points reflect, this a game the seminoles can’t let slip through their fingers. especially a home court game. take florida st to win and cover.

10-5 n. carolina st @ wake forest. n. carolina st favored by 9.5 points. n. carolina st held their own in a loss against clemson. wake forest didn’t. another one of those ipso facto deals in a game that only matters to the schools, players, and their families. take nc state to win and cover.

10-5 kentucky @ s. carolina. s. carolina favored by favored by 22 points. kentucky is not playing very well. the old ball coach and his gamecocks are doing just fine so far with only one slip up. this is another game the home team can’t muddle through while hoping for the best. take s. carolina to win and cover.

10-5 cincinnati @ south florida. cinncinnati favored by 12 points. possibly the yawner of the week. or maybe the gamecocks game is. south florida sits at 0-4 and is looking straight at 0-5 if the bearcats make to the stadium in time for kickoff. if not, south florida gets the forfeit win. although the chances of that happening are pretty slim. take cincy to win and cover the points.

10-5 missouri @ vanderbilt. vanderbilt favored by 2 points. oh??? any sane person would take missouri in this game. you should too. take missouri to win and or get inside the points.

10-5 notre dame @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 5.5 points. i guess the domers are lucky this one is being played indoors at texas stadium with the a/c pumping at full steam rather than outside at tempe. i’m also guessing this is one of those made for prime time TV venues which under normal real world circumstances would never otherwise happen. fine. the sun devils win and cover the spread, take them.

10-5 ohio st @ northwestern. ohio st favored by 5 points. a vaguely interesting game. the buckeyes have run the table so far but their first real game was last week against wisconsin. northwestern is in the same position but hasn’t played anyone of note so far this season. if there were a few more points on the odds board i’d take northwestern. however, there isn’t. so, take the buckeyes to win and cover.

10-5 washington @ stanford. stanford favored by 6.5 points. the thinning of the PAC(8)(10)12 northern division herd begins in earnest on the trees home court this saturday night. more than likely a pretty good game and one the east coasters may want to stay up and watch. but probably not since they’re more biased than i am. what’s up with that? the huskies will make a game of it but take the trees to win and cover.

the first weekend of fine october light. possibly my favorite month of the year just because of said light. at any rate, enjoy your week of college ball and try to remain semi sane and upright. just remember to eat every once in a while. it does help. or so goes the theory. we’re half way through the season. where does the time go? sigh.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 5

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after week 4 the train remains on the tracks and seems to be steaming right along with another 6 for 10 week. my over all now sits at a respectable 23 for 40. thankfully, i haven’t had a week of total misery as yet. though i’m sure at least one or two of those are lurking about somewhere. let’s hope this week doesn’t prove to be one of them. had the golden domers, usc, and big blue bothered to score some more points last week would have been one for the record books. sadly, that wasn’t the case. perhaps this week if the train keeps a rollin’. all that being said, just remember this is for entertainment purposes only.

as usual the odds/points used here are what i use to figure my wins and losses for the week. the points may change over the course of the week, up or down. it doesn’t matter. what’s here is here. also, what’s here isn’t meant for you to wander off into the land of the stupid to use for wagering purposes. that would be totally lame and insane on your part. do not do it.

i’m keeping my editorial comments to the picks and predictions section this week, which were somewhat easier to come up with than week 4. unlike week 4 this weeks games are, in my mind, a pretty good slate of games. maybe not for you but, hey, who’s writing this stuff?

rock ‘n’ roll.

9-28 stanford @ washington st. stanford favored by 11 points. pirate mike leach, the cougars head coach, has seemingly turned state around and all of the mindless or not so mindless chatter has gone away for the time being. maybe even allowing him to keep his current position. well, unless he unexpectedly runs into the idaho coach while he’s out and about. a digression. as of now he deserves a big: atta boy mike. get some. the trees continue their PAC 12 co-supremacy with another win last week. i’m thinking coach harbaugh is already wishing the trees off week had come later in the season. but that’s for a few weeks down the road. take stanford to win and cover.

9-28 usc @ arizona st. arizona st favored by 7 points. once again the trojan’s offense was in the game for a bit then left to ogle the cheer leaders and grab a hot dog. or score some crack or crank or some damn thing or another and they never really got back into the game. despite the fact of utah states total implosion and new found industry of making dumb ass penalties appear out of thin air the men of troy labored for the win. then could not find a way to cover the points. yet again. sigh. trojan faithful cringe inwardly and outwardly. lack of a full stadium saturday is testimony to that. the sun devils on the other hand, didn’t live up to their under the radar PAC 12 south hype in their loss to the trees. it wasn’t even close. TV talking heads are still blathering on about how pat haden is behind his coach, lane ‘has the train left the station?’ kiffin. a good game here kids. even with all the associated baggage. and the fact marqise lee is probably sorry he didn’t turn pro when he had the chance. he’s pretty much the only offense the trojan’s have. i’m taking arizona st to win and cover. yeah, sad ain’t it?

9-28 oklahoma st @ w. virginia. oklahoma st favored by 20.5 points. my first look at the cowboys for the year who seem to be oblivious to the huge scandal that’s taken hold in stillwater over the years. still water may run deep but so does impropriety. yeah, pretty much all of them do it but the cowboys are this year’s poster child for the dumb ass alumni/booster society stupidity award. however, fear not, the NCAA loons will more than likely either overlook the infractions because hey, wink wink, they ALL do it. which seems like the ever insipid NCAA already have since the SI article claims the morons in oklahoma have been at it for some time. or they’ll impose a johnny football type penalty. that is of course unless you happen to be usc then everything matters. and you end up with lane kiffin as your punishment. we live in strange times to say the least. i digress. the cowboys have been playing lights out ball. the mountaineers so so ball. so far w. virginia’s highlight of the year is being only a 9 point loss to the sooners. take the cowboys to win and cover.

9-28 lsu @ georgia. georgia favored by 3 points. a good, let’s watch this game. this is the tigers game to lose. it’s as simple as that. georgia has a good team but a top 10 team? please. with only the home court 3 for the bulldogs i’m taking lsu to win or cover.

9-28 oklahoma @ notre dame. oklahoma favored by 3.5 points. the domers have their hands full this saturday. lucky for them it’s another home court advantage in the shadow of the golden dome. although they aren’t seeing much points wise. yes, touchdown jesus faithful the sooners are only 3 point faves. your point? mine would be, take the sooners to win and cover the meager spread.

9-28 ole miss @ alabama. alabama favored by 16.5 points. another one to watch. ole miss may surprise. but more than likely not enough. take the tide to win and cover. ROLL TIDE!!

9-28 texas a&m @ arkansas. texas a&m favored by 3 points. the razorbacks are playing ok. johnny boy football is doing ok as well. hyper heisman hype hangs heavy. and it is, after all, football season and he’s not being left to his own devices and or whims for the most part. a good thing to be sure in johnny’s case. the aggies are only favored by 3? i’m thinking it’s a trojan horse being dealt out by the odds mavens. i’m not falling for it. you shouldn’t either. take a&m to win and cover.

9-28 wisconsin @ ohio st. ohio st favored by 7.5 points. leaders division supremacy on the line here. leaders division? what’s he talking about anyway? uh, the Big (10) 12 or something. i thought they were going to ‘fix’ the divisional nomenclature thingy problem. apparently not. the badgers get a shot at tripping up the buckeyes at home. not an easy thing. the buckeyes do have a bit of a depth problem so, ipso facto, i’m taking the badgers to at least cover or maybe even win.

9-28 s. mississippi @ boise st. boise st favored by 26.5 points. boise st has fallen on hard times. well, at least for them. what happened to all of the boise can reload talk after k. moore moves on with no problem? exactly. one good thing to come out of it all is the fact they are at least doing OK with the point spread thing. something that even in the old moore days they couldn’t do. southern miss is not doing well. a semi long road trip up to the smurf turf for them. hats off to the broncos for making some sort of attempt at scheduling what appeared to be a good out of conference call at the time. unless things go terribly wrong on the worn out smurf turf the broncos win and cover. take boise st.

9-29 cal @ oregon. oregon favored by 36.5 points. the ever hapless bears travel to the autzen stadium zoo to get their whipping of the week. yes, of course, on any given saturday. but, hey come on, we’re talking cal here. and we’re also talking the ducks at home. get the picture? take oregon to win and cover the points. QUACK QUACK!!!

just about half way through the season. amazing. time has never waited for anyone and this time of year only brings that into a rather stark shatteringly clear focus. enjoy the games. eat well. last weekend we took a breather and went out for some mexican. guac, tequila, and cerveza respectively. ole!! try to stay sane and semi upright. see you week 6.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 4

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there were a collection of good games for week 3 which saw me going 7 for 10. my best week of the season so far. not saying much but it was what it was. that’s usually the case when the games are decided straight up win or lose and no points. those large casinos built out in the desert cost quite a bit of coin and they aren’t built by you winning. at any rate, my over all now stands at 17 for 30. a nice up tick in the numbers.

ucla proved to be worthy of the PAC 12 south title talk with a nice win over nebraska. arizona st also gets a nod with their strange win over wisconsin. winning doesn’t have to be pretty it just needs to get done with or without the officials help. alabama, at times, wasn’t pretty but the job got done. if there’s no let down they could run the table. we’ll wait and see. johnny football played very well but his 2 interceptions were the game changing difference. plus, a j mccarron out played him on the other side of the ball.

week 3 also saw strange or not so strange tales of all manner of NCAA violations at oklahoma st. I imagine it will take the, way past its state of usefulness, NCAA years to come to any conclusions if at all concerning the cowboys. as of this writing we’re still waiting for the miami (florida) decision. i hope you haven’t been holding your breath. don’t start now..

ok. week 4. i had a hard time finding my 10 games even though the exhibition season seems to be over for now at least. not that many exciting math-ups even with league play beginning for most of the schools. just remember this is for entertainment purposes only. taking or using anything here and placing a legal or illegal wager on any of the games would be totally irresponsible and insane. do not do it.

i’m back to using the points again this week after taking last week off so i could hang out in las vegas and not have to work much while i was there. yes, believe it or not this is work. the points may change over the week but i use what’s here to determine my wins and losses.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9-20 boise st @ fresno st. fresno st favored by 4.5 points. boise has been playing better since their first week loss to the huskies. yes, of course, last week’s first half against air force wasn’t very pretty. which seems to be the running theme so far this week. fresno sat out last week due to the floods in colorado. it’s hard to say what the unexpected lay off did to the team. interesting in that the bulldogs are favored. something that doesn’t happen if at all for boise st. boise looks like they’ve righted the ship so i’m taking them to at the least get inside the points and probably win.

9-21 utah st @ usc. usc favored by 7 points. the trojans seem to have worked out their offensive problems last week. yes, it was against boston college and you could even say utah st is in the same league. things should remain the same this week for the men of troy but could go south next week against the sun devils. but that’s next week. the fire lane kiffin band wagon has some what slowed if only for the time being.
things will almost be fall like here in lotus land this coming saturday. a good day for football but also one for staying off the roads with ucla playing at home as well. ok. once again PAC(8)(10)(12) socal homer says take the trojans to win and cover. if they don’t win expect the boo birds to be back even louder than before. FIGHT ON!!!

9-21 michigan st @ notre dame. notre dame favored by 7 points. michigan states first real test of the season. though in some circles south florida might be considered one. the domers shouldn’t have much of a problem at home with the spartans. or that’s the hope from where i’m sitting. take touchdown jesus to win and cover the spread.

9-21 smu @ texas a&m. texas a&m favored by 28.5 points. june jones can’t seem to get the mustangs rolling since taking the reins (pun intended) at smu. which is too bad because like i’ve said before i think he’s a good coach. a bunch of points but the aggies are probably up for it. johnny football in particular. especially with the aggies only playing 4 road games this year. they caught a break with that and a semi lackadaisical schedule as well. yes, ok. to the point. a&m wins and covers the points.

9-21 arizona st @ stanford. stanford favored by 8 points. if arizona st is going to contend for the PAC south title this is their week to kick start the run. the trees on the other hand have been in the exhibition season mode so far against schools they probably shouldn’t be playing. the sun devils make a game of it but the trees prevail. which could be why they are only 8 point faves. or the sun devils are really that good. one to watch. take the trees to win and cover.

9-21 auburn @ lsu. lsu favored by 16.5 points. if it were being played in alabama things might go a bit differently. or maybe not. tigers vs tigers. take lsu to win.

9-21 utah @ byu. byu favored by 7 points. more state of utah bragging rights on the line. the utes almost beat the beaves last week in a nail biter. the cougars thumped the longhorns into some sort of bizzaro through the looking glass world and they’ve had a couple of weeks to relish in the glory of doing so. all in all one of the few really interesting match-ups of the week. well, for me anyway. the utes could stun but i’m going with the cougars to win and cover.

9-21 wyoming @ air force. wyoming favored by 3 points. it’s beginning to look like one of those years where the cowboys have some game and can put more than a few points on the board. air force can usually score points but this year the defense isn’t helping out very much. another home court for the falcons. i don’t think it will matter much in the end. take the cowboys to win and cover the meager points.

9-21 michigan @ connecticut. michigan favored by 17.5 points. for whatever reasons big blue is still in the top 25. i guess beating the golden domers helped. other than that it’s been a yawner for them. ok. i guess more so for me. uconn began the season with losses against a couple of junior high flag football teams. oh right, one of the teams was maryland. as i was saying… michigan should win and cover thus staying in the top 25 for another week. imagine that. in other words take michigan to win and cover.

9-21 new mexico st @ ucla. ucla favored by 42 points. i was going to pick the bama colorado game but with the flooding situation in colorado it’s hard to say if that game is going to happen or not this early in the week. so, with the fact it was hard coming up with my 10 games to begin with it was even harder to find a replacement game. yeah, this is what i came up with. sue me. hopefully, this is the only time the bruins ever play the aggies. plenty of points for the bruins to cover. oh well, take the bruins to win and cover the spread.

another week in the books with summer fading fast. fine by me. i’m fed up with the a/c running 24/7 in these parts. enjoy your weekend of games. be safe and semi sane. toss something on the barbie or do what i did. toss some tortellini into boiling water. toss with butter and parmesan when they’re done and enjoy with a nice caprase salad, good bread, and some dago red. cheers!


2013 college football picks and predictions week 3

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what can you say about statistics? probably any number of things. some good some bad. i guess the big thing being they are usually fairly accurate. right? after going 6 for 10 my first week and winning 4 of my first 5 games on saturday i tanked and lost my last 5. in doing so i finished saturday with a 4 for 10 record. bringing my early season total to 10 for 20. just a tad under my past statistical average for the entire year. see what i mean? eh, probably not.

there were some pretty interesting outcomes. the two most notable being byu putting the hurt on the longhorns and washington st beating the trojans. those 2 i didn’t expect. the rest of my losses were point spread blunders by favorite teams that shouldn’t have happened. which proves my point that you shouldn’t use anything here for legal or illegal college football wagering. do not do it. this is for entertainment purposes only.

ok. i suppose it’s time for the lets all get on the fire lane kiffin bandwagon once again. the boos of saturday night are still echoing across downtown lotus land and are spreading throughout the suburbs far and wide like a plague of locusts intent on feeding on the hearts of the trojan faithful. all said and done, i’m a bit surprised it’s happening this early in the season. you can find at least one web site dedicated to the firing, on of all places the web. though visiting any of the sites isn’t for the faint of heart or those lacking the odd/weird humor gene. i’m just wondering if pat haden isn’t one of the posters. my money is on he’s posting as, ‘the brain zipper’. hmmm. that’s a joke, kids. don’t get any bright ideas.

this week the brown eyed girl and i are ensconced at our favorite hotel on the las vegas strip. we’ve been here since yesterday. so, i’m not using point spreads to pick my winners. just straight up win/loss picks for this week. yeah kind of odd, no pun intended, not using the points when you’re actually in sin city but we’re here for fun. not me sitting around dealing with the odds deal for this nonsense. things should be back to normal next week. one point to make here is that i picked these games over a week ago. this vegas trip was more or less a spur of the moment deal made on last thursday. the games were not picked with the lack of future point spreads in mind. for better or worse, they are my usual games i have some sort of interest in watching or the outcome.

to recap. no points, just win or lose this week. the most important thing being, this is for entertainment purposes only. anyone who uses this insanity for betting or wagering will get what they deserve. do not do it. ok sure. later this morning i suppose i’ll be checking out what the casino is offering downstairs point wise for the college weekend. um, that would be for gathering information and educational purposes only. capice? in truth, we’re here for the 5 star dining that vegas has to offer. trust me, it’s stellar. my wife thinks it’s funny that i’ll drive to vegas to eat but won’t drive into L.A. for the same thing. for me, it’s all about driving home after eating and drinking too much and the totally crappy 24/7 L.A. traffic. cab fares to and from the L.A. central hinterlands and our berg would be thru the roof. plus, the scenery driving out here is pretty cool if you enjoy the desert. along with it being pretty much a straight shot drive.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9-12 tcu @ texas tech. close game here. maybe really close. i’m going to take tcu for the win.

9-13 air force @ boise st. boise st comes back into the fray at home on the smurf turf. hopefully, the tinkering of the offense that’s worked for a number of years has hit the ash heap of foolish follies. if not the falcons have a shot at winning. however, take boise to win.

9-14 ucla @ nebraska. the bruins take off to omaha with an extra week of practice under their collective belts. you can be sure coach mora used the time wisely. or that’s the hope. PAC(8)(10)(12) homer says take the bruins to win. this might be their year, well until they play the ducks on october 26th up in oregon. then things may change. the bruins win this week.

9-14 alabama @ texas a&m. the game most of us have been waiting for and the game of the year so far. the tide vs johnny football. i imagine this one will be the ratings winner for the weekend. for sure the aggies toughest game of the season. as for the crimson tide, probably not so much. it will very interesting to see how they handle johnny “i’ll sign for a dime” football. bama wins on the aggies home turf. take em. ROLL TIDE!!

9-14 tennessee @ oregon. the ducks at home are even more amazing than on the road. to semi sort of paraphrase an old 60’s-70’s wheeze, speed kills. speed kills just about any sort of defense you’ve got going. take the ducks to win. QUACK QUACK!!!

9-14 iowa @ iowa st. all in all generally a good game every year with either team capable of winning regardless how good or bad they are. this year is no different. i’m taking iowa st at home for the eye-oh-way state bragging rights rivalry win.

9-14 ohio st @ california. the buckeyes haven’t been out here to the left coast during the regular season for many moons. for some reason in my minds eye i can see woody hayes prowling the sidelines this saturday. or maybe up on strawberry hill with binoculars and a tub of colonel sanders. at any rate, cal is pretty dismal already this year. their semi poor showing against portland st last week being the point. if the buckeyes don’t get too cocky and woody stays off the field while keeping his hands to himself ohio st should win. take them.

9-14 utep @ new mexico st. this game was picked with a nod to the FX TV show ‘the bridge’, and the el paso – juarez thing. a very good show with at least one episode left for the year. check it out this week. good stuff. as for the game, a major paragon time shift of epic proportions involving little green men holding seed money from the bahamas would be in order for new mexico st to win this one. yes, of course, stranger things have happened. none the less, i’m taking utep to win.

9-14 oregon st @ utah. the beaves are having a bit of trouble so far. perhaps a rebuilding year?? they should have taken better care of hawaii but then usc couldn’t either. so, i’m taking utah at home for the win.

9-14 wisconsin @ arizona st. a good match-up to cap off the weekend. two good squads heating up the already steamy desert southwest. both teams have thumped walk-over state teams. wisconsin has done it twice. the sun devils have had the extra week to get ready for the home court sweltering and possibly monsoon like late summer weather. the sun devils will also give the bruins a run for the PAC south title. i’m taking arizona st for the win.

there ya go kids. have a great weekend. get creative food wise. have a few cold ones. try to stay upright and more importantly semi sane.and while doing so, enjoy week 3 of college football because the season is so short it’s gone in the wink of an eye.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 2

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do you remember the AAU? you’d have to be pretty close to my age to do so or be a real sports trivia nerd. the AAU, (the) amateur athletic union, passed on a number of years ago due to being insipid, useless, and corrupt. sort of like the NCAA these days which took over for the AAU morons when their usefulness became a running joke. well, kids, the joke is on us once again. this time around it’s just another bunch of soulless suits pretending to be something they aren’t, a legitimate trustworthy amateur sporting entity. yes, the NCAA has hit rock bottom or at least is heading that way in what can only be called a full tilt boogie nose dive to oblivion. a shameful load of hacks, grifters, assorted loons and goons, wearing suits and ties pandering to stupidity in a manner that can only be said to be more asinine than the u.s. congress. i semi digress.

yes, johnny football skated on the sidelines on some pretty thin or thick ice, depending on your perspective, for a half this past saturday. some wags even say with a smile on his face as he skated blissfully away counting coins of the realm in his inflated autograph signing head. if you think the kid is or was innocent then you aren’t paying attention or reading enough. it’s time for the NCAA to head off into the sunset like it’s predecessor, the AAU, did years ago. yes, he did have a good game once he came in against a tepid rice squad that hasn’t been any good since i was a kid and the AAU was still around. yes, a decent enough game for johnny football. however, his douche bag quotient continues to climb ever upward.

ok. the first week is in the books. i went 6 for 10 even surprising myself. a very good start indeed. lets hope things stay that way for week 2. my astute readers will realize there’s still one game left out of my 10 picks which will be played tonight. if i lose it i’ll adjust things next week but i’m thinking that won’t be necessary. the noles rolled so i stay at 6 for 10.

week 2 offers, for me, about the same amount of watchable games as the first week did. the playing of the sisters of the poor and their ilk slogs on unabated. a sad thing indeed. i repeat myself. which i’ll continue to do until someone listens, takes heed, and/or stops the madness. just say no. please. boy howdy. yeah, we went 12 and oh. we deserve a shot at a big dance game. show ’nuff. what you deserve is a slap up the side of your head for playing 2 or 3 games against tiddly winks state, assault & battery poly technic, and the university of beer pong & pizza. wags say this practice will end next year once the BCS mess fades away and the new mess takes over. i won’t be holding my breath.

always remember this is for entertainment purposes only. the only other purpose this insanity serves is to somewhat cool my fevered brow. taking anything here and using it to waste your hard earned cash on a college football game would be stupid. do not do it. you don’t want to look like the NCAA now do you? i didn’t think so.

the points, spreads, odds listed here are what i go by. they may change over the week. no matter to me. these are what i go by in determining my wins and losses for the week. with the holiday weekend the odds are a bit slow coming out from pretty much everywhere. i’m back to my old source which is scant at best.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9-7 florida @ miami(fl). florida favored by 3 points. both teams are coming off wins against the usual week 1 suspect teams. this will probably be a pretty good game and a toss up. i like the gators. take them to win and cover.

9-7 oregon @ virginia. oregon favored by 23.5 points. the ducks rolled over road kill state last week at home. virginia did beat favored byu squad but that’s not happening this week. take the ducks to win and cover. QUACK!! QUACK!!

9-7 utah st @ air force. utah st favored by 10.5 points. despite the aggies losing to utah and the falcons beating an east coast brainiac school the previous week this should still be a good game. and maybe even a close one. or maybe not. take utah st to win and cover the spread.

9-7 san diego st @ ohio st. ohio st favored by 29 points. san diego got thumped at home by a no name school last week. their defense apparently passed away at some point during the second quarter. ohio st won but not spectacularly against someone they should have steamrolled. a boat load of points but ohio st should win and cover the spread.

9-7 s. carolina @ georgia. georgia favored by 3 points. maybe one of the best games of the weekend kids. take georgia to win and cover at home.

9-7 texas @ byu texas favored by 7 points. texas rolled and byu should have won. the cougars will get inside the points spread this week. take them.

9-7 notre dame @ michigan. michigan favored by 3 points. both teams hammered week 1 patsies. i like big blue at home. take michigan and the home court 3 to win.

9-7 hawaii @ oregon st. oregon st favored by 27 points. oregon st got surprised by a school that should have been no surprise at all. a sad thing to be sure. we’ll see if coach riley will turn things around this week. if he doesn’t it’s going to be a very long disappointing season for the beavers. the beavers should cover and win this week. or that’s the hope. the beavers can put points on the board. take oregon st to win and cover.

9-7 washington st @ usc. usc favored by 15.5 points. washington st held their own in a loss last week against auburn. usc failed to cover the spread with their weak offense. the trojan defense carried them to victory. that will probably be the case here as well. the question being, how long can usc’s defense keep it up? they had a similar dilemma last year with the defense not showing up and things went off the rails around the midpoint of the season. deja vu all over again? time tells. one point to remember, pat haden did not hire lane kiffen. ‘howling mad’ mike garrett gets the blame for doing that sad deed. ok. another saturday scorcher here in lotus land. though the game starts around sunset. not as many points as last week. maybe the offense will show up to play. bite the bullet and take the trojans to win and cover. FIGHT ON!!

9-7 san jose st @ stanford. stanford favored by 24.5 points. our first look at the trees for the year. most folks have them penciled in for the big dance game. we’ll have to wait and see about that. san jose st steps up into the big time spotlight here in a game that has a crosstown rival feel to it. probably because basically that’s what it is. we’ll see if the spartans are up for it. ah, probably not. take stanford to win and cover the points.

enjoy your weekend and try your best at staying sane and upright. toss some protein on the bbq. i have to admit i didn’t do that last week. a frittata got made instead. it seemed like the italian thing to do. it was outstanding by the way. have some dago red and kick back. that i did do. be safe.


2013 college football picks and predictions week 1

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week 1 of the college football season is finally, at last, rolling into town.  yours too if you’re paying attention. it’s been a long dry haul since the insipidness of the bowling season 8 or so months ago. lots of stuff has gone down since then.  first off, johnny football has proven to be a lame kid just like all the rest of the lame kids out there.  ok, so a rich lame kid. there really isn’t much difference.  rich poor no matter.  lameness crosses bank accounts with impunity.  i’m sure johnny boy will have a decent if not fine year at the a & m helm.  that is unless he gets hurt.  i would never wish that on anybody.  well, sure, ok. i can think of a few folks wandering the planet but trust me he ain’t one of them.  a & m has a pretty much lackluster schedule this year.  so, i’m assuming johnny won’t be in the heisman hunt down the road even if he plays lights out ball. though stranger things have been known to happen.  15 to 1 odds on a repeat trophy for him.  the big question about johnny is what will become of him when he turns pro??  peter king has questions and doubts.  me too. i figure he’ll probably end up like vince young.  bouncing around.  or maybe even joey harrington.  duck fans far and wide remember him. however, no one else does.  or maybe he’ll end up being another, god forbid, todd marinovich.  oofa, though todd seems to have turned things around life wise.  we wait and see.  good luck johnny football.  life is hard then everyone starts gunning for you. particularly gunning for you if you’ve had a few autograph sessions for pay.  of course, as of this writing, that hasn’t been proven by the ineffective NCAA and probably won’t ever be.  but one never knows.   
let’s see what else…ah, visor head kelly of the ducks is now in the nfl running things in philly.  league refs are already saying his quick draw mcgraw college offense won’t happen in their sandbox if they have any say in the matter.  poor guy should have probably stayed put in eugene.
then there’s lane kiffin of usc.  his boss, pat haden, says he stands behind him.  if i were pat i’d stay way behind him and off to the side a bit. because when the merde hits the fan, merde flies like the wind and hits stuff far and wide.  i like pat but he has no real choice in the matter.  he has to say nice things about lane until said merde begins to clog things up as it bounces around landing on stuff.  which may or may not take long to happen.  we wait and see.
also, the all knowing and semi forthright NCAA has decided to stop making money off of it’s football players.  no more selling brick-a-brack with players names on them.  a sound move on their part.  although it took the looming specter of court appearances to make them quit the practice.  i guess they aren’t as dumb as they seem.        
the usual rule changes have come down the pike over the lay off but we’ll hear way to much about them this weekend.  so i’ll leave the new rules and the endless blathering about them to the ever mindless talking TV heads.   we also have more of the usual let’s all play underwater basket weaving poly tech the first few weeks of the season.  hey, we’ll all win except for those of us who don’t.  yeah, that’s one college ball tidbit i’d love to see bite the dust.  though it probably won’t happen in my lifetime.  or yours either.  great grand kids as well. 
for my new readers, i pick 10 games every week.  games i care about or more to the point have some sort of interest in the outcome and or   watching the game on the tube.  i use vegas point spreads to pick my winners. usually the first spreads that come out for the current week.  if they change before game time i don’t care.  however, there are some weeks when i don’t use the spread due to life stuff.  that usually happens at least once or twice a season.  so, count on it at some point or another.  at any rate, over the years i’ve managed to stay just over 51% with my picks against the spread.  not spectacular but my head is above water.  hopefully, things stay that way this season.  
the important thing to remember is this insane drivel is for entertainment purposes only.  got it?  using anything gleaned here for sport betting purposes with anyone legal or illegal would be of the highest form of stupidity.  do not do it.  you have much more important things to do with your cash. sports betting is for chumps or pete rose.  though ol’ pete is getting the shaft at this point.  i digress.    
ok.  i think that pretty much covers things.  although i’m usually sorry i do the odds/spread deal the first few weeks of the season as things are generally not what they seem this early in the year.  my usual place for finding my spreads is being slow on the trigger this year.  the odds posted below are strictly vegas casino odds that came out on august 6 and i’ve done my usual averaging thing.  after checking again this morning the lines seem to be trending up for the most part.  though some of the games have disappeared.  odd.  no pun intended.  remember, my insanity is for entertainment purposes only.  let’s do this.
rock ‘n’ roll.  
8-29  usc @ hawaii.  usc favored by 22.5 points.  the men of troy had a fairly easy time with the warriors last year.  they might again this time around too.  though maybe norm chow is getting a handle on the job which will mean a tighter game.  we’ll have to wait and see.  though i doubt lane will begin the merde splashing this early in the season.  lots of points and the distractions of oahu thrown in for good measure and no starting QB at the end of camp for the trojans. this is probably a bad move but take usc to win and cover.  FIGHT ON!! 
8-31  boise st @ washington.  washington favored by 3.5 points.  a good game here kids.  lots riding on the line.  both schools need the win. boise st needs to run the table for any shot at some sort of last of the mohicans big dance BCS game.  the huskies need the win to jump start coach sarkasian’s handle on next year.  otherwise sark’s days might be numbered in washington.  the huskies get the home court 3 and that’s it.  boise usually wins their first outing.  take boise st to win or at least cover the meager spread. 
8-31  nevada @ ucla.  ucla favored by 20 points.  the bruins are the pre-season favorite to win the PAC (8) (10) 12 south.  they need to drop the year into drive and punch it against a decent wolf pack squad.  probably a scorcher of a day in pasadena.  who can handle the heat and who wants it more?  more points.  probably more than an opening day accounts for.  another bite the bullet.  take ucla to win and cover.
8-31  lsu @ tcu(at arlington, tx). lsu favored by 4 points.  what can you say?  other than the fact tcu needs this one big time.  an early season statement as it were.  another good game even if it isn’t being played on anyone’s home court.  i’m taking tcu to at least get inside the points. take them. 
8-31  georgia @ clemson.  georgia favored by 1 point.  if clemson wants to unseat the tide they need to start here.  do they even have what it takes?  we’ll see come the fourth quarter.  pretty much a toss up against a sleeping giant georgia squad.  who’s going places?  georgia or clemson?  take clemson to win.  
8-31  mississippi st @ oklahoma st. oklahoma st favored by 13 points.  the cowboys may or may not pull this one out.  miss st can be tough early in the year.  none the less, take the cowboys to win and cover.  
8-31  byu @ virginia.  byu favored by 3 points.  another tight game.  i’m taking byu to win and cover. 
8-31  northwestern @ cal.  northwestern favored by 6 points.  northwestern is coming off a good year last time around.  cal was their sad usual.  take northwestern to win and cover.
8-31  virginia tech @ alabama.  alabama favored by 19 points.  if this game was up in old virginny the oompahs just might have had a chance.
i have no idea where the ‘oompahs’ came from.  just run with it.  home court and the tide along with coach satan roll.  roll tide!!    
9-2  florida st @ pittsburgh.  florida st favored by 10.5 points.  florida st makes a point and a statement.  take florida st to win and cover.
for my money those are pretty much the only games worth mentioning or watching for week 1.  things don’t get much better week 2 for that matter. trust me.  ah well, the crappy pre-season college games that actually count.  along with the lame wheeze, losing early is better than losing late. hats off to the schools that are playing someone other than the danny rather school of yellow journalism and taxidermy tech the first week.  at least the season is finally almost under way.  enjoy the games and do your utmost to remain semi sane and semi conscious. toss some sort of protein on the barbie, enjoy a bottle or 3 of dago red, and your long labor day weekend will be set.  be safe.

2012-13 college football bowl picks & predictions

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hey, kids, what time is it? well, buffalo bob, it’s college football’s bowl madness time. yes siree, kids, it’s that time of year when the season is over and 140 or so FBS schools get to go bowling. holiday bowling. money money money bowling. along with at least an extra 21 days of practice the left outs don’t get. those 21 days are big time when next season rolls around. probably just as big as the money handed out to the conferences involved. the coaches love the 21 days more than the money. well, maybe.

at any rate, we get to sit through this holiday season and the next with the BCS thingy. that flawed mess that seemingly worked out ok this year. though someone always gets hosed by the tedious computers and/or arcane bowling rules and regulations. by this time in 2014 the BCS will be history and we’ll have our first playoffs. though i’m still not convinced that it’s going to work. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see. that old wheeze, be careful what you wish for, keeps popping up in the back of my mind. plus, i was never really sure if i wanted them in the first place. at any rate, we are going to be saddled with the ‘new and so called improved system’ for 14 years, people. 14 years is a long ass time to be saddled with anything. especially if the humps involved screw it up in some form or another. that, kids, you can take to the bank. they’re gonna screw it up. when has anything the suits ever came up with worked liked they said it would? exactly. yes, they have some guy that ran the college basketball big dance for a number of years. is he up for it? then there’s the fact, four teams might not be enough, however, anymore begins to dilute the regular season. i could go on and on with other points but i would just be repeating myself ad nauseum. if you’re really interested you can find those other bowl rants in my archives. they’re all still relevant as far as i’m concerned.

i’ll just be picking the bowls i have some sort of interest in watching, for whatever reason or reasons. straight up picks. no points or spreads to worry about. the only thing you as a fan have to worry about is if your starting qb or half of the defensive line get picked up by the cops for whatever sort of criminal violation or activity. yeah, it’s that time of year when college football players seem to get dumber than they normally are. too much time on their hands even with the extra practices. unlike the coaches, the kids are fed up with practicing by this point in the year. so they rape, rob, and pillage while drunk and or stoned just for something to do. ‘hey, let’s steal the computer nerds car and go across town and break into the dorms at all woman’s state.’ ‘great idea. pass me the bong and jd red first. i’m not wasted enough.’ i can relate to the not wasted enough deal but that’s a major veer and another story all together. but i think you get the picture.

as always, this is for entertainment purposes only. you should never take anything here as any sort of wagering advice. doing so would be asinine and make you much crazier than you really are.

one last word of warning. sitting through all of the bowl games on a couch in front of your TV will cause even more brain damage to your already addled state. just pick a handful of games you may find interesting or use my handy BCS bowling guide listed below and save yourself the loss of much needed sanity and some more brain cells.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/22 maaco. boise st & washington. my first pick as we’re out of town and on the high seas until this date. no, we haven’t joined the navy. so, there’s no point in pointing out any of the earlier games as i can’t watch them and just looking at the list gives me the dry heaves. though the poinsettia on the 20th is of some interest with san diego st and byu. too bad i’ll miss it. ok. boise st gets this vegas bowl just about every year since byu decided sin city wasn’t for them anymore. that’s fine with the boise faithful even though they lust after greener bowling pastures. maybe one day broncos. easy one here. boise st should hammer the huskies in any sane man’s world. take boise st.

12/24 hawaii. fresno st & smu. a nice way to spend christmas eve. a quiet pre-christmas meal sans the relatives, if you’re lucky. some drinks and TV football. june jones gets to go back to hawaii the scene of his earlier coaching accomplishments. a nice gesture by the bowling boys there if there ever was one. if the fresno st guys don’t lose focus, an easy thing to do in honolulu with all the oiled up and barely dressed japanese lady tourists, they should ruin coach jones homecoming. take fresno st.

12/27 holiday. ucla & baylor. the bruins get to travel 160 miles or so south to san diego for this game after losing two in a row to the trees. yippy. i hope they will plan on playing and not partying and scaring the local female talent into hiding. if they come to play they win. maybe. coach mora is for real though. then there’s the fact baylor went on a roll their last 3 or 4 games and shut down some pretty good teams. one to watch. home boy says, take the bruins.

12/29 alamo. oregon st & texas. nice match-up here, kids. i’m assuming the game is in san antonio and not some alamo rental car parking lot out in the middle of nowhere. though that actually might be a fun thing if it were. a possible score fest if both teams are into it. one of those, let’s see if we can blow up the scoreboard type deals. fun stuff if it happens. i have to take the beavs but the longhorns could very well win. your choice. on a side note, coach riley would probably rather be in california where he could score as many ‘in-n-out’ animal style double doubles as he wants. hey, that’s what a hamburger is all about. in-n-out. yes, a crass cheap form of commercialism from yours truly. it’s that time of year, college football bowling season!! woohoo! the bowls do it so i may as well go for it. take 1. a couple of in-n-out animal style double doubles pair well with absolut vodka on the rocks. try them both today. cut. i’ll work fairly cheap and you can get in touch with me here. two of the best companies on the planet, in-n-out burgers and absolut vodka. thanks in advance guys. in case you missed it, i’m taking the beavs.

12/31 sun. georgia tech & usc. i had to look up the sun bowl as i’d completely forgotten where it was played. el paso, tx. that ought to make the local chamber of commerce guys cringe. if coach kiffin can get the boys up for this one i’ll be very surprised. i’ll also be surprised if half the squad isn’t in jail by game time. dad kiffin says he’s gone after this game. was he fired or was the high road taken? more importantly, how in the hell was he worth $1.5 mil a year? maybe they both should quit. happy new year’s eve. a toss up. this pick is up to you. the brown eyed girl and i are going out to dinner at a very nice steakhouse. i’ll miss the game. shucks.

1/4 cotton. texas a&m & oklahoma. i’ll tune into this game for several reasons. first, it’s, johnny football’s last chance, for the next 9 months, to wow the locals and TV couch potatoes far and wide with his amazing football magic. if he doesn’t go pro maybe penn & teller can use him in their act. secondly, the sooners missed a BCS bowl. they probably aren’t happy. good match-up and good TV fare. this could be another scoreboard blow out. two words, johnny football. take the aggies to win.

ok. time for the big ones.

1/1 rose. wisconsin & stanford. the grand daddy of them all. with maybe a chance at the B-2 doing a fly-over of the house here. slim but you never know. it did happen one year but at the time i was living closer to pasadena. pasadena got lucky this year. three years in a row for the badger faithful and a date out in probably sunny socal. i always hope for a deluge on jan 1. i never get my wish. the badger faithful know their way around old town by now. the trees faithful on the other hand may or may not show up. it just depends on a lot of stuff. i will actually watch this game. maybe even all of it. with wisconsin having thrown a big hurt on the huskers this could get interesting. i’m thinking possibly a low scoring snooze fest. as a life long PAC (8)(10)12 homer the trees are my pick.

1/1 orange. florida st & northern illinois. with all the transplanted new yorkers, nyc snowbirds, and mob capos in florida this would have been a perfect game for rutgers had they beaten louisville. they didn’t. and guess what? n. illinois is here instead of them. louisville got a better offer. take florida st.

1/2 sugar. florida & louisville. bourbon st beat. um, look it up. if the kids don’t get crazed and or tossed in the slammer while in the big easy the cardinals ought to win.

1/3 fiesta. kansas st & oregon. hey, maybe visor head kelly’s last game for my beloved ducks. or does he do one more year before turning pro? we wait and see. fingers crossed. in the mean time, someone let mike bellotti know he can have his old job back if he wants it. works for me. i think this game will probably set some sort of bowling scoring record. if it doesn’t it might be a yawner. another game i’ll more than likely watch at least for a while. maybe. QUACK QUACK!!! says it all.

1/7 BCS Championship. notre dame & alabama. i generally don’t watch this game. regardless of who’s playing. you shouldn’t either. take the wife out for a nice dinner instead. tell her you love her and thanks for letting you ruin most of her saturdays for the past 4 months or so. also, a few week nights as well. the winner? i don’t care. nick satan or the domers? please. ok. so i hope the domers win. they probably won’t. meh. i mean the season has been over for over a month. come on. at this point, who cares? other than those involved. or the dimwitted who bought tickets to this let’s cram as many commercials into a three/four hour period as we can in this made for TV mind numbing mess. riddle me this, who won the crystal thing five years ago? exactly.

only 11 games out of the bazillion or so bowler games? yep. most of them are turkeys and not worth your time. mine in particular. i’ll tune in to a few of my picks, if only in passing. it’s just hard to work up any sort of interest in these bowl games anymore. it’s more about the TV money and how much money the local yokels can fleece from the rubes who buy tickets to these turkeys than it is about college football. sad but true. it’s the brave new world of college ball. schools bouncing from league to league searching for the golden ring, egg, or big money bowl shopping. raiders of the lost ark as it were. the coming of the dreaded super conferences paired with a sharp wooden stake to be driven into the hearts of those of us who remember back when. crap.

is it september yet?


2012 college football picks & predictions week 14

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sadly, the final week of the regular college football season is here. the only thing left are the bowl games but, more on them next week. although i may as well just re-run one of my old bowl game rundowns. or maybe not. at any rate, i hope i do better this week as last weeks picks were a hurricane of a train wreck. 4 for 10 making my over all now a pretty crappy, 64 for 130. unless i pick things up this week the 2012 season will officially be my worst ever. ouch. yes, well, exactly what i’ve been telling you for years now. using anything you read here and taking it to some legal or illegal betting spot would be totally stupid. leave your money where it belongs, in your wallet, and nobody gets hurt. i suppose there’s no point in belaboring this any longer. other than the fact our time in vegas was outstanding and lane kiffin needs to go. away. soon. hint. hint.

the point spreads used here are what i determine my wins and losses for the week. the points may change before game time. i don’t care. what is here is what i use. simple as that.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/29 louisville @ rutgers. rutgers favored by 2.5 points. i guess whoever wins this game gets the big east nod at the best available turkey bowl spot the BCS bowl boys can conjure up for them. with the ruckus caused by rutgers bailing on the league in favor of the big ten there’s going to be a ripple effect that may effect the very existence of the big east. wait and see. all that being said, watching this one may be a nice way to spend a thursday evening in late november. fire place. hot toddy. decent teams with good records against other also rans. pretty much a toss up. take rutgers with the home field and crowd.

11/30 PAC 12 championship. ucla @ stanford. stanford favored by 9.5 points. yeah, one of those rematch thingys that no sane person wants to see. let’s face it, the bruins didn’t play well last week at home. this week they travel up to the trees home court to do it all over again and probably in the rain as well for a shot at the rose bowl or something. anticlimactic for my money especially when the game is only a week apart from their last meeting. that’s the brave new world of college football. with the reality of big time TV money i don’t see how these set ups can be avoided if most teams in the league are playing well and end up beating on each other. at least we won’t have an SEC only big dance game this year but, i digress. if coach mora can get a handle on the foolish and stupid penalty thing the bruins may have a shot at winning. i’m taking ucla to, at the least, get inside the spread. yes, homer stupidity.

11/30 MAC championship. kent st @ northern illinois. n. illinois favored by 5 points. for someone of my generation it seems odd to be writing about kent st and football. then there’s the fact i hardly watch or care about the MAC. yes, tis true. sue me. though with the rematch factor of the PAC 12 game this big MAC attack, sorry, may garner higher TV ratings as they are both on at the same time. the only thing i know about the two schools is the fact the national guard screwed up long ago at kent st. take n. illinois to win and cover the spread.

12/1 texas @ kansas st. no lines. both teams are coming off disappointing losses and both teams need the win here for a shot at a decent bowling berth. take kansas st to win at home.

12/1 oklahoma st @ baylor. oklahoma st favored by 4.5 points. the cowboys don’t play well on the road. though they did manage to cover the spread last week in losing to the sooners. baylor has been up and down in streaks all season. their latest winning streak was against two very good teams. take baylor to somehow win or cover the points.

12/1 oklahoma @ tcu. oklahoma favored by 6.5 points. a statement game for the sooners. take oklahoma to win and cover the points.

12/1 boise st @ nevada. boise st favored by 8.5 points. hopefully, i have this game on the correct day this time around. the easy thing being i can just copy and paste what i wrote last week. this game was supposed to be boise’s big game of the year. they were also supposed to be undefeated at this point. the best of plans often go awry. nevada was also supposed to be much better than they’ve turned out to be. they’re doing ok and even going bowling. or have a shot at it anyway. nevada might surprise but they haven’t done well against better teams. take boise st to win.

12/1 SEC championship. alabama @ georgia. alabama favored by 7.5 points. both teams with identical records. say what you want but as far as their schedules went this year i think georgia played a slightly tougher one. this could be a close game. however, take alabama to win and cover the spread.

12/1 ACC championship. florida st @ georgia tech. florida st favored by 13.5 points. both schools lost last week. this week is for florida st to get it together in order to beat a semi decent team and take the ACC title. take florida st to win and cover the spread.

12/1 BIG 10 championship. nebraska @ wisconsin. no lines. both teams lost to ohio st. the trouble being ohio st isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. the cornhuskers are on a six game winning streak though they play much better at home than on the road. wisconsin’s home field advantage gets muddied by their mediocre record and recent losses. take nebraska to win.

there it is, the last week of the college football season. we’ll have to sit and wait for months until the season rolls around once again. as always, seared red meat and red wine pair well with college football saturdays. enjoy your week and the final regular season games of the year. no, you can’t count next weeks army navy game. be safe. be semi sane.


2012 college football picks & predictions week 13

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could there have been a crazier saturday in college football? maybe. maybe not. the only good thing being i went 7 for 10 with my picks and predictions. my over all now stands at 60 for 120 with just a few weeks left in the season. at one point early saturday evening i was thinking i might go 9 for 10 for the week. that’s what thinking will get you sometimes. TV talking heads and the get paid for what they write sports types will mull last week for awhile and probably never come up with any real answers as to what happened other than two or three teams lost that probably shouldn’t have. that was then. this is now. thanksgiving week. my favorite week of the year. plenty of college football paired with over eating and drinking. what could be better? not much i’m sure. other than the fact we’re spending the week here in las vegas. and given the fact vegas hotel room internet access can be sketchy, hopefully, i can get this out in a timely manner. or while i can.

just remember this is for entertainment purposes only. taking anything you learn from here and say go downstairs to the sports book and use it to place any money on any of the games would be stupid and insane at best. do not do it. leave your money where it belongs, in your wallet, and nobody gets hurt. simple as that. taking care of your family comes first.

the point spreads used here are what i base my wins and losses on for the week. the spreads may change by game times but it matters not. they are what they are. i thought about just making picks with no points this week but so far the odds makers are making that moot in a number of cases. anyway, i’ll be using the points if they have any by the time i post this.

it’s thanksgiving and rivalry weekend. or it used to be rivalry weekend. these days any number of schools play their old rivalry nemeses at any point earlier in the season. though in the old days this was the week for those games. there are still a few of those games left for this week and after last weeks shake ups some of the games this week are very important to the BCS picture. in other words, some of these rivalry games have big time significance.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/22 tcu @ texas. texas favored by 8.5 points. a nice match up and a good way to start off my thanksgiving week picks. the game on turkey day itself. let’s see here, tcu beat baylor rather handily on the road. then they lost to kansas st at home, not embarrassingly so but still a loss. the longhorns are very quietly on a four game winning streak. i’m taking texas to win and cover the points. you should too.

11/24 georgia tech @ georgia. georgia favored by 13 points. if things go sideways again this week this game could have major BCS implications for the bulldogs who, would of course, need to win this one. tech needs a win here in this old rivalry to secure a spot in the ACC playoff against whomever. ACC SEC. home game and crowd for the dawgs. take georgia to win and cover the spread.

11/24 michigan @ ohio st. ohio st favored by 5 points. it’s too bad ohio st is on not so secret double probation and can’t do anything with their so far undefeated season. big blue on the other hand has lost to alabama, notre dame, and nebraska. that tidbit alone plus the fact it’s a homer crowd for the buckeyes make this one an easy pick. take ohio st to win and cover the points.

11/24 oklahoma st @ oklahoma. oklahoma favored by 8.5 points. okie bragging rights here, kids. always a big game regardless of what’s happened so far in the year. the sooners have already lost to kansas st and notre dame at home this year. plus, the cowboys haven’t played well on the road. ipso facto, take the cowboys to at minimum get inside the points. convoluted thinking for sure, however, take oklahoma st.

11/24 oregon @ oregon st. oregon favored by 10.5 points. civil war time in corvallis. what can you say about last weeks duck loss to the trees? the ducks would eventually lose at home? field goal kickers are people too? neither offense came to play? the defenses did? the beavs took care of a hapless cal team very easily. adios, coach tedford. the pac 12 north title is up for grabs. oregon st needs this one along with some help from the bruins in order to make their way into the pac’s championship game next week. i should say i think that needs to happen. i’ll leave it to stewart mandel or roy firestone to figure that one out. the ducks will more than likely win but i think the beavs will keep things close. take oregon st get inside the spread and perhaps even win.

11/24 stanford @ ucla. ucla favored by 1.5 points. if the trees pull this one off the pac 12 north will be a mess and you’ll probably need a degree in physics or something to straighten things out. though even if the bruins lose they’ll still be in the championship game. or that’s the thought. i guess the question for this one is, who’s squad got beat up more last week. or which team suffers more from the winners hangover. stanford, over the past few years, has been in this situation before. numerous times. the bruins? not in many a year. coach mora seems to have things well under control though. another crazed 90,000 strong bruin home crowd. i have to stay local for this game. take the bruins in a very close game.

11/24 florida @ florida st. no lines. say what you want about the SEC but florida st has, in my opinion played a tougher schedule this year given the fact florida played an FCS school and a sunbelt team the last two weeks. yes, of course, the BCS doesn’t like the ACC. so what? i don’t either most of the time. take florida st to win.

11/24 boise st. @ nevada. no lines. this game was supposed to be boise’s big game of the year. they were supposed to be undefeated at this point. the best of plans often go awry. nevada was supposed to be much better than they’ve turned out to be as well. they’re doing ok and even going bowling. or have a shot at it anyway. nevada might surprise but they haven’t done well against better teams. take boise st to win. yeah, take boise st to win. sadly, that game is next week. oops. confusion reigns. ok. i’m replacing it with miss st @ miss. ole miss favored by 1.5 points. take miss st to win and or cover the short spread. edited 11/21/12 6:22 AM

11/24 s. carolina @ clemson. clemson favored by 4 points. clemson is suffering from a semi lack of respect this year. the old ball coach and the gamecocks haven’t faired well on the road so far, a meager two for four. though they did beat wofford last week. say what? yeah. clemson is undefeated at home for the season and their only loss was against florida st. on the road. unless florida st goes down clemson will become an also ran for the the year. old ball coach or not, clemson takes the game and the win.

11/24 notre dame @ usc. no lines. the domers are touchdown jesus perfect for the season. one last game to win or lose a shot to go to the big BCS dance game. the trojans are floundering. hints of past brilliance only to be tossed out by throwing into coverage that most high school kids would recognize as being a very low percentage throw. or some dumb ass penalty to stop whatever momentum they had. coach lane is on the ropes. or should be. he needs this game to keep his job in any sane man’s world. though the trojans should just part ways with him regardless. just saying. the trojan irish game is one of the oldest rivalries in college football. a fine game to cap off rivalry saturday. just like last weeks ucla/usc game the past doesn’t really matter. it’s all about what you bring to the field on any given saturday that matters. this saturday in particular. the men of troy find themselves in a spoiler position. the question being, can lane kiffin and company get it together one more time this year? good question. however, the last four games they haven’t had it together save for the game against arizona st. plus, matt barkley will be sitting on the trojan bench with a shoulder injury. i hate to do this but, take the irish to win.

have a very happy thanksgiving everyone. be safe. be semi sane. enjoy rivalry week or what’s left of it.